Planejamento de necessidades - MD04

Prezados, bom dia.
Estou com uma situação nova para mim, na tela de planejamento de materiais (MD04) está aparecendo uma necessidade para uma ordem de venda (OrdCli) tipo de necessidade 011 - Necessidade remessas.
Porém não mostra qual a ordem e possivelmente é um erro/ problema pois a necessidade é de 2008.
Já rodei o programa sdrqcr21 mas não corrigiu o problema.
Alguem tem alguma sugestão do que pode estar acontecendo ?

Olá Rodrigo,
Por favor, veja se o grupo MRP está associado no mestre do material.
Transação OVZI é onde o "requirement" é associado (nota 207942).
Você também pode rodar o programa report ZSUMBD_INITIAL_FIND como explicado na nora 907053.
Esper poder ter ajudado,
Ruy Castro

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  • Ajuda - Planejamento de Projeto

    Estou em um cliente e surgiu a seguinte necessidade: Existe um projeto que deve ser feito dentro de 4 meses, e dentro desse período há fases que devem ser cumpridas dentro de um prazo determinado
    - Emitir requisição em até 15 dias
    - Emitir parecer técnico em até 5 dias
    - Emtir cotações em 15 dias
    - Emitir pedido de compra em 10 dias
    Ao se aproximar da data limite de cada item pensamos na possibilidade de ativar o workflow para avisar o responsável que existe X pendências para serem tratatadas.
    Existe dentro do módulo PS ou PP algo que possa ser trabalhado para esse fim?
    Infelizmente não conheço ninguém desse módulo para pedir um help, então se alguém pelo menos puder me nortear, já será de grande ajuda!

    sei que já se faz muito tempo desde quando pediu ajuda, mais, vou tentar.
    O inicio de cada tarefa do projeto pode dar um start em cada Marco do projeto e no próprio marco pode ser definido um workflow para iniciar um processo.

  • Implementing BADI MD_ADD_COL_EZPS for MD04 custom column

    Hi there,
    I'm using BADI MD_ADD_COL_EZPS to display 3 new buttons and three new columns in MD04.
    For each line item that is displayed, the custom column is filled, after the button is hit -This works fine.
    My Question is:
    Is there any way to limit the value that is filled into the new column so that it only appears on the FIRST line item/row?
    (At the moment it is repeated all the way down the page - the new value is a material characteristic, so doesn't change, will always be the same for each line)
    I've looked at all the available structures/tables in the FILL_ADD_COLUMNS method of the BADI, and none seem suitable
    to determine the "first" row. (ie. something like the way SY-TABIX or SY-INDEX might be used)
    Any help appreciated.

    Hi Shubhendu,
    in the method 'ACTIVATE_ADD_COLUMNS', you can set the flag EZ1_MODE to '1' to make the first column visible always. (it's been a while, but I think setting it to '2' makes it visible when the button is pressed.)
    Same applies to EZ2_MODE for second column, EZ3_MODE for third.
    look at the flags/parameters in this method, and also in FILL_ADD_COLUMNS, to fill the data.
    here you need to fill structure EMDEZX_USEX1 (for column 1) etc.
    The code is hit for each record displayed in MD04
    Hopefully this helps you.

  • MD04 release reject problem

    Sir in MD04 when i am converting planned order to production order i am getting following message also release is rejecting :-
    No valuation variant found for valuation area AMBA
    Message no. C6015
    The system could not find a valid valuation variant for valuation area AMBA.
    If the valutaion variant is not assigned to a valuation area, this will have the following effect on the valuation of the goods receipt of the finished product:
    u2022     If the price control indicator in the material master of the finished product is S, it will lead to price differences.
    u2022     If the price control indicator in the material master of the finished product is V, the goods receipt will be regarded as a delivery free of charge.
    Assign a valuation variant to valuation area AMBA in the configuration menu.
    Can u please tell me in which tcode i have to do customization to overcome above error message.
    I online wait.

    You must  check the maintenance of "Valuation variants for order  (Transaction OPK9)", which you can also access via the Customizing path "Production --> Production orders --> Integration --> Define valuation of goods received":it may be that an assignment valuation area - valuation variant is missing."

  • Displaying Material Characteristic data in MD04

    Hi there,
    I have a requirement to display Material Characteristic information in the "Additional Data" tab for a given material in transaction MD04. (Screen 100 of Function Group M61K in se80)
    What is the best approach to doing this? Can this be configured (without programming), or if not, is it possible to use a BADI such as
    MD_ADD_COL_EZPS to achieve this? (from looking in forum, this appears to be an option)
    Will I need to modify the screen? - hoping to achieve this without modification...
    Any responses are appreciated.

    Explore the methods ACTIVATE_ADD_COLUMNS and FILL_ADD_COLUMNS of this BADI.
    Example: This code adds a button on tool bar of MD04 and when clicked populates delivery column
      button1_ez = "DELIVERY".
      ez1_mode = '2'.
    Populate the column
      DATA: lv_column1    TYPE mdez-usex1,
            lv_ebeln      TYPE ekbe-ebeln,
            lv_ebelp      TYPE ekbe-ebelp.
    Get Delivery Doc# for corresponding PO/STO
      lv_ebeln = ie3mdpslx-delnr.
      lv_ebelp = ie3mdpslx-delps.
      SELECT SINGLE belnr
             FROM ekbe
             INTO lv_column1
             WHERE ebeln = ie3mdpslx-delnr
             AND   ebelp = ie3mdpslx-delps.
      IF sy-subrc EQ 0.
        MOVE lv_column1 TO emdezx_usex1.

  • Adding Button in TCODE MD04/MD06

    Hi All,
    Requirement is to create a new button in TCODE MD04/MD06(already searched SDN on this).
    Button should be next to Vendor and Customer buttons provided on this screen (not in Toolbar) with custom fuctionality.
    I am able to achive the same on tool bar by using BADI MD_ADD_COL_EZPS.
    As per analysis till now , It is screen 750 and subscreen 710. 3 extra buttons are avaliable on 750 screen for this.
    These buttons are not coming in LOOP At Screen , and hence I cannot change their attributes.
    Please throw some light on this and help to resolve the same.

    Hello Priya
    Hope you have selected the correct print format in Layout column in Category -VA -of your appraisal template.

  • Stock Requirement List - MD04 - adding columns in this list

    Dear All,
    I am working on the Stock Requirement list ( transactioncode MD04) and the customer wants to add columns with the fields STPO-DATUV ,date of change of a drawing, and the drawing number with revision level STPO-YY_DZEINR.
    There is a badi MD_ADD_COL_EZPS which provides in adding columns, but according the structures MDPSX , MDEZX and MDSUX there are no fields in thoser structures, which directly match with the required fields; somebody has a clue to help me out and get it working.
    For instance: Vendor- and Customer data  can be added by using the pushbuttons and those fields are available from above mentioned structures.
    Thanks in advance and kindest regards,

    Hi Utpal Mishra
    You guessed correctly. I missed to inform our Strategy. We are using Strategy group  11  Make-to-stock prod./gross reqmts plnning.
    User is not able to do PGI or create delivery. He says I have enough stock in MMBE but why system is not allowing.
    Here there are some pending document like -
    1. Pending sales order
    2. Pending deliveries (picking not done)
    2. Delivery created & Picking Done but PGI not done. These things will have a commitment against the stock. But we are interested in getting these document numbers, so that we can take come action against them.
    MD04 simply shows the mrp element as order / delivery but the document number is not available. How to find these documents.
    Please help. Is there any table or a standard transaction ??

  • Hi Experts, how add a column to MD04 via BADI or some other method?

    Hi Experts,
    the recommended BADI is MD_ADDD_COL_EZPS.
    I am working on a requirement about adding a column to MD04(when you input /nMD04 in the system you will see two tabs, one is Individual access and the other is Collective access), for the Individual access you input material and plant and press 'Enter', you will see a alv-like list about the material, I want to add a column next to the current last column(Available qty), so can anyone tell me how to solve this? thank you in advance!
    Kind regards

    Hi ,
    if u want to add a column in table control , you can not do using User exit or badi .
    for this u need developer access key , without developer access key , u can not add.

  • Implementing BADI MD_ADD_COL_EZPS in extending MD04 transaction.

    Hello Experts,
    I have a query in regard to extending MD04 transaction.
    Currently MD04 is enhanced with 3 custom buttons (used buttons are: BUTTON1_EZ, BUTTON2_EZ and BUTTON3_EZ)  being displayed based on which a new column gets displyed in the table control.
    Now when I have to  add a new custom button, I try to use BUTTON1_PS in same implementation of BADI "MD_ADD_COL_EZPS" to display another column in table control.
    The problem here is that it isn't getting displayed on MD04 screen nor can I use it from path in Menu Bar:
    Settings --> User Exit Periods. Here it isn't showing in activated mode.
    Kindly provide your inputs.

    Any inputs would be of great help.

  • Demand is not getting updated in MD04

    Hi Team,
    we are facing strange issue for an particular plant.
    Issue :-In MD04 forecast is not getting reduced after doing PGI.
    For this MTO  scenario when we are creating outbound delivery requirement of quantity is getting generated in MD04 but after doing PGI it is not reducing the forecast however overall stock availability is reduced .
    Reduction of forecast is necessary otherwise in next MRP run, additional demand would be place on the supplying plant.
    Any pointers what could be the reason of forecasting not getting updated.

    this is to inform you that,
    please check STRATEGY group in MRP views in MMR.
    explain your process of how requriment will be passed to MRP.
    please confirm.

  • Planned Independent Requirement Not getting displayed in MD04

       I am assigning material to nwa and doing advance procurement by using procurement type PIR. Reservation is getting created after release of activity but the same is not getting displayed in MD04.
    The items of the reservation are getting displayed in MB23.
    what could be the reason for this?
    B P Singh

    Planned Independent requirements (PI) are normally configured for consumption by 'Dependent' requirements. Hence the PIR would have been replaced by the reservation from 'dependent' requirement. You can test and verify the same in development system.

  • How to get the data from a table which are availble in MD04

    Can you please let me know the tables in which the 'data available in MD04' are stored.
    I would like to have the data pertaining to the customer order/Item with requirements available in MD04.
    Thanks and Regards,

    Probably the easiest way in this case is to run the performance trace (System/Utilities/Performance trace). Start transaction MD04, put on the trace in another window, press enter to see the stock/requirements list, then stop the trace and list the results. Then you'll see which tables were accesses with which queries.

  • Open purchase order in MD04

    Hi Experts
    I have ordered 20 qtys
    GR & IR  for 05 Qtys
    If we run the Tcode MDO4 for material that particular material , the PO is not showing in the MD04 ( i.e for the remaining PO - 15 qtys)
    Its urgent

    Hi Experts
    I have checked
    PO History , PO by Material ( ME2M -WM101- Open GR), It is showing Still to be delivered 15 qtys out of 20 qtys
    PO is not closed by someone
    Any ABAB requirement ?

  • Custom report to get MD04 but for n materials

    Dear All...
    Do you know if already exist a report that show same information than the MD04?
    Is needed to put several material numbers and get the MD04 information to can do sorts, filters, download to excel.
    Is like the MDLD transaction but instead to print it, have the ability to save it in a excel file.
    The Idea is to have a customized report that can be run by 1 or more materials and show like a "photo" on how is MD04 now.
    Have you a case like this?
    How I can create that report?
    Any idea?

    BAPI_MATERIAL_STOCK_REQ_LIST gives you all data of MD04.
    MD_STOCK_REQUIREMENTS_LIST_API is a FM that is called inside BAPI_MATERIAL_STOCK_REQ_LIST and returns only details of a element (when you click magnifying glass icon in MD04).
    You should test both FMs in SE37 transaction providing it a material and a plant(optional), and check what import data you need.
              MATNR                          = p_matnr
              WERKS                          = p_werks
              E_MT61D                        = wa_mt61d
            E_MDKP                         =
            E_CM61M                        =
              E_MDSTA                        = wa_mdsta
            E_ERGBZ                        =
            MDPSX                          =
            MDEZX                          =
            MDSUX                          =
              MATERIAL_PLANT_NOT_FOUND       = 1
              PLANT_NOT_FOUND                = 2
              OTHERS                         = 3.
    This is a little example of the FM call.
    Note that function modules only receive a single material, so in your report you must call the function as many times as materials you have and store return items in internal tables before you display them.

  • Report for md04

    Hi all,
    My requirement is as follows for a small report. When we open transacion md04, give material and plant, and execute the transaction, then click on lense beside any mrp element and click on the pegged documents button in the pop up - (shift + f5), it shows the pegged requirements report.  report - the one with date, requirements, required quantity and requirements quantity.
    I want to create a similar report - where the user would give the material. plant and plant order number and he would get the details similar to that of the pegged requirements. Please suggest if anyone have a report with similar requirements.

    when I run md04 and click the pegged documents, I see the output as below:
    Date       Requirements                                                    Reqmts quantity                 Required quanti                                                                               
    17.06.2008 Order      PL-310800073-10-03 AEIW 3108700073/000300/0001               1  NO             3      
    Now, other details, i would be able to get but this entry - 3108700073/000300/0001    i am not able to find any place, where is stored?    
    Please suggest.

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