Pismo powerbook as an external monitor

Can I hook the mac mini to a laptop and use it's screen as an external monitor? The pismo has a vga-out connector?

Can I hook the mac mini to a laptop and use it's screen as an external monitor?
If you use ScreenRecycler and a network connection; all solutions of this type require a separate monitor for setup. Except for recent 27-inch iMacs, a Mac's video port only provides video out.

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  • I have a PowerBook G4 with a non-functioning monitor.  It used to work with an external monitor, but I reinstalled the OS, which cleared the display preferences and now when I restart it won't detect the external monitor. How do I fix?

    I have a PowerBook G4 with a non-functioning monitor.  It used to work with an external monitor, but I reinstalled the OS, which cleared the display preferences and now when I restart it won't detect the external monitor. This means I can't use the computer anymore. How do I fix? I tried using the Command+F2 keyboard shortcut, but it doesnt' work.  It's possible that since I reinstalled the OS, it still needs to be set up, so there's only a welcome screen (but since I can't see it I'm not sure).

    There is no limit to the number of times you can re-install Office on the same computer.
    You can activate by telephone:
    The last paragraph is the relevant bit

  • I have an Apple Powerbook G4, and my monitor doesn't function. I have an external display Monitor, however it's stuck in extended screen mode. How do I get it to mirror or duplicate the display without use of the on-board?

    As i had said, I have an Apple Powerbook G4, and my monitor doesn't function. I have an external display Monitor, however it's stuck in extended screen mode. How do I get it to mirror or duplicate the display without use of the on-board? Is there a Fn key combo i'm missing or is the issue more serious then i realize? any and all help and hints would be greatly apprichiated, thanks in advance.
    -Powerbook User

    The PowerBooks have an F-key that toggles mirrored and extended mode. My PB is loaned out right now but I think it was f7. The keycap has an icon on two overlapping rectangles, as I recall.
    EDIT: Yes! Found a pdf of the PB manual it shows F7 is the toggle:

  • I have a Powerbook G4. I want to use an iMac desktop, the model that is shaped llike a lamp, as an external monitor. Can I do this with firewire or USB cable or do I have to have a different cable?

    I have a Powerbook G4. I want to use an iMac desktop, the model that is shaped llike a lamp, as an external monitor. Can I do this with firewire or USB cable or do I have to have a different cable?

    You need a network connection and a product such as ScreenRecycler. All such products require a bootable OS on the iMac.

  • Powerbook G4 15" screen blank, can't connect to external monitor

    I've had a 15" Powerbook G4 for about 2 years now, but about a year ago, I switched it on and the display was white. I could hear the startup chime, and everything seemed to be working fine underneath, but the screen was just white.
    So, recently I took it to an Apple store and in the end, they told me that the LCD was broken and that they would have to replace it for the Powerbook to work properly. As this would cost over £400, which I can't afford, I just decided to try and use an external monitor with it, as they had done in the store to check it.
    So, I bought a DVI-VGA adapter from eBay, received it this morning, and tried to connect the Powerbook to my CRT monitor using the adapter.
    Basically, I plugged the VGA cable from the monitor into the adapter, and plugged that into the Powerbook.
    However, the external monitor just stays blank, as if it isn't connected to the Powerbook.
    Please, can you tell me if I'm doing anything wrong, and if not, suggest why it might not be working.

    hi i did this as posted by yan pb15 i had everything back internal and external monitor it is a wonderful trick!!!
    thanks yan pb15
    This "last" solution worked for my PB15 osx 10.4.11 (somebody can help you; it is at your own risk!)
    1. set in Quartz Debug: a) Quartz 2D extreme disabled; b) Automatic Beam Synchronization
    2. turn off PB and unplug everything
    3. remove battery
    4. remove all memory modules (your 1GB RAM)
    5. plug AC power
    6. turn on PB ( beeps; white LED blinks)
    7. turn off PB
    8. reset PMU (my PB model: shiftctrl+altpower)
    9. turn off PB
    10. unplug AC power
    11. install all memory modules
    12. install battery
    13. plug AC power
    14. turn on PB and pray
    Good luck.
    i had everything back internal and external monitor it is a wonderful trick!!!
    thanks yan pb15

  • External Monitors on Powerbook

    Ok, someone else has to have experienced something similar to my occurrance with an external monitor after upgrading to 10.4.3. I am guessing by a total lack of response to my question posted yesterday that everyone is about as clueless as I am.
    Is there anyone else experiencing problems with external monitors as I am after an upgrade to 10.4.3 or I am the only lonely one with the world's most obscure problem?

    Too late to edit my own post, so here's a followup:
    I found the post you reference. There's actually 2 of them:
    I always use my external monitor with the powerbook closed. What's different between my usage pattern and yours is I don't have the option to rotate my monitor to portrait.
    What process do you use when attaching the portrait monitor?
    Here's my process when I come in to work in the morning:
    Powerbook is sleeping, closed.
    I attach the DVI adaptor (that's already connected to the monitor).
    I attach the USB cable that goes to my keyboard and mouse.
    I attach the power cord.
    If my powerbook hasn't already woken up, I hit the space bar.
    It sounds like this is specifically related to your use of your monitor in portrait mode, though I don't pretend to know why that would make a difference.

  • What resolution do I need in an external monitor for my 15" G4 Powerbook?

    Hello mac friends this is my first post I really hope someone can help me out. I need to get an external monitor for my 15 powerbook g4 1.67 w/ 64 mb graphics card. I can not find any monitor on the market whos' native resolution matches that of my g4 (1280x854). Do I need to match the native res? I ideally would like a widescreen b/w 20 and 23", though I am not crazy about the apple displays (mainly the $). I am trying to figure out what native res I need to be looking for in an external monitor, etc. Anyone who can advise would be greatly appreciated!!! Thanks- Jon
    PowerBook G4 15inch 1.67ghz   Mac OS X (10.4.9)   low res, 1.5gb ram

    The fact that you don't need to match the native resolution disguises a great and valuable feature: Your PowerBook can drive monitors higher than its native resolution. Check the specifications for your PowerBook to see how high it can go. (There's a Specifications link at the top of this page.)
    For example, my PowerBook G4 native resolution is also 1280x854 like yours. I bought a 20" Apple Cinema Display which is 1680x1050. Is that a problem? No, it's GREAT. Because I didn't just double my screen space, the external more than doubled it thanks to the ability of the PowerBook video card to go beyond the native resolution. My PowerBook's specs say I could run a monitor up to 2048 by 1536 pixels. (Many Windows laptops have the same capability.)
    You can go to any computer store and buy just about any monitor that has a DVI or VGA port on it, that is within the resolution range for your PowerBook, and it will work. Dell, Samsung, NEC, etc. should all be OK if you want to save money. DVI is better and plugs in directly, but if you buy VGA, you will need to use the VGA-DVI adapter that came with your PowerBook.

  • Using external monitor with powerbook G4 with a damaged display

    My powerbook's display has been seriously damaged from being banged from the outside. The screen now has a starburst and a series of heartbreaking lines that make it unusable. Because my budget really doesn't allow me to purchase a new computer right now, I am thinking about connecting it to an external monitor as a temporary fix. Is this a possibility for me? Would it have to be an apple monitor or can I just go ahead and get one of the cheapest ones that I can find? What equipment would I need? Is it possible to use the keyboard and mouse that are part of my laptop or do I need to have external ones? Thank you so much (I'm not exactly a computer genius, as you can tell)!

    from the website Low End Mac:
    Lid Closed Mode: TiBooks supports "lid closed" (or clamshell) mode, which leaves the built-in display off and dedicates all video RAM to an external display. To used lid closed mode, your 'Book must be plugged into the AC adapter and connected to an external display and a USB mouse and keyboard (you might also want to consider external speakers). Power up your 'Book until the desktop appears on the external display and then close the lid. Your 'Book will go to sleep, but you can wake it by moving the mouse or using the keyboard. The built-in display will remain off, and the external monitor will become your only display. Since all video RAM is now dedicated to the external monitor, you may have more colors available at higher resolutions. The TiBook is designed to run safely in closed lid mode, but if yours runs hot (perhaps due to overclocking or high ambient temperatures), you may want to open the lid when in lid closed mode: The screen will remain off and the computer will more readily vent heat from the CPU.
    To resume use of the internal display, you need to disconnect the external display, put the computer to sleep, and then open the lid. This will wake up your 'Book and restore use of the built-in display.

  • Powerbook hangs on boot if I am plugged into an external monitor

    After the latest security update, my PowerBook G4 17"
    (Boot ROM Version: 4.6.2f1) hangs when I boot if I am
    plugged into an external monitor (Dell 2005FPW); I have
    never had this problem before. I can plug the monitor
    in AFTER I boot with no problem.

    Hi bbcoffey,
    Thanks for visiting Apple Support Communities.
    If the issue with your display not waking occurs in the future, I recommend trying these troubleshooting steps:
    Apple computers: Troubleshooting issues with video on internal or external displays
    Reset the system
    You can reset the Mac's parameter RAM and SMC.
    Best Regards,

  • Mac powerbook g4 15" Auminum, on startup has a black screen and no signal to external monitor

    Powerbook G4 1.5 Ghz 15" Aluminum
    After watching a dvd, I turned the laptop off and closed the lid before the screen was completely dark. I also forgot to take the dvd out. The next day I get a start up chime and a black screen. Will not work with external monitor. Will not let me do pram reset as I couldn't see the picture anyway. Hard drive appears to be fine. I tried swapping the two ram modules. Took the lower one out and still no results. My main question is, before I just geek out and put a new logic board in, what are the possible loose connection  (cables) causes?

    This issue is not unfamiliar among PowerPC G4 users, in desktop or portable models.
    The cause may vary and so when looking through incidents of a similar nature, try to
    be patient and get past duplicate-sounding experiences as referenced by the sources.
    There are more than a few in this search thread that sound like your situation:
    Depending on the PowerBook model, some have clock battery/capacitor on logic board
    that once it fails, there can be startup issues as a result... So that's one to check. And
    then there are the connections that may have come loose on the logic board, over years
    of handling and small movement, these could finally have failed to contact finally. Or the
    DC-in Board may have chosen to fail, so power may be unable to get past a circuit.
    Troubleshooting based on a few symptoms can be... troublesome, tedious; or costly.
    The iFixit.com guides have sections where people asked questions, such as:
    https://www.ifixit.com/Answers/View/131619/PowerBook+g4+has+startup+chime+no+ima ge
    The keyboard shortcuts to attempt to force a computer to start may be of no avail if
    the hardware has defects, or if wires have come off their necessary junctions inside.
    If you have time and some money, companies who specialize in repairing Apple
    portable computers could restore its function & warranty their work. wegenermedia
    is worth contacting if the computer is one you want to keep around while. They did
    a repair for me on one of my Apple portables, and I'd probably go that route again.
    So, anyway, if the unit uses a clock or PRAM battery, it may need replacement.
    Or in another direction, issue could be a power related circuit failure; or worse.
    There are graphic display components that fail at a point where an external &
    internal display both won't light up. These are mapped out in iFixit guides or in
    others online, depending on the model G4 PowerBook they show.
    Good luck & happy computing!

  • External Monitor on Powerbook with no display

    Alright, so here's the deal...I have a Powerbook G4 Titanium 15 inch, on which the internal display has since died. I removed the display completely and purchased an external display which has worked fine with current OS. But, I have decided to erase the disk and use Linux primarily while partitioning a small amount of space to retain Mac OS 10.4. But, after erasing the disk using the original Mac OS X 10.1 restore disc, all installer startup discs including the Software Restore, Mac 10.4, and Linux will not appear at startup, only the Mac OS x 10.1. I assume this is because the startup disk does not recognize the external monitor and assumes it is running the program on an internal display which is not there. Is there anyway I can permanently erase the internal display options, to in effect make the Powerbook act like a desktop or tower with regards to the external display? Thanks.

    If you can’t see your MacBook screen because it’s broken or the backlight is off use the F7 key to switch between Extended Desktop and Mirror Display if you have the Early 2006 model 1,1 MacBook or the Late 2006 & Mid 2007 model 2,1 MacBooks.
    From the Mid 2007 MacBook User Guide: F7 (video mode toggle key) Switch between dual-display mode (extending the desktop across the built-in display and an external display) and video-mirroring mode (presenting the same information on both displays).
    This won't work on the newer MacBooks.

  • Attach powerbook to external monitor

    I would like to attach my laptop to an external monitor. I have the DVI to VGA cable but it's not long enough is there an extension cable available or does anyone now of a longer cable?

    You can readily buy VGA male-to-female cables to extend the length at places like Maplins in the UK, although mailorder maybe less expensive.
    Or simply a longer DVI to VGA cable in 1.5 or 3m lengths:
    Here in the USA, Monoprice.com has a good reputation for value on many cables.

  • Powerbook 1400 / external monitors

    I am looking to buy an external monitor for my pb 1400. I have apple 8-bit video out. What range of apple monitors will work with this?
    thanks tom

    I pulled my applevision 750av out of the truck of my car and used it as a second monitor. Works fine.
    I get 256 colors at 640/860 resolution (it was something like that.) on the 750av . I can use 1023 x whatever it was with 16 colors. I have thousands of color on the pb1400 lcd.
    The 750av powers off just fine when the book is put to sleep.

  • Pismo PowerBook--no video

    Hi all,
    I have a Pismo PowerBook that has no video for both the internal display and any attached external displays. It seems to boot up just fine as I can hear the hard drive working and can even put the computer to sleep by pressing the power button followed by the "s" key.
    I initially thought that this must be a problem with the logic board, so I ordered a replacement from ifixit.com and installed it. The new board produces exactly the same symptoms as before: no video from any source. Other than a dead replacement logic board, is there anything else that would cause this problem?

    Dan, welcome to Apple Discussions.
    I also have a Pismo, but haven't experienced this problem. Below is the text (for video) from Apple's Pismo Service Manual.
    PowerBook (FireWire) Symptom Charts / Video –
    Pixel(s) always on or off
    1. A certain number of pixel anomalies are inherent in display
    technology and vary by many factors, including type of
    technology. If you suspect that the display contains an
    abnormal number of anomalies, contact Apple Technical
    Warning: Do not use a metal screwdriver to reseat the display cable
    or shorting could result. Use a plastic or nylon tool.
    Partial or full row of pixels is always on or always off
    1. Check display cable connection.
    2. In the U.S., contact Apple Technical Support.
    3. Replace display cable (international only).
    4. Replace display (international only).
    5. Replace I/O logic board.
    Display is very light or totally white
    1. Verify display cable and inverter board cable connections to the I/O logic board.
    2. Replace inverter board.
    3. In the U.S., contact Apple Technical Support.
    4. Replace display cable (international only).
    5. Replace display (international only).
    An external monitor connected to the computer shows no video
    1. Verify external monitor has power.
    2. Try different resolutions in the Monitors control panel.
    3. Try another monitor cable and verify the video adapter has part number 590-1123 on the adapter.
    4. Try another monitor.
    5. Restart unit and reset PRAM.
    6. Replace I/O logic board.
    No display, but computer appears to operate correctly
    1. Connect power adapter.
    2. Adjust screen brightness using keyboard controls.
    3. Verify display cable, inverter board, and I/O logic board connections.
    4. Connect external, known-good monitor.
    5. Verify inverter cable is properly connected.
    6. Replace inverter cable.
    7. Replace inverter board.
    8. In the U.S., contact Apple Technical Support.
    9. Replace display cable (international only).
    10. Replace display (international only).
    11. Replace I/O logic board.
    An external monitor connected to the computer shows either horizontal or vertical rolling, or horizontal or vertical distortion
    1. Try different resolutions in the Monitors control panel.
    2. Verify monitor using another computer.
    3. Try another video adapter and verify the video adapter has part number 590-1123 on it.
    4. Replace I/O logic board.
    Backlight doesn’t operate; screen is very dim
    1. Adjust screen brightness setting.
    2. Verify backlight cable connection is secure.
    3. Check display cable and inverter board connections to the I/O logic board.
    4. Verify inverter cable is properly connected and that cable is good.
    5. Verify cables are not pinched or severed.
    6. Replace inverter board.
    7. In the U.S., contact Apple Technical Support.
    8. Replace display (international only).
    9. Replace I/O logic board.
    I don't think it's a backlight or inverter problem because you could still get video out to an external monitor. Have you tried a PRAM zap? Could be the display cable or connector.
     Cheers, Tom

  • I dropped my macbook pro and the screen is broken can i still use it with an external monitor? Or can I or how do I transfer hard drive files to my mac mini?

    I dropped my 17" macbook pro and the screen is broken. Can I still use it with an external monitor? When I plugged it into a monitor I had used it with before, I'm not able to see anything on the macbook screen to control it. It came on but I just got the blue screen with nothing else after typing in my password. (Didn't see the password form just assumed it was there somewhere and it did go from space to blue screen but no desktop icons, files, dock strip at top or anything else, just blank blue screen) so I can't access the system preferences.
    Or can I / or how do I, transfer hard drive files to my mac mini? If not salvageable as is can I pull out the hard drive and make it an external harddrive? In otherwords is anything salvageable? It seems it's coming on I just can't access anything. BTW I was told it would cost aprox $1000 to replace the screen! I paid almost $4000 for this thing and it was running great - makes me sick to lose it!

    I'd like to promise you that everything will be fine if you just get the monitor going - but it's hard to know what the hardware damage might be. It might be the monitor, or the damage might be greater.
    Your best solution would be visit your local Apple Store and let them know what your situation is. They have access to diagnostics you don't, and they might be able to the best way to save your data and keep you computing. It's still not covered, but they can tell you what your current options are.
    Um, you might consider investing in a backup drive.
    And there other repair options, too. Powerbook Medic http://www.powerbookmedic.com/xcart1/pages.php?pageid=67 offers reliable repairs, and quotes prices well under Apple's.

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