Please help with basic questions

I hardly ever use flash, as i'm always ending up kicking
stuff out of sheer frustration. Just like with Quark Xpress, in
Flash there seem to be several 'layers' between what my intuition
tells me should work, and the actual execution of the things i want
to achieve. But nevermind, I'm just severely annoyed.
I got 10 buttons, with a graphic as bottomlayer, and a number
(1-10). Isn't it possible to turn the first button into a symbol,
and then make copies where i just have to change the number? For
now it doesn't matter if i copy/paste them or drag them from the
library, when i copy the button and try to change the number in the
copy, then the number in the 'original' changes as well.
Do i really have to 'make' each button from scratch?
This might seem like a very basic question, but i'm really
bangin my head into the wall here. And theres tons og issues like
that in Flash - for me at least - like if i say 'paste in place',
things get pasted some random place on the canvas (anywhere but in
place). If i convert to symbol, the referencepoint (or the point
which it's supposed to rotate around) seems randomly choosen as
well - at least it's never where i told it to be in the appropriate
HELP! :-(

Go to the library and there should be an arrow in the corner
that gives you options. One option is "duplicate symbol." Duplicate
your button and give it a new name, then make the changes.

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  • Please help with slicing question

    I'm new to FW and to slicing. I have tried to get all of the info from tutorials and the help that I could.I'm still confused.I'm trying to produce a multi page website mockup with FW using export to CSS and Images.
    I've submitted two other posts with 0 replies. I guess my questions were too broad? I've done some trial and error and tried testing with a simplified version of the multi page website mockup I'm trying to produce. See the simplified file here:
    The top area would be the header. The lower bar will have some nav tabs. The circle is to be a logo that if clicked on will take the user to the home page.. Below the nav bar is to be two columns with content.
    I have tried different ways of slicing this but cannot get the file to export correctly as CSS and Images. I also can't seem to include the logo as a slice with a link without getting the "overlap" problem. I have been beating myself against this for some time and have not had any success. Any help or advice on where to get help or any reply at all will be most appreciated. Thanks!

    Great, my entire message was wiped out. Here it is again:
    My comments are inline.
    On 2010-10-14, at 2:16 AM, markf12 wrote:
    Jim, thank you for your very helpful reply!
    Honestly I wouldn't even try to directly export this design from FW to a CSS based layout. I think I'd move a lot faster by exporting the graphics from FW and building the design in DW.<<
    This is what I needed to know. Being new to FW I was mistakenly assuming that I could use the Images and CSS to export a clicklable mockup that would also form the html/css basis of the 15 page site I'm designing. I thought that this was possible if only I could figure out how. I expected some pretty involved work in Dreamweaver would be needed. I now understand that for what I'm doing using the HTML and Images is what should be used. Then I develop the site in Dreamweaver using perhaps some images exported from the FW mockup, but not any html or css. Thank you for clearing that up for me! I knew i had some fundamental/core misunderstanding. The export to Images and CSS is only for very simple design.
    JB - It IS possible, but you have to design the site based on certain practices. Overlapping slices is one thing to avoid.
    . If you're new to Fireworks, you really want to keep things simple as  you learn the process. Regardless, a solid knowledge of HTML and CSS is  very important.<<
    Yes I'd like to keep it simple but this is a bit of trial by fire (pun intended) on a project. I have gotten books and other tutorial type stuff on html and css. I would not call my knowledge of it solid as I am new to it. i think I get the gist of it and am determined to become proficient. The only real way to do that is to actually create something/gotta start somewhere so.......
    JB - getting the "gist" isn't enough. If you do not have a solid grounding in HTML and CSS, you will likely run into trouble even IF you successfully export the design, because you will need to to edit and tweak the code once you're in DW. I'd recommend building your first sites "the old fashioned way" first, before trying to automate the process.
    David Hogue has created a great series of CSS export videos on the Fireworks Dev Center. I strongly recommend watching them. Likewise Michel Bozgounov has written an excellent article on setting up a Fireworks document for CSS export:<<
    I had viewed a number of  Dave H's tutorials. I somehow overlooked the ones that you provided a link to. I'm going to watch them straight away. I had read the Article by Michel B. also excellent. I have also read your excellent tutorials and watched your video training. I've gained allot from all of this.
    Thanks again for your help!
    JB - You're very welcome. Good luck.

  • Adding content to a web page [was: Help with basic question (i think)]

    Hi there everyone, first time in this forum.
    Im creating a website for the first time in dreamweaver after using other programmes and have so far created a banner and nav bar across the left hand side. I am unsure on how i am meant to add any content into the actual centre of my page as there is no box there to write in or add pictures and when i create a image or div or table they all just hug the top of my page and refuse to go next to the navigation bar like i need to it! im sure it is simple but i am finding it so much harder to use than any other programme.
    Im trying to do a list of pictures and descriptions for my mums business.
    any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Harry, I have moved your post from the HTML5 Pack forum to the Dreamweaver General Discussion forum, which is the most appropriate place for this sort of question.
    Dreamweaver is a professional web development program that requires at least basic understanding of the underlying web technologies: HTML and CSS. It's not a WYSIWYG program where you can just drag and drop items on a page. To give you a better understand of how Dreamweaver works, it might be a good idea to try the Building Your First Website tutorial here:
    Since you're new to this forum, I also suggest you take a few moments to read How to get help quickly, and browse through the Dreamweaver FAQ.

  • Possible convert to Blackberry from Palm - please help with outlook questions

    I'm debating switching from a Palm Treo 800 (battery life is awful) to Blackberry Curve. I chose the Treo because of active sync with my work exchange server and ability to open Office documents.
    Currently, I sync my outlook mail, tasks & calendar with work, and my contacts & notes with my home computer. So if i follow your instructions for using BIS instead of BES (my employer only provides BES service for a carrier which is not mine ...), will I be able to sync manually with a cable to my work computer for  calendar & tasks and then to my home computer for contacts & notes?
    I have to decide THIS WEEK if I'm going to switch from Palm to Blackberry, so please hurry! The blackberry seems like it's a lot more fun than the Palm, and your support is much more extensive and user-friendly!

    Ok, so if both machines are Outlook based, I would not see a problem,
    You would need  2 DM programs one at work and one at home.
    For work you can specify sync for tasks and calendar, for home sync contacts and notes.
    Both calendars would have to be the Outlook calendar as default.
    You can the have the synced BB and would have the ability to backup on both machines, or better yet, back up on one machine to eliminate confusion. In case of failure, you have a backup of ALL data.
    You wouldn't have to convert anything because Outlook is fully compatible with the Desktop Manager.
    I don't see a problem.
    Click Accept as Solution for posts that have solved your issue(s)!
    Be sure to click Like! for those who have helped you.
    Install BlackBerry Protect it's a free application designed to help find your lost BlackBerry smartphone, and keep the information on it secure.

  • Blackberry Virgin - Please help with these questions

    Hi there
    I have just received my Blackberry 8900 and have a few questions if anyone can help:
    - Is there any way of having a clock display whilst the phone is on "sleep" mode. I use my phone to keep track of time alot so is there anyway of having the clock permanently displayed when phone is not in use?
    - I cant seem to be able to send a contact by SMS which seems a bit strange. Usually with my old phones I have been able to click on the Contact and access a "Send contact  by text" option.
    - The track ball I find a bit uncomfortable to use especially when having to click it, are there other navigation type pads on other phones rather than track ball?
    - I am  not currently connected to internet and wont be until next week when my new billing system starts. Can I use IM without internet access?
    Thats it for starters! Thanks in advance for your help

    Please help me!! Nobody can help you unless you have shown the willingness to learn and are seeking help only where you are stuck.
    My assignment is due in 2 days That doesn't matter to people over here.
    hese are practice questions and not part of the actual assignment so dont hesitate to provide the answer!!Doesnt matter again. what you have posted here is a problem text without any effort on your part to understand it or implement it. That is an assignment to us and we did our Java assignments for our course work long time ago.
    Bottom line - learn Java. If your course is not helping you with that, find a different course.

  • Please help with basic guidance on editing a DVD on my iMac

    I am trying to transfer old VHS tapes of my grandchildren onto DVDs. Currently, I am using a Sony Video Cassette Recorder/DVD Recorder model RDR-VX530 for the dubbing. What I want to know is how to edit a completed DVD (DVD-RW or DVD-R) on my iMac. I have never even tried this and am not sure how to even begin or what is possible.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks.

    Shouldn't this person be able to put it to DVD. Load it, and using iMovie to download the movie? There they can mess around with it, and re-burn it to disk?
    Personally, I use a media converter. I've convert VHS, Laser Disks, and other things like 8 tracks, and cassettes. My media converter is a Sony. You can find them on eBay. Just search Sony Media Converter. I love this unit, and I will never get rid of it. I have had to buy Adapters (For the newer iMac) from time to time but, it's worth it.

  • Hello to all! Please help with the question from China!!!Thanks a lot!

    I am a real beginner on Java studing and I try to learn this all by myself.I had read some books translated from English format.But I dont think they were translated good enough.Sometime the meaning translated from English is totally different from what the Author want to express.So can you help to recommend some good English books for the beginner.I want to get start my studing on these books.Thanks in advance.

    I used Thinking in Java 2 by Horton. I see there's an upcoming edition covering the new version 5 of Java,
    In addition to the above I also bought The Java Programming Language by Gosling and others. It's not a tutorial. Instead it offers much in-depth information on why things are the way the are in Java. I didn't use much at first and found it quite impenetrable, but now I use it all the time especially when answering so called "I have a doubt" questions at this forum. -:) I think any serious Java developer should have a copy but not necessarily when starting out. The Horton tome will keep you busy for a while. And don't forget the on-line tutorials. If find the Swing tutorial especially valuable.

  • I feel pretty dumb, plz help with basic question

    I had some problems with internet not working, cable was no hep. But finally at this point modem is working, internet is working. However router is not. The lites are lite.  AT this point im not sure if cable  company did something to my pc while checking interenet connection. In my list of programs, I dont see a linksys folder, but I cant remember if I had one. Cant find original cd.  My other pc is not working either, sz "scanning".   Any suggestions? Should there be a linksys folder?

    Will the internet work if you connect straight from the modem to PC? If so, then you will have to do one or the other.
    Go into the router and find where you can clone your PC's Mac Address.
    Restart your router
    Try leaving the modem and router off for about 2 hrs. This will clear the Mac Address your ISP have.
    I had to leave my RoadRunner modem off for a day. I turned if off before going to work and turned it back on. Retarted my router. I did not have to clone my PC's Mac address going this route.

  • I'm lost- Please help with subscription question

    I want to subscribe to the 49.99 per month service because I see that I can use Indesign for my books, but will also need Illustrator and possibly Photoshop. Does this subscription give me access to all of these...? The materials I've seen thus far don't mention Illustrator specifically.
    Many thanks in advance for your help!! 

    Yes, you will get access to all of the products you mentioned and some more. Have a look at to know the full list of products you will get.

  • Please help with slideshow problems!

    Am using Photoshop Elements 8 and trying to make a slideshow. Have tried 4 times now and keep ending up with same problem, cannot reopen project to continue edititing.  Won't show up in orginizer and when I find on harddrive and try to open get message " wmv file cannot be opened".  How can I save a
    slideshow inprogress and be able to reopen and continue to edit and make slideshow?  I want to thank anyone who can help me with this in advance as I
    have gotten so frustrated that I want to just scream.

    Thanks for the help, thought I had done so but maybe not.  Anyway will have another go at it, now may I ask another
    question?  I am trying to add audio to slideshow.  I have some music I purchased thru amazon as mp3 files but I get
    message no codec and when I try to add wmv I get same message.  What type of file do I need and how can I add
    multiple songs to one slideshow.   I have one little wmv file that will go in, but it just replicates itself multiple times until
    it fills slide show. 
    Thanks again, sorry to be a bother, but this thing is driving this old man crazy.
    Date: Sun, 26 Dec 2010 20:34:32 -0700
    From: [email protected]
    To: [email protected]
    Subject: Please help with slideshow problems!
    You need to save the slideshow project in order to be able to go back later and make changes or additions to an existing slideshow . The wmv file is a final output format.
    Now you are most probably using only the Output command: that is what makes the wmv file.
    You should also do the Save Project command. (and I make it a practice to do the Save Project command before I do the Output command).
    If you look at the Elements Organizer 8 Help, there is a topic on "Create a slide show".
    -- Very close to the beginning of that topic is a screen shot of the Sldie Show Editor screen,
    -- The bar below the usual menu bar is labeled with a "B" and called the Shortcuts bar.
    -- The 1st entry on that Shortcuts bar is "Save Project"
    It is the Save Project command that saves the information about which photos, audio, etc you placed in that specific slide show so that you can come back again to do subsequent editing.  Save each Project with a unique name.
    After completing the Save Project command, you shoud see an "icon" in the Organizer for that slide show.
    Note:  you must also keep the photo files and audio files which you have used in this slide show: you can't delete them because the project file does NOT contain a copy of the photos, it only has the identification and folder location of the photo and audio files.

  • HT5824 I switched over from an iPhone to a Samsung Galaxy S3 & I haven't been able to receive any text messages from iPhones. Please help with turning my iMessage completely off..

    I switched over from an iPhone to a Samsung Galaxy S3 & I haven't been able to receive any text messages from iPhones. I have no problem sending the text messages but I'm not receivng any from iPhones at all. It has been about a week now that I'm having this problem. I've already tried fixing it myself and I also went into the sprint store, they tried everything as well. My last option was to contact Apple directly. Please help with turning my iMessage completely off so that I can receive my texts.

    If you registered your iPhone with Apple using a support profile, try going to and unregistering it.  Also, try changing the password associated with the Apple ID that you were using for iMessage.

  • How can I sync my iPhone on a different computer without erasing my applications? My iPhone was earlier synced with a PC which I don't use anymore. Please help with proper steps, if any.

    How can I sync my iPhone on a different computer without erasing my applications? My iPhone was earlier synced with a PC which I don't use anymore.
    On the new computer, I am getting a message that my all purchases would be deleted if I sync it with new iTunes library.
    Please help with proper steps, if any.

    Also see... these 2 Links...
    Recovering your iTunes library from your iPod or iOS device
    Syncing to a New Computer...

  • Please help with "You can't open the application NovamediaDiskSupressor because PowerPC applications are no longer supported." I have seen other responses on this but am not a techie and would not know how to start with that solution.

    Please help with the message I am receving on startup ""You can't open the application NovamediaDiskSupressor because PowerPC applications are no longer supported."
    I have read some of the replies in the Apple Support Communities, but as I am no techie, I would have no idea how I would implement that solution.
    Please help with what I need to type, how, where, etc.
    Many thanks
    AppleSueIn HunterCreek

    I am afraid there is no solution.
    PowerPC refers to the processing chip used by Apple before they transferred to Intel chips. They are very different, and applications written only for PPC Macs cannot work on a Mac running Lion.
    You could contact the developers to see if they have an updated version in the pipeline.

  • Hi, please help with the installation of Lightroom 4, I bought a new Mac (Apple) and I want to install a software that I have on the album cd. My new computer does not have the drives. Can I download software from Adobe? Is my license number just to be ab

    Hi, please help with the installation of Lightroom 4, I bought a new Mac (Apple) and I want to install a software that I have on the album cd. My new computer does not have the drives. Can I download software from Adobe? Is my license number just to be able to download the srtony adobe.

    Adobe - Lightroom : For Macintosh

  • [ETL]Could you please help with a problem accessing UML stereotype attributes ?

    Hi all,
    Could you please help with a problem accessing UML stereotype attributes and their values ?
    Here is the description :
    -I created a UML model with Papyrus tool and I applied MARTE profile to this UML model.
    -Then, I applied <<PaStep>> stereotype to an AcceptEventAction ( which is one of the element that I created in this model ), and set the extOpDemand property of the stereotype to 2.7 with Papyrus.
    -Now In the ETL file, I can find the stereotype property of extOpDemand as follows :
    s.attribute.selectOne(a|"extOpDemand") , where s is a variable of type Stereotype.
    -However I can't access the value 2.7 of the extOpDemand attribute of the <<PaStep>> Stereotype. How do I do that ?
    Please help
    Thank you

    Hi Dimitris,
    Thank you , a minimal example is provided now.
    Version of the Epsilon that I am using is : ( Epsilon Core
    Instructions for reproducing the problem :
    1-Run the uml2etl.etl transformation with the supplied launch configuration.
    2-Open lqn.model.
    There are two folders inside MinimalExample folder, the one which is called MinimalExample has 4 files, model.uml , lqn.model, uml2lqn.etl and MinimalExampleTransformation.launch.
    The other folder which is LQN has four files. (.project),LQN.emf,LQN.ecore and untitled.model which is an example model conforming to the LQN metamodel to see how the model looks like.
    Thank you

Maybe you are looking for

  • How to use jndi datasource on Weblogic instead of adding a DB data source

    Hi All, version: I am trying to figure out how in my ADF applications I can use an existing jndi datasource out on our weblogic servers instead of having to bury the Database db source in my adf applications. Like SOA I would like to referen

  • Firmware update reduced features, increased bugs 2...

    Hello, i updated my Nokia 2700c firmware last night in the hopes that it might get rid of some bugs that i found very irritating after the last forced update by the Nokia care (after a problem with the phone, instead of reinstalling the same version

  • HT1353 where can I get an itouch without camera?? Do Apple still have it?

    Hi, I'm from Singapore and I'm trying to buy the older version of itouch (the one without camera). I asked the staff at Apple outlets and they said they no longer sell it at the stores so I'm wondering where to get the older authentic itouch as I bel

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    Every time I try to install updates they get downloaded, installed and asks for restart to continue. After the restart it says: Can't install updates Undoing changes.. I tried googling error: 800F0922 and did everything I could find and still no go.