PO change not allowed

Dear Experts,
Is there any User/Customer Exit availble for avoiding the PO change, if there please share the same.

Try the User Exit :  EXIT_SAPMM06E_013

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  • Serial Number changes not allowed at Goods receipt level

    Hi Gurus,
    I have created serial number at the time production order creation. But at the time of goods receipt my user change the serial number manually and save the document. My requirement is system should not allow changing the serial number in goods receipt level. 
    Prod. Order:  10001
    Qty: 1
    Serial No: 20100001.
    At the time of goods receipt user change the serial number as 20100003.
    Is it possible to restrict the serial number changes at goods receipt level?
    Thanks in Advance,

    Not in front of the system, but if i remember correctly one of these enhancements has a check on serial numbers,
    1. User exit -> MBCF0002
    Check & revert if it meets your need.

  • Changes not allowed in material type

    hi all
    i have 1 material & for this material is trading good but due to mistake i have created this material with material type FERT.but if i am going to change material type HAWA instead of this material type FERT system not allowed.showing error Purchse order is in process.how can i delete purchase order if already GR & GI happen for some material.what is sort closed.if i do sort closeed can i change material type.please suggest me.

    To dlete PO which is in process for GR and GI has happened.....
    Go to Tcode MIGO........Select Cancellation option....and enter the GR and GI document and save it..It will cancell the document...
    Now go to ME22N and select the line item for that material ...and click on delete button and save,
    Now try to change Material type in Tcode MMAM..

  • Material changes not allowed

    Hello all
    Currently our master data is created and changed in  system  A and ALE'd to  system B. When i go to MM02 i cant change the material in System B as all fields are grayed out.
    Can some one please tell me where the config is so that the users can change these fields.

    Hello Zaid,
    Check out the master data maintainance policy of your organization. As I understood, the master data will be maintained in system A and transferred in system B. The users are not allowed to change the master data in System B.
    Discuss with your basis team if they have setup reverse syncronization (Any changes made in System B should be updated in System A as well), if not then work with them.
    Hope this helps.
    Arif Mansuri

  • Mail changes not allowed

    Why nokia does not allow , mails to be edited?This is for office exchange server mails.(not on gmail,yahoo etc)
    I am unable to edit the conntets of original mail ,when i forward or try to reply to the mails.
    e72 doesnt allow to copy ,cut ,paste or any modify any contents of the original mail to which i try to repsond.strange!

    What software version are you using in the phone?
    You can check this by typing in *#0000# in your phone
    Do you know what version of Microsoft Exchange server you are connecting to?
    (Microsoft Exchange 2003, 2007 or 2010)
    I would suggest that you ask the server admin to create a new test account on the server, and then configure this on your phone. Alternatively put a colleagues e-mail account credentials in your phone and test how the phone acts.
    If it works as it should with a another account it could be problem on your account related to server policies that only the Exchange server admin can look into

  • RSPC changes even when SCC4 changes not allowed

    This is about accessing t-code RSPC; we want to be allowed to change Process Chains' configs. We used to have any troubles when changes in client were allowed, but after client was "closed" it started to fail. Below the details:
    SCC4: Client is currently set as:
    Changes and Transports for Client-Specific Objects -> No changes allowed
    Cross-Client Object Changes -> No changes to Repository and cross-client Customizing objs
    Protection: Client COpier and Comparison Tool -> Protection level 0: No restriction
    CATT and eCATT Restrictions -> eCATT and CATT allowed
    BW Workbench-Transport connection/Object changeability:
    RSPC, Process Chain -> Changeable Original
    RSPT, Process Chain Starter -> Changeable Original
    RSPV, Process Variants -> Changeable Original
    The assigned role owns (which as per my knowledge is ok):
    OBJECT    FIELD        LOW
    S_RS_PC   ACTVT        23
    S_RS_PC   ACTVT        16
    S_RS_PC   ACTVT        3
    However, after accessing RSPC and opening process chain view mode, when trying to change to "change" mode popup window is raised stating:
    Changes to Repository or cross-client Customizing are not permitted
    Choose 'Display object' or 'Cancel'.
    therefore any change can be made.
    Could you please advice? Am I missing something? I hope you can help. Thanks a lot in advance. Best regards,

    Hi Bernardo,
    in Transport Connection > Object Changeability there is a third option " Everything Changeable" you have to select that option for RSPC related objects.
    Right click on any object type you want to change and chose "Everything changeable"
    this should solve your issue.

  • Material Description changes not allowed

    I do not want user to change the material description in Sales Order while entering Items . How I can stop this?
    Edited by: Vikas Puri on Mar 10, 2009 11:38 AM

    There are two scenarios which can happen while creating order:
    1) Order is being created by EDI - Idoc from External System. In this case the data of the order cannot be changed.
    2) You can use a user/screent exit in the VA02 screen, that once the order is saved after VA01 you cannot changed the material.
    See if you can discuss this scenario with your technical person.

  • F110 error - Change not allowed - change payment amount

    Hi Experts,
    In F110, I get the below error when I try to reallocate the 3rd item (pls refer attachment). Can someone enlighten me what could be causing this?
    Thanks in advance!
    Em Jay

    Hi Em,
    The FZ013 error is due to changing an item which results in a change to
    the sign (+/1) of the payment. Payment method "C" is configured for
    outgoing payments. If you want to hange several items within a payment,
    check whether the changes can be made in a different order to avoid
    the error.
    The procedure to avoid the error is :
    Check whether the changes can be made in a different order. For example
    if an invoice of 1000 and a credit memo of 100 are contained in a
    payment of 950, you can block the credit memo first and then the
    invoice. The payment amount then changes from 950 to 1050 and finally
    to 50.The reverse order is not possible because a payment amount of 50-
    would result as an intermediate value.
    If you cannot avoid a change in the +/- sign for the total amount, you
    must first of all block all the items using the "Block all" function
    and then release the items which are to be paid individually. You can
    then also define a new payment method (for example, incoming payment
    instead of outgoing payment or outgoing payment instead of zero
    Best regards,

  • Activation of 7.x datasource not allowed due to changability of object type

    Hi All,
    We are facing the following issues.
    Some times we need to replicate and activate 7.x datasource at the production system but the system doesn't let as due to "changes not allowed" settings on SCC4 transaction.
    We thought that it could be possible giving permissions for Object changeability through dataware house workbench: Transport Connection. (menu edit -> transport -> Object changability). However it looks like there is no object type datasource available.
    Does anyone have an Idea how the above is possible.

    I am facing this same problem in BI 7 system.
    I am going through following tread notes. Please go through the same this might help you too:
    /message/2173731#2173731 [original link is broken]
    This error is occuring in our system due to Not Changable authorization in Production system. I am raising Oss Message to SAP to look into this issue and will let you know if anything possitive comes up.
    Edited by: Mahesh Jethwani on Dec 9, 2008 12:07 AM

  • Not allowing to change the plants in me51n transaction

    hi all,
    my requirement is to not allow the user to use different plants at item level(10,20 etc) . for that i have used the user exit MEREQ001 in the function module EXIT_SAPLMEREQ_010
    i have written following code
           WA_EBAN1 LIKE EBAN.
      IF SY-SUBRC EQ 0.
          IF SY-SUBRC EQ 0.
             MESSAGE ID 'ZM' TYPE 'E' NUMBER '305'.
    iam able to trigger tha error message when we use diffferent plants at item level.but after that iam not able to change the plants in iten level.so please can anyone suggest me how to solve this problem
    thanks in advance

    This OSS [Note 383725 - Enhancement MEREQ001 various problems|https://service.sap.com/sap/support/notes/383725] may help you.

  • Promotion action - payroll run - not allowing to change payroll area in IT1

    Hi Friends,
    My client has the following query:
    "One of the employee has been promoted from employee group 2 (Workmen) to employee group (Management Staff).  We have run promotion action now, that is after running pay roll for the month of May 2011.  Now it is not allowing to change the pay roll area in orga. assignment effective from 01.04.2011,  please do the needful on priority to run pay roll for the month of May 2011."
    Can anyone please help me and tell me what needs to be done in such cases.
    Eagerly awaiting your reply.
    Thanks a ton..
    [email protected]

    As you said that you have already configured ABKRS feature for defaulting payroll area based on your employee group.
    So when you run the promotion action it should actually pick up the default payroll area according to new employee group.
    Are you able to do that? or did you manually change it on IT 0001 screen.
    If you want it to be automatically defaulted then check your feature DFINF it should have value X if you want it from customising or leave it blank if it should be copied form the previous record

  • How do i get permission to use my camera on google plus when i by accident pressed the do not allow button- how can i change that setting?

    I want to have a conversation on google plus, but by accident i pressed the do not allow button. How am i able to change the setting?

    rwgleaves wrote:
    Is there any way I can change this for the entire drive?  Doing this one file at a time is crazy!
    Pick the entire drive>Get Info>Make sure you have read&write privledges and, of course, have added yourself. Either that, or pick all the files, and, once again, "Get info." You should be able to do this for a large group, not just file by file.

  • HT5616 how do i change my apple id on my iphone. I have changed it on my account but the phone still has the old id and therefore will not allow me to doadload any apps

    How do I change my Apple ID on my iphone? I had to change my email address but haven't been able to successfully on the my phone and not it will not allow me to download apps because the id is the old one

    settings - app/itune store - apple id - log out and log back in with your new id.
    NOTE:  apps are tied to the apple id that was used to purchase it.

  • I changed my Apple ID email address yesterday and now my IPhone 4 and my Ipod 5 will not allow me to upload any apps as they both still show my old email address.  How do I change the email address on the devices???

    I changed my Apple ID email address yesterday and now my IPhone 4 and my IPod 5 will not allow me to upload any apps.  When it asks for my Apple Password it still shows my old email address.  How do I change the IPhone and IPod to recognize the new email address????

    Hello there, emsariel.
    The following Knowledge Base article offers up some great information in regards to the issue you are describing:
    iOS 7: If you're asked for the password to your previous Apple ID when signing out of iCloud
    Thanks for reaching out to Apple Support Communities.

  • Status change from 'Completed' to 'In Process' not allowed

    When configuring Appraisals in R/3 we want to change the  Status of 'Completed' when pressing the 'Reject' button so that it moves to the Target Status of 'In Process'
    However, we are getting an error message:
    Status change from 'Completed' to 'In Process' not allowed
    The SAP help states the following:
    In Process (only if final appraisal or part appraisal is defined)
    This has been defined at Template Level.
    So I don't understand why we are getting the message.
    Does any one else know of a way to configure the Appraisal template so that after it has been 'Rejected' it moves back into 'In Process'
    Points Rewards!

    Hello Andreas,
    Ah, sorry, there was so much talk about user decisions that I assumed you were using a standard decision task.
    Still, I would be extra careful of changing the way workflow usually works because you have an unknown target audience that are based on the standard.
    The standard SAP philosophy is quite simple: cancel/F3 or do nothing and it stays reserved. If you do not want it reserved, you need to perform an action. This is based on a majority of processes: in most cases when you execute a work item you will also be the one who is going to completed it. Replacing it is the lesser used of the two alternatives, therefore it is the only one that requires an action on the part of the user.
    Again, this is intended as constructive input. Strange quirks and unusual behaviour tend to add a black mark to software if they do not make things easier to use. In many environments users are not even aware of the reserve/replace business, so there you would be adding an additional layer of complexity.
    Personally I would find an exit popup annoying as a regular workflow user - regular decisions can be approved with one click, or I can back out with a single click if I need to make a phone call or look up some info before approving - but with this new-fangled thing I've got an extra button to click and an extra thing to think about. This is especially the case in a payment approval scenario where you may have users in some departments who may approve hundreds of payments each week.
    My suggestion would be to leave it like that. By all means put an option into the user decision to put it back or to 'un-reserve' it (and loop round if the user chooses it). That way you are adding value and not clicks.

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