Placed PDF missing text after re-exporting to PDF

I'm using OSX 10.6 with InDesign CS3 504.
When I place PDFs into an InDesign file, and then PDF that InDesign file, some of the PDFs are missing text.  All text boxes have been made from the same original text box, just modified for content, and shape very slightly.
The text that is missing is most often white, where it's being used over the top of black frames.  There is one instance of black text over a white frame missing.
I've tried exporting to .inx, and then re-pdfing.  I've also tried copying text boxes that are 'working' and changing the content, but still the same text boxes are missing their text.
Any help much appreciated.  Thanks.
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i already tried exporting to .inx about 3 hours ago.  unfortunately i'm very pressed for time with a meeting in about 1 hour, so i've recreated the problem text boxes.  luckily there were only about 10 of them and it only took 10 mins.
before that i tried to isolate the problem element, but couldn't find one.  every time i removed something, i still got the problem.  the only time i didn't get the problem was when i had just the text boxes on their own, with none of the other essential page elements.
thanks for your help, though.

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    I have a document, designed through Adobe pagemaker 70, which I would like converted to PDF. Within Adobe PageMaker 70 I performed a File-->Export-->Adobe PDF, kept all the default options and managed to generate a PDF version of the *.PMD document. However, some of the text in the PDF document is missing. I searched on the internet and discovered one can do Document-->Examine Document within Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro to display any hidden text. Doing this I was able to see the missing text.
    There is an image in the source Pagemaker document, but the image is not square but cropped along it's outside edge and the text flows around the edge (hope that makes sense).  What's puzzling is that in Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro the generate PDF has the image displayed in a box and some (not all) the text behind this box is shown as hidden, where as in the source document all text flowing around the image is visible.
    Can anyone please help with this problem and tell me how I can get the hidden text in my PDF document to display so it's visible in an Acrobat Reader or when printed?... I am still a bit of a newbie with both Pagemaker and Acrobat so your help would be much appreciated.
    Thanks in advance.
    PS: I have not uploaded the file but do not mind doing so if some one is able to help and requests either the source PMD file or the generated PDF file

    The "question mark" displayed may be refereed to the missing font.
    Are you trying to convert a public web page? if yes then please share a link so that i can also test it.

  • Missing text after pdf export.

    I am having problems exporting to PDF from Publisher 2007.
    I am using Adobe professional 8, Publisher 2007 on Windows Vista 64.
    The files are created and printed to PDF. When I take a look at the PDF there are blocks of text missing. If I re-export the file again, 9 times out of 10 the text will be missing. Periodically everything will work fine with the same document. In the most recent document I am using Helvetica 55 Roman 12pt. All the body text is identical (at least from what I can tell). This exact same document exports to PDF perfectly on a Windows XP SP2 machine using Adobe Professional 8 and Office 2007.
    As far as I can tell, this only occurs in when exporting from Publisher, which leads me to believe that it is an MS problem but I have been unable to find any information about something Publisher specific.
    Thanks in advance for any help. This is frustrating.

    I spoke too soon.
    I exported (using the adobe add-in) 8 documents. The first 1, 2, 3, 5, and 7 were fine. Numbers 4, 6, and 8 had problems.
    All these documents were created from the same template. I did the first and all subsequent documents were created by duplicating pages and swapping text. The page numbers vary from 5 to 16. There is no apparent connection with page count as several of the larger ones exported perfectly.
    I don't know if this information is relevant at all. I am hoping that it gives someone an indication of what might be causing this.
    Thanks again,

  • Missing text after Adobe PDF printing

    I have put together a word 7 document with pictures then on top of the picture I have put a "call out" box with text in. After the PDF has printed and the  review of the document pops up on screen, less than half of the text is shown in the call out box and in some instances the box is blank. Its a report that has to be completed by Tuesday so your assistance would be appreciated

    General Acrobat Problem Steps
    If you are having problems creating a PDF, there are two steps you should do FIRST
    Go to the appropriate vendor web site and apply all updates to the program you are using (several recent messages have concerned problems with MS Office conversion, with the response that different versions of Office have different BUGS that must be fixed by a download from Microsoft - and MS Office products are not the only ones which may, from time to time, need to be updated to work properly)
    Apply all updates IN NUMBER ORDER
    Acrobat Update
    Also, for Office 2007, see if this Microsoft product will work for you 041&displaylang=en

  • Boris Title - Missing Text After Render

    All apologies if this is an ages old bug that everyone worked to fix years ago. I was a daily editor from FCP 1.0 until 2004 or so when a project caused me to walk away from cuts and edits and crashes all together. Like a masochist, I've jumped back in, but without the prior security that came with daily readings of all the proper forums. I've tried to do my due diligence (5 hours here, 2-pop, Cow, etc) but to no avail. So....
    FCP 4.5/OS X 10.4.9
    Previews of text when using Boris Title Crawl to create a crawl look fine, but after rendering, the beginning and end of each text string, no matter how long, are missing.
    So the above sentence would read:
    ext when using Boris Title Crawl to create a crawl look fine, but after rendering, the beginning and end of each text string a
    Scrolls are no problem. Only a problem with crawls.
    Again. Sorry if this has already been settled and I'm just overlooking the thread.
    Dual 1.42 GHz G4   Mac OS X (10.4.9)  

    Welcome (back) to the forum.
    Have you tried...
    Deleting all renders in Render Manager, then re-rendering?
    using the crawl in a different sequence or project?
    trashing preferences?
    I'm unable to duplicate the behavior. Seems to work fine here, with that sentence.
    How are you previewing?
    Do you have improperly set 'Margins' in the 'page' tab of Boris...or any crops set in 'Motion' tab of FCP?
    Post back,
    EDIT - BTW, FCP4.5 works best with OS 10.3.9/QT6.5.2

  • Motion file missing data after MM export

    after finishing a project I exported it using Media Manager. When I reopened the newly created project, I noticed that all Motion clips where missing the video layer.
    I used Motion to blur out some faces and the blur is still there but I'm missing the video track (its just red checker box).
    I fortunately still have the original project to export the clips manually but can someone tell me what I should have done differently, please?

    Nada don't think. Motion project files with "embedded" video aren't managed by Media Manager.

  • Missing metadata after slideshow export

    I love to show some metadata - like a description - within exportet JPGs. That way they are visible on any device used to present the pictures. As far as I found out this is only possible by doing a slideshow export (watermarks unfortunately can not pull information out of the metadata fields). But all the exported JPGs are missing all metadata, so I can not even sort them automatically later in other software solutions.
    Any idea how I could both show the description field within/under the picture and do not loose all metadata information within the exported files?

    Sorry, I misunderstood.
    Looks like you cannot have both metadata in EXIF and metadata as text overlays on the image, without using a third-party plugin.

  • CS3: Missing Hyperlinks in IDCS3 When exporting to PDF with a placed PDF that has hyperlinks

    Does ID supports exporting hyperlinks from a file that has a placed PDF that already has hyperlinks?
    Cause after exporting all the hyperlinks of the place pdf disappeared.
    thank you

    Importing PDF pages
    Using the Place command, you can specify which pages you want to import from a multipage PDF: You can place a single page, a range of pages, or all pages. Multipage PDF files let designers combine illustrations for a publication into a single file.
    The page range options appear when you select Show Import Options in the Place dialog box. The dialog box includes a preview, so you can view a thumbnail of the pages before you place them. As you place each page, InDesign reloads the graphics icon with the next page, letting you place the pages one after the next.
    i InDesign doesnt import movies, sound, links, or buttons when you place a PDF file.
    (my italics)

  • PDF has missing text when created from FM 9

    My Software:
    Windows XP Professional Version 2002 SP 3
    FrameMaker 9.0p255
    Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro Version 9.4.1
    When generating a PDF document from FrameMaker, the PDF document has random missing text, including whole paragraphs, sentences and some text in tables. We have several FrameMaker books and they are all having the same issues. These books were fine when we last published updates within the last month and we have not made any changes to fonts.
    When generating a PDF from FrameMaker, we always print the book to a postscript file first following these steps:
    - Go to File > Print Book.
    - Select the Adobe PDF printer.
    - Select the Print to File option and specify a .ps filename.
    - Select the Generate Acrobat Data option.
    - Use Acrobat Distiller to convert the PS file to PDF.
    Note that I also tried File > Save As PDF and got the same results.

    Did you reboot after the hotfix? fwiw, other users on the forum have had difficulty with the hotfix not being installed correctly the first time around.
    once you download the hotfix from MS you have to run the .exe, and then  when it’s finished you have to reboot. Then check the Add or  Remove programs in Control panel, and click the “show updates” button,  then scroll way down to see the hotfixes, to be sure that #952909 is  shown.
    What fonts are you using in your documents? Specific type (PS, TT, OTF) and any other info you have (foundry, etc).
    Do the "gaps" seem to occur when there are font changes in the document, e.g. when words in a sentence are bold or when a paragraph in a different weight (e.g. bold italic) follows, say, a "regular" text weight paragraph? As another test, can you highlight a segment of good+bad+good text in the PDF, do Control+c to copy it to the clipboard, then Control+v to paste it into a different file (Word, text editor, even another new FM document).  Do the words of the "missing" text segments show up?
    edit: the hotfix download process is a bit confusing; if I remember correctly it has to be requested, then MS sends a link to the download webpage, then the downloaded .exe has to be run.

  • After I exported a PDF to a Word doc and downloaded it, I can't get the pointer tool to work.

    After I exported a PDF to a Word doc and downloaded it, I can't get the pointer tool to work. When I click on the document text, the only tool is the "move" tool. I can't edit or select text. Please advise.

    Version of Adobe: Adobe ExportPDF (not Pro)
    Operating system:  Windows 8.1
    Steps I am taking: When the PDF file is selected and opened, I clicked on Tools menu on right side of the screen; then I clicked on Select PDF file; then under Convert To, I selected Microsoft Word (*.docx); then I hit the box below that; and clicked Convert. I then see the message that says it is Converting to Export PDF Online. Then I see a link below that, that says Download Converted File. This takes me online to Adobe Acrobat .com, where, I see the command, Export PDF, and see a blue box on the same screen that says Select PDF Files to Export. I click on the thumbnail of the file I want to export. This brings up, online, a screen containing the file I wanted to convert to Word. Then, on the same screen, I click on the icon on the right hand of the screen that says Download. then I click on the box on the bottom the screen that contains the Word document I had wanted to convert. This brings up the Word doc. in Compatibility Mode the latest Word version, which I am unfamiliar with and which has a Picture Tools tab that I cannot escape from and I cannot get any selection tool other that the Move pointer, and I cannot find the Select text pointer to select any text on the page. I don't want this Word version and do not know how to return to the old version of Word that I am familiar with.
    Can you help me, please?
    Theresa Julia Schuer

  • Placed PDF with Layers - can layers be maintained and exported in a new PDF?

    Can a layered PDF placed in InDesign include these layers in the InDesign Layers Panel? I have a layered PDF created in Illustrator CS4. I'm placing it in InDesign CS4 6.0.4 and want to export a PDF with the layers in tact from Illy. I use the Show Import Options dialog box and can see all of the layers in the layers tab. I tried both options for update links so that choice seems unimportant. I only see one layer, Layer 1, in the InDesign layers panel after placing the PDF. I was expecting to see all of the layers from the placed PDF. I exported as Acrobat 6 with Create Acrobat Layers checked but the only layer in the exported PDF is Layer 1. I searched and read for quite some time and can’t figure it out. Maybe I’m expecting something that isn’t possible but it sounds like it should be. I tried placing it as a native AI file with the same results. Where am I going wrong?

    Thanks to Bob and Peter. I understand what you said. It seems as though the ability to place a file with layers should allow you to take advantage of it better. This is a map that will allow users to turn on or off various points of interest, hotels, etc. Now I realize I can at least control them from the place dialog box so, other than having to place the same map multiple times I end up with what I wanted. Thanks for the soultions.

  • Randomly Missing Text in PDF Created from FrameMaker

    This problem relates to a structured FM document, but I suspect it might be a general issue and have posted it here in the general forum for that reason.
    I am generating PDFs that are missing text somewhat randomly throughout. I tried searching the forum for solutions, but none of the suggested fixes worked and none of the posts specifically addressed the issue I am experiencing.
    I am working in structured FM. The templates we use were originally created for FM8. We use both FM8 and FM10 in our work group. We are able to duplicate the same problem in both versions and on multiple computers.
    I thought I had narrowed the problem down to certain paragraph formatting, since it only ocurs in three or four paragraph formats (a bullet list, table text, etc.) Garden variety formatting. But in most places in the document, these formats appear perfectly. The strangest occurence is a single intance where the page number is missing from the footer.
    I thought it might be a font issue, as I've had similar issues in the past. I had a missing font warning in the console, but I am pretty sure that this has nothing to do with it, since they are fonts we are not using and all the other text from the same formats appears.
    I tried turning off "Remember Missing Font Names" in preferences. No help.
    I checked that the fonts are in the local directory and appear as embedded subsets in the PDF.
    I also tried checking and unchecking the "Rely on system fonts only; do not use document fonts" option in the PDF output settings. Also no help.
    The randomness of the missing fonts bewilders me and I've exhausted my own troubleshooting abilities. I would be happy to share a source file if anyone thinks they could help me that way.
    Thanks in advance,

    There is a known bug in Windows XP that causes random dropped text in
    PDF. The hotfix is here, though the link does not seem to be working at
    the moment:
    However, the above link directs you to a download link that is here: <

  • After placing a new text box in my document, typing new text, clicking away, then coming back to edit the text, I am unable to get my cursor to reappear within that text box. I can only select the box itself. I cannot select the text. Where is my cursor?

    After placing a new text box in my document, typing new text, clicking away, then coming back to edit the text, I am unable to get my cursor to reappear within that text box. I can only select the box itself. I cannot select the text. Where is my cursor?

    Even simpler than that.
    Clicking once in a text box selects it.
    Clicking once in a selected text box places the insertion point in the box.
    The clicks do not need to be close enough in time to be read as a double click.
    The same behaviour applies to table cells in Pages and in Numbers.

  • Missing text in PDF when I use Acrobat 9.2 and FM 9

    I was able to PDF ok from FM9 using Acrobat 6, but when I upgraded to Acrobat 9.2,
    I'm getting some missing text in the PDF. Some non-bold text is missing. The number
    for Chapter 3 is missing in the TOC. Any suggestions?

    I was able to PDF ok from FM9 using Acrobat 6, ...
    What font name, format (TTF, PFB/PFM, OTF?) and vintage?
    Did you upgrade the fonts when upgrading the apps?
    Any chance you have multiple copies of the same typeface name installed? Historically, having both the TTF and PFM (Type 1) of the same name installed could have undesired results.
    ... but when I upgraded to Acrobat 9.2, I'm getting some missing text in the PDF. Some non-bold text is missing.
    What is "some text"? Some entire typefaces (all text thereof), or just some characters of a typeface, like, say, the ligatures in Helvetica.
    The number for Chapter 3 is missing in the TOC.
    What font is Frame looking for?
    Also, are you embedding the fonts during PDF creation?

  • Using Create PDF from Web Page; Resulting PDF is missing text

    Trying to create pdf's from various web pages.  Generally process works very well but some pages have missing text and bad formatting.   Specifically;
    When I create the PDF; I am missing the text under "directions" and the description is truncated and forced to the far right.  
    Seems like I am missing a formatting or font setting but I have adjusted everything I can think of and have had no luck.  
    Running Acrobat Pro XI.  
    Anybody have any thoughts?  

    yes; looking at the source; seems that <table> is being captured correctly but the part that is missing is a <div>.    I'm not an expert at deciphering the page source but seems like that is the problem.
    Is there a work around? 
    when I print via the firefox plugin it prints fine.  but i ultimately want to capture several layers on the site if I can get the formatting resolved. 

Maybe you are looking for

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    Hi All. I have one InfoObject called  performance has one compounding business area. when i am taking performance org in my query it in query display it is also displaying its compounding value.user don't like to see the compounding  value. ho

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    Hi Experts: I have customized the correspondence so that any time a transaction is settle it prints a documents or send an email. In this case the documents has payments details and the structure of the transaction. But if the transaction has a decre

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    I need to add Gotham font or fonts to my computer but cant find it anywhere., adobe, doesnt seem to have it. My friend made some logos for me, my entire website is writen with this logo, so I need to find it. Any other places to purchase