Picture Alignment on Photo Pages

I thought I'd try out a Photo page, rather than having to do a lot of alignment myself...only trouble is all the pictures seem to come out bottom aligned, and as they are not all the same height this doesn't look as attractive as I'd like!!!...and i'm *ed if I can see a way of centre aligning them, or top aligning, as each picture doesn't seem to be selectable in order to move it...and if you look at positions in the Inspector, the position seems only to be that of the top of the group of pictures...so you move all or none. Does anyone mnow a way round this, or do I have to do all my alignment by hand!!!
G4 Cube uprated to Powerlogix 1.7MHz , plus original screen and 120MB uprated HD Mac OS X (10.4.7) 2xLaCie d2 HDs/LaCie DVD±RW/Canon N1240U, all run through a Zoom VOIP rou
G4 Cube uprated to Powerlogix 1.7MHz , plus original screen and 120MB uprated HD   Mac OS X (10.4.7)   2xLaCie d2 HDs/LaCie DVD±RW/Canon N1240U, all run through a Zoom VOIP rou

I think you have run into a limitation of the template. The only workaround that I can see is to make sure that all 2 or 3 photos in a particular row are all oriented the same way (portrait or landscape). That way they group together and do not look so discontinuous.

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  • I cannot see the actual pictures on the photos page

    in each picture is an icon of a Canadian flag.  Only when I click on each flag can I find the actual photo.  How do I get the actual pictures to show up again?  I think it is one of the updates on iphoto that caused this issue.  Any advice would be much appreciated. 

    Back Up and try rebuild the library: hold down the command and option (or alt) keys while launching iPhoto. Use the resulting dialogue to rebuild. Use the option to rebuild the thumbnails. This can take three or four goes to work.

  • Can a Photo page be used as thumbnail links to movie pages?

    I've made a photo page with say 20 or so photo thumbnails. I have made separate movie pages for each movie. Dragged each movie page link to the related picture on the photo page and sized the button to be the same size as the thumbnail image. Checked that the button is linking to the correct movie page.
    In iWeb, when I "make links active", everything works properly. But once it's uploaded, the thumbnails/buttons, when clicked, open up a new browser window with just the jpg thumbnail.
    Any ideas to get this to work? Or do I have to start over, and lay it all out maually?
    G5 DP 1.8 & PowerBook G4 15"   Mac OS X (10.4.6)  

    I think the problem may be related to the Photo page template. When you click on the thumbnail, I think there is some built-in functionality to open a new slideshow window or something.
    Instead of using the Photo gallery template, try using a plain page...one of the templates with as few elements as possible...maybe the movie template. Then manually add your movie thumbnails and size them to your liking. then add the hyperlinks to your movie pages to each thumbnail. I think you might find that this works better.
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  • Manipulating photo pages

    Hi, I am new to iWeb. I am trying to develop a gallery site for photographs to be displayed. I would like to be able to post one or two large photos per page. The inspector allows no less than two columns. Also, how does one delete the sample photos that are on the "photo" page?
    There is mention of a grid, but I do not see it.
    Any help would be appreciated. You may post here and/or e-mail me at
    [email protected]
    Thanks gang.
    G5   Mac OS X (10.4.5)  

    If you are using a "photo" page, the default photos disappear once you drag one of your pictures onto the photo page. You could always write a message at the top of the photo page telling users to click the photo to see a larger version. That way you can have a large number of photos (up to 99) on a single photo page and still provide users with the option of enlarging any of the photos on that page. Some browsers do not support clicking a picture to enlarge it. For best results, your visitors should be using Safari or Explorer 6.
    If you want to display one or two full size photos without the need to have users click a photo to enlarge it, you can use one of the other iWeb templates (like "Welcome") bysimply deletint the default picture and text then dragging your full size photo onto the blank template. You will still have the blank text boxes but you don't have to worry about these because they won't show up when someone visits your website.

  • I have just upgraded from CS 6 (Dreamweaver) and now when I click on a picture on a web page in Dreamweaver it doesn't go to the folder where the photo is stored anymore.  If this continues I'll have to go back to CS 6 as I have to put in alot of photos.

    I have just upgraded from CS 6 (Dreamweaver) and now when I click on a picture on a web page in Dreamweaver it doesn't go to the folder where the photo is stored anymore.  If this continues I'll have to go back to CS 6 as I have to put in alot of photos.

    I am using dw cc and I just double click picture I want to change in dreamweaver cc and my image folder opens, select new photo and then it updates and I am good to go, I am using a mac

  • When i save a picture in a web page, the picture does not come into my photo albums! I don't see it anywhere. Plz help

    When i save a picture in a web page, the picture does not come into my photo albums! I don't see it anywhere. Plz help

    Does it show up in your camera roll?

  • Photo Page picture sizes

    Is there a way to control the sizes of pictures displayed when one clicks on individual thumbnails in photo pages in iWeb. They display at 600 pixel size along the longer side. If one then drags and drops them onto the desktop and subsequently opens the resulting file in Photoshop the downloaded picture is a full 800 pixels along its longer side. This is more than I prefer and makes for a long upload time for websites with hundreds of pictures. A 400 - 500 pixel size would suit me better. Is anyone aware of some method to change this default picture size? Maybe some plist hack?
    PowerBook 15" 1,67GHz   Mac OS X (10.4.6)  

    Thanks for your reply. By dragging and dropping I was referring to the end viewers of the website being able to drag the pictures to their desktops in a fairly high resolution. Sorry for not being clear about this. The thing is I don't want the end viewers to be able to have images of more than approx. 400-500 pixels. All my images start off in Aperture and wind up in iWeb via the Aperture2iLife software from lightboxsoftware.com. To simplify the workflow I'm trying to keep other apps out of the loop, hence no iPhoto.
    I think my solution may have to be to Publish to a folder from within iWeb, find the appropriate images in their folders and batch run them through an Action in Photoshop to resize them to a smaller size before uploading the website. The downside of this of course is the added step in the workflow including another application in the loop but I guess the upside is I can use the opportunity to stick a watermarking routine in the batched Action.

  • I photo takes pictures of random web pages, about 55,000.

    i photo takes pictures of random web pages, about 55,000.  how can i stop this?

    Before anyone can help, they need information to work with. Basic stuff:
    - What version of iPhoto.
    - What version of the Operating System.
    - Details. What were you doing when the problem arose?
    - Did it ever work properly?
    - Are there error messages?
    - What steps have you tried already to solve the issue.
    Anything else you can think of that might allow someone else to understand your issue.
    With this kind of information somebody can develop a starting point for troubleshooting the issue.
    Posts that consist of "iPhoto doesn't work. Help" or "iPhoto won't print" or "Suddenly I have no photos!!!!!!!!!!" mean that any helper is simply guessing. With information, s/he may be able to get your issue resolved sooner.

  • My photo page shows without the pictures

    I just updated to iWeb 09. I've been using iWeb for several years without any glitches.
    I publish my site to a folder and upload to my own domain.
    In iWeb 09 I created my new picture page, as usual. Published the site to a folder, uploaded only the new page to my site. I checked it at the time and I could access it from online.
    Now, the next morning, everyone tells me it's a blank page. Indeed when I check online, I can only see the theme textures, the title and text in the page but no pictures.
    Why is that ?
    Why would it have worked yesterday and not today ?
    That's a first and doesn't seem logic AT ALL!!!
    But more importantly why isn't it showing up at all today?

    There are other files other than the new photo page and it's media folder that need to be uploaded. The Scripts folder will need to be uploaded also. Go to the photo page online and use the Window->Activity menu to bring up the Activity window. There it will tell you what files are missing. What is the URL of your site so we can view the problem first hand.

  • I am ready to order my iphoto picture book, but I want to change the binding from wirebound to hardcover.  Does anyone know how I can do that without losing my already assembled photo pages?

    I am ready to order my iphoto picture book, but I want to change the binding from wirebound to hardcover.  Does anyone know how I can do that without losing my already-assembled photo pages?

    Yes - select the book and duplicate it (Command - D) in case of problems - open it and click change theme and select the theme and the new style of binding
    Before ordering your book preview it using this method - http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1040 - and save the resulting PDF for reference - the delivered book will match it.
    then order after you have carefully checked the preview

  • Drag and Drop to photo page creates links, doesn't replace placeholders

    I searched the discussions for quite a while and didn't find much similar to this topic. Basically, drag and drop is no longer working on my iWeb and my photo grids will not accept pictures to replace the placeholder (sample) photos. I will try to explain the whole problem in detail.
    I am a new iWeb user, and I set up a page without any problems at first. Yet when I returned in iWeb to add another photo page today, I have had a lot of trouble. I used the template Photo Page and opened the Inspector and the Media Viewer to drag photos onto the placeholder photos, as the Help pages and tutorials show. Yet when I drag the picture file from the Media Viewer into the photo grid, only a small text box appears that sets up a hyperlink to the photo file on my computer. I've tried messing with the inspector, seeing what the difference is between the placeholder photos' settings and the files I'm trying to add.
    The only differences I can see are: in the Link Inspector's pane I can tell the program is at first making a hyperlink to the file instead of displaying the photo (yet disabling the hyperlink doesn't change anything); also,
    In the Graphic Inspector pane that appears when I have selected a general area in the photo grid, at the top the "Style" , "Layout" and "Caption" options appear, along with a display of a sample photo style. When I click on one of the rectangles that appears with the file I am trying to drag and drop, I have only the "fill" option, which has "none" selected. Fiddling with the options does not get the photo to appear.
    I can see the blue grid surrounding the placeholder photos, so the photo grid exists. I have also tried using different templates' photo pages, but they all have the same problem. I also tried creating an album in iPhoto and importing it to iWeb, but only two photos appeared out of 12.
    So the main part of my problem is not that photos don't appear at all (if I try and insert them they appear on their own, completely independant of the template's style and the photo grid)., it is that they do not work with the photo grid and that drag-and-drop no longer works.
    Any information that could help is greatly appreciated.

    Try out the following things. These suggestions are
    sort of the starting point for non-specific strange
    behavior in iWeb.
    1. Delete iWeb preference file at:
    2. Delete iLife Media Browser preference file at:
    3. Repair startup disk permissions using Disk
    4. Reboot machine
    5. Delete iWeb application (but keep a backup of the
    Domain file!) and reinstall iWeb 1.0 from original
    iLife'06 DVD or Recovery Disks and then update
    directly to 1.1.1 via Software Update.
    These are the top 5 things that seem to garner some
    kind of positive results from people having similar
    I am having the same problem Susan described. I've tried #1 and #2 from the above recommendations and still have the same problem of photos not opening in the photo page after dragging them from iphoto. I, too, published a site (not on .Mac, but I don't know if that matters) and now want to add a photo page. Also, the template shows six placeholders, but when I select the photo page only three appear.
    Hope you can help. Thank you.

  • Need help making photo page look clean,Time to show up on Google? Photoshop

    Just bought this Mac 2 days ago and am trying to make the switch. I was computer illeterate on my Dell as well but so far this program is pretty neat. I am trying to get my photo page cleaned up. I would like all the photos in a single row across the page with only one photo displayed underneath. I have seen a few demos with that done but I cannot figure it out. Ideally a slideshow would start automatically but I really just want a cleaned up page vs. a blob of photos.
    My site is http://www.greasysideup.com
    The picture demo is here http://www.apple.com/ilife/iweb/#album - the scuba picture on the far right of the iweb showcase is the look I am going for.
    Additionally how long does it take to show up on a google search? I am following one of the listings on here on how to do that. On the google search pages there is a brief description of the page as well, I believe it is the title page. How do I make Google say how cool my site is? if it ever shows up on google?
    Last question - is there a program on my Mac similar to photoshop? I want to do some simple 3-d looking text angled slightly as if it is coming out of the screen with my name and the name of my business.
    The other thing I want to do is take this picture, make the background black and make the planes orange or red then put those in the background on one of the pages.
    (I need to learn to post a jpg in the forums as well I guess!!) The photo is the last one on my website photo page labeled Yak 50_profile. I want to make the background black and the outline orange.
    Thanks for all the help. This site is great! I think I'll be glad I made the Mac Switch.
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    I've done a section on search engines here...
    The page about sitemaps is here...
    There's a link on the above page to a free sitemap generator that will produce the sitemap for you in the correct format.

  • HT1040 trying to make an ibook and have 800 photos, want format of 8 photos/page, but default is not that- "create" the initial book from iphoto "album" it loads less than 800 pics and then when i change layout i have blanks.

    trying to make an ibook and have 800 photos, want format of 8 photos/page, but default is not that- "create" the initial book from iphoto "album" it loads less than 800 pics and then when i change layout i have blanks.
    if i clear the book so that it is all blanks and then try to load in the pictures i have it loses the chronology of the pictures that i had established in the album.
    is there a way to import photos into an ibook template and keep the original order of the photos without having to do them one at a time?
    also, is there a way to insert a photo rather than just dragging it? i have tried the cut and paste funciton but it doesn't seem to work, the target site doesn't seem to register with iphoto.
    many thanks for your help.

    Photos are added to book in chronological order.  So if you want to add them to a book in the order you have placed them manually in an album do the following:
    1 - select all the photos in the album.
    2 - use the Photos ➙ Batch Change ➙ Date menu option as shown here. Select any date and add 1 minute between photos.
    3 - select just one photo from the album and create a book from it.
    4 - in the book click on the Options button ➙ Book Settings button and make sure the checkbox for Auto-layout pages is unchecked.
    5 - drag the album with your book photos onto the book icon and they will be imported into the Photos tray of the book in your pre-determined order but not into the pages themselves.

  • IWeb Photo Pages vs. MobileMe Gallery

    I post a personal blog with quite a few pictures. Does anyone know the advantages to using an iWeb Albums/Photo pages versus using the widget to link to MobileMe galleries?

    You should look at the user experience. iWeb albums are attractive and easy for the user to use. Widgets can be useful for a quick way to link to an external gallery but as a user I would find it a less attractive option than the iWeb albums. Would you, if you were a stranger visiting the site, find one or the other option more or less attractive?
    The greatest advantage with any web page element is where the user finds something enticing, and therefore wanting to return to the site. You optimize with that as your first thought and then design accordingly.

  • Navigation & Photo Page not displaying within some browsers

    I am using iWeb '08 and am having great difficulties trying to get my site cross browser compatible. The site is working perfectly on the Mac in Firefox 2 & Safari but not Firefox 3. It is also not displaying correctly in Firefox and IE7 on my WinXP machine. Unfortunately the error is not just a cosmetic issue. The Main Navigation is not displaying on any page and only shows a bullet point where it is meant to be. The other error occurs in the Photo Template and the photos are not displaying. I am using a "Version 1 template" and did a test with a "version 2" template that provided the same errors.
    Has anyone else had these problems???
    The site is located at:
    Photo Page:
    The test site is located at:

    You have applied a height of "auto"to your menubar container, which gives it no height at all in some browsers. If you have a clue what height you would like to display for your menubar, give it, instead of:
        <div style="height: auto;" id="p7PMM_1" class="p7PMMh04">
    Better yet, leave it in the CSS file, where you will find it when you go looking for it. You already assign a height there:
    .p7PMMh04 {
        width: auto;
        height: 20px;
        margin: 0 auto;
        font-family: Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif;
        font-size: 11px;
        font-weight: bold;
        background-image: url(http://home.roadrunner.com/~jgigandet/trinity/img/new_bk.gif);
        background-repeat: repeat-x;
        background-color: #000;
        text-align: left;
        line-height: normal;
    Because your inline style of height:auto; has more proximity (is closer) to the element being styled, it overrides the style in the stylesheet and applies the height: auto; instead of allowing the height: 20px;

Maybe you are looking for