Photoshop works like Magnifier

Dear Frds,
Kindly help me to solve this issue..

Thank you bro..
EDIT MENU _Preference =Experimental Features
"Scale the UI 200% for High-density Displays"
If you enable
Photoshop works like Magnifier
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  • Why doesn't Photoshop work like Motion?

    Hi there, I'd like to know if I'm alone on this:
    Motion is far more intuitive than PS.
    I use PS often but in many cases I end up using Motion to make stills with elements such as text etc. Click and drag, visible filters which can be tweeked inmediately, the HUD etc. All those features make Motion a for more logical program. And if I'm not alone: wouldn't there be a place for a photoshop-like application for Apple to develop in Motion-style?

    Well, while we're comparing Apple and Photoshop programs that are kind of, maybe a little similar but aren't used for the same functions - does anyone wanna bring up Motion and Flash - ungghh Flash makes my brain hurt and then I go and sob in the corner for awhile until I go back to Motion like a lost puppy. I think Motion is wayyyy more intuitive than just about any Adobe product but Adobe has some great features - so you just have to be willing to hurt your brain a little. But Flash......seriously.....can't we just use layers and groups?

  • How to make photoshop work like mspaint

    I know how dumb this sounds, but I could really use some help.
    I was trying to use CS3 to resize an image (a page of a book), but  photoshop would open it in bitmap only. After realizing how much the  image quality would drop when resizing in bitmap, I tried to make  photoshop open the picture in a different mode like RGB, but I couldn't  figure out how. (The only mode I could change to was Grayscale, but it  was as bad as bitmap)
    This has forced me to resize the picture in mspaint...
    Below is one of the pictures I was trying to shrink; its current size is  about 2500x3200 (38k). I hope someone could tell me how to resize these  kind of pictures in photoshop (I'd settle for mspaint if resizing were  the only thing I needed to do)
    Thanks for any help.

    Thanks for testing the image for me. I just realized the image in my 1st post had been altered by tinypic in the upload process. I'll make sure to upload the original image this time:
    I have many more of these images, all of which with the same problem.

  • TA24002 My 500 GB can't verify nor repair. I have photoshop work that I need to recover. I would like to know which erase option would be the best solution for this problem.

    My 500 GB can't verify nor repair. I have photoshop work that I need to recover. I would like to know what option would be the best solution for this problem?

    You appear to have two issues: 1) a hard drive that is not working properly and 2) files you wish to recover.
    Re 1) you need to answer Kappy's questions.
    Re 2) does the drive load and can you see your photo files? If so can you copy them to another drive?
    Do you not have a backup of the photo files?

  • Hi I'm new in this Ae and i loved it and started to get into editing but when i watch videos on how to use effects like magnify and CC light burst 2.5 it doesn't work why?

    hi I'm new in this Ae and i loved it and started to get into editing but when i watch videos on how to use effects like magnify and CC light burst 2.5 it doesn't work why?

    First, I want to clear up some vocabulary issues. After Effects is not intended for editing video. Editing involves cutting shots together to tell a story. Premiere Pro edits video. While you technically can cut video together in AE, Premiere is much, much better for that.
    After Effects is used for creating shots - visual effects, compositing, motion graphics, animation, color correction, color grading, etc.
    What exact version number of AE (down to the decimal points) are you using? Plus the questions Todd asked, plus the info in the link he gave.
    Also, if you're new to AE, you should really start here. This resource will give you a foundation in how to actually use After Effects that will probably clear up your current problem and prevent much more frustration in the future.

  • Smudge brush not working like in regular Photoshop

    I just got Touch  for my Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 yesterday.  I needed a blending/smudging capability and saw that the toolset for Touch had both blur and smudge.  So I got it.  Blur seems to work fine...but smudge only seemed to darken my colors and formed a wierd edge, hard edge betwee the colors.  Not at all like in the regular Photoshop...I have CS6.
    I am thinking of returning the Tab 2 and getting the Note instead which has pressure sensitivity (or so I have heard)...but if there is no decent paint program out that will allow for halfway decent blending then I will simply return the Tab and wait a bit longer for the paint programs to evolve in this new format.
    Has anyone else noticed this effect with smudge?  Is there a setting that will make it work like it's full fledged cousin?

    I'm also having problems with the smudge/blur brush. My tablet (Samsung Note 10.1) was bought so I could do my work on the fly using a touch sensitive stylus with Photoshop. However the smudge brush simply isn't working as it should and this all but renders PS redundant in my portable work flow as I use this particular brush a lot.
    Like the original poster my smudge brush seems to be simultaneously burning/darkening. The harder I lean the more the image underneath darkens. Likewise if I lift the pen off between strokes each successive stroke darkens. Do it a sufficient amount of times and I end up with black even if I'm blending along the edge of 2 pale hues! I'm a very experienced Photoshop user so I'm fairly confident that the fault lies not with my brush settings but rather seems to be an unwanted side effect of the brush.
    As the Note tablet is a new device I'm guessing that there will be more complaints about this popping up as and when the Note becomes more popular as a creative tool. Meantime I find myself unable to do the work I bought the tablet for in the first place.
    Any ideas what software I can use to work around this? I need something which will allow me to work in layers with a smudge tool enabling me to - for example -  smudge and blend cross hatched lines to create a highly finished tonal surface. Ordinarily I would use PS for this! The ability to import this precisely smudged image into PS Touch for further editing would be a large bonus.

  • Does anybody know how to make a rollover work like the link below in muse

    Hi, I've used photoshop buttons to create rollovers on my thumbnails, i'd like them to work like the link below but perhaps a little simpler with the scroll effect but not the type coming in as another effect, can this be done in muse?
    Art of the Cap - Speedo USA

    how about something like this widget by qooqee? seems to do the same thing as what you're after:

  • All adobe applications work like a dream. Except Illustrator. Can anyone help?

    I just recently bought a iMac 5K retina, base model. I've been using all applications for a while now and while everyone one of them works like a dream, illustrator is extremely choppy and unworkable. As in, when I drag an dartboard, it slowly gets dragged. In fact I didn't have this problem on my Mac air. Can anyone please help me?

    I've posted the same question on their Illustrator community. But haven't gotten any replies so far.
    Here's the thing though. When I use the exact same illustrator file on my Mac air (late 2011, I think.) it works perfectly. No lag, no choppiness. I've installed Yosemite on that as well. So I don't know what going on.
    In fact when I use applications like premiere pro and photoshop on my 5K iMac, it works without one iota of a lag. I just don't understand why only illustrator is having this problem. And since I 80% of my designs are done on illustrator, I'm feeling a bit nervous. I wonder if any other 5K owners are experiencing anything like this...?

  • How do you do action recording in Photoshop Elements like you can in regular photoshop?

    How do you do action recording in Photoshop Elements like you can in regular photoshop?
    One of my clients is a club promoter and they would like to put their logo on the bottom left of their photos from their events. Usually I can do this by opening the logo (which has like 50% opacity), copying the logo, recording an action set, pasting the logo i copied to memory into the photo, resize the photo and export and close the photo, save the action set and then just batch- automate and choose all currently opened images to run the action on.
    *I mentioned the 50% opacity because I want to put the logo on the photos but not totally hide what's underneath the logo.
    How do I do the same with photoshop elements?

    Just another option that may work for you there are a number of relatively cheap and a couple of freeware programs that are listed here, there are many others I am sure.
    I have not used any of these so I can not recommend of course but most have trial versions.
    Good Luck,

  • CS5 InDesign and Illustrator keeps Crashing upon startup while Photoshop works fine

    I installed CS5 on my iMac running Mavericks. Photoshop works fine, but InDesign and Illustrator keep crashing upon starting the program. InDesign specifically crashes when it "registers 224 plug-ins". Illustrator crashes almost instantly. Adobe phone tech support is not available because this is not a creative cloud subscription. Has anybody else encountered this issue?

    Sorry it has been a busy few days in the office - but I still would like to get this program running...
    Tried replacing the entire Adobe Folder - still not the answer...
    I've replaced all these folders too that are appeared after successfully launching InDesign in the Guest Account (see images)
    My preferences and cache folders in my main user account have a ton of files and folders compared to my guest account. Could that be the source of the problem? I can post screen shots if you think that they may be the source?

  • Keyboard shortcuts... cum pad doesn't work like it should

    i'm on osx using indesign cs4.
    in indesign all the shortcuts involving numbers like fit spread to window, etc do not work. i can assign shortcuts to the numb keys but no modifiers. but also when i enter the key instead of "1" showing up, it says "Num 1". illustrator and photoshop work as expected, but not indesign. this has been an issue since i maybe cs2, i just never bothered to inquire about it. several years later, different computer different version and i'm still having the same issue.
    if anyone can help, i highly appreciate it.

    In ID the keys on the number pad are reserved for style shortcuts. You must use the numbers on the top row of the qwerty pad for everything else.

  • Are there any Tablets that Photoshop works on?

    Hi, I'm just about to start a Diploma in Photography and I have never used Photoshop before. I need to buy a DSLR camera, Photoshop software and text books so I thought while I'm at it I may as well buy a Tablet too as right now I only have a Laptop. Iv been reading through a lot of posts and so far it sounds like Photoshop doesn't work on Tablets? Or it does work on Tablets but needs some sort of pen to make it work? I obviously have no idea about technical things and was wondering if anyone could make this really simple for me, basicly...
    Does Photoshop work on Tablets (in my course material requirements it says I need CS5 or higher)?
    And if it does work, what tablet/s does it work on?

    I've seen Photoshop running on a Cintiq Companion with Windows 8.1.  The person using it (Peter Eastman) had bought it as his traveling computer, and it seemed to work OK.  One thing I wondered about was that he used it exclusively with the stylus (pen) and no mouse, which I think I might have found awkward. but he was doing OK.  He also had it hooked up to a projector, so you could use it with a second screen if you so chose.
    The Companion is expensive, but is a genuinely useful tool.  There are several user reviews on Amazon:
    Or you could email Peter and ask his opinion.  He is an Australian Grand Master of Photography (fifth dan ), but an OK person who usually answers his emails.
    Peter Eastway | About

  • I have paid for creative cloud, photoshop works fine but it will not let me register lightroom

    I have paid for creative cloud, photoshop works fine but it will not let me register Lightroom

    Lightroom must be installed via the Creative Cloud Application.
    It sounds like you have installed a Perpetual Licensed Version or a Trial Version of Lightroom. Uninstall any versions you have installed of Version 5 and then reinstall via the Creative Cloud App.

  • Best bang-for-buck video card for hi-end Photoshop work..?

    When I bought my rig 3 or 4 years ago, I was told that when it comes to 2D performance, all modern video cards are created equal. That the price differences really only affect the 3D side of things.
    So I bought a NVIDIA GeForce GT 240.
    Why this thing has a fan, I have no idea. Like I said, even when I bought it it was considered "bottom-of-the-heap". Anyhoo, long story short, the fan died on me a couple of days ago. I can now keep the card from overheating through a house fan pointed at the open case. Naturally, I can't keep this going forever. I need to buy a new card.
    The good news is that I don't need ANY 3D performance (unless vector logos count). I only use my computer for hi-res Photoshop work (at 1920x1200+ resolution with PSD files that sometimes reach 5 or 6GB) and full-screen video playback. No games are being played on this rig whatsoever.
    The bad news, however, is that money is an issue. I can't just go buy the latest $300 card, especially not to put on a 3 or 4 year old rig. The Core i7 920 CPU and 10GB of ram (on Windows 7 64) will keep me going for a couple of years more, but I don't expect to still be using this rig much further beyond that.
    I just want to keep using my Adobe suite and play movies in hi-res on this thing. That's it.
    I've been told to look into the NVIDIA Quadro series, but that appears to me out of my price range. I'd like to keep it under $150. Or even $100 if at all possible. Other cards quoted to me are the GT630 and R7-250 (which is apparently a rebranded Radeon HD 7770).
    What would you guys recommend that would be the best bang for my buck in this scenario? I'd hope most of today's cards - even the cheapest ones - are at least a step up from the NVIDIA GeForce GT 240. Right?
    If anyone has any advice...

    Trevor Dennis wrote:
    There was an article on Tom's Hardware yesterday, announcing that nVidia are stopping driver support for it's older cards.,26304.html
    This goes back to the 300 range and earlier cards, but also includes the Geforce 405 from the 400 range.
    Be that as it may, my GT 240 is still being listed as supported in last week's 335.23 driver release. And that's the driver that fried it. This "1 driver for all our cards" thing is really for the birds. There's no way for product owners to know what the latest, safest driver for their card is. I don't think NVIDIA thought this thing through when they announced they'd be going with a "single driver for all" model.
    I don't think NVIDIA realizes what a huge potential lawsuit could be headed their way from other owners like myself (but not me, I'm not very letigious) who saw their cards get physically damaged by drivers that were supposed to be compatible with them.
    I see you recommending I stay under $100, which was my original plan, but then you said I should definitely get a Quadro. When I checked, Quadro cards were more expensive than the GeForce line. Did I misunderstand? Were you saying NOT to touch the Quadros?
    On other forums, they tell me to push for the new GTX 750, swearing its 2D performance makes it worth the price, despite the fact that it's clearly a GAMING card, and I don't game.
    I'm so confused.

  • I updated to yosemite and now if someone is using imessage and sends a text message to my phone it doesn't show up on my phone but does on my computer.  I don't want messages on my computer!  How do I get this to go away and work like it used to?

    I updated to yosemite and now if someone is using imessage and sends a text message to my phone it doesn't show up on my phone but does on my computer.  I don't want messages on my computer!  How do I get this to go away and work like it used to?

    Follow the instructions under the heading "How to unlink a phone number" on this page.

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