i cant do anything in my bios on my lenovo g40-70 i need help unlocking advance options in bios,i tried flashing it but something in the system is preventing it from flashing.can you guys relase an update fixing that or relasse an update to enable us chane our video memory on our bios............thankssssssssssssssssssssssssss in ADVANCE!

Welcome to the Lenovo Community !
What BIOS update are you trying to do...... the Lenovo 9ACN29WW release or one that someone created for you over at BIOS-Mods?
Are you getting any error messages in regards to the update failing ?
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  • Advanced Option in Bios

    Hi,I ask you how can I unlock Advanced Option in Bios? Because I need to turn on VT-x and turn off VT-d, of course it is possible in my laptop's hardware.Thanks for your attention. (I have a laptop Hp r217nl with processor i7 5500U)

    Are you looking for anything specific?
    The most advanced options, which are limited on most models, is listed in the screenshot below.
    The advanced options are limited on most newer consumer notebook models. Sorry.
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  • I need to unlock compaq mini cq10 bios password code is CNU027599F, please help

    i need to unlock compaq mini cq10 bios password code is CNU027599F, please help

    Check your other post.
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  • Help i need to unlock my iphone 4s

    hello i need help to unlock my iphone 4s its very important because y came to mexico  to sutudy , my aunt give me her iphone but i cant use in mexico can anyone unlock my iphone its very important because i cant talk with my parents there are living in other state and its so hard talk with them please help me and i cant come back to US at finish my studies help me please 

    Contact global services. http://www.verizonwireless.com/wcms/global/support.html

  • T500 have a big problem please anyone help i need help

    please help meee as  fast as you can
    i have lenovo T500
    i have this error
    your battery can only store 22% of its original  in lenovo battery application
    and on the icon of the charger i have red x and msg say consider replacing your battery
    i use win 7 so please help me is that mean i need anew battery or this problem or what please help me as fast as you can

    Hello mate,
    How old is your battery and how many cycle has it got ?
    Knowledge is of two kinds. We know a subject ourselves, or we know where we can find information on it.
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  • Please I really need help with this video problem.

    Please I need help with this app I am trying to make for an Android cellphone and I've been struggling with this for a couple of months.
    I have a main flash file (video player.fla) that will load external swf files. This is the main screen.When I click the Sets Anteriores button I want to open another swf file called sets.swf.The app is freezing when I click Sets Anteriores button
    Here is the code for this fla file.
    import flash.events.MouseEvent;
    preloaderBar.visible = false;
    var loader:Loader = new Loader();
    btHome.enabled = false;
    var filme : String = "";
    function carregaFilme(filme : String ) :void
      var reqMovie:URLRequest = new URLRequest(filme);
    function comeco(event:Event):void
              preloaderBar.visible = true;
              preloaderBar.barra.scaleX = 0;
    function progresso(e:ProgressEvent):void
              var perc:Number = e.bytesLoaded / e.bytesTotal;
              preloaderBar.percent.text = Math.ceil(perc*100).toString();
              preloaderBar.barra.scaleX =  perc;
    function completo(e:Event):void
              preloaderBar.percent.text = '';
              preloaderBar.visible = false;
    function onSetsClick(Event : MouseEvent) : void
              if (filme != "sets.swf")
                          filme = "sets.swf";
    function onHomeClick(Event : MouseEvent) : void
              if (filme != "home.swf")
                          filme = "home.swf";
    function onHomeDown(Event : MouseEvent) : void
              btHome.y += 1;
    function onHomeUp(Event : MouseEvent) : void
              btHome.y -= 1;
    function onSetsDown(Event : MouseEvent) : void
              btSets.y += 1;
    function onSetsUp(Event : MouseEvent) : void
              btSets.y -= 1;
    function onVivoDown(Event : MouseEvent) : void
              btVivo.y += 1;
    function onVivoUp(Event : MouseEvent) : void
              btVivo.y -= 1;
    Now this is the sets.fla file:
    Here is the code for sets.fla
    import flash.utils.Timer;
    import flash.events.TimerEvent;
    var video:Video;
    var nc:NetConnection;
    var ns:NetStream;
    var t : Timer = new Timer(1000,0);
    var meta:Object = new Object();
    function init(e:Event):void{
    video= new Video(320, 240);
    video.x = 80;
    video.y = 100;
    nc= new NetConnection();
    ns = new NetStream(nc);
    ns.addEventListener(NetStatusEvent.NET_STATUS, onStatusEvent);
    ns.bufferTime = 1;
    ns.client = meta;
    function onStatusEvent(stat:Object):void
    meta.onMetaData = function(meta:Object)
    function timeHandler(event : TimerEvent) : void
      if (ns.bytesLoaded>0&&ns.bytesLoaded == ns.bytesTotal )
    The problem is when I test it on my computer it works but when I upload it to my phone it freezes when I click Sets Anteriores button.
    Please help me with this problem I dont know what else to do.
    thank you

    My first guess is you're simply generating an error. You'll always want to load this on your device in quick debugging over USB so you can see any errors you're generating.
    Outside that, if you plan on accessing anything inside the SWF you should be loading the SWF into the correct context. Relevant sample code:
    var context:LoaderContext = new LoaderContext();
    context.securityDomain = SecurityDomain.currentDomain;
    context.applicationDomain = ApplicationDomain.currentDomain;
    var urlReq:URLRequest = new URLRequest("http://www.[your_domain_here].com/library.swf");
    var ldr:Loader = new Loader();
    ldr.load(urlReq, context);
    More information:
    http://help.adobe.com/en_US/ActionScript/3.0_ProgrammingAS3/WS5b3ccc516d4fbf351e63e3d118a9 b90204-7de0.html
    If you're doing this on iOS you'll need to stripped SWFs if you plan on using any coding (ABC) inside the files. You mentioned iOS so I won't get into that here, but just incase, here's info on stripping external SWFs:
    http://blogs.adobe.com/airodynamics/2013/03/08/external-hosting-of-secondary-swfs-for-air- apps-on-ios/

  • Hi , please i seriously need help on my 4s

    Cos i have tried to download the latest ios using iTunes , icloud , settings and hard resets but still i cannot access my applications
    and when i try to log-in to my  store or iTunes from my phone it ask for the latest version of ios. m
    my phone's version is 6.0.1 (10A523)
    please am tired of the phone i need help..........

    Make a backup to iTunes or iCloud.
    Restore your device to factory settings.
    Update to the newest iOS.
    Restore your backup to your device.
    How to back up - Apple Support - http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1766
    Update your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch - Apple Support - http://support.apple.com/kb/ht4623

  • MSI GS70 Stealth Pro 2PE - unlock hyperthreading option in bios

    hi Svet,
    i need to unlock the hyperthreading options in the bios; could you provide me the details on how to proceed and what information you require.
    thanks in advance

    kudos to svet for his swift responses 
    bios mod up and running. disabled HT, configured some more options to my liking and the notebook feels like a new one 
    a minor query regarding the mod - will the unlocked options remain if I upgrade the bios to a newer version?
    PS: overwhelmed by so many options 


    I logged in to my mid 2012 13" MacBookPro with Latest OSX Mavericks and my dock only appears if i click down on the bottom of my screen (I hide my dock so that it only comes up when I hover over where it would be) and when I do get the dock open if I hover over anything it doesnt give the name of it! After playing with this problem for a while I have concluded that wheneverer I hover over something it doesnt appear available the click on e.g. when I click on file on safari none of the options appear blue and available to click. This also makes it impossible to play video games becaues i have to hold down left click to move.

    Open the Terminal in your Utilities folder. At the prompt paste the following lines separately:
    killall Dock
    killall Finder
    Press RETURN after each line. The Dock will automatically restart itself. See if that helps.
    If it doesn't help then do this:
    Reinstall Lion, Mountain Lion, or Mavericks without erasing drive
    Boot to the Recovery HD:
    Restart the computer and after the chime press and hold down the COMMAND and R keys until the menu screen appears. Alternatively, restart the computer and after the chime press and hold down the OPTION key until the boot manager screen appears. Select the Recovery HD and click on the downward pointing arrow button.
    When the recovery menu appears select Disk Utility. After DU loads select your hard drive entry (mfgr.'s ID and drive size) from the the left side list.  In the DU status area you will see an entry for the S.M.A.R.T. status of the hard drive.  If it does not say "Verified" then the hard drive is failing or failed. (SMART status is not reported on external Firewire or USB drives.) If the drive is "Verified" then select your OS X volume from the list on the left (sub-entry below the drive entry,) click on the First Aid tab, then click on the Repair Disk button. If DU reports any errors that have been fixed, then re-run Repair Disk until no errors are reported. If no errors are reported then click on the Repair Permissions button. When the process is completed, then quit DU and return to the main menu. Select Restart from the Apple menu.
    Reinstall Mountain Lion or Mavericks
    OS X Mavericks- Reinstall OS X
    OS X Mountain Lion- Reinstall OS X
    OS X Lion- Reinstall Mac OS X
         Note: You will need an active Internet connection. I suggest using Ethernet
                     if possible because it is three times faster than wireless.

  • Zen MicroPhoto Problems! PLease,I Really Need Help!!

    hello everybody, i bought a zen microphoto 4GB in June and it worked perfectly until two days ago. I turned it on like i do everyday to listen to music on my way to school. i downloaded the newest version of firmware onto it'sthree days before. when i turned it on, it went into recovery mode. so i went to reboot, and it goes back into recovery mode. i tried about 3 times, then it disabled all the functions. i couldn't control anything. so i took out the battery, and left it until i came home. i come home, put in the battery, turn it on. i plug it in the computer, and the computer does not reconize that its docked and the screen goes white and then it shuts off by itself. then it just freezes, it refuses to turn on. i tell my friend?yesterday at school and he said the hard dri've crashed and now i have a brick the size of a zen microphoto. is this true, or?is something else wrong with it. please someone help if you can. Creative Zen MicroPhoto 4GBfirmware dowloaded 3 days before--ZENMicroPhoto_PCFW_6__30_04.exepurchased- June 0, 2006 with product replacement plan from best buy?Message Edited by barylakamil on -0-20062:23 PM

    If you cannot even reach recovery mode any more you will need to contact customer support. If you are in the USA you get a 3month parts and labour warranty and a year parts warrantyMessage Edited by ts on -0-20060:36 PM

  • Please i really need help with my i phone 4s it wont charge unless its shut down but also...

    So my i phone 4s wont charge unless its turned off but it will charge but it wont read on my laptop usb or any one elses  so no i tunes reset , its just been a hassle i dont have icare and the back glass panel has a thin singular crack and the lock buttons broke so my dad said sprint wont fix it On top of all this my lock button is broken so i can even do a hardware reset , an since this is a hammy down phone i dont know the security code to do the manual reset from the general settings so help please i have alot of stuff to do since im still having schooling and i need it fornot only social interactions but a organizer pleaseeee help me figure out what to do?!?!

    Sadly your iPhone sounds like it's not worth repairing.. I am sorry only a replacement phone will fill the bill...

  • Please help - I need help working with a "curved" scanned image!

    Hello --
    I've been looking here for a while and finally got around to registering because I have a question. I'm sure I have this posted in the wrong place, so don't jump me for that - I'm just not sure WHERE I should post a question / plea for help.
    I have a shape (kind of a wavy 3/4" stripe) that I need to reproduce in photoshop. I was able to take the original and scan it into my computer. Upon scanning, though, the color it no longer solid but actually looks a quite a bit speckled, and the edges of this stripe tend to not be 'crisp" and it need to redfine the edges. I need to repaint the stripe, and it has to remain the same 3/4" diameter all through it's length.
    If anyone can suggest a way that I can take this scanned image and redefine the edges so I'll have a "new" crisp, solid colored stripe, that I can keep the same 3/4" width and then will be able to highlight it and repaint it would be appreciated. I tried highlighting the shape and applying a thick "stroke" around the edge but this just made it worse -- kind of like using a pen on a piece of paper on top of glass -- almost impossible to write or draw smooth! It's for a small model airplane decal, so the edge needs to be sharp and crisp.
    Thanks for any help in advance!

    ¨Hi Henry,
    I'd use the Pen tool and trace around the shape in order to create a Vector Path or a Vector Shape. But, you'd need to study the black art of Bezier curves first.

  • Please help. i need help restoring my ipod.

    i just tried to sync my touch to the computer since i haven't done it for a while and then all a sudden i have to restore my touch. i have done it about 3-4 times now and i even switched usb ports. but that hasn't helped... so now i get that picture where i have to connect it to itunes and i cant get it past restoring it. because i get the error (1604) and it wont let me do anything. PLEASE HELP ME!! i need info off of my touch for my senior classes. and i cant get onto the main screen so i can get into my Note Pad.

    Welcome to the discussions,
    see this article about error 1604 in the "Specific error codes and resolutions" section, check your USB drivers and security software settings. You might have to connect in recovery mode if this does not help. http://support.apple.com/kb/TS1275 and http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1808


    Hey guys,
    I am burning from IDVD, but after burning 2-3 DVDs on Dual Layer DVD's, it KICKS me out of the program. When this happens, I have to go BACK again and start the long burning process of rendering the menus, etc, etc... I don't know what's happening. Is it that the Mac has a problem? Or is this normal to render and burn an hour long DVD? So far, it has taken me the whole afternoon to burn JUST 2 DVD's. Is that normal? Also, is there a way to tell the MAC to burn a certain amount of copies, just like the Adobe Premier gives us that option? I can't seem to find that option anywhere. I have to burn 100 DVD's for Monday... I REALLY need your help.

    If you've already created the disk image file (projectx.img), open disk utility (go 'utilities'>'disk utility').
    If the disk image file doesn't show on the left hand side, drag the .img file there then select it. Hit the burn icon on the top left hand side of the disk utility window, then put in the dvd and choose the burn speed - you get better player compatibility and burn reliability if you burn at a slower speed - e.g 4x.
    I've got 50 to do for Monday and so I feel your pain. The projects I'm burning are about 75 mins long and doing it this way, to burn at 1X takes about 1 hour, 4X takes about 20 mins.
    Like Zak, I've no experience of DL discs so you may want to post and/or search the iDVD forum.


    Hey guys,
    I am burning from IDVD, but after burning 2-3 DVDs on Dual Layer DVD's, it KICKS me out of the program. When this happens, I have to go BACK again and start the long burning process of rendering the menus, etc, etc... I don't know what's happening. Is it that the Mac has a problem? Or is this normal to render and burn an hour long DVD? So far, it has taken me the whole afternoon to burn JUST 2 DVD's. Is that normal? Also, is there a way to tell the MAC to burn a certain amount of copies, just like the Adobe Premier gives us that option? I can't seem to find that option anywhere.
    I've converted the project into disk image on the desktop but once it's as disk image and I try to open it, it displays a window which has several files but when I click on them nothing happens, they don't open. I don't know what why.
    I have to burn 100 DVD's for Monday... I REALLY need your help.

    You need to a make disc image from the file menu within iDVD6 ....can you do that?
    Click Here
    From the disc image you can make as many copies as you wish and you won't have to wait long hours for encoding the entire project all over again.
    Also I need you to tell us how much available hard drive space you currently have on the main HD / startup volume. You need at least 20GB's Do you have this kind of HD space or not?
    iDVD6 will start the whole process all over again each time you quit from the app itself....but it normally offers up the option to keep making additional copies without quitting. Apparently this feature either isn't working properly for you or perhaps you missed this particular dialog box.... I don't know.
    Nevertheless, keep in mind that iDVD6 is an authoring program and wasn't really written as a burn tool. That's not one of it's stronger points. Leave the burning to DVD-R media to either apple's disc utilities or roxio toast where you can also lower the burn speed to 4x or lower.
    Hope this Helps but if not just come on back.

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    I bought a new Core 2 duo mac mini a short while ago. am I entitled to OSX 10.5 also being as the computer is nearly new and didnt come with the new OS?