Pls F1.. problem with NW sneak preview installation

i just downloaded nw dev stu 2.0.7 sneak preview...successfully.
now then..when i did try to install by executing SAPsetup.exe i get this msg
"This application has failed to start because sapfeiut.dll was not found,Re-installing the application may fix this problem."
let me know what do i do.....its urgent that i get started with the portal basics...pls F1 asap.

poste next question to the old thread.

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  • JAVA Install problem with EP Sneak Preview

    I am trying to install the Enteprise Portal Sneak Preview edition from the SDN website.  According to the instructions it asks for me to download the JDK from sun website and use it.  However when I run the SAPINST program, and try to install according to the instructions, the install asks me for the SAP JAVA CD, which I dont have (there is no download for it)  And I can not proceed any further.
    I am stuck on this bump for three days now and want to start working on this tool. 
    Any help is greatly appreciated

    i just popped in as i am also considering the installation of the ep 6.0 sneak preview (i just finished downloading the necessary files).
    i had a look at the quick install. guide, and of course i am facing questions straight away...
    i've got the j2sdk1.4.2_05 (dev.kit) runnning and the j2re1.4.2_05 (runtime environment).
    under requirements the guide says JDK 1.4.2_06 ...
    does it really have to be 1.4.2_06 or is my 05 version sufficient?
    at they've got 07 in the shelf for download...
    higher versions will do, or not?
    I just downloaded j2eesdk-1_4-windows.exe (in case I might need it - but if so, is that the right tool?)
    are there any other pain points, which might appear and where the inst. guide is not clear?
    thanx for your input,
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  • WAS Sneak Preview Installation problem???

    I was successful in installing the WAS sneak preview installation from sdn.but since I had problems in using sdm password for deploying webdynpro I uninstalled the entire setup of sneak preview.
    Again when I tried to install sneal preview,it is stopping at 17th phase of 28 for a long time.The phase is "Load Java Database content".Neither it is giving any error in log file nor moving forward to next step for more than 2 -3 hours.
    Has anybody encountered this problem earlier?
    Useful answers will be suitably rewarded.

    it could very well be that your LOG volume is filled 100%. Please check your (<drive>:\sapdb\data\wrk\<SID>\)knldiag and/or knldiag.err file for LOGFULL messages.
    In order to free up log, you need to make a Log backup. Prior to your first Log backup, you need to have made a Data backup.
    So, if you haven't done any of the above previously, you would need to:
    1. define backupmedia for both Log and Data backups
    2. perform a data backup using the data backupmedium created in step 1
    3. perform a log backup using the log backupmedium created in step 1
    Afterwards, you could also create an Autolog backupmedium and switch on the Autologging feature, it would save the log automatically from filling to that degree.
    All done conveniently using the Database Manager GUI.

  • Problem with SAPSERVER.CMD during installation, nothing happens

    In the process of installing in our test environment but I seem to have problems with the Oracle 9i installation. When i double click the file sapserver.cmd nothing happens.
    I have tried the workaround with renaming "symcjit.dll" and changing parameter JRE_MEMORY_OPTIONS=-nojit -ms16m -mx32m in oraparam.ini file.  Then rerun installation with command "install\win32\setup.exe -J-Dsun.java2d.noddraw=true".
    This time error message "<i>Could not initialize the Java virtual machine. Program will exit!</i>" occurred.
    Can anyone please help me how to fix the problem.  Thanks.

    I am also facing same problem--
    I have got IDES 4.7 CDs..
    I am trying to install Oracle RDBMS 9.2 NT thru first CD... when I am running SAPSERVER.CMD it does nothing except showing wait pointer for few seconds.
    it is actually creating three folders in TEMP folder images, jre, oui
    I have tried running SAPSERVER.CMD from command prompt also but there was no luck.
    When I tried to run SETUP.EXE there was same situation.
    Even i tried to run setup.exe from \NT\I386 directory on command prompt with following command ...
    SETUP.EXE -RESPONSEFILE E:\NT\I386\response\sapserver.rsp
    but nothing could help me out...
    I checked everywhere but could not find and LOG file which could explain me that what went wrong..
    this is an appeal to all are techies.. plz help me..
    I have tried it on two machines:
    1) p4 2.66 512 ram 80+40 gb HDD 2000 server with sp4 and ie6, JRE, .NET framework 2.0
    2) Dual core with 1 gb RAM 300 GB HDD 2003 Server with SP2 JRE, .NET framework 2.0
    There was exactly same situation on both the machines..
    Thank in advance

  • Problem with Quicktime stops Preview in Photoshop? Mac OSX 10.6.8

    There were no warnings about Lion blocking old software when I installed Lion. Because purchasing new software was beyond my budget,
    I had it removed and went back to Leopard 10.6.8.  Now when I'm working in Photoshop and have adjusted an image, a message appears "Because of a problem with Quicktime, a preview can't be built.  Quicktime Player 10 is in the Applications folder, and Quicktime Play 7 is in the Utilities folder.
    Quicktime movies in Support on the Apple site won't play either.  Please advise steps to take or new download.

    The Reset Firefox feature can fix many issues by restoring Firefox to its factory default state while saving your essential information.
    Note: ''This will cause you to lose any Extensions, Open websites, and some Preferences.''
    To Reset Firefox do the following:
    #Go to Firefox > Help > Troubleshooting Information.
    #Click the "Reset Firefox" button.
    #Firefox will close and reset. After Firefox is done, it will show a window with the information that is imported. Click Finish.
    #Firefox will open with all factory defaults applied.
    Further information can be found in the [[Reset Firefox – easily fix most problems]] article.
    Did this fix your problems? Please report back to us!

  • Trying to upgrade to 10.6 so my iPhone could synch...I'm getting this error message "Problem with this Windows (XP) Installer package.  A program required for this install to complete could not be run."  Any ideas?

    I had iTunes but needed to upgrade to 10.6 so my iPhone could synch...I'm getting this error message "Problem with this Windows (XP) Installer package.  A program required for this install to complete could not be run."  Any ideas?

    This has been fixed.  Answer is that I needed to go to "Apple Software Update" and repair it.  (From my Control Panel).

  • Netweaver7.0 Sneak preview installation

    Hi All,
              I am trying to install Netweaver7.0 sneak preview at my local PC. I have met all required configuration for installation. I am getting an error at step 3 , while setting OS User  Passwords.
    1)I have manually created two users
    SAP System > OS User  Passwords
    Default is abcd1234, ie. the master password. If the password does not match you Windows password policy (eg., 10 letters, at least on digit), installation will fail.

    Hi, I can't find the forum we are supposed to use for sneak preview installation support. I'm new here, so maybe it's obvious and I'm just missing it.... Could you help us out and provide a link?
    On edit: Okay never mind, found the link on the download page...for anyone else who is looking, here it is:
    Software Downloads
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  • Problems with WAS 6.40 Installation on Oracle - Phase 11 of 34

    <b>Problems with WAS 6.40 Installation on Oracle (Phase 11 of 34)</b>
    with the installation of the Web Application server 6,40 SR1 on a Oracle server I get in phase 11 of 34 (Create Oracle Database) the following error-message:
    CJS-00084 - SQL statement or script failed. Diagnosis: Error message: ORA-12547: TNS:lost contact.
    error while loading shared library: : cannot open shared object file: No such file or dirctory.
    Best Reagrds,
    Ralf Steffens

    hi Ralf
    i've found one composite note for Oracle <a href="">505630</a>
    hope this solves...
    ORA-12547: TNS:lost contact
    Brbackup, brarchive, brrestore or brconnect may terminate with errors similar to the following:
    BR301E SQL error -12547 at location BrDbConnect-1
    BR301E SQL error -12547 at location dbf_info_get-1
    Sapdba returns the following error, for example:
      SAPDBA: ORACLE error -12547 occurred while checking instance status!
    The R/3 work processes or R3trans return the following error at Connect:
      C  *** ERROR => CONNECT failed with sql error '12547'
    <b>Other terms</b>
    TNS-12547, TNS-00517
    <b>Reason and Prerequisites</b>
    As part of the Net8 Connect, a program such as the R/3 kernel, R3trans, svrmgrl, sqlplus or ODMA establishes a connection to the Oracle database. If the connection terminates due to problems at the server end, it can result in ORA-12547.
    Additional information for the error is often available in sqlnet.log. In many cases, other messages that are not reported by all tools precede ORA-12547. If ORA-12547 occurs when the ODMA accesses the old Oracle-Home during a database upgrade, for example, it may make sense to temporarily restart ORACLE_HOME on the old Oracle-Home for test purposes and then to execute sqlplus or svrmgrl.
    Even if sapdba or the BR tools terminate with an ORA-12547 when calling sqlplus or svrmgrl recursively, you should, for test purposes, call sqlplus or svrmgrl manually with the operating system user that was used.
    Hopefully, a more informative error message will appear in addition to ORA-12547, for example: oracleC11: fatal: relocation error: file
               /oracle/C11/817_64/ symbol ksunsga_:
               referenced symbol not found
    If you find accompanying error messages of this type, start a note search with the corresponding search terms since we are often aware of the problem and a solution may already be available. If you do not find any significant error messages or a suitable note, check the following possible causes for ORA-12547:
    1. UNIX: Incorrectly linked Oracle tools
    2. UNIX: Problems with XPG4 compliance and s-bit
    3. Too many requests to the listener at the same time
    4. HP-UX, Oracle 8.1: Missing OS patch
    5. Use of CRYPTO parameters in sqlnet.ora
    6. AIX: I/O Async is deactivated
    7. Resource problems
    8. The CONNECT_TIMEOUT_LISTENER parameter in listener.ora is too low
    9. Activated Oracle trace
    10. UNIX: Incorrect oracle executable authorization
    11. SOLARIS: LD_LIBRARY_PATH set when you call ODMA
    12. AIX: Problem with post/wait kernel enhancement
    13. UNIX: Problems with the libobk library
    14. SOLARIS: Incorrect search sequence in the path variable
    15. UNIX: Conflicts between 32-bit and 64-bit files
    1. Relink the Oracle software as ora<sid> with
      cd $ORACLE_HOME/rdbms/lib
      make -f install
      relink all
    1. See Note 88884.
    2. If individual work processes terminate with ORA-12547 when you start an R/3 instance, See Note 131561.
    3. See Note 399610.
    4. You can set security parameters that begin with SQLNET.CRYPTO_ in sqlnet.ora as part of the Advanced Security Option. Oracle releases < 8.1.7 cannot process these parameters correctly and result in ORA-12547. In this case, delete these types of parameters from sqlnet.ora.
    5. If I/O is deactivated on AIX Async, the Net8 Connect fails with ORA-12547. In this case, activate I/O Async by using smitty.
    6. Insufficient resources such as available memory on the database server can cause ORA-12547. For more information, see 384839.
    7. In individual cases, it may make sense to increase the CONNECT_TIMEOUT_LISTENER parameter in listener.ora (for example, by 5 seconds, so from 10 to 15). Although a value of 10 seconds should usually be sufficient to establish a connection.
    8. Delete the log files written by the Oracle trace in accordance with Note 92537.
    9. Check to see whether the executable in $ORACLE_HOME/bin has the "rwsr-s--x" authorizations and the ora<sid> owner and correct this if necessary.
    10. If you call ODMA on SOLARIS as part of a database upgrade and if LD_LIBRARY_PATH is set explicitly (on the lib directory of the target release), calling the old Oracle software through ODMA may fail with ORA-12547. If you use the old ORACLE_HOME to list sqlplus or svrmgrl, you get the following error: oracle<sid>: fatal: relocation error:
               file /oracle/<sid>/817_64/ symbol ksunsga_:
               referenced symbol not found
      ORA-12547: TNS:lost contact
                   In this case, permanently delete LD_LIBRARY_PATH from the environment. This does not have any negative effects since the libraries are automatically found in the correct directories as of Oracle 8.1.
                   If problems occur with the post/wait extension on AIX, the following type of errors will be displayed:
      exec(): 0509-036 Cannot load program oracleC11 because of the
      following errors:
              0509-130 Symbol resolution failed for oracle because:
              0509-136   Symbol pw_post (number 2524) is not exported
                          from dependent module /unix.
              0509-136   Symbol pw_wait (number 2525) is not exported
                          from dependent module /unix.
              0509-136   Symbol pw_config (number 2526) is not exported
                          from dependent module /unix.
              0509-192 Examine .loader section symbols with the
                       'dump -Tv' command.
      ORA-12547: TNS:lost contact
    1. If the libobk library was created incorrectly, the following type of errors may occur:
      /oracle/C11/817_64/bin/oracle: /sbin/loader:
        Fatal Error: Cannot map library
      /usr/lib/pa20_64/ Unable to find library
      exec(): 0509-036 Cannot load program oracleC11 because of the
              following errors:
      0509-150   Dependent module /oracle/C11/817_64/lib/libobk.a(shr.o)
                 could not be loaded.
      0509-152   Member shr.o is not found in archive
      ORA-12547: TNS:lost contact
                   Check to see whether libobk exists and, if it is a link, that it points to a valid object. Note 142635 contains more information about this. The libobk link may point to this if a libsbtsh8.* file exists in the Oracle library directory. If you are using a third-party Backint tool, contact the relevant supplier, since libobk often has to point to a backint-specific library.
    1. If an error such as ./svrmgrl: fatal: open failed:
               No such file or directory
      ORA-12547: TNS:lost contact
                   occurs, the PATH has probably been set incorrectly. For more information, see Note 44361.
    1. If an error such as oracle<sid>: fatal: <library> wrong ELF class: ELFCLASS64
      ORA-12547: TNS:lost contact
                  concerning "wrong ELF class" occurs, check whether the <library> mistakenly has a different bit size than the tool that was called. You can determine this using
      file <library>
      file <tool>
                   All the files involved must uniformly be either 32-bit or 64-bit.

  • Problems in working with EP Sneak Preview available for download in SDN

    Hi All,
           I have successfully installed the WAS Sneak Preview and able to run the same. But getting struck while trying to work in conjunction with the EP Sneak Preview downloaded from SDN. Help me out installing/configuring it. Your immediate help is highly appreciated.
    Regards and Thanks,

    Have you tried following this link? installation guide for sap netweaver ep on maxdb,%20Developer%20Edition%20Sneak%20Preview.htm

  • Sneak preview Installation error, file not found

    Hi all,
          I am trying to install sneak preview (SAPNW2004sJavaSP9_Trial) with j2sdk-1_4_2_09 and as specified. The  Installation was success upto a while but when I pass parameters to "secure store settings" it says there is no file in sneakpreview\java\ like that. If somebody have met with a similar problem and could overcome please help. Helping answer rewarded.
    Thanks & Regards,
    Sai Krishna. K

    Hi Konchada,
    Pls tell how you solved this problem...
    I am in need of it... Thanks
    Regards/ Guru

  • Problem: Update Linux sneak preview to sp 17

    I have updated my Netweaver from 04 to sp 17.
    I get the following error from sapinst.
    ERROR 2006-08-07 14:21:33
    CJS-20057  Starting J2EE Engine DVEBMGS00 of SAP system NW4 failed: after 46 seconds the state of the engine changed from "Synchronizing" to "Stopped".
    with "sapstart" I also can not start the dispatcher and sinstance anymore.
    I am running on Suse 9.2
    it seems there ist a problem with the boostrap.
    from bootstrap.log: A file entry with the name "" cannot be found in the configuration "cluster_data/os_libs/nuc/ntintel/32".
    Error from devf_disp:
    on Aug  7 16:19:16 2006
    CCMS: start to initalize 3.X shared alert area (first segment).
    DpJ2eeLogin: j2ee state = CONNECTED
    DpMsgAdmin: Set release to 6400, patchlevel 0
    MBUF component UP
    DpMBufHwIdSet: set Hardware-ID
    ***LOG Q1C=> DpMBufHwIdSet [dpxxmbuf.c   1025]
    DpMsgAdmin: Set patchno for this platform to 15
    Release check o.K.
    Mon Aug  7 16:19:22 2006
    MBUF state ACTIVE
    Mon Aug  7 16:19:23 2006
    DpModState: change server state from STARTING to ACTIVE
    Mon Aug  7 16:19:37 2006
    DpJ2eeMsgProcess: j2ee state = CONNECTED (NIECONN_BROKEN)
    DpIJ2eeShutdown: send SIGINT to SAP J2EE startup framework (pid=23283)
    ERROR => DpProcKill: kill failed (3: No such process) [dpuxdisp.c   599]
    DpIJ2eeShutdown: j2ee state = SHUTDOWN
    Can somenody help me please ?

    sry - I did not see there is a exrta form for sneak preview - pls close this thread and I will post it in the other forum

  • NW2004 Sneak Preview installation

    I am trying to install NW2004-SP16-Sneak-Preview on a 2 GB laptop with {Windows XP-MediaCenter Edition-Version 2002-SP2).
    The installation finished successfully.The database and java instances have started successfully.
    When we try to login like http://localhost:50000/irj, I get an error " 503 service unavailable
    application stopped "
    Details: You have requested an application that is currently stopped".
    Does anyone has a solution to this issue?. is it any thing do to with the Media Center Edition?.
    Any help is greatly appreciated.

    Hi Selvam,
    Is the J2EE home page i.e http://localhost:50000 opening?
    If yes, then probably the irj application might not be
    running. Go to Visual Administrator usr/sap/.../j2ee/admin
    go.bat -> server -> services -> deploy -> applications
    and start the application.

  • Sneak Preview installation

    I'm trying to install "SAP NetWeaver Enterprise Portal on MaxDB - Developer Edition Sneak Preview"  In the final stages of Portal Installation, it is trying to "Start SAP J2EE Engine", But it keeps messages like
    INFO 2005-03-21 17:20:15
    J2EE Engine JC00 of SAP system J2E did not come up after 950 seconds: waiting for another 20 seconds.
    Could anyone please help?

    this should resolve to a problem in the startup framework of the J2EE Engine. So you could check the troubleshooting tips listed in the documentation in order to locate the exact problem: <a href="">The J2EE Engine Does Not Come Up After 800 Seconds</a>.
    Hope that helps!

  • Practicing XI with both sneak preview stacks?

    i have been reading posts regarding possibilities of practicing XI with sneak preview and have learned that it is not included with currently available installations.
    I could have successfully install both ABAP and JAVA stacks and am able to use them as 2 systems installed at one computer. (NSP, J2E).
    I can see that i have access to SLD by Java stack, and some XI related transactions by ABAP stack.
    considering above, my questions are;
    1 - Installing both sneak previews has no any use of practicing XI?
    2 - Is there a separate installation for some other XI related component beside the ones on abap and java stacks?
    3 - any news on an upcoming XI sneak preview?
    Thank you,
    best regards.

    Hi Okan,
    >>>2 - Sneak previews has no any use of practicing XI?
    sorry they don't
    <a href="/people/michal.krawczyk2/blog/2005/06/28/xipi-faq-frequently-asked-questions">XI FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions</a>

  • SAP sneak preview installation error reg MaxDB

    I am trying to install SAP sneak preview for Netweaver.
    I made it till here working through various hurdles ,now I am little lost .The installation is having issues on step 13 of 40
    I looked up the xcmdout log and the last few  lines are below.
    Please let me know of a way to proceed with installation.
    ubprocess starts at 20070222030959
    Execute Command : c:\sapdb\programs\pgm\dbmcli.exe -n shady_valley -d J2E -u CONTROL,******** param_directput MCOD NO
    Execute Session Command : exit
    > Subprocess stops at 20070222031011
    > Subprocess starts at 20070222031011
    Execute Command : c:\sapdb\programs\pgm\dbmcli.exe -n shady_valley -d J2E -u CONTROL,********
    Execute Session Command : param_startsession
    Execute Session Command : param_checkall
    Execute Session Command : param_commitsession
    Execute Session Command : exit
    > Subprocess stops at 20070222031026
    > Subprocess starts at 20070222031027
    Execute Command : c:\sapdb\programs\pgm\dbmcli.exe -n shady_valley -d J2E -u CONTROL,******** param_addvolume 1 DATA C:\sapdb\J2E\sapdata\DISKD0001 F 128000
    Execute Session Command : exit
    > Subprocess stops at 20070222031039
    > Subprocess starts at 20070222031039
    Execute Command : c:\sapdb\programs\pgm\dbmcli.exe -n shady_valley -d J2E -u CONTROL,******** param_addvolume 2 DATA C:\sapdb\J2E\sapdata\DISKD0002 F 128000
    Execute Session Command : exit
    > Subprocess stops at 20070222031051
    > Subprocess starts at 20070222031051
    Execute Command : c:\sapdb\programs\pgm\dbmcli.exe -n shady_valley -d J2E -u CONTROL,******** param_addvolume 1 LOG C:\sapdb\J2E\saplog\DISKL001 F 25600
    Execute Session Command : exit
    > Subprocess stops at 20070222031103
    > Subprocess starts at 20070222031104
    Execute Command : c:\sapdb\programs\pgm\dbmcli.exe -n shady_valley -d J2E -u CONTROL,********
    Execute Session Command : param_startsession
    Execute Session Command : param_checkall
    Execute Session Command : param_commitsession
    Execute Session Command : exit
    > Subprocess stops at 20070222031116
    > Subprocess starts at 20070222031119
    Execute Command : c:\sapdb\programs\pgm\dbmcli.exe -n shady_valley -d J2E -u CONTROL,******** db_start
    Execute Session Command : exit
    > Subprocess stops at 20070222031137
    > Subprocess starts at 20070222031137
    Execute Command : c:\sapdb\programs\pgm\dbmcli.exe -n shady_valley -d J2E -u CONTROL,******** db_state
    Execute Session Command : exit
    > Subprocess stops at 20070222031149
    > Subprocess call failed
    -24961,ERR_STATE: The operational state of the database instance could not be determined
    -24994,ERR_RTE: Runtime environment error

    Hi Shilpa,
    Try incresing your virtual memory settings
    Check out this link
    Max-DB cannot determine current db state (NW2004s install)
    Reward points if useful.

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