Photoshop elements not printing correct image size

My photoshop elements 12 prints images larger than called for by the settings. A 3" square image, for example, printed at "actual size" comes out at about 3.5 inches. This is a new problem, as I've use PSE for years without it happening. I figure I must have unknowingly changed a setting somewhere, but can't figure it out. Any suggestions?

I did that, and also reinstalled PSE, both to no avail. Here's a shot of the print dialog. I don't know where the numbers shown by my arrow came from, or how to change them, but when I print the page, and the photo I am printing, are scaled up to 11x8.5, thereby expanding the image proportionately. This particular image is 3x2 inches actual, but comes out 3.75x2.5 inches. There seems to be a built-in border of some sort that I've never had to deal with before.

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