Please help ASAP! I downloaded an app to change the Windows 10 login screen & now the screen flashes

I downloaded Windows 10 Login Background Changer and now when my laptop starts I can't even get to the login screen. After the Acer screen at startup, it says "Please Wait...." but then the screen just flashes continually. Please help ASAP! Thank you!

I did the exact same thing and had a very similar issue (flashing lock screen and couldn't get past the lock screen). I tried a system restore, resetting my PC, doing a clean install of Win10, and both methods of booting in SafeMode -- none of these methods worked. Called Microsoft several times; Level 1 tech told me to do a USB installation of Win10 (couldn't get my laptop to restart the way the USB installation needed); Level 2 tech told me to do a USB installation of Win8.1 (again did not work because my laptop could not restart properly). Gave up with tech support. The only way i was able to fix this problem was by choosing the "restore PC to factory settings" option. All your files and programs will be lost, but all of mine were already lost anyway after I tried doing a clean install of Win10. My laptop (S7-392) restored to Win8; I updated all my drivers and then made a recovery drive; did a USB installation of Win8.1, updated drivers and made another recovery drive. I have since done a USB installation of Win10 and upgraded my drivers. IF the same issue happens again i'll just end up reverting back to Win8.1 for a while.

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