Photoshop to illustrator plus noob = arrrgggghhhhh

I'm producing images in PS CS3, saving as a pdf then opening in Illy CS3 and adding a contour cut/stroke line. For the printer/cutter to see the Contour cut line the image needs a background.
What I'm then trying to do is layout 30 or so individual images in a single Illustrator document but when I place my individual pdf's onto the artboard they still have the white background from PS. How do I get rid of it so I can layout the images close to one another?
I've spent the last week trying to figure it out and have only succeeded in tying my brain in knots and scaring the dog a lot. (I have a feeling that this is something very simple but I've just confused myself so much that I can't see the wood for the trees)
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

The first thing you need to recognize is that plotting/cutting/printing sign work--although ubiquitous--is not immediately recognized in forums like this. Illustrator users are primarily oriented toward offset-printing, desktop inkjet printing, or web work. The vast majority of Illustrator and Photoshop users probably have no experience at all in large format one-off cutting/plotting/printing. (Heck, nowadays many AI users have never set foot in an offset pressroom, either.)
Similarly, neither Illustrator nor Photoshop nor any other Adobe application are expressly designed with cutting/plotting/printing hardware and workflows in mind. (Corel Draw--at least in its documentation and community, if not in actual software features--more than any other mainstream illustration program, openly recognizes that market segment.)
Whether the software focus follows the user focus or the other way 'round (chicken or the egg), the bottom line is, you need to understand that you represent a minority here when you discuss signage cutting/printing. So when doing so, you should make that clear at the outset of your post: "I'm preparing graphics for output on a [brand, model] large-format sign vinyl printer/cutter."
> I'm producing images in PS CS3, saving as a pdf...
Why PDF? Don't do that. All you are trying to do is get a raster image from Photoshop into Illustrator. Keep things simple. Determine if your output device works best with CMYK or RGB raster images. Create the raster image in the appropriate color mode. Get it looking the way you want it, crop away any excess white space beyond the artwork itself, fully flatten it, and save it as an ordinary TIFF file.
Place the TIFF in Illustrator (again, in a file of the appropriate color mode). Draw the cutting path on top of it.
Now. The second thing you need to understand (actually, a ramification of the first): There is no express support in Illustrator for the cutting device. Illustrator itself doesn't know a "cutting path" from any other. So you have to have some mechanism by which to "notify" the printer/cutter device which path(s) is/are to be used for cutting, as opposed to which are for mere printing.
That mechanism differs among the various device manufacturers (and even among a given manufacturer's models). For example, I use a Roland device, the software driver for which recognizes a particular Swatch name and color as the designator for paths that are meant to be cut. Roland provides an AI Swatch Library that contains the cut swatch as well as swatches for the resin ribbions used in my device.
Other device/software combinations uses different means. Depending upon your device, you may have to open the AI file in a dedicated sign printing/cutting software and designate the cutting paths there; or you may even have to assemble the raster image with the cutting path in that separate software (in which case, you wouldn't have to use Illustrator at all--just draw the vector path in Photoshop, and export it as a separate .ai file).
So you need to explain some about your workflow. Is your output device one which will be driven by a print driver (including cutting) that can be invoked from Illustrator's print command? Or is the driver for your device something that you launch as a separate application and "load" with an Illustrator file? Or does your particular setup require use of one of the several vertical-market layout programs specifically taylored for sign work? If the latter, what kind of AI files can it import?
> What I'm then trying to do is layout 30 or so individual images in a single Illustrator document but when I place my individual pdf's onto the artboard they still have the white background from PS. How do I get rid of it so I can layout the images close to one another?
Again, CROP the raster image in Photoshop, before placing it in Illustrator. Alternatively, (again, using my particular device as example--your capabilities may differ) you can use the cutting path as a Clipping Mask in Illustrator, and then directSelect the clipping path and designate it as the cutting path. But I don't recommend that, because if the raster image is supposed to bleed, the device would have to perfectly register its printing operation with its cutting operation. Better to leave a proper bleed of the image beyond the bounds of the cutting path.
> I've spent the last week trying to figure it out...
In principle, it is all quite simple. In practice, it is not, for these reasons:
First, the poor way that software vendors write their documentation these days. There is too much assumption that end users understand the most
basic aspects of things like file formats. Your saving raster images from Photoshop as PDF is a case-in-point. PDF is a "container" format--it can contain both raster and vector artwork, as well as live text objects. But so can AI. There's no reason inherent in your description to justify placing one "container"(PDF) inside another "container" (AI), just to output another "container" (PDF or EPS) to a vinyl printer/cutter.
Second, similar assumptions on the part of plotter/cutter/printer manufacturers, and their self-protectionist associations with the afore-mentioned vertical market (read "overpriced") software vendors.
Third, Adobe's near total neglect of POP, large format, and sign trade segments of the graphics community in the features and interfaces of their products. (Frankly, same thing goes for technical drawing.)

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    Ask in the program forums
    This forum is about the Cloud as a delivery process, not about using individual programs
    If you start at the Forums Index
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    P.S. Forgot to tell, that I have a purchased Design Standard CS3 Suite. If this helps.

    No... there is a special Photography plan
    Special Photography Plan (includes Bridge)
    Every thing else is all or nothing
    Cloud Plans
    -and subscription terms
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    If you do not own a license for CS5 there is not much you can do to get it thru Adobe.  They only sell current versions of their software (CS6 or Creative Cloud).  You would need to find a third party vendor and take your chances with them.
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    Can you please share the logs?
    You can use the Adobe  Log Collector tool (Log Collector Tool) and share the corresponding zip file @ [email protected]

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    Would it be a problem for you to give me at least a rough scatch of what I should do?
    I tried it like this:
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    If you didn't have the opportunity to deactivate the installations then you should contact Adobe Support thru chat and ask them to reset your activations for all the serial numbers involved.
    Chat support - For the link below click the Still Need Help? option in the blue area at the bottom and choose the chat option...
    Make sure you are logged in to the Adobe site, have cookies enabled, clear your cookie cache.  If it continues to fail try using a different browser.
    Serial number and activation chat support (non-CC) ( )
    Then you just reinstall the programs and activate using the same serial numbers.  If you need to download you can find download available thru the following links...
    CS5 -
    CS6 -
    Lightroom - all versions
    You might also find the following helpful...
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    I am using MAC OS
    ps: I already tried these solutions and none of them have worked
    -delete adobe manager and download it again
    -use the adobe cleaning tool
    -delete photoshop and illustrator and re download them
    -updated my OS

    A chat session where an agent may remotely look inside your computer may help
    Creative Cloud chat support (all Creative Cloud customer service issues)

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    In the Adobe Application Manager, it says there are updates for both Photoshop and Illustrator. When I click to update, they both downloaded and attempted to install and in the middle of this process, Application Manager shows that the updates fail. After this, upon restart of my Mac–running Lion–Illustrator shows that it's up to date in the Application Manager and Photoshop shows an update is available. Upon trying to re-update Photoshop again, the update fails again and again.
    I have updated before a few days ago with no problem, so I don't understand why the updates are failing and why after doing so, now Illustrator shows that it is up to date and Photoshop does not.
    Has anyone else had this problem and if so, does anyone know why and what I can do about it?
    Thank you.

    Hi Richei Creative,
    These would be my suggestions:
    Create a new user account with administrative rights, log out of your current account and into that one, launch Adobe Application Manager and attempt the Photoshop update again.
    Instructions if you need them  -
    If this fails, uninstall Photoshop (Applications > Utilities > Adobe Installers) and reinstall Photoshop then from Adobe Application Manager the attempt the Photoshop update again, also from the newly created user account.
    Hope these help,

  • Photoshop CS5.5 - Unable to select Open With...Photoshop or Illustrator in Windows Explorer

    When I am in Windows Explorer or just in a Folder and I  Right-Click  on say a .jpg file and select Open With...  I am not able  to select  Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator for that matter.  I have  Dreamweaver CS4  and that shows up as an option.  I have gone through  the process of trying to add the  Adobe Photoshop .exe file, but it  still doesn't work.  However, if I open Adobe Bridge, I am able to  select Photoshop or Illustrator to open a file.  Is this  connected to  my install or is there something else going on?  I did  uninstall an  ancient version of Adobe Photoshop 7.0 that I've had for  years, but  that was prior to installing Production Premium CS5.  Could  that have  caused an issue?  I read that uninstalling an old Photoshop  can cause  problems like this.
    If that is the case, how do I fix it.
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    I am running Production premium CS5 with windows7 64 bit system. On right clicking the file in explorer,I am able to choose my default programme in which the file is to be opened and it is opening accordingly.
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    hmmm. Where to start?
    The question points to several areas of digital design fundamentals that indicate you need to educate yourself through classes, books, tutorials. The PS Forum can't really get at all the issues you bring up; resolution, vector vs raster, web graphics, transparency and the web. You are asking how to make a logo and that is a really broad request not easily answered.
    A quick search for "Photoshop for Web Design" yields a lot of possibilities. There are a lot of books and a lot of free and not so free online tutorials.
    Here are a couple:
    Good Luck.

  • Standard brushes not working in Photoshop or Illustrator

    I have a lot of standard brushes that came with the CC brush library that are not working with any of the programs they come with. When I hover over the brushes they say "Type: Sketch Brush This brush format is not supported by Photoshop/Illustrator"
    So where can I use these brushes then? I would like to create brushes using the Adobe Brush CC program on my phone/tablet, but I can't use them in my programs. ... What am I doing wrong here?

    They are probably brushes from Adobe Brush. You have to target them in Brush to either make them work in AI or Photoshop.
    Here is more info:
    Make custom Photoshop and Illustrator brushes | Adobe Brush CC

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    Have tried to remove ExMan.db file and restart Extension Manager (v.
    After install, the extension correctly shows in
    ~/Library/Application Support/Adobe/CEP/extensions
    In CC folder - there's one extension (Adobe Mini Bridge)
    ~/Library/Application Support/Adobe/CEPServiceManager4/extensions
    Have tried to uninstall and reinstall InDesign CC 2014.
    There is only CC 2014 version of the applications installed.

    Is Extensions available as a menu item under Edit > Menus...
    If it is, is it marked as visible?
    If it is not, uninstall, run the cleaner tool (CS Cleaner Tool for installation problems | CCM, CS6, CS5.5, CS5, CS4, CS3 ) and reinstall.

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