Please Help - I am looking for an mp3 player that has the following features

Hi, I am looking for an mp3 player that has the following features:
1) Either a 30GB or more HDD, OR a sd OR a micro SD card slot for a 2GB card. (Note, I can buy an adapter so my sd cards fit into a compact flash slot. However, I did look at the Zen Vision M but I didn't see how to delete tracks from?my playlists.)
2) I need to be able to delete tracks in my playlists that I create in Windows Media Player (.wpl or .m3u format).
3) I need to be able to copy these updated playlists back to my pc, either with the usb cable or SD / microSD card.
Which products meet my needs? I li've in California, USA.

Thanks! I did not know that. I have been looking for an mp3 player for a long time & did not realize the one I wanted was right in front of my nose! [ at Walmart]

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  • Looking for a MP3 player for audiobo

    I am looking for an mp3 player that meets these requirements. Creative Labs lists like 50 mp3 plays and no easy way to compare features. So does anyone know if anyone sells anything with these features:?- bookmarking: where I can 'save' a place in a audiobook and go listen to other stuff and come back to where I left off. The 'resume' feature on some devices is not adaquete because it assumes I don't want to listen to anything else. Other devices require me to search through hours of a book to find where I left off. I need something that let's me mark a place and return when I want. - FM feature: because sometimes I want to listen to the radio and not my downloaded music or books!?- flash based: because it's lighter weight, no hard dri've to break (gb flash or upgradable flash card insert is fine)?- removable regular batteries: so that if the batteries go bad, i can get new ones and not ship it off to be opened by someone else?that's it!? is that so hard?!
    Please let me know
    !!! [email protected]????

    portrower8,?Do a search at the top of the page for audiobooks. They have been discussed frequently.?First, you are asking for a flash player, so that limits your choices. For audiobooks that you download from NetLibrary or Overdri've, I would only use one?WITHOUT ?PlaysforSure subscription firmware. That way, the electronic library books?never expire, until you delete them yourself.?I prefer to keep my audiobooks separate from my music. I love the Zen Nano plus GB or the 52MB. These days you can buy the GB for $65-70 from Amazon or Creative. These players can hold four or fi've?audiobooks. Granted they don't have bookmarking as such, but you just?do a pause and?turn it off and the?player starts up where you left off.?Just remember if you buy a bigger flash player with subscription ability for your music, any electronic library audiobook will expire?after 2 days. Are planning on just buying all your audiobooks? Have you checked into the new Zen V and?Zen V plus to use for your music??Best wishes,luvmyrescuedogs

  • Looking for J2ME MP3 Player Code

    I just started writing a J2ME MP3 player application. The MP3 files are stored in the device's flash memory, not streamed through the air. The user interface would be simple and device-independent. I am searching for source code that I can learn from or modify. Is there a J2ME MP3 player open-source code?

    i've got one but i will never give you the code !!!!
    i can help you with your code (errors, debugging,...) and give you some tips to start:
    1- search on google
    2- start coding
    3- test your app and come here when you will have a problem with the Manager.createPlayer.....
    good luck !

  • Looking for an mp3 player for a webpage

    because of apple I'm staying away from flash players for now...
    I 'm lloking for a simple to use mp3 player that's customizable - for example :
    read & display xml playlists
    make the list of viewable songs what we choose - like 10 songs or 20 songs - without scroll bars...
    I'm lookimg at:
    Any opinions are welcome

    Here's what I'm doing:
    Here is the code and it is really simple:
      <audio controls="controls">
      <source src="../path/filename.ogg" type="audio/ogg" />
      <source src="../path/filename.mp3" type="audio/mpeg" />
      Your browser does not support the audio element. <a href="../path/filename.mp3">Right-Click here</a> and choose Save file as&hellip; to download the .MP3 file</audio>
    Works in all browsers. Works in all media players that support mpeg audio. But here's a word of warning:
    Some browsers may not know that the ogg audio is there, so you may need to edit your .htacess file (on Apache) or your filetypes (on Microsoft IIS servers) to include it.
    Here's the change to put into .htaccess. I don't use IIS:
    AddType audio/ogg .oga
    AddType video/ogg .ogv
    AddType application/ogg .ogg
    AddHandler application-ogg .ogg .ogv .oga
    That will enable both ogg video and audio. Without these lines, Firefox may not play your file.
    To make your audio files, please see this link.

  • I'm looking for a music player that can skip forward and backwards a few seconds?

    I'm looking for a music player app that can skip forward and backwards a few seconds?

    MPD rocks, runs here for months without major problems.
    The client side is very flexible, you can choose many players:
    For X, for console, etc..
    MPD supports Icecast also, to create streams.
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  • Hi, I got the iPhone 4s in January and today it's just stopped working? Please help! It looks as if it's off. The power or home buttons don't do anything when pressed and I've tried charging it with no response, it's never been wet or dropped.

    Its not been wet or damaged. The buttons aren't responding and the screen looks off, it had battery life before it stopped working but it won't even take a charge? Please help!!!!

    hey! i had an experience of that...
    just hold the on /off button and the home button for 30 sec... 
    it will make ur phone alive

  • Looking for a MP3 Player with good Bass.

    I have a Nokia N73 Music edition phone. The built in MP3 player gives a decent output, but deep bass sounds are not reproduced properly and the overall sound is not very impressive (not crisp). I tested with two pairs of good Philips and Sony head phones, using a 2.5 mm audio converter (problem is not with the headphones).
    Is there a good Symbian MP3 player with a good equalizer or special signal processing features to produce deeper bass sounds? (Like Sony Ericsson MegaBase)

    Whatever you do to the sound with the processor (or a DSP) will be a compromise if the output stages aren't up to scratch.
    The only things you can do are
    increase the bass level (causes clipping in loud passages - I'm guessing this is what you tried and didn't like)
    compress the bass (bass will be loud enough in quiet passages, but won't be louder in the loud passages - I think this is a bit more processor intensive and complex and doubt there's any software that does it)
    reduce the treble and midrange (you will have to turn the volume up, but if you can that's the best option as it should be lower in distortion). I would try this last idea and see how that does.

  • Looking for a music player with a very specific feature

    I've been looking for this ever since I completely left windows behind, and six months later, it's killing me that I haven't found the right music player.
    Obviously, I used to use foobar2000. The greatest thing about it for was the 'facets' extension which added customizable filter panels. The MOST GREATEST THING about it was that you could combine directory and tag sorting, which means I could sort my REDICULOUSLY HUGE music library by Folder/Folder/Album, which corresponded to Genre/Artist/Album. For various finicky little reasons, sorting it by folder was much more effective than by tags.
    Does anyone know any media player which allows this?

    alex404 wrote:
    Obviously, I used to use foobar2000. The greatest thing about it for was the 'facets' extension which added customizable filter panels. The MOST GREATEST THING about it was that you could combine directory and tag sorting, which means I could sort my REDICULOUSLY HUGE music library by Folder/Folder/Album, which corresponded to Genre/Artist/Album. For various finicky little reasons, sorting it by folder was much more effective than by tags.
    Does anyone know any media player which allows this?
    Hi, I was a foobar2000 user too. It was driving me crazy that I couldn't find a good replacement, but i've found one. It's quodlibet. Unfortunately right now it's not possible to do Folder/Folder/Album in the panels, but QL has a 'filesystem view' for this. Other than that it can do the good stuff:
    - freeform tagging
    - freeform filtering
    It means that you can set whatever tag you want to and then put it in the panels, song list or search bar. It has conditional tags too. For me it was Genre/Style/<albumartist|<albumartist>|<artist>>/Album, but I do not use the panels anymore. I do not have to see my library everytime I play some music. These days I'm using the Album List with the search bar and doing stuff like &(style=goa,#(playcount<1),#(discogs_votes>=50),#(year <= 1998)) makes my day. Replaygain with auto-select between 'track' and 'album' based on current view and play order is a neat feature too. ;-)

  • I need to export my bookmarks to Safari. I can't find the "Organize bookmarks" tab that has the export feature. Help?

    I was trying to export my bookmarks to Safari and the instructions were to: Go to Bookmarks - select "Organize bookmarks" and "export to HTML". I can't find the "Organize bookmarks" tab on my tabs bar.
    This came about because Firefox would not let me access my On Star account (kept getting error messages about a mis-direct).

    Menu changes (wording), "Organize Bookmarks" under the Bookmarks menu has been changed to "Show All Bookmarks -- Ctrl+Shift+B" with the same keyboard shortcut. They didn't like the new wording either and it is expected to be changed in a later version (but no further changes seen yet in betas).
    I always use the keyboard shortcuts anyway.
    Ctrl+B Bookmarks sidebar
    :Ctrl+Shift+B Bookmarks History
    You can make Firefox '''Firefox 5.0''' look like Firefox 3.6.18, see numbered items 1-10 in the following topic [ Fix Firefox 4.0 toolbar user interface, problems (Make Firefox 5.0, or 4.0.1, look like 3.6)]. ''Whether or not you make changes, you should be aware of what has changed and what you have to do to use changed or missing features.''

  • Urgent please help...looking for a scrolling text and ...

    Friends I am really short of time and I have to develop this thing where a data is shown in a scrolling box.Each paragraph inside the box is a link and click on the paragraph opens that link.I want something e like in the website and see the scrolling box in the middle and click on one of the paragraph and u will see what I mean.Please if any of you guys have a HTML code for that then please post it here.
    Please it will be very helpful

    Go to yahoo and do a search on "Java & scroller" or "Applet & scroller" and you'll find a whole bunch.
    Here is one link;
    or if you want the one on the delisys site (personally I think they went overboard with the thing)

  • Lastpass is in a loop looking for an ssl connection that has been disabled

    I first get an error message that some secure communication process didn't clean up properly. Then I got into an endless loop with a message saying that the browser can't contact the website because SSL has been disabled. I didn't do anything to disable SSL. Further this all worked well for several days, was broke yesterday, and has magically cleared up today.

    The link below can help
    note section about restoring when you can't unlock screen.
    iOS: Forgot passcode or device disabled

  • Am I able to easily convert a m4v video file purchased from itunes to a AMV file for a MP3 player that is not an ipod?

    My wife an I each have iphones and ipods, however, my children have some non apple mp3 players.  I've purchased some tv shows via the itunes store that are in the .m4v video format.  The kids mp3 players only supports AMV video files.  Is there a way to easily convert the videos I purchased into the AMV video format so that I can load them onto the kids mp3 players?

    You can do this in iMovie 11.
    Drag your DV clip or clips into a new iMovie project.
    Then use the Share menu:
    In the dialog box choose Export: Sound to AIFF
    You could do the same thing in MPEG Streamclip or Garageband, but using iMovie is the easiest.

  • Searching for xml mp3 player that supports categories

    I have been searching high and low for a configurable (I am
    not a developer) flash xml-driven audio player/jukebox that can
    handle menus.
    For example, category:
    rock --> deftones --> track1..
    ambient --> brian eno --> track1..
    Anyone seen anything like this?

    Thank you guys so much! Sorry, Creative - I'm sure you'll want to delete this thread advertising a competitor's product... but if only you'd put all your great features into one player, then you'd be perfect!
    Last chance, Creative... want my business? All you gotta do is add a simple calendar and contacts feature to the ZenTouch and my money is yours!

  • Looking for a clock radio that has a USB slot for an old iPod shuffle (white).

    Any suggestion?

    Here are a few suggestions.  Just make sure that it's compatible with your model iPod.
    iPod Clock Radio
    If you are unsure of exactly what model and generation you own, see this article.
    Identifying iPod models

  • Does any one know of an MP3 player that works on Phones?

    I'm looking for an MP3 player that works on mobile phones, multi-track player that lists out the songs. I've been using widgets from places like reverb nation, sound cloud, but I can't get them those show up on mobile phones.
    Anyone have any suggestions?

    These are playlist players which use flash.
    To get these to work on iOS devices they need to fallback to HTML5.
    The problem is that HTML5 has not been developed enough and there is no cross browser standard.
    The JW player attempts to overcome this by using two different versions of the player skin - one for HTML5 and the other for flash.
    The one shown on this page uses flash with fallback to HTML5 but I have no idea if it works on the iPhone...
    A test version using HTML5 with fallback to flash works in Safari but not with Chrome or Firefox.

Maybe you are looking for