Placing photoshop eps's into Illustrator - file size

I used to place very large/high res photoshop eps files into Illustrator (as low res proxy) and it would allow my Illustrator file size to stay very small, however, once I switched to CS5 I noticed the way I was saving the eps's wouldn't show up in Illustrator, it would show as an empty box until I resaved the eps with tiff preview and jpg encoding.  But this makes my Illustrator file huge which is not what I want.  Does anyone that creates large scale graphics know what I'm talking about?  Thanks

feddersfollies wrote:
This setup has been working for years…
Does that mean that you don't even plan to update Photoshop CS to CS6 13.0,6?  That would be a grave mistake.  There were many substantial bug fixes along the way. 
Updating to CS 13.0.6 is completely, totally free.  No expense at all.
If your issue appeared "suddenly", delete and recreate your Photoshop and your Illustrator's preferences.
But update to 13.0.6 ASAP.  There's absolutely no excuse and no valid reason for staying with known buggy versions.  That's just plain nonsense.
If you insist on staying with your "setup" for the reason you state, please don't bother addressing any replies to me.

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    I'm trying to create a beading pattern on Illustrator but in creating a "sequin" brush with a rasterised jpeg graphic, I have created what appears to be a "monster-sized" file which cannot now be edited, even to change the view. I have tried saving the file without pdf, compression on and even saved as CS3 format but still cannot now edit it at all. I think I have a CS5 suite to upgrade but don't want to lose my previous files or bother to upgrade if the problem of file size will still be there after the upgrade. Any clues? Thanks

    Mac running OSX
    Background image "placed" into new document
    Brush created with an image file of a sequin to make texture layers in order to create a beading pattern.
    Don't know how to answer your last comment, only in terms of what I want it to do, which is to create an editable file that the layers can be changed, textures altered or added to the basic image background.
    Shane Davis
    [email protected]

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    I am having problems when placing a deep etched image file into Illustrator CS2 from Photoshop CS2. When I place the file into Illustrator, it is not recognising the working path on the file, and is just coming in with a transparent rectangular background. This is a problem because I then have to place this Illustrator file into Framemaker, and when I print tiny dots are appearing around the image file (which I think is the background of the image that has been deep etched out). If anyone could help I would be very grateful. Thank you

    Did you reinstall after upgrading to Yosemite?
    In any case, you should update to 16.0.5.

  • Illustrator files size and instances of the same embedded image

    My question is, isn’t Illustrator supposed to use and save just one instance of an embedded image regardless of how many times it i used in an document?
    A senario: If I import and embed an image and I save the document I get a pretty small files size. But when I copy this image internally in the document, say that I copy the image 10 times, I get ten times the file size. Is it supposed to do that? Why doesn't it just save the image one time?

    Just did a test where I placed 5 images in Illustrator, one file with these images embedded, one with these images as Symbols, and one with these images as links. The winner for the smallest illustrator file is the file with images linked. But this is because you must supply the link with the Illustrator file if you want to actually use it for anything which would fall into the category of having one image used several times in Illustrator and not making the file have the weight of all 5 images.
    A better understanding of these usages in Illustrator can be attained with this link. .html

  • Illustrator file size reduction

    Illustrator 11.0
    Win XP Pro SP2
    Adobe Acrobat 6.0
    Why are ai files so much larger than the pdf's they generate. For example I cut and pasted an excel spreadsheet into Illustrator. No bitmaps or rasterized data.
    ai file is 2.5Mb (acrobat compatible, compression on)
    ai file is 7 Mb (compression off) yikes!
    saved as pdf 2.2Mb
    printed to adobe acrobat 6.0 24kb (maintains vector output with great zoom)
    these are all vector files and there is a 100 to 1 size ratio between them.
    If I take the small pdf and use the edit file command in acrobat and then re save the illustrator to ai file it is still over 2Mb.
    I have a long framemaker document that will have 60 some line drawings and text and I need the ai files to be smaller due to memory considerations.
    What can I do to shrink these ai files.? I don't want any bitmaps or rasterized illustrations in my end product pdf file.

    Interesting results here. All tests conducted with AI 12 (don't have AI 11). All .ai files were saved with compression and no profile embedded. All PDFs were created via 'save as' or Distiller (print to PDF) using Acrobat 7 compatibility and Text and Line Art preset.
    Downloaded [Test1 copy from], opened it in AI 12, stripped unused swatches, styles, brushes, etc. then saved as .ai with no PDF compatibility. Resulting file: 456 KB
    Same as above but saved
    with PDF compatibility. Resulting .ai file: 417 KB (!)
    Same as above but saved as v11 .ai with, then without, PDF compatibility. Resulting .ai files: 1,011 KB
    regardless of PDF compatibility (!)
    As above but saved as v10 .ai without PDF compatibility. Resulting file: 412 KB
    Again v10 but with PDF compatibility: 374 KB (!)
    Saved as PDF with .ai editing preserved: 999 KB
    Saved as PDF without .ai editing preserved: 133 KB
    Distilled PDF (printed to Adobe PDF): 56 KB
    Downloaded Excel file and printed to PDF from Excel. PDF file: 53 KB
    That PDF file then opened in AI 12 and saved as v12 .ai with no PDF compatibility: 282 KB

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    Since raster editing is much more limited in Illustrator, is there a way to link or embed an individual Smart Object from Photoshop into Illustrator? I know there is an option to Place a file into Illustrator. But what if I have a larger Photoshop document with many Smart Objects in it, and just want to copy and paste one of those into Illustrator, but also have it update when I update it in Photoshop. Is this possible?

    Copy and Paste won't have a link to the original file. Only Place can have that.

  • Why is the illustrator file size this big?

    I create a new illustrator document (Illustrator CS5 - v15.1.0), in that document I create a rectangle with the rectangle tool (fill: white; stroke: black); I save the document (.ai-format; create pdf compatible file active). The file size messures 3.2 Mb.
    Why is that? It's just a simple rectangle with 4 points…

    an empty illustrator document, with PDF compatibility: 1.7Mb;
    an empty illustrator document, without PDF compatibility: 3.2Mb;
    an empty illustrator document, without PDF compatibility; embed ICC profiles not activated: 207Kb.
    So I think it might be the ICC profiles that cause these extended File sizes. However… strange that the second test is larger than the first…
    nevertheless thanks!

  • Importing VHS into Imovie - file size question

    The novice is back so bear with me please.
    I'm using the Canopus ADVC-55 to import a 2 hour VHS into imovie so that I can convert it to DVD in iDVD. However, the file size is so massive that its eating up my hard drive. If I get an external hard drive, can I move the imovie project I'm working on to the external drive and will I still be able to use the imovie application even if the actual application is on the main hard drive? I just figure because of file limitations when working with digital files on my hard drive, it might be more practical to get a 200gig external but I want to make sure that I can still use the imovie application from it.

    If you do get an external drive, make sure it's formatted Mac OS Extended or it may not work properly with iMovie.

  • Placing an image exactly into the page size everrytime, can it be done?

    I know a bit about in design however was wondering:
    can I place an image exactly into the page size everrytime so it copies the exact measurements?

    Depends on the version of InDesign. Starting in CS3, if memory serves, you can put a frame on the master page and pre-set the fitting parameters, or assign an object style that includes the fitting options.
    Anything you place into such a frame would honor the fitting options you set.

  • Photoshop for pc opens smaller file sizes

    I just got an iMac and wanted to use Photoshop (from my PC) to edit new photos. I got parallels and opened the photos I imported from my Canon digital rebel to iPhoto. When the file opens in photoshop the size and resolution decreases significantly. How can I get it to open the full-sized image?

    Welcome to the Apple Discussions. Did you get the photos to edit from the Data folder in the iPhoto Library folder? I'm guessing you did. They would be the thumbnail files that iPhoto creates. The full sized files are located in the Originals folder. You do not want to edit the files in there directly with Photoshop without going thru iPhoto. And since PS is on the PC side of your Mac, you will have to do the following: is export the files you want to edit to the desktop and then get them into PS in Parallels.
    For a small fee, Adobe will convert your PC Photoshop license over to a Mac license if you so desired.
    Do you Twango?
    TIP: For insurance against the iPhoto database corruption that many users have experienced I recommend making a backup copy of the Library6.iPhoto database file and keep it current. If problems crop up where iPhoto suddenly can't see any photos or thinks there are no photos in the library, replacing the working Library6.iPhoto file with the backup will often get the library back. By keeping it current I mean backup after each import and/or any serious editing or work on books, slideshows, calendars, cards, etc. That insures that if a problem pops up and you do need to replace the database file, you'll retain all those efforts. It doesn't take long to make the backup and it's good insurance.
    I've written an Automator workflow application (requires Tiger), iPhoto dB File Backup, that will copy the selected Library6.iPhoto file from your iPhoto Library folder to the Pictures folder, replacing any previous version of it. You can download it at Toad's Cellar. Be sure to read the Read Me pdf file.

  • Exporting photoshop cs3 docs into Illustrator cs3

    I used the pen tool to trace around the face of a coin, saved it to a transparent background png. I need to export this file to Illustrator so I can use the 3D effect to rotate it. I tried to export as ai. command and when the doc is opened in Illustator it is blank. I also tried to open the transparent gif from Illustrator itself and the doc has a white background. How can I get a Photoshop doc with a transparent background to open in Illustrator with the transparent background intact?

    You can do it in several ways.  Here are a couple you can try:
    • Save it as a PSD, open it in Illustrator; or
    • Save it as a PSD and Place it in Illustrator; or

  • Photoshop Elements 7,Process Multiple Files , size of destination file wrong

    In Adobe Photoshop Elements 7, I am using the Process Multiple Files tool to change the names (First Box contains: “Rob” + Second Box “1 Digit Serial Number”) of files an add a watermark. The Name & water mark are created correctly.
    The Resize Images Box & File Type Box are not checked.
    No matter what I have tried so far the destination size if the files is about 1/10 the size of the source, for example  5,728 To 506 .
    What am I going wrong?

    Thank You
    Your suggestion let to my solution of the problem.

  • Compressing iMovie Events Into Smaller File Sizes

    I've jut finished uploading 7 years of mini-dv video to iMovie and my hard drive is now full. Is there a way to compress all of the video clips to something like mpeg4 in one-process? Perhaps an external software tool? I've looked at Handbrake, but it does not seem to work on the entire library at requires selection of one clip at a time and i have over 5,000 clips.
    Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated!

    Yarg Cire wrote:
    ... Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated!
    actual offer in the new this weekend: 1 TB harddrive = 69€ ..
    compression = quality loss and just a few codecs are supported by iMovie.
    the data on your drive are a 'clone' of the bits&bytes on your tape - a 100%, lossless backup. think of future use ...-
    keep the 'raw' data, use an additional drive.
    no fuzz, no time-consuming processes.
    and Welcome Yarg Cire to the  iMovie boards ..

  • Where is the Quicklook preview when saving a file as Photoshop EPS in CC2014

    When I save a photoshop image as a PHOTOSHOP EPS it does not add a preview in the file. In CS6 it worked fine. Now the Quicklook preview (in the finder) is gone it makes it very hard to see what you are importing in for example Indesign. The reason why I use EPS for importing in Indesign is: filesize is very small (like JPG) and the preview in Indesign is very lite in size so Indesign runs very smooth. Even when I have a 40 page Indesign doc with over 300 images imported. So why is the preview gone in the EPS????

    It should be adding a preview to the file. When you save the .eps, what options are selecting from the Encoding menu in the EPS Options dialog?
    You said you're saving as eps for the small file sizes, but generally you'll get larger files than if you just save the file as a .psd. If you're looking for speed in InDesign you can set your display performance settings to Fast so that images just use a small low-resolution as a preview.

  • InDesign CS3 "White Box" when printing with linked Photoshop EPS files

    This problem has been covered before, but never really resolved:
    Robert Levine, "InDesign CS3 Erratic White Box Phenomenon with Placed Photoshop EPS files" #1, 1 Apr 2008 11:05 am
    Now, I'm aware that we should no longer be using EPS files. I wholeheartedly agree. But until we can convince the department to change to another format (namely PSD or TIFF) for our vast library of images, I need a workaround.
    It seems that setting the clipping path for each linked image to "Photoshop Clipping Path" resolves this issue. So I tried writing an AppleScript that would find each linked Photoshop EPS and set it's clipping path to "Photoshop clipping path", but it didn't work for me (my expertise with AppleScript is basically nil.)
    Can anyone assist with the creation of this script? Or does anyone have a better suggestion for solving or working around the Photoshop EPS erratic white box printing problem?

    Because they've got zillions of EPS and have no time to resave them all and because it
    b should
    work even if Buko doesn't like EPS...
    (Your vendetta against EPS takes on strange proportions. Were you bitten as a child by a rabid EPS and have sworn to wipe them out? Must be an interesting story behind it ;) )
    Brian, this script seems to do the job with one very important caveat: I see no way of finding out which path is active in the EPS (in case that more than one). So the script simply activates the first in the list.
    tell application "Adobe InDesign CS3"
    set aDoc to active document
    set allLinks to links of aDoc
    repeat with n from 1 to (count allLinks)
      set aLink to item n of allLinks
      if link type of aLink is "EPS" then
       set anEPS to parent of aLink
       tell clipping path of anEPS
        set ePaths to photoshop path names
        if (count ePaths) > 0 then
         set clipping type to photoshop path
         set applied path name to item 1 of ePaths
        end if
       end tell
      end if
    end repeat
    end tell

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