Please help! iMac iPhoto 'can't be found'?

I'm going to the Genius Bar tonight in order to ask for more help, but if anyone can give any answers now that would be great. My mom recently bought a G-Drive in order to save files from our iMac. She  backed up some files, but then she tried to open up a new program and the iMac went blank. We've got it back running now, but she didn't back up the iTunes or iPhoto files from our computer, both have LOTS of music and photos. Whether we start the computer in Safe Mode or not, the iTunes is still all there (25 GB of it), but when we try to open iPhoto, it says that our library can't be found. It has the option to search for a library, and some miscellaneous pictures are still there (not form iPhoto, though). Is there any way that this can be recovered?

Is the application somewhere? Only you can know that.
You can always reinstall it -
reinstall iPhoto - go to your receipts folder ("Your hard drive" ==> library ==> receipts) and remove any iPhoto receipts and reinstall from the restore disks that came with your computer - do a custom install of bundled software only
For more information  <a href=""> click here for the MacWorld article on reinstalling OS X applications.</a>

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