Pipeline URL in SLD not shown in SAP PI

Hello PI-gurus,
I've got a problem with the SLD PipeLine URL data of a Business System and the SAP PI Integration Engine Configuration Data.
I've changed in SLD the name of the Pipeline URL in the Integration tab
of the Business System of SAP PI. Saved the entry and after restarted SLD and SAP PI Istill see in SAP PI the wrong (old) name.
When I perform in SAP PI (SXMB_ADM) the Global Configuration Data and
do a System Landscape - Load Configuration the wrong (old) entry is set in
SAP PI. When I look in SLD the name of the Pipeline URL is correct.
I've also refreshed all the caches in de exchangeProfile and also in the ID en IR.
Please advise.
Best regards,
Mike Laanen

The RFC between SAP PI and SLD is working correct, an other strange thing is that the sldcheck provides the same wrong (old) name in the section:
Calling function LCR_GET_BS_DETAILS
Retrieving data from the SLD server...
Function call terminated sucessfully
Details of own business system TXE100
  caption = TXE100
  product = SAP NETWEAVER
  IS-URL  = http<b>:/</b><host>:<port>/sap/xi/engine?type=entry
Mike Laanen

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  • Do I need to enter Pipeline URL in SLD for Business System in PI ?

    Hi PI experts ,
    I am having problems with my file adapter sender adapter .There is error :
    2008-09-30 18:40:17 Success The message status set to DLNG.
    2008-09-30 18:40:17 Error Transmitting the message to endpoint http://xxxxxx2230.wdf.sap.corp:51080/sap/xi/engine?type=entry using connection File_http://sap.com/xi/XI/System failed, due to: com.sap.aii.af.ra.ms.api.RecoverableException: java.net.UnknownHostException: xxxxxx2230.wdf.sap.corp.
    2008-09-30 18:40:17 Success The message status set to WAIT.
    More info : I don't have anything enter for Pipeline URL under Integration right now
    Do I need to enter Pipeline URL  under Integration under Business System in SLD?
    I don't have anything right now? Shouldn't this entry be automatic?Why I need to enter manually if I need to at all?
    Please help!

    Do I need to enter Pipeline URL under Integration under Business System in SLD?
    --> yes, we shd provide this in SLD.
    I don't have anything right now?
    --> http://<ur server>/sap/xi/engine?type=entry
           give your server at <ur server>
    Shouldn't this entry be automatic?
    -->it shd be entered in SLD once.
    Why I need to enter manually if I need to at all?
    --> if you configure it in SLD once then there is no need for you to do it again.
         By giving this URL yoou are connecting your adapter engine to Integration engine. once your adapter picks the message, it will check the BS and based on the configuration of BS it will push the message.
    some times we can configure our adapter engine as a stand alone system with out IE or with different IE's, that is the reason SAP allows us to configure it.

  • Adding pipeline url in SLD buisness system

    I am trying to add "pipeline URL" in an exisitng buisness system in a central SLD. The role of the buisness system is Integration Server. But i am not able to save the pipeline url , after clicking the save, the url value is again showing as blank.
    i have checked the SXMB_ADM in integration server and the url value is showing as correctly and also successfully loaded the system configuration from SLD with correct Integration server url.
    How can i make the pipeline url entry in SLD buisness system definition?

    The role of the buisness system is Integration Server.
    Does that business system refer to the XI system? Ususally only XI business system is assigned as the role of Integration server. Make sure that if it is an R3 or ECC system, the role is Application Server.

  • DMS Document stored in SAP DB: Not shown in SAP PLM Web UI

    Dear Team,
    Is it by design that DMS documents which are stored in SAP DB are not shown in WEB UI...
    I get and error on the display document that " KPRO unchecked "
    how ever in ECC i can see the document with originals and thumbnails and complete DIR..
    Thanks for advice...!
    Best regards,
    Shashikumar BS

    Please check if a storage category is maintained in your system. You can use the Content Server (KPRO) storage type. Launch transaction DC10 and choose the
    relevant document type which you use. Display its details and you will find a flag called ‘Use KPRO’. Flag it to use the KPRO storage type which is recommended by SAP. You can manage your storage categories and KPRO settings by transaction CSADMIN
    Best regards

  • SAP Inbox items not shown in UWL

    We are working on ESS , we have items in SAP Inbox and not shown in UWL for a employee.
    We are not able to login with the actual user. Is there any possibility to see UWL items of the item without his login?
    we have UWL connecters enabled for R/3 but still have problem for this user.

    Hi Kiran,
    If this is specific to one user or have you found same issue with others. To receive any workflow from backend system system need to be registered to UWL.
    Have a look at following threads for pointers
    /message/6018381#6018381 [original link is broken]
    /message/5093279#5093279 [original link is broken]
    /message/5093308#5093308 [original link is broken]

  • SAP standard sales report not shown data

    We have following standard reports for sales. We have authorisation for these reports. But when we execute these report for 3P00 sales org., these reports will not shown any data saying that no data exist.
    Customer Returns-Analysis - MC+A
    Customer Analysis- Sales - MC+E
    Material Analysis(SIS) - MCTC
    Sales org analysis - MCTE
    Sales org analysis-Invoiced sales - MC+2
    Material Analysis- Invoiced Sales - MC+Q
    Sales office Analysis- Invoiced Sales - MC-E
    Shipping point Analysis - MC(U
    Request you to kindly provide the solution.

    Have u configured Logistic information system proper - mean to say r u maintained same settings for this sales organization
    IMG >>> Logistic genral >>> LIS >>> Logistics data warehouse >>> Updating.
    R u maintained statastical group in material & customer master, check that.

  • Pipeline URL

    Hi All,
    I want some clarifications regarding the Pipeline URL's that we specify in the SLD .
    In our Landscape we have a XI 3.0 SP10 J2EE engine as well a Plain J2SE Adapter Engine Installed.
    Then, Is that we will have two Integration Server's in the SLD or I am confused about this....
    When I see the Pipeline URls of the Integration Server's:
    What is the difference between these two URL's ?
    Then one more question ....
    What is the diff between giving ?type=entry and action=execute ?
    I suppose that I am asking some Basic Questions but I want some clarifications or Suggested Documents to get cleared with this stuff.
    Many thanks,

    Hi Romit,
    1. The URL's you mention are both identical. The first one (http://sapxi30:8000/sap/xi/engine?type=entry) only consists of the hostname of the XI-server. This will only work when the client which makes connection resides in the same domain or when the hostname is mentioned in the hosts file.
    The second one (http://sapxi30.nwk.amer.csc.com:8000/sap/xi/engine/?type=entry)   is the Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN). In your cade nwk.amer.csc.com is the dns-name of the domain in which your XI host resides. This is the URL which should be used normally, even when the clients are in other domains, this one should work.
    I hope I've made it a bit clearer. If not, you should as one of the network guys from your company, he can also explain this.
    2. The difference between ?type=entry and action=execute ?
    ?type = entry is part of the URL the integration server pipeline, as you know.
    action=execute is something different. This is an attribute which can be used in an JDBC-message.
    Best regards,

  • IPC/VC: Knowledgebase/KB of ECC is not shown in CRM

    we would like to use the Variant Configuration in CRM.
    Today we are using already the IPC in a standalone environment with an external system (IPC 5.0, the external system is using the IPC in the Java environment of ERP). From the same ECC System we would like to download now the knowledge bases to reuse them in CRM 7.0. All knowledge bases and runtime environments are already available. When I download the object SCE (with certain filters), I can see all those entries in table COMM_CFGKB in CRM.
    Anyhow, when checking the material in CRM (e.g. commpr01 or WebUI), no knowledge base is shown!
    The table COMM_CFGKB has exactly the same entries as ECC (Active = T, KB Usage 10, KBOBJNAME and Version filled etc.), but anyhow it is not shown at all in CRM. As these knowledge bases are very huge, I have tested also a very small and easy one. This one is getting downloaded the same way and has the same entries in table COMM_CFGKB and it is also visible in commpr01.
    So my assumption is that the other KBs are not 100% correct. When checking them in ECC (cu36) I get many warnings and errors. Anyhow, they were downloaded to CRM (but won`t be shown). Business says that these warnings/errors are OK and that the external system which uses the IPC in ECC is not having any problems.
    Question: is there any chance of using a KB in CRM which has warning/errors when it was generated in ECC?
    Is there any chance of manipulating the KB before it gets imported into CRM. I have found Note 1044682 which explains a BADI.
    Which tables/fields do we have to manipulate so we are able to use the KB in CRM. 
    As mentioned: business is aware of those errors and excepts that there might be a crash in the IPC for certain combinations.

    Hi Christophe,
    OK, I think I understand your suggestion: you use the same IPC with your CRM as well as with the ECC system. So in CRM you just maintain the URL and a user in XCM to the "same" IPC. You mentioned that we need to download anyway the SCE. This is somehow logical as this is the base connected to CRM, but what is not clear to me is the fact, that if the SCE KB is used via ECC all SAP R/3 fields are available (like VBTYPE of the sales order where you have values like B or C). In CRM we use the same SCE KB but here these fields are not availble as the sales order transaction customizing in CRM does not contain such a field.  Where is the logical link between the values which are available in IPC and the SCE?

  • SRM-MDM Catalog: Images not shown in search ui - only placeholder visible

    Hello Expert,
    we have the problem, that the images, which we imported into the repository using the Data Manager are not shown in the search ui. The image is visible in the Data Manager and assigned to a product.
    If I make a right-click on the image in the brower,  I get a URL like this
    Edited by: Sven Haustein on Oct 16, 2008 3:28 PM

    we are using SRM-MDM Catalog 2.0 SP04 Patch 01 (
    Retrieving MDM JAVA API Version
    Admin Version = [Interface CRC=0x5b63a633]
    Build Version =
    Content Version = [Interface CRC=0x9d7cb0c4]
    Meta Version \t= [Interface CRC=0xab59b8dc]
    Building up connection to MDM Server
    Retreiving MDM Server Version
    Version = Version 5.5 SP6 (

  • Need to change Pipeline URL

    I need to change the pipeline url for my XI. I did changed it in SLD -> Business System and in SXMB_ADM -> Integration Engine Configuration. But when I check the configuration in SXMB_ADM (F7), it seems that everything is not correct:
    Yellow triangle and this message: "Corresponding Integration Server: Current Configuration <> System Landscape"
    What can I do to force the new pipeline url to be used ? Restart something, refresh something ? I did refresh everything I can, but it didn't fix the problem.
    Please be specific in your directions, my XI administrative knowledge is limited.

    First thanks everyone for your help. Now Pipeline url are the same everywhere.
    However, the server seems to still listen on the old url... Just to give you the context, the old and new url are almost the same, I just changed the port. Currently, old url still returns "Empty HTTP query received" and new one return "http error 404".
    I did restart all instances in sapmcc  to try to force the change, but it didn't help.
    What should I try next ? Change another setting, refresh/restart something ?
    Thanks again,

  • Available QTY is not shown in Production Order for SemiFinished Product?

    In Production Order Available Qty value is not shown for SemiFinished product ( Stock is there), but it showing the Available for other rawmaterials in same Prdn. ordr..
    The SemiFinished product is manufactured and its having lot of stocks ..while i am calling this SemiFinished product in other Production order the available qty is not shown.. so how come the end user comes to know that availlable..

    Hi Jey
    I will explain clearly so u can come what is hapening For Ex: Item ABC having child item A,B & C.
    when calling the BOM of ABC in Prodn.order its showing the available of A, B & C... But after the production over for the Semifinished product it increases the stock.
    When i am calling this Semifinished Product in other Produciton Order For Ex: Item AZ having Child item ABC & XYZ.
    In this Scenerio it has to show the Available of item ABC whic is semifinished product its not showing,but in the same Production order it showing the available for Other item XYZ which is purchased one .. So this is the nature of SAP or i am doing any wrong....

  • ITServer - Internet Service created by us not working in SAP ECC

    Hai all,
    We have SAP R/3 4.6C and a ITS server 6.1. We created some Internet service and published in our ITS server.
    We have ugpraded our system to SAP ERP Central Component 5.0, which has inbuilt ITS server. I published the standard SAP internet service "BWSP" and our own internet services.  The problem is standard SAP Internet Service is working whereas the the internet service which we developed is not running.
    Before publishing i did the following settings, Utilities => Settings => Internet Transaction Server, in the "Test Service" tab i have selected "Default Web Server" radio button and on "Publish" tab i have selected "On All Defined Sites".
    I published the service by selecting Publish =>Complete Service by right clicking on the service name.
    When i execute the service using ITS url i am getting the following error
    Service cannot be reached
    What has happened?
    URL http://devnw2.xy.gov.sg:8000/sap/bc/gui/sap/its/ZGEESIS001/! call was terminated because the corresponding service is not available
    Please let me know what's wrong and what is the solution to correct it.

    Hai Raja,
    I tried adding in the entry as below.
    The below value i just copied from the service BWSP and put it here and changed the transaction code.
    ~TRANSACTION     zgeestc017
    ~THEME     99
    ~COOKIES     1
    ~DESIGNS     sap_streamline
    ~RUNTIMEMODE     pm
    ~FLICKERFREE     0
    ~URLIMAGE     /sap/public/bc/its/graphics
    ~URLMIME     /sap/public/bc/its/mimes
    ~URLARCHIVE     /scripts/sapawl.dll
    The below is the full error which i got when i tried to run the service after doing the above change.
    What has happened?
    URL http://devnw2.abc.gov.sg:8000/sap/bc/gui/sap/its/ZGEESIS001/! call was terminated because the corresponding service is not available.
    The termination occurred in system D00 with error code 404 and for the reason Not found.
    The selected virtual host was 0 .
    What can I do?
    Please select a valid URL.
    If you do not yet have a user ID, contact your system administrator.
    HTTP 404 - Not found
    Your SAP Internet Communication Framework Team

  • Crystal report not shown after application idle time

    i have a web page which uses around 10 session variables to store values on a button click.and after assign session values Response.Redirect("~/url",false); to a a page which contains crystal report viewer.and report should show those session values.after keeping the application idle for 45 mins i click on the button which assign session values.then it's redirecting to the report page but the report is not shown.it shows a empty page and no errors shown(only happens application is idle for nearly 45 mins other wise works fine)
    i'm using iis 7
    in the web.config i have set sessionState timeout="60" and application pool idle time out to 60 mins.
    any idea why this happens

    Make sure you are on SP 8
    Make sure you are using .Close and .Dispose on your report objects as you get done with them.
    What OS? (2003, 2008, 2012)
    Provide more info on the following:
    The problem is that the Crystal Report Viewer does not load after a few hours.
    What does that mean? Errors? Warnings? Behavior? Symptoms?
    - Ludek
    Senior Support Engineer AGS Product Support, Global Support Center Canada
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  • Help is not shown in the window

    I have written the necessary documents (HelpSet, MapFile, HelpTOC).
    The Table-Of-Contents are shown in the left frame, but if I select them, the html-help-file is not shown in the right frame.
    Please help!
    <homeID>top </homeID>
    <mapref location="vcsMapFile.jhm" />
    <!-- views -->
    <label>Table Of Contents</label>
    <?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8' ?>
    <!-- was: <?xml version='1.0' encoding='ISO&#8722;8859&#8722;1' ?> -->
    <!DOCTYPE toc
    "&#8722;//Sun Microsystems Inc.//DTD
    JavaHelp TOC Version 2.0//EN"
    <toc version="2.0">
    <tocitem image="toplevelfolder"
    text="Virtual Circuit System">
    <tocitem text="Schaltungen erstellen" target="test">
    <?xml version='1.0' encoding='ISO?8859?1' ?>
    <!DOCTYPE map
    PUBLIC "?//Sun Microsystems Inc.//DTD JavaHelp Map Version 2.0//EN"
    <map version="2.0">
    <mapID target="test" url="test.html" />
    <!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN">
    That is the help.

    The tutorial I believe you are referring to uses Visual Studio .NET 2003. So, it won't be in the exact same place as Visual Studio 2005.
    You should be able to right click on the database connection node and see an option for Query Window.

  • Extra-ordinary depreciation is not shown on the Asset History Sheet

    When doing a disposal of assets via transaction ABAVN, the extra-ordinary depreciation is not shown on the asset history sheet in the "Deprec for the year" column.
    How can I show it on the asset history sheet?
    Thank you for your feedback.
    Kind regards,

    of course it can. The Asset History sheet output can be defined absolute flexible. Good source of information of how to define asset history sheet versions can be found in the SDN Wiki articles [Asset History Sheet (Detail) |https://wiki.sdn.sap.com/wiki/display/ERPFI/AssetHistorySheet%28Detail%29] and [Asset History Sheet |https://wiki.sdn.sap.com/wiki/display/ERPFI/AssetHistory+Sheet].
    Feel free to create your own history sheet versions according to your needs. But you should avoid to change standard delivered history sheet versions.

Maybe you are looking for