Place a PDF file in IDCS2

I have begun to get a error message "failed to open PDF" when placing a pdf file into a ID document.
This started suddenly so I assume some preference setting got changed, but I am at a loss of where to turn next.
I am running IMAC G5 using OSX10.4.1
I did a uninstall and reinstall of IDCS2 and that had no effect on the problem.
Any suggestions?

I've seen that on occasion but restarting ID was enough to fix it. If
that's not the case, try trashing your preferences.

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  • Place multiple PDF files (or a folder of PDF files) into one InDesign document

    I know there are several scripts to place multipage Pdf's in InDesign.
    Based on those scripts I made one myself which places a PDF file with multiple pages as an InLine graphic where the name of the PDF file is inserted as a heading.
    Works great. But when I want to import 20 PDF files I have to run that script 20 times which isn't handy.
    So I'm looking for a way to choose a folder in which are several PDF-files that will be placed inside 1 ID doc.
    Any suggestions?

    Use .selectDlg():
    function getPDFs(){
        var f = someFolder.selectDlg ('Select a folder')
        if (f != null){
            return f.getFiles('*.pdf');
        return [];

  • When I place a pdf file into a PM7 document it is blurry.

    I have two pdf files that I want to place on the same page of a PM7 document, but the images show up very blurry. What gives? Why would a pdf file not show up crystal clear in a PM document?

    There is a learning curve but you need to be aware that PM has ZERO
    support for PDFs with transparency. You were fortunate this time. Next
    time, probably not.
    If you are interested in learning InDesign this book is the best on the
    planet for a beginner:
    This link will get you a one week free trial for which has
    fabulous video training:
    Keep in mind that InDesign is part of Creative Cloud. You can buy CS6
    but it's $700. A subscription to a single CC app is $20/month with an
    annual contract.
    You might want to consider other alternatives such as open source
    scribus or the very reasonably priced Serif PagePlus.

  • No Data in PDF file in FTP server

    Hi All,
    I am trying to place a PDF file in FTP server.
    CONVERT_OTFSPOOLJOB_2_PDF to convert spool to PDF
    FTP_R3_TO_SERVER to transfer data to FTP.
    I am able to see PDF file in FTP and no of pages matches with that of R/3 but there is no data in PDF file.

    To get pdf file , you need to set the itcpo-tdgetotf = 'X' and need to pass in the exporting parameter (options in open_form  function module ).Then in close_form function module take all the data of otfdata table into an internal table . Then use SX_OBJECT_CONVERT_OTF_PDF function module to convert it to pdf.
    I will show with an  example.
    tables itcpo.
    DATA: ch_otf  TYPE  STANDARD  TABLE OF  itcoo.
    DATA: w_otf TYPE itcoo.
    DATA: w_pdf TYPE solisti1. "For PDF
    DATA: i_content_txt TYPE soli_tab.   
    DATA: temp1 TYPE sx_format VALUE 'OTF',
            temp2 TYPE sx_format VALUE 'PDF'.
      DATA: c_printer TYPE sx_devtype VALUE 'PRINTER'.
      DATA: w_transfer_bin TYPE sx_boolean. "Content
      DATA: i_content_bin TYPE solix_tab, "Content
            wa_content_bin TYPE solix,
            i_objhead TYPE soli_tab.
    itcpo-tdnoprint  = 'X'.
      itcpo-tdpreview = 'X'.
      itcpo-tdgetotf = 'X'.
    These three parameters need to be passed along with other required parameters
           EXPORTING form = xformular
                     language = ekko-spras
                     OPTIONS = itcpo
                     archive_index  = toa_dara
                     archive_params = arc_params
                     device = xdevice
                     dialog = xdialog
                     mail_sender        = sender
                     mail_recipient     = recipient
           EXCEPTIONS canceled = 01.
          RESULT  = RESULT
          otfdata = ch_otf.
    LOOP AT ch_otf INTO w_otf.
        CONCATENATE w_otf-tdprintcom w_otf-tdprintpar
        INTO w_pdf.
        APPEND w_pdf TO i_content_txt.
    converting otf file to pdf file
          format_src      = temp1        "'OTF'
          format_dst      = temp2        "'PDF'
          devtype         = c_printer
          transfer_bin    = w_transfer_bin
          content_txt     = i_content_txt
          content_bin     = i_content_bin
          objhead         = i_objhead
          len             = v_len_in
          err_conv_failed = 1
          OTHERS          = 2.
    Then open dataset and transfer to ftp of the content of table content_bin(i_content_bin) as shown in above example.
    I think this will be helpful for you

  • Fixing fonts in a PDF file?

    Mac OSX 10.6.7, Indesign CS5.
    This may be more of an Acrobat question, but here goes. I've got some huge PDF files containing musical scores, over 250 pages, that I want to place into Indesign. These were generated by a Windows program (Sibelius, if that matters). When I attempt to place the PDF file (either a page at a time or using the multi-page PDF script), I get a dialog for each page saying that fonts are missing -- Times-Italic, Times-Roman, Times-Bold. The problem is that I've got already got Times installed (Mac OSX contains a Times font in the system that FontExplorer won't let me deactivate.) Investigating the PDF file, the only embedded fonts are the ones used for musical symbols. The Times TrueType fonts are not embedded (and appear strange onscreen, probably I'm getting a substitute Adobe Serif font), and obviously neither OSX nor Indesign recognize them as the same as the fonts open in the System. FontExplorer, probably wisely, doesn't want me to open any other version of Times while there's already a set in the system library.
    So, is there any way to tell Acrobat to use my Times fonts in this file instead of the non-existant Windows fonts? This is not a continuous text file, so exporting as RTF or something will not work, and I'd rather not save as tiff or jpeg because that's just silly with a file this big and graphically-intensive.
    Thanks for any help...

    You can safely removed the system times and helvetica.
    If you use iCal, Mail and a few other Apple programs that use badges on the dock icon you will get a substitute font on the icon, but having another helvetica will fix that. You need 1 Helvetica of any type or Photoshop will not launch.
    The only fonts you NEED in OS X are Lucida Grand (used in menus), Last Resort, and Keyboard. The rest can be deleted. Apple says you have to keep Kana, but if you aren't working in any Asian languages you can remove it without system instability. To be safe and follow Apple's guidelines you can keep it.

  • Inserting a PDF file and making it a hyper link

    I created a news letter in pages and converted it to a PDF file, I want to place the PDF file onto my website and make it a hyperlink so when it is clicked on it will open preveiw or adobe acrobat reader (on reg pc) When I drag the PDF file it opens an post the full page. Can it be done and how?
    imac   Mac OS X (10.4.8)  

    The iWeb way is to use "Link to File".
    Your PDF will upload and viewers can click a link to download it.
    You can also use an image as a placeholder for your Link to File download instead of using a text description.

  • .pdf file in new window and ...

    I've directed a link to go to a .pdf file.
    Everything is working, the links that is.
    But i have two minor problems:
    1 - is there a way to get a .pdf file to open in a new window?
    I don't see that option in the Inspector, like external pages, etc.
    2. when i open the .pdf file in the browser, at the very bottom of the page,
    in very small text, is listed the directory hiarchy of
    my computer,where I keep the .pdf file. Something like this:
    All of this information about my computer and where i put the pdf file
    is showing at the bottom of each .pdf page when viewed in the browser.
    Is that normal? or is there a way to get rid of that?

    You need to place the pdf file on the server/iDisk and link to it as an external page to have it open in a new window. The Inspector/Link window will provide the Open in new window option in that case.
    If you put the pdf file in your iDisk/Web/Sites folder the link to it would be:
    I put most of those type of files in the iDisk/Pictures folder and the link to one there is: (note the period before Pictures)

  • Placing a PDF file in Word 2013, bad quality

    I use window 08 PC, when I place a PDF file in word I get a very bad image quality. I designed a logo and I need it in a very good quality on word.

    When I want to place a PDF into Word at a PC I need first to install the Acrobat Reader. After that I have to go to word and open a new document. At the menu I have to select insert and go to object and choose Acrobat Document. With this procedure you can place a PDF into Word. That's why I think there is a problem with Reader.

  • I can't properly sync PDF files onto my iPad!

    You see I have numerous PDF files on my iPad. But whenever I try to sync a new one I'm forced to also resync all of my old files too along with my apps that have already been synced! This is obviously frustrating because it takes 10 minutes for everything to sync! All I want to do is sync the *new* files that I had downloaded. Not the old ones because I already synced those! Also, another problem is that I can't delete the PDF files off of my desktop because when iTunes syncs the old & new PDF files it apparently searches to see if those PDF files are still on my desktop. If one PDF file is not found on my desktop iTunes deletes that PDF file off my iPad!!!!!! Wth I can't even place those PDF files in a new folder. This is very irksome because my desktop is now filled with PDF files so now everything is all cluttered and disorganized. I just want to download a PDF file, sync it, and then delete it off my desktop, or at least place it in a folder so it'll all just be in one place instead of scattered all over my desktop. Sorry if this is confusing I'm just really frustrated with how complicated iTunes has been so far when using my iPad. I have an iPhone 4 and iPod touch 4 and I never had such a problem with syncing. Help!

    You must be singed into the Apple ID you used to purchase the movie.  Also, not all movies can be redownloaded.  It must be permitted in your country (see country list for Movies here:, and also must be permitted by the movie studio (not all studios permit redownloading).  You would have to contact iTunes store support to find out for sure:

  • Crop marks inaccurate in "placed" PDF file, ok in original ID file??

    Hi all,
    I've created a file using InDesign (CS5) and exported it to PDF format, with crop marks (for proofing purposes).  I then "place" the PDF file(s) back into an InDesign document and align them as a master for printing/cutting.  However, the crop marks are ever so slightly off (maybe 1/32 of an inch or less?).  As the cutter cuts every 2 inches, this "off-ness" gets larger with each 2" piece cut down the page so the last object ends up being maybe 1/16 of an inch off.  The original InDesign file prints exactly on-mark.
    Why is this and is there a way to fix it??

    Getting crop marks isn't the issue, as I can do that using a variety of methods, including what you describe.  In our case, the PDF is less work because we create individual PDFs of each object (business cards, in this case) to send out for proof and we'd rather use the handy built-in method of placing a PDF to a master of several cards instead of pasting or recreating each original on the master.
    I guess I'm just wondering why a robust program designed for production printing such as this has an option for including crop marks in a PDF if the PDF isn't going to be accurate when placed back into a design file?  I was hoping I made an error in my set-up somehow, which is still possible I suppose.

  • Viewing pdf files side-by-side in

    I was wondering if Preview allows two PDF files viewed side-by-side like Adobe Reader. That is, under Adobe, when you have two PDF files open, you can go to Windows->Tile->Vertically to place two PDF files side-by-side for easy viewing. I know you can always adjust the size of the Preview window to view the two files side-by-side, but I was just wondering if there is just a button that I can just easy accomplish what adobe can do.
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    Mac OS X: Double-Clicking a File Opens the Wrong Application -

  • "Placing" linked PDF File in Illustrator for Markup Edits?

    When I highlight text in a PDF file that is linked to an Illustrator file (PDF is "Placed" in the Illustrator file as a linked object), text highlights in the PDF file do not show up in Illustrator when I update the link.  Does anybody know why, or is there some setting or workaround to force the PDF markups to show up in Illustrator?
    Reason for Question
    I often use Illustrator as a PDF editor because it is much more flexible than Acrobat's clunky editing tools.  There are some significant problems however.  If you open a PDF page in Illustrator, you lose some stuff like paragraph formatting, which Illustrator wants to left justify (same problem when opening an AutoCAD file in Illustrator).  You can also have trouble with missing fonts like Helvetica, which isn't a default system font because it is licensed and expensive.  Illustrator will swap the missing font out with a substitute so it can edit the text.  (Acrobat will do the same thing if you try to edit a font that isn't loaded in your system).
    A workaround to maintain exact registration if I just want to mark up a PDF file (rather than changing the text) is to "Place" the PDF file in Illustrator.  When Placed, the file behaves like an object the isn't editable in Illustrator (you can edit a Placed object from Illustrator, but Illustrator will use the authoring application to do the edits, in this case, Acrobat).  I you are interested doing the same thing,... when I use Illustrator to mark up another file like PSD, JPG or PDF, I initially open the file in Illustrator to capture the dimensions, and then delete everything, and then "Place" the file back into Illustrator.  You can optionally link or embed the Placed object.  After Placing, I use the transform tool to move the Placed Object's upper left corner to 0,0 (XY Coordinates) to acquire registration, lock the layer, and do my markups on separate layers.
    This procedure is a bit clunky and requires multiple construction files but Illustrator's vector tools are much better than the most of the markup tools (but not all) in Photoshop or Acrobat.  A Photoshop file will link to Illustrator, and you can export it back to Photoshop, but the Illustrator construction file will not be "linked" into Photoshop, so if you need to make changes with Illustrator you have a couple of options.  You can open the Illustrator smart object from Photoshop (Photoshop will launch Illustrator to do the edits), or you can delete the smart object and work on the Illustrator construction file directly and re-import.
    Since you can't select the text of a Placed PDF file object in Illustrator to highlight text, I'd like to do some of the text highlighting in the linked Acrobat file upstream of Illustrator.  I should be able to bounce back and forth with both files open, the Illustrator construction file and the linked PDF file.  Problem is that when I add a highlight to the PDF file, it does not show up in the Illustrator placed object that is linked to the PDF file.
    So back to my original question.  Does anybody know why PDF text highlights do not show up in Illustrator when the PDF file is placed as an object in Illustrator?  Is there a workaround to force the PDF text highlights to display in Illustrator?
    FYI, I working on a business presentation and need to mark up a few pages of IRS publication 463, which is a 58 page PDF document with a bunch of "destination" links (10 to 20 links per page).  I can extract a page, do my markup edits, and then "replace" the page back into the original Acrobat file and all the links and bookmarks will still work, but registration is critical.
    I'm using CS6
    Thanks in advance for your insight.

    Mylenium, Thank you for your on-point explanation of why the markups don't import into Illustrator.  Based on your input, I did some digging and discovered:
    I can export the Acrobat "Comments" (text highlights, but not markups?) to a FDF file
    and then optionally re-import them to another PDF, including a blank document (with the same dimensions to maintain registration) or the final output file.  I can then open the PDF (that contains the comments only) using Photoshop and save as a PSD file.  Photoshop captures the text highlight color graphic without the white background or text so I am able to achieve transparency.  I can then "Place" the Photoshop file as an object on its own layer in the Illustrator construction file as either an embed object or a linked object, but I tend to link for a number of workflow reasons.
    Quite clunky, but it seems to maintain exact registration (although for some reason, whenever I place an object in either Illustrator or Photoshop I need to move (transform) the object corner to 0,0 because it is typically off by a pixel or 2).  Not sure if there is a way to also export PDF "Markups", but my objective was to use Acrobat's highlighting tools combined with Illustrator's vector graphic tools for markups, so even if I can only export the Acrobat text highlights and not the "Markups", I can still achieve my objective.
    From a work flow perspective, I may optionally choose to use the text highlights only as a reference in the Illustrator construction file and turn them off when saving back to PDF.  I would then import the text highlights (FDF file) into the final PDF so they are actual Acrobat highlights rather than raster objects, but I do have the option.
    I have also noted that I can print an Acrobat file to PDF to capture the text highlights, but that method introduces problems with registration and transparency (the white paper background).  I'll often print my final output to PDF rather than saving to achieve a small flat file that will render consistently on different computers, but in this case registration is important so it is better to save to PDF and live with the larger files size.
    Why all the fuss?  Acrobat is good at highlighting text and Illustrator is good at drawing stuff like curvy paths with variable strokes.  Illustrator also has layers and stacking order control.  (Acrobat has clunky wannabe layers that are good for limited stuff like multiple versions, but not much help with graphic composition or stacking order).  I need workflows that can merge tools from multiple programs (Acrobat, Photoshop, Illustrator, Autocad, and Solidworks).  I could do my vector markups in Illustrator, then save to PDF and do the highlights in the final Acrobat file, but if I need to change the vector graphics later I would lose the highlights.  Doing the highlights in a separate PDF file and then exporting to a FDF file lets me make changes in Illustrator without having to recreate the highlights from scratch.
    Thank you for your assistance.  If you have any additional suggestions I am always striving to improve my workflows.  btw, I've experimented with some of the 3rd party PDF editor's, but not the expensive ones (less than a few hundred dollars).  Most of them do a few things better than Acrobat, but they all have their shortcomings and I'm leery of investing my time in applications that might be obsolete in few years.  Perhaps this discussion is better suited to the Acrobat Forum, but I do a lot of PDF editing with Illustrator despite its limitations.

  • Reading and printing the pdf file in  abap reports.

    Hello friends .
    how to read  pdf file and print the contents of the  pdf file in abap reports.?
    Edited by: Shivanand Kalagi on Jan 11, 2008 12:47 PM

    HI Brad Bohn,
      Issue is not only with the file damaged.
      My requirement is to place the PDF file in FTP folder using FTP_COMMAND, FTP_R3_TO_SERVER Function Modules.
      I'm placing the PDF sucessfully in FTP Folder. When i try to open it's showing the  "File cannot be opened because it's damaged....".
    I'm not sure whether i'm placing the PDF file in correct way.

  • Need to place a PDF on Disk

    I am developing a Media kit on DVD. I thought I could place a PDF file that our clients could transfer (copy) and/or view.

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  • How can I import a pdf file into numbers so it will open with a click

    How can I import a pdf file into a spreadsheet so that it will open with a click?

    You can link to a webpage or an email in Numbers-- that's it.
    The best way I found to do this is to enable websharing on your machine (see this article if you are running 10.8:
    You can then place your pdf files in the folder /Users/<your user name>/Sites/<somefolder>
    Then link to this using the url  "<your machine name>.local/~<your user name>/<somefolder>/<pdf Name>
    My machines name is "Proton" (you can get this from the System Preferences > Sharing pane)
    My user name is "wayne"
    so I stored a pdf file (DM00027543.pdf) in the folder "/User/wayne/Sites/PDFTest"
    and stored the URL "http://proton.local/~wayne/PDFTest/DM00027543.pdf" in the "URL" field of the Hyperlink inspector

Maybe you are looking for

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