Please explain the prcedure to append data from databases

platform : Unixware 7.1.4 & oracle 8i
My immediate need is to append data from one database to another database.
Problem senario;
In x location database is running with name x1 with 800 tables with same structure and application.
in y locatin databse is running with name x1 with 800 tables with same structure and application with location x1.
Now the management want in x1 location for the month of March'09 data will be punched, the database contains 8 years data.
and in x2 location for the month of April 09 onwards data will be punched.
After finishing March'09 at x1 location, the data to be appended in x2 location.
How I will start in x2 location for dataentry & how I wll append data to x2 location.
Now please suggest me how to solve the problem.
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I read what you posted three times and still don't understand what you are asking. What is "punched" for example?
Perhaps you need someone with better English language skills to help you write your question.
It strikes me that a database link might be part of the answer but I must confess I am highly inclined to agree with
the other response you received. For the same of your personal skills and your employer you need to upgrade to a
version of the product supported during the current millennium.

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    try to do the transformation directly in the input cube by using CR of type exit, more details :
    hope it helps.

  • Appending data from one table to another

    How to append data from one table t1 to another table t2.
    t1 and t2 have the same structures .
    t2 contains already data so i don't want do delete it and create it as select * from t1.
    If there is a mean to add t1 content without altering t2 content.
    Thanks in advance

    insert into t2
      select * from t1

  • [webdynpro] How to get the data from database and store in Excel sheet

    Hi All-
    I am developing an application in Webdynpro and I need to provide a URL ( link ) which if clicked , need to collect the data from Database ( SQL Server ) and puts in an Excel Sheet corresponding fields and opens the sheet.....
    Please look into this issue and help me out......

    Hi Cris,
    Add-on to wat santosh has pointed to:
    Exporting table data to MS-Excel Sheet(enhanced Web Dynpro Binary Cache)
    (Or) If you have implemented your logic to get Database records below Blog should guide you in opening an excel with ur records.
    Exporting table data to MS-Excel Sheet(enhanced Web Dynpro Binary Cache)

  • Appending data from amultiple internal tables

    Hi Experts,
    I need to append data from more than one internal tables to one internal table. But the internal tables has different structure.
    For example, I have internal tables I_A550 table which has field KNUMH, and I_A573 which has same filed KNUMH. Same way I have 25 tables, and all have KNUMH field.
    Now I have taken an internal table I_AXXX which has only one field KNUMH. I need to transfer data from all those 25 tables to I_AXXX.
    I wrote code as below.
    LOOP AT I_A550
    LOOP AT I_A573.
        MOVE I_A573-KNUMH to I_AXXX-KNUMH.
        APPEND I_AXXX.
    But instead of writing 25 loops, is there any way we can simplify this?
    Thanks in advance.

    Just use field-symbols for your purpose as follows:-
    See the example below
    TYPES: BEGIN OF y_t_final,
           matnr TYPE matnr,
           END OF y_t_final.
    TYPES: y_tt_final TYPE STANDARD TABLE OF y_t_final.
    data : WA_mara type mara,
           wa_mard type mard.
    DATA : it_final TYPE STANDARD TABLE OF y_t_final.
    DATA : wa_final TYPE y_t_final.
    wa_mara-matnr = '1'.
    append wa_mara to itab.
    wa_mard-matnr = '2'.
    append wa_mard to itab1.
    PERFORM f_loop USING  itab
                   CHANGING it_final.
    PERFORM f_loop USING  itab1
                   CHANGING it_final.
    The code inside the perform is as follow:-
    FORM f_loop  USING    p_itab TYPE ANY TABLE
                 CHANGING p_it_final TYPE y_tt_final.
                       <wa>    TYPE ANY,
                       <field> TYPE ANY.
      DATA: l_data TYPE REF TO data.
      ASSIGN p_itab TO <fs>.
      IF <fs> IS ASSIGNED.
        CREATE DATA l_data LIKE LINE OF <fs>.
        ASSIGN l_data->* TO <wa>.
        IF <wa> IS ASSIGNED.
          LOOP AT <fs> INTO <wa>.
            ASSIGN component 'MATNR' of structure <wa> TO <field>.
            IF <field> IS ASSIGNED.
              MOVE <field> TO wa_final-matnr.
              append wa_final to p_it_final.
    I hope you can understand the concept.
    Ankur Parab

  • Please explain the magic! (Question)

    The ActionScript snippet below is from the BlaseDS chat sample app. Can someone please explain the magic that declares the chatMessage property of AsyncMessage.body (IMessage.body?) object? It's not in the docs anywhere so I'm guessing it is not built into AsyncMessage. And it's not defined in any of the sample app source files.
    Coming from a strongly-typed development world, seeing a property that apparently has no declaration and is not explicitly instantiated does not pass the sniff-test.
       import mx.messaging.messages.AsyncMessage;
       import mx.messaging.messages.IMessage;
       private function send():void
        var message:IMessage = new AsyncMessage();
        message.body.chatMessage = msg.text;
        msg.text = "";
       private function messageHandler(message:IMessage):void
        log.text += message.body.chatMessage + "\n";

    Hold your nose, because that is the dynamic "feature" of Actionscript.  Pretty much every class derives from Object ( which is a dictionary of key-value property pairs.  The {"chatMessage", msg.text as Object} pair is created upon assignment.
    I am fairly new to Flex/AS, and while not having to declare types is convenient for quick and dirty coding, I try to avoid it in production code...I have been bitten by refactoring a class and not catching all the places where it was referenced dynamically.  I'm sure there are comprehensive pro and con arguments out there.

  • Pull the data from database.

    Hi EveryBody,
                     I have a requirement in universe if the end user will select the date from (1/8/14 to 10/8/14) then pull the data from the database. but when the end user select the data more than 10 days(e.g 1/8/14 to 15/8/14 etc...) then no need to pull the data from database.
    how will write the filter in the universe?
    how will achieve this? please help me.
    Thank you.

    Hi  ,
    I am assuming you are giving prompt for start date and end date  respectively start_date and end_date.
    please see the below work around. (below is pseudo code)
    1. create one dummy objects as
    case when @prompt(end_date) - @prompt(start_date) <= 10 then = 1 end
    Remember text used in dummy object should be same as you use it for you date prompts
    2. pull this objects in where clause along with your date prompts as
    dummy_object = 1 
    It will work as below :=
    your report will be prompted for start_date and end_date .
    Same values will be passed to dummy objects.
    When dummy object will be executed , it will check for  end_date-start_date <=10 or not.
    If it is less then 10 then query will executed else it will come out as where  clause is not satisfied.
    Hope this answers your question :-).

  • Problem with displaying the data from Database on swf file.

    Hi ,
      I am new to flash.Thanks in Advance Please help me....
    Actually my requirement is my application consists a button(submit_Btn) when we click on the button(submit_Btn), each time it must to database(through servlet) and brings the data from database and places it on the flash swf file.Here my problem is for the first time when we click on the button it goes to database and place the data(which was returned from database) on the swf file.Next  when we click on the button for the second time(or anytime) it is not going  and bringing the new data from database(if some data is modified in database or not),Infact it is showing the old data(the data that was collected from previous ClickListener) only on the swf file and it is also not showing any complile time or run time error.
    my Code looks like this:
    function onCheck2(evnt:MouseEvent):void {
    var xmlLoader:URLLoader = new URLLoader();
        var xmlurl:String = "http://localhost:8888/xmlServlet";
        var xmlrequest:URLRequest = new URLRequest(xmlurl);
    xmlLoader.dataFormat = URLLoaderDataFormat.TEXT;
    xmlLoader.addEventListener(Event.COMPLETE, xmlcompleteHandler);
    function xmlcompleteHandler(event:Event):void {
        var loader:URLLoader = URLLoader(;
            var xmlData:XML = new XML();
            var xmlList:XMLList;
            xmlData = XML(;
            xmlList = xmlData.children();
            for (var i=0; i<xmlList.length(); i++) {
                for (var n=0; n<xmlData.UserHumanap[i].HumanapDot.length(); n++) {
                        var x_coordinate:Number = xmlData.UserHumanap[i].HumanapDot[n][email protected];
                        var y_coordinate:Number = xmlData.UserHumanap[i].HumanapDot[n][email protected];
                        var point2:Point = new Point(x_coordinate,y_coordinate);
                        var circle:Sprite = new Sprite();
              ,point2.y,3);   //Placing the data as dots on the swf file
    Thanks in Advance.......Please Help me..........
    its Urgent..........

    Checkout following line in your code
    var xmlurl:String = "http://localhost:8888/xmlServlet";
    now change it to
    var xmlurl:String = "http://localhost:8888/xmlServlet?random="+String(MAth.random());
    I think you will get the point now

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    Hi All,
    could anyone show me the customizing transaction to copy in a massive manner the G/L Master data from a Company code to another?
    Moderator: Please, search before posting

    Hi Rossi,
    You can do this through transaction code OB_GLACC01. Please check it and let us know if you run into any issues.
    For more information check the following area.
    Warm regards,
    Murukan Arunachalam
    Edited by: Murukan_A on Jan 23, 2012 8:47 PM

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    iPads with 3G or Cellular are NOT used like a mobile phone. They do not make phone calls or send SMS or MMS text messages, They do connect to the data network and can connect to the web.

  • A consent for a new eula, please explain the ramification of these new terms

    4. Your Compliance With This Agreement.
    You acknowledge that your compliance with the terms of this Agreement may require you to provide certain notices to, obtain certain rights from, and impose certain obligations on your Clients and/or users of the websites hosted by the Services. To that end, you agree that each website for which Adobe provides Services on your behalf (including, if you are a Partner, your Clients’ websites) will contain a clear and conspicuous link to a terms of use and a privacy policy that comply with all applicable laws, rules, and regulations.
    5. Partner Obligations.
    (c) You are responsible for your Clients’ compliance with applicable laws in connection with their use of the Services.
    (g) You have or will obtain all rights necessary for you to grant Adobe the licenses granted in Section 16 (“Content”), below.
    16. Content.
    You (if you are a Site Owner) or your End Users (if you are a Partner), and/or each such party’s respective licensors, retain ownership of any information, content and/or materials that they submit in the course of using the Services (“Content”); however, Adobe needs certain rights to Content in order to provide the Services. Accordingly, you hereby grant to Adobe and its service providers and designees a worldwide, non-exclusive, transferable, sublicensable (through multiple tiers), royalty-free, perpetual, irrevocable right and license, without compensation to you: to use, reproduce, distribute, adapt (including without limitation edit, modify, translate, and reformat), create derivative works of, transmit, publicly display and publicly perform such Content, in any media now known or hereafter developed.
    please explain the ramification of these new terms
    Thank you,

    Hi guys,
    Correct as Liam noted there are various topics on these concerns. 
    However if still having issues/concerns I would suggest posting in the original thread below after reviewing Magda's response.
    Kind regards,

  • HT3231 What cables are necessary for the fastest transfer of data from MacBook Pro to MacBook Air

    What cables are necessary for the fastest transfer of data from MacBook Pro to MacBook Air

    As I posted "it is an Unknown", at least to me, what type FW port is on the OPs older Mac.
    HT3231 Re: What cables are necessary for the fastest transfer of data from MacBook Pro to MacBook Air 
    Dec 26, 2013 8:04 PM (in response to OGELTHORPE)
    But the newest Mac notebooks do not have a firewire port.
    So he may need a TB to FW adapter, $29, a FW 400 or 800 cable, $??, and then a FW 400 to 800 cable/port adapter (If the old Mac only has a FW 400 port), $??.
    It is unknown if the old Mac has a FW 400 or 800 port.

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