Pls help me to track post print event in reports 10g (web layout)

I am displaying a report on the web using WEB.SHOW_DOCUMENT built in after calling it from Forms. I want to update some attribute in the database after the report is printed. Where can i place the update statement.
note:I dont need solution for the reports printed using paper layout.
Thanks in advance.

Mr. Marcos, The problem is After-Report trigger will fire when the report is printed in paper layout. when the same report is printed in web layout the After-Report is not firing. It seem that the update code should be included in the Web-Source tab in Object Navigator but I don't know how to script it.

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    its default bahaviour
    so u can use
    web.show_documnet for running your report
    sformat=[ htmlcss|pdf|xml|delimited|]&destype=cache&userid=<user/[email protected]>&paramfor
    m=[ no|yes]
    and enjoy your life :-)
    kuljeet pal singh

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    Make sure that the client printer is also known on the application server, since that is where the print job is generated.

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    I have created a 132 column arabic report in 10g. While calling the same from form as HTML format, it displays all the labels and values fully. When i direct the same to dot matrix printer, the font size is getting bigger and becoz of this, only 2/3 of the report gets printed in the 132 column paper. 1/3 is getting truncated. This happens only when i directly send the report to printer thru forms in Right to Left format. Urgent help needed.
    Thanks in Advance,

    Welcome to Oracle Forums!
    Please acquaint yourself with the forum FAQ and etiquette if you have not already done so.
    The use of CLIENT_XYZ API requires WEBUTIL to be configured. Have you done that?

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    I’m trying to run a report (web_layout) that load images (blob) from the database but I got the message:
    javax.servlet.jsp.JspException: purge_calls:1446 reason=1 state=5
    I checked the reports server log and the job status is “Terminated with error: <br>REP-56109: Job 14 is terminated due to connection timeout.”
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    Edited by: luhmann on 08/01/2010 04:00

  • Report containing details of Payment released to Vendor -----PLS HELP ME

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    My client asking create new report.
    they gave some fields also.
    But, problem is my abap people asking which table will come data.
    but i didn't have idea which table its take output.
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    <<< Vendor Code >>>
    <<< Vendor Name >>>
    <<< Vendor Address >>>
    <<< Vendor City >>>
    Please find enclosed the details of payments released to you from << from selection date >> to << upto selection date >>
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    Cheque no     Date of Release
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    Vendor Invoice Passed for (MIRO Value)
    PO no.     
    Basic Rate from PO     
    GR No.     
    Material & Description     
    Qty Invoiced (MIRO qty)     
    Qty Received (MIGO qty)
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    select table ADRC:
    sample (join with lfa1)
          SELECT name1 city1 post_code1 street
                 FROM ADRC AS A INNER JOIN LFA1 AS L
                  ON  AADDRNUMBER = LADRNR
                  WHERE L~LIFNR = P_LIFNR
                   AND A~DATE_TO  GE SY-DATUM.
    or use one of the function modules from my 1st post
    plz reward usefule answers
    thanx and regards

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    I have changed different version of JDK including 1.3.1 and 1.4beta, but the problem still exists.
    Is that any special setting need for running interface as I can run the java program in no trouble at all if there is no any interface.
    Another thing when i double click the java plug-in, there is an error message: "Could not found the main class. The Program would exit. ". How come?
    Pls Help and many thx.

    Post you code.

  • PrePrint event scope affects all other print events?

    A PDF requirement is to have one document print in different versions for different recipients -- e.g., court, DA, public defender ..
    They aren't all allowed to see the same data on people in the system, and in one instance, the form must be secured as read only.
    Sure, there are a few different ways to do this, but the workflow chosen was to complete a PDF form, and then intercept the print or email functions to hide and secure pages.
    The people who fill out the form need the entire document.
    My approach was to offer a standard print button from the tool palette. No problem.
    Then I added another print button from the tool palette, and set the pre-print and post-print events to intercept and change the number of pages output (leaving out pp 4-6). Works fine.
    form1.page1.btnPrintLimited::prePrint - (JavaScript, client)
        TextField1.rawValue = "Secure prePrint";
        page4.presence = "hidden";
        page5.presence = "hidden";
        page6.presence = "hidden";
    Then, returning to the standard print button, it seems that now all jobs are rendered with the same pages missing as were defined in the pre-print and post-print events for the OTHER button.
    What gives? I thought that the scope for control events would be limited  to those events themselves.
    I even tried in the pre-print and click events for the standard report to force the visibility of pages suppressed in the events, e.g.,
    form1.page1.btnPrintNormal::click - (JavaScript, client)
        page4.presence = "visible";
        page5.presence = "visible";
        page6.presence = "visible";, "0", ( -1).toString(), 0, 0, 0, 0, 0);
    Is my approach a faulty one? Should I be trying something else?
    I'm using LC Designer ES2.
    Would appreciate any guidance.
    Kind regards,

    Hi Brian,
    There are three classes or groupings of events:
    Process events.
    Interactive events
    Application events
    See a table and example form here: Also have a look at this example, as it shows you how often some process and application events fire:
    Okay, so interactive events like mouseEnter and click are restricted to the object that contains the script.
    However process and application (including prePrint and postPrint) fire for all objects that contain script in those objects.
    I hope the examples clear that up for you.
    I think you might have to consider a role based approach to the form. So for example if you can determine who is looking at the form, then using an if/else statement, print the appropriate pages.
    Good luck,

  • Column constant value pls help

    COL cnt noprint
    COLUMN  cnt NEW_VALUE rowcountI am using this for select query as below
    ROWNUM cnt, COUNT (*) OVER () cntbut issue is when null rows returned.... this rowcount is not initilized.
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    Solomon Yakobson wrote:
    Post EXACT and COMPLETE snippet of SQL*Plus session showing what you did. I can't reproduce it:
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    SQL> SELECT COUNT (*) OVER () cnt
    2    FROM DUAL
    3  /Suppose if cnt gives no record then rowcount is null at that time rowcount is not initiliazed.
    SQL> SELECT '* Trailer record *' || '|' || &rowcount
    3 /
    old 1: SELECT '* Trailer record *' || '|' || &rowcount
    new 1: SELECT '* Trailer record *' || '|' || Missing expression this was my error
    * Trailer record *|1>

  • How to Capture Print Event ??

    Post Author: aarayas
    CA Forum: General
    Hi, I need Capture Print Event(), for report.In the the list to event from  crystal report viewer not have event to print?? sorry for my bat english, i speak spanish; tranks, 

    If there's no error being thrown by this function when you cancel the
    printing, then you can't.
    Edit: Just checked, and there isn't.

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    I am not sure if this is possible. Can you ask this question in the Reports forum here on OTN.

  • Not getting PO printed while using bursting pls help

    Hi All,
    Working on converting PO report to XML. While using bursting to print the pdf file the document is not sent to the printer..
    But in the output file of the "XML Publisher Report Bursting Program" getting success.
    Not sure why report output is not sent to the printer.
    Pls help......
    Edited by: Badsha on Jun 17, 2010 2:19 AM

    Hi...Please check the Burst Control file with the printer & IP details.
    Look for the file below.
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <xapi:requestset xmlns:xapi="">
    <xapi:globalData location="stream">
    </xapi:globalData >
    <xapi:email server="${EMAIL_SERVER}" port="${EMAIL_PORT}"
    reply-to ="${REPL_TO_ADDRESS}">
    <xapi:message id="email1" to="${TO_EMAIL_ADDRESS}" cc="${CC_EMAIL_ADDRESS}"
    attachment="true" content-type="html/text"
    subject="Employee Report for Empno ${EMPNO}">
    Dear ${ENAME}, Please review the attached document.</xapi:message>
    <xapi:filesystem id="file1"
    <xapi:print id="print1" printer="${PRINT_URL}" copies="2"
    orientation-requested="3" />
    <xapi:document key="${EMPNO}"
    output-type="pdf" delivery="email1">
    <xapi:template type="rtf" location="${TEMPLATE_LOC}"
    filter=".//EMPLOYEE[DEL_CHANNEL='EMAIL']" >
    <xapi:document key="${EMPNO}" output-type="pdf" delivery="print1">
    <xapi:template type="rtf" location="${TEMPLATE_LOC}"
    filter=".//EMPLOYEE[DEL_CHANNEL='PRINT']" >
    <xapi:document key="${EMPNO}" output-type="pdf" delivery="file1">
    <xapi:template type="rtf" location="${TEMPLATE_LOC}"
    check the printers setting as required....aslo check what printer you are using for pdf printing...Pasta Printing??

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