Photoshop into illustrator CS3

hi. I have a grayscale photoshop file that I need to import into Illustrator for an overlay effect.
how can I make the white pixels transparent so that I can see the illustrator layer below?
the ps grayscale image must overlay the illustrator layers.
thanks in advance for your help!

Illustrator has in the past recognized blend modes on placed layered files from Photoshop, but I have read here that CS3 does not. I have not confirmed this myself, so take that with a grain of salt.
As you learned, setting the multiply blend in Illustrator works well for a simple flattened image.
for making Peel off White work... I can't test this myself right now, so this is for you to test, too. I am guessing you will get a better result if you convert your image to RGB instead of to CMYK before running the filter.
It has been my experience that Peel Off White and manually filling in the manner Doug describes often give somewhat darker images than you might expect, so keep an eye out for this, and adjust as needed after the operation. I always keep my original layer, and run Peel Off White on a copy layer. I compare the transparent version to the original, adjust as need be, then when I'm happy with my result I hide or discard the original.

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  • Importing Photoshop files into Illustrator CS3

    I'm running into a problem in Illustrator CS3 when I try and import a native CS3 Photoshop file. If I try and place the file as a linked file I get an application error stating that there was insufficient virtual memory. And, if I select cancel I get a run time error and Illustrator crashes.
    If I try and embed the file I get the same results. It doesn't seem to matter what the file size is and .tif's work just fine up to huge sizes 100Mb+.
    As to the system I'm running Windows Vista Ultimate (x64) 8Gb of ram, two SCSI drives with virtual ram assigned to both so memory issues, well, shouldn't be issues.
    Anyone got any ideas?

    Ok, so ADOBE needs to get up off their a$$e$ and address this problem, However some of you guys make it sound like its the end of the world... Here's a way to go around it in the meantime- at least this is how my PC is reacting (you might not be as lucky, but worth a try)
    After getting my "insufficient virtual memory" error, try closing Illustrator down and then open the file from the OS window (not from within illustrator or browse)by double-clicking the file you'll automatically open Illustrator,it might take a couple of tries but after my second attempt it opened my file (took a little long) and I got a different error message "there was an error with the embeded file what do you want to do - replace file, correct file, ignore file, cancel" (msg not verbatim but close - not at my comp right now)
    Then just ignore the files delete the links (they'll show up as blank boxes) If your just using those embedded psd's for previewing purposes you'll just have to save a flattened tiff everytime you make a change and keep saving over that same tiff so illustrator will automatically update it to you illustrator file.
    sorry for the long post, but hopefully it helps ease the pain!

  • Can not import PhotoShop CS3 files into Illustrator CS3

    Worked just fine yesterday. I can place a JPG. I typically just drag a PSD into Illustrator. I now get an error message sayng it can not read the file. I have tried placing the file and nothing happens (no messages or warnings).
    I tried saving the PSD as a TIF, but no luck here either.
    I have tried opening a new file and dragging various PSD files in. It seems that none of the work any longer.
    And yes I've rebooted.

    I have the exact same problem. I haven't placed PSD files into Illustrator for quite a while, but I just tried it this morning and it doesn't work (just like the OP). I even opened a file about a year old, which used to work just fine, but now the PSD file doesn't appear and I can't re-import it. So it has to be some issue recently introduced.
    @Galumph - I have Vista x64 and 8GB of RAM. Is there a specific issue that applies to this particular combo?

  • Tablet PC calibration error in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator CS3 whilst in Extended Desktop Mode

    Hey everyone!
    I've run into a snag which hasn't bugged me before because I never used a second monitor, but now that I do, Photoshop and Illustrator don't function properly.
    I am running my Adobe products on my Lenovo X61 Thinkpad Tablet, which is Wacom PenEnabled. It's got the basic digitizer pen and pen pressure features, no stylus tilt or anything.
    Whenever I run Photoshop or Illustrator in Extended Desktop Mode so I can have a different window open on my external monitor and the Adobe app on my tablet screen, my stylus goes strange. It seems to think that the extended desktop is part of the Adobe window, so when I move my stylus to draw, the cursor will appear on the external monitor, usually proportionate to the size of the It interprets the external and tablet screens as one desktop and the top left corner of my tablet screen is the top left of my external, whilst the bottom right on tablet IS the bottom right on tablet, if that makes any sense...sorry.
    So I can't draw anything in photosho unless I set it back to standard desktop mode, or mirrored desktop. I've searched over the net and these forums and I can't find a fix for this. I was walking in harvey norman the other day and the Wacom Cintiq 12" was there on display, and it had the same issue with extended desktop and photoshop.
    Has anyone had this issue before and/or does anyone know of a fix for it? I'll keep searching around and playing with the computer until I fix it and I'll post any solutions I find here if noone else has one.
    My system details are:
    Abobe Photoshop CS3 10.0.0
    Adobe Illustrator CS3 13.0.0
    OS: Windows Vista Build 6001, Service Pack 1, 32bit
    RAM: 2GB
    HD: 18.2GB free Disk Space (out of 66.3GB on the Active Partition)
    Video: Intel GMA: Mobile Intel(R) 965 Express Chipset Family

    I'm using an HP tx2011au tablet pc, using adobe flash cs3 and have the exact same problem. it becomes decalibrated only while the flash window is open, and only while flash has a file open, and only when using an extended desktop. even if flash is open and it has no files open it works fine.

  • Photoshop into Illustrator

    Hi all,
    I have saved an image as a EPS file from Photoshop CS3, I open Illustrator with my background image I have made. I then load up the EPS file in Illustrator CS3 go to Edit>Copy. But when I paste it over the the background image I get the image and the artbaord.
    So how do I just paste the image into Illustrator without any artboards?
    Thankyou josel

    It's not a good idea to open raster images using Illustrator. beter to link. If the image has layers in Photoshop, save as PDF. If not, then save as TIF. In a new Illustrator file, go to File > Place and place the file that way. You probably would be better off linking to the PSD or TIF in Illustrator instead of embedding, so turn on Link in the Place dialogue.

  • Can't Copy and Paste into Illustrator CS3 from Firefox 3!

    I read these things all the time, but first time posting, so you KNOW this problem is annoying me.
    I could always copy and paste from Firefox 2 into Illustrator CS2/CS3. However, once I upgraded to Firefox 3 I no longer can! I get the annoying "Quicktime and a decompressor are needed to see this picture." I can't believe more people aren't complaining more about this. Save your time posting about "Illustrator is a vector program, and Photoshop is pixel based," I know I have been able to do it before so that is not the issue. Any light that could be shed on the situation would be great! Thanks in advance.

    I found that FF3 originally renamed .jpegs to the JFIF format when draging and dropping to the desktop, and it was not until March when the code was finalized that that you could drag and drop to your desktop without the conversion. You get around the illustrator CS3 problem a number of ways...drap and drop to the desktop and then to illustrator CS3, Drap and drop to photoshop CS3 and then to Illustrator CS3 or save as to the desk top, or use an older version of Firefox. I am currently tyring to determine if the JFIF renaming issue is what is preventing the direct drag and drop to Illustrator, and if there is a fix for issue. Any help out there or ideas would be helpful.

  • Is it possible to import a .idea file into Illustrator CS3?

    I have sketches and files on Adobe Idea on the iPad. How to I bring them into Illustrator and preserve the layers, etc? .png, .pdf and .jpg don't seem to do this. I'm sorry if this is a "no duh" question, but I am just starting out with these programs and would appreciate the help. The question didn't turn up in a forum search.
    Thank you in advance!

    Mr. Zimmerman,
    Thank you for taking up six post spaces on this forum question. Obviously I haven't read any of the app information, or subscribed to the adobe cloud, or searched the forums, despite having used those to discover this problem. Perhaps I should have underlined the program name that I mentioned in my original post, and the file formats I listed, which are only available if downloaded from the cloud, so that you could have more easily understood my question. I should have included Google link for the application so you wouldn't have to waste time looking it up for yourself. Maybe I should have mentioned that I called support and they suggested that I post in the forums to see if anyone else had gotten around the problem.
    Also, sadly, the link doesn't answer my question. You seem to think that I am simply trying to export files. I have demonstrated in my original question and my reply to a previous answer, that I have already exported in every file available for use with the app and the cloud. I was asking, since I need to clarify, why .idea files would not open in Illustrator CS3, and why, when other file formats were tried, did they not preserve the layers. Also, since they wouldn't, was there another way to export besides the -listed- export file formats that would allow layers. And, as before when I tried a search in the Adobe Ideas forum, there was no answer to how to open an idea file in CS3, or preserve the layers in CS3 in any of the other file formats offered.
    I am sorry that you misunderstood my question.
    Have a lovely day!

  • Help!  White line outlining image only in CMYK when placed from Photoshop into Illustrator/InDesign

    I have a CMYK file, outlined product, that looks perfect in Photoshop.  When I place the image into Illustrator, it shows up with a thin white line around parts of the product (fyi - it shows up on a print as well). I have tried to place an RGB file and it does not have the white line around the product.    I assume it has something to do with it being CMYK, but I'm at a loss on how to fix this.  I'm desperate for any help. 

    Okay, please refer this image and change the option within Ai General preferences. Uncheck the option Anti-Aliased artwork.

  • Exporting photoshop cs3 docs into Illustrator cs3

    I used the pen tool to trace around the face of a coin, saved it to a transparent background png. I need to export this file to Illustrator so I can use the 3D effect to rotate it. I tried to export as ai. command and when the doc is opened in Illustator it is blank. I also tried to open the transparent gif from Illustrator itself and the doc has a white background. How can I get a Photoshop doc with a transparent background to open in Illustrator with the transparent background intact?

    You can do it in several ways.  Here are a couple you can try:
    • Save it as a PSD, open it in Illustrator; or
    • Save it as a PSD and Place it in Illustrator; or

  • Having trouble installing adobe photoshop (and illustrator) cs3

    i have recently reformatted my computer (Windows Vista Business) and am trying to reinstall photoshop cs3 from a dvd and am having some problems.  This dvd installed fine about a year ago when we upgraded the computer from xp to vista but now when i can get the dvd going (sometimes it freezes the computer) i get a couple of notifications: 
    Invalid Unicode File
    i am currently working my way through this troubleshooting guide but nothing has worked yet so i figured i'd see what the forum could tell me.  any assistance would be greatly appreciated! 

    now i was able to copy the entire contents of the dvd to my desktop, and since that worked i attempted the install from the dvd.  as stated above everything seemed to be going fine but now it says installation completed
    some problems occured during istallation. Please see below
    successfully installed: 1 component(s):
    Shared componenets
    Errors: 2 component(s):
    Adobe Photoshop CS3
    component install failed
    Shared components
    Component install failed
    i guess now i try to install from the folder on my desktop.

  • Importing CAD files into Illustrator CS3 - does'nt scale dashed lines

    In CS2 you could import a CAD file and it would scale dashed lines.
    In CS3, Illustrator no longer does this. It scales the stroke weight, but does not recognize the dashed line information.
    Is there a solution to this?
    Thank you

    You can expand dashed lines first and then scale them.
    Then you will get a whole bunch of vector objects, one for each dash.
    I am not very familiar with CAD, but I know that imported CAD files are sometimes fiendishly difficult to edit because vector lines are often in small pieces that don't join up properly.
    So I reckon Expand on all lines and then judicious Unite in Pathfinder would probably be the best way of going about things. Unite makes Compounds of closed paths so you have to be careful, otherwise you might get a huge file that won't print without splitting.
    But remember that once you've expanded the lines you won't be able to edit their weight.
    Does this help?

  • Can We Paste Photoshop Smart Objects Into Illustrator (as Linked/Embedded)?

    Since raster editing is much more limited in Illustrator, is there a way to link or embed an individual Smart Object from Photoshop into Illustrator? I know there is an option to Place a file into Illustrator. But what if I have a larger Photoshop document with many Smart Objects in it, and just want to copy and paste one of those into Illustrator, but also have it update when I update it in Photoshop. Is this possible?

    Copy and Paste won't have a link to the original file. Only Place can have that.

  • Cut/Paste from Word to Illustrator CS3 for Mac suddenly not working

    This issue regards Illustrator CS3 for Mac on a Mac Pro with 6 GB.
    Exactly one week ago I created a number of Illustrator files by cutting charts from a Word 2008 document and pasting them into an Illustrator document.
    In the past I have dragged the images (or clip art) or simply used Control-C or even Control-X, but by whatever method I opted for, getting the image from Word to Illustrator CS3 has not been a problem.
    Yesterday I got a new chart and a request to replace an old image - one that I had created last week on Tuesday by the Drag/Drop or Cut/Paste method.   For reasons I can't begin to imagine the process simply won't work now.
    I also find that if I simply select text in a Word Document, hit Ctrl-C and then try a Ctrl-V in Illustrator I don't get to see my text pasted in - ONLY if I already have a text block open and the cursor in place will I get to see the text copied over into Illustrator.  This is very strange and not at all how things have worked in the past - typically I would see the new Text Object just appear, and then I could move it to wherever I wanted. 
    I have opened up a number of old files that I know were created with copied text and also opened the associated Word files (earlier versions of Word) and again find that I can't copy text over, or even move images over - even though I clearly could do this before.  I have also tried entirely new files - also with no success.
    I was at an Apple one-to-one session this morning and they were more than mystified by this.  I can Cut and Paste into Adobe Photoshop Elements, but I can't even cut and paste from Adobe Photoshop Elements into Illustrator CS3.   I can drag the Photoshop file (from the Finder window) into the Illustrator document and poof - get my image that way, but it's as an image only.  If the base image in question is a vector image or something else having a plurality of elements, I can't then select the elements in Illustrator to change their color, delete them, or otherwise play with them.
    I have brought up a word document on another Mac system that also has Illustrator CS3 and find that it too can't drag/drop cut/paste between the two applications.   At Apple, we did confirm that such ability is operational in the new Illustrator CS4, but none of their store systems still have CS3 to provide yet a third system to test.
    I have deleted my Illustrator CS3 preferences, tried flushing the p-ram, and of course run fix and repair permissions - no dice.
    My Mac systems update daily and there is nothing in the main update log that shows anything for Adobe or Office (nor do I think there should be).  Adobe Update reports that everything is up to date, and I don't see a history file to know what might have changed in the last week.   Office also reports fully up to date and happy.
    As I can cut and paste the images into an email for Mail and into Photoshop, I am fairly certain that it is NOT a Microsoft Office 2008 issue.  The fact that another Mac with Illustrator CS3 also can't cut and paste suggests that is is really not something personal to my main system.
    It is almost as if this is some clandestine "update" intended to encourage me to buy Illustrator CS4.  Given that I bought Illustrator CS3 less than a year ago, I really am not eager to buy the new version.   The greeting on the Adobe Support page that CS3 is no longer the current version and therefore supported was most annoying.
    I am really hoping that someone out there has an idea of what to try changing, removing and/or adjusting with respect to Adobe Illustrator CS3.

    I tried the Select by Path option - can't believe I missed it - and found it made no difference.
    I actually uninstalled and reinstalled the whole app.  When I tried to simply re-install (can't remember it's exact phrase) it got part way through and then demanded another disk - but I only have one DVD with the application - the extra DVD is for tutorials and it didn't accept that one either.  So I restarted that process and chose to completely uninstall.  Then reinstalled - hey with only my one disk - gee, just like the first time.   And then it seemed to work.
    I was not aware of the save as PDF option - but yes I have Adobe Acrobat Pro 9 for Mac so that option is there - and it seems to work too.  
    There were of course a slue of updates, and I let them all proceed - but even with them all in place the system is fine and I can once again drag and drop / cut and paste things back and forth.   I just tried a text block and "The Quick Brown Fox" pasted in with a clipping mask about 10 times the size of the document, but other than that it was ok.  
    So I have things working again on my primary system.   Will try and figure out what's wrong with the other one - but a reinstall might be the easiest game there too.

  • Illustrator CS3 - "Not enough memory to place the file."  Help!!!???

    I have a new machine running XP Pro 64.  Intel i7 processor, 12 gb ram.
    I am trying to place a fairly small Photoshop image (with layers) into Illustrator CS3.  I have done this countless times with XP 32 bit os.
    But now, I cannot place even a small Photoshop image into Illustrator... I keep getting the error "Not enough memory to place the file."
    I tried the suggestion of 'right-clicking' the Illy launch icon and going to properties/compatibility and then selecting "Run this program in compatibility mode for..."  and then I check marked Windows XP.
    Someone else said this worked in Vista 64.....but it DID NOT work for XP 64.....dang it.
    Any suggestions???

    On Mon, Oct 26, 2009 at 04:37:08PM -0600, Todd-sta uttered:
    Well..... I just tried the same function on my 64 bit Leopard operating system on my MacBook Pro just for kicks.  Worked flawlessly!!
    So, why won't it work on XP 64 bit? Is this a case of 'the mac os is just better?"
    Talk about flame bait -- You trying to start the platform wars again? ;-D
    Can anyone tell me if they can place a Photoshop image from WINDOWS 7 64 bit OS into Illustrator without issue?  We're talking 'PLACE' .... not paste.
    Don't know about Windoze 7; but that operation works in Vista x64. XP x64 is
    quite flaky at times. It was never finished IMHO.
    Sure would like to know.  I'd upgrade if it made the difference.

  • Some colours change from Photoshop to Illustrator in Swatches saved in Exchange format

    When I save a colour swatch in Photoshop Extended CS3 in the .ase format and load it into Illustrator CS3, some of the colours change completely - e.g. a bright orange #ffbb29 (in Ps) appears as a pale grey blue #B2BACE (in Ai). The problem seems to be with the use of upper or lower case - if the orange is question is saved as #FFBB29, it appears correctly in Illustrator (although bizarrely this seems to only affect some colours that feature (hex) letters).
    Is there a way of getting Photoshop to automatically give the values in upper case? I know I could just retype them all, but it would take ages (I use Swatches all the time) and it kind of defeats the whole Exchange idea. Or is there another way round the problem? My colour settings are synched (via Bridge) across CS3 Design Premium. Thanks in advance.
    Running XP Pro SP3 (32 bit), Dual Intel 5160s, 4GB RAM (yeah, I know)

    Treza500 wrote:
    how can I import spot from PS to Illustrator
    Duotone/ Multichannel files (TIFF, PSD) where each channel is a spot color. Off the top of my head I'm not sure if JPEG even supports this, but it may.

Maybe you are looking for