PO doc. not clear due to po block

Dear SAP Gurus,
After run the F.13 few GRIR not clear yet and these grir's PO are still showing in F.19. Then I noticed that these PO are blocked by the user.
1st I unblock the PO, then run the MR11 against the PO no. After that the PO no. is not showing in F.19 and these are appearing in F.13 .
Now the question is that if I follow the procedure to clear the documents, is it right as per SAP standard? There will any effect in future at the time of year end from MM as well as the FI side? 
Thanks in advance.

So is it mandatory to run MR11 before F.13.Can you tell me the reason may happen for that the PO is not clear.
Manually I unblocked the PO, then it not appear in F.13. After MR11 it is coming in F.13 My user is saying that it is not possible to run every time MR11 before F.13

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  • Good issue from delivery not possible due to credit block

    Hi gurus,
    Please help me on this issue.while doing PGI for the delivery i am getting the following error message."Good issue from delivery not possible due to credit block "The simple credit check is assigned for the sales document type.iam doing free of charge delivery.
    What are all the possible ways to get such error

    but system behavior is not set in transaction OVA8, means combination of risk categories and 03 is not set.
    I think you are checking the wrong risk category, please check once again the Risk category of the payer in FD32, what is it assigned and also check OVA8 with this risk category.
    If you find the above settings are correct as per your observation, try to create a fresh cycle so that you will get the correct results as per your settings in delivery.
    In your case what you are saying is correct, may be the risk category is changed recently this you can check the change log of the payer customer in FD32( if any change takes place).
    If possible try to past the screen shot of both.

  • Down payment doc not cleared in Payment Run F110

    Dear Friends,
    Document 1700000043 is a reversal of down payment which should be settle with final invoice 5400212994. Both documents have the same due date, but only 5400212994 was cleared with a payment run.
    Please can anybody clarify why document 1700000043 was not cleared with a payment run.
    I checked in Exception list and found error message as "No Payment possible because Items with a debit balance still exists; see job log"
    User follow the below process:
    1) Downpayment made as below on 08.10.2009
    Vendor                                   29.000,00
    LC El PaymClrng Ac               34.510,00-
    Payables Tax Input                  5.510,00
    1) GR posgted on 26.11.2009
                Engineering Service   41.700,00
                GR/IR - Services         41.700,00-                          
    3) IR posted on 26.11.2009 and Net due date 23.12.2009
             Vendor                           49.623,00-
              GR/IR                              41.700,00
              Payables Tax Input           7.923,00
    4) Downpayment Reversal on 26.11.2009
          Vendor (PK 39)                 29.000,00-
           Venfor (PK 26)                34.510,00
           Payables Tax Input           5.510,00-
    Please check above process and let me know if any details are needed for further.

    HI Venkat,
    Sorry Venkat. It is the clarance in F-54 not the Revesal.
    After clearance, the amount 29.000,00 is posted to Vendor Spl GL. So nullified this account.
    Once cleared, the amount is posted to Normal Vendor ac as 34.510,00 (Doc 1700000043)
    So this doc is not picked in Payment Run.
    Invoice amount is 49.623,00-.  So the difference 15113 (49.623,00-34.510,00) should be cleared in Payment run. It is not done.
    My assumption is there is the amount difference between Normal Vendor to Speial Vendor (34,510 - 29000).  Is it the cause to not picked the doc 1700000043 in payment run.
    Please advise what I can do?

  • Accounting Doc. not cleared...

    dear all,
    Once invoice has been done and released to accounting, we can see the status of INVOICE as completed in DOC. FLOW. After that iam getting the Accounting doc. as "not cleared" in the document flow. What it is actually referring about....as we have not maintained any Blocks.
    Why this acoounting doc. has not been cleared....help me out. what could be the possibilities.
    Rewarded if helpful
    Krishna chaitanya

    Krishna after the FI transaction F-28 payments get cleared from finance department.
    then again go to document flow of invoice and see you will now see that yopur document is showing no error message.
    please check and reward point if the problem got solved.

  • VF02- Billing doc not cleared

    Hi Gurus,
    I have raised a sales order and got the following document flow:
    - Sales order - Completed
    - Delivery + PGI - Completed
    - Billing - Invoicing done + FI Document has been created
    But I have the following message in Billing: Accounting document  not cleared
    What does that mean?
    What do I need to do to clear the document?

    Accounting document not cleared
    In standard, once you save a billing document, system will never pop up the above error message.  In few cases, system will pop up "Accounting document not generated".
    The moment you save a billing document in SD, immediately an accounting document will also be created in the background and both the status would be "Not cleared" in the initial stage.  Once the customer effected payment, FI people will update the incoming payment via F-28.  Once they complete this updation, in the document flow, system will show "Cleared".
    G. Lakshmipathi

  • Billing doc not cleared

    I have posted one billing document, but document flows says account not cleared, I don't have F110, my objective is to clear the billing account document automatically, without manual clear it, how to achieve, thanks

    Ideally the scenario what you had indicated is similar to advance payment process.
    In normal circumstances, once a billing document is generated, it should get debited to customer account and only when the payment is realized, via F-28 once the updation is done, the status of that billing document will be changed to Cleared.
    If the requirement is to automate as and when the billing document is generated, then as I said above, down payment process is the right approach.  However, still if you go for this, you can try with BADI FAGL_PERIOD_CHECK (Method PERIOD_CHECK)
    G. Lakshmipathi

  • In document flow status acconunt doc.not clear

    Hi sap gurus.
    My issue is i am creating billing with ref sales order (with milestone billing plan) and after transfering to accounting. In sales order  status is showing Invoice is completed  but account document xxxxxx not cleared.   when it will cleared. what is the process i need to do.

    By using the T.Code F-28 you have to clear this document.
    In F-28 you have to enter the correct clearing account number.Ask your FICO person for this.
    If it is a downpayment invoice then in the initaial screen Select the field "Special G/L indicator" as "F" and uncheck the field "Standard OIs".
    In the additional selections select the option "Document number".
    Under "Open Item Selection" tab select the account as your customer number and account type as "D".
    Press Enter.
    Enter the document number here.Click on Process open items.
    double click on the amount under the field GBP Gross sothat the field notassigned field contains the value as 0.00.
    In the menu Document-->Simulate.
    Means it is cleared.
    Now check the status.

  • Cannot save order due to credit block V1849

    In VA01, when I try to craete a sales order with Production order/ plan order , I get an information message saying that 'Subsequent function not possible due to credit block.'
    It is going into the incomplete logs and requires to provide details for purchase order requistion. That however we cannot complete as credit limit is exceeded.
    But as per requirement, the order should be saved even if the credit limit exceeds though the message pops up. the message number is V1849. Can you please tell me how to do that? The purchase order req should be created after release of credit limit.
    Switching off credit control for this order type is no solution.

    We are also experiencing the same error message in system. The SAP Notes not recommended are not compatable in ECC. In our case the Sale Order is complete but when we try and make any changes it bring an error log which contains this message and when we try and save the documents it brings the below short Dump.
    Error analysis                                                                               
    When changing or deleting one or more lines of the internal table                   
        "\FUNCTION-POOL=V03V\DATA=MVERF_POS-EINTEIL" or when inserting in the table         
         "\FUNCTION-POOL=V03V\DATA=MVERF_POS-EINTEIL", 0 was used as                        
        the line index. An index less than or equal to zero is not                          
    The error can occur when using the following options:                               
        1. "INDEX idx" for specifying the line number in the table                          
           where you want to change, insert or delete.                                      
        2. "FROM idx" for specifying the start index when deleting a line                   
           area from or inserting a line area into the table                                
        3. "TO idx" for specifying the end index when deleting a line                       
           area from or inserting a line area into the table                                
    At the time of the termination, the table contained 1 lines.

  • Canceling a billing doc for which accounting doc not yet generated

    I have strange issue in canceling billing doc. What happened user created Intercompany billing doc IV against a delivery and accounting doc also released to FI. After that he found that value in that IV doc is not correct so he went and cancelled that doc IV and he created internal credit memo IG .But for this IG the accounting doc not generated due to FI period closing. Because the IV is created in the month of Oct and IG is created in the month of Nov'07.Due to this issue Accounting document not generated for this IG doc.
    But unfortunately by mistake he went cancelled the IG doc and it created IV again. Now what happened both IG and new IV created are showing in cancelled status. This is because if we cancel a billing doc for which accounting doc not created, then both doc will turning into cancelled status in doc flow. This is confirmed similar situation in my quality box and confirmed.
    Now can anybody come across this kind of issue and tell me what is the best approach to handle this kind of situation.

    Hi Nina
    As you are doing Delivery and then billing  with the service item category ZTAD , so go to VOV7 and check wheather the Billing Relevance ( Delivery related billing ) has been maintained or not .
    Also check wheather in VTLA & VTFL copy controls  ,  ZTAD item category has been maintained or not

  • VF11 wrongly created with RV Doc type and with not clear status.

    Hi All
    Issue: There are 2 billing documents which were created(VF01) in March are canceled (VF11) in May. Cancel document is saved with a message (No automatic clearing of billing document XXXXXXXXX) and message diagnosis saying that u201CThe Automatic clearing of billing document and reversal is not possible. This may be, for example, because the line item update is deactivatedu201D
      In the SD document flow cancel billing document is created and it's posted to accounting with Document type RV(which is not configured in the billing  types) and it is in not clear status.
    2 Sales order types are ZNRC(No Rebate u2013 Credit)    second is ZCR (CM Req With Refer).
    Order Type  : ZNRC , Billing type :ZG2, Cancel billing type :Z5, Accounting document in billing type for ZG2: is DG and accounting document in cancel billing type Z5 is :(_) blank.
    Order type:  ZCR Billing type :G2, Cancel billing type :S2, Accounting document in billing type for G2: is DG and accounting document in cancel billing type S2 is :(_) blank.                                                
          FI document type Not maintained in the cancel billing type configuration because this should be determine by reversal document type DA which is maintained in DG document type from FI side. It will be triggered in VF11)
    The above configuration is working with the order created VA01,billing VF01 and cancelling VF11 done in same period. If the order and billing done in old period and canceling(VF11) done in current period than FI document creating with RV document type and with not clear status in the document flow.
    I reviewed similar issues with SAP Note and with below explanation:
              "There are 2 procedures that are possible when Vf11 is posted.
              Old Procedure - An FI "Reversal" document was created that was not connected with the orignal.
              New Procedure - A Real FI reversal was carried out with clearing."
    In this case, our system is following with new procedure except above mentioned orders created in previous period and and canceled in current period.
      My Questions are: How the RV document is getting triggered here? why the cancel document (Reversal FI Doc) is not clearing?
         Appreciate your answers or suggestions.
    Thanks in advance,
    Edited by: Sunil kumar Matta on Jun 9, 2011 3:40 PM

    Thank you Ivano.
      I referred SAP note 1259505 and 339928. But initially we thought of none of the symptoms mentioned in the SAP note are matching with our issue. Then we contacted SAP online support and they suggested checking one SAP note (Mentioned above).
      Our system is following new cancellation procedure, but itu2019s failing only for some few documents.
      Finally we identified several reasons for the issue. One is profitability segment in the billing document and cancelled document is different due to some changes in segment assignments. Another one is consolidation- consolidation document does not exist in the billing document list but it is getting created in Canceled document (VF11).(Consolidation postings are switched off some time back and now itu2019s on)
      After some discussions it is decided to include accounting document type (Reversal) in cancel billing types to avoid default RV document type in canceled billing document accounting document. And non-cleared documents need to be created manually in F-32.
      Thread is closed.

  • Payment run  - should not clear the open item but should post payment doc

    Hi Gurus,
    Can you please help me , on how to acheive like when payment run F110 post the payment doc it should not close the open item rather keep that open item as open item , but hsould be be paid by payment doc posted through payment run F110.
    Have any one of you had similar requirement ..? FICO gurus help me to acheiev this .. any exit /BADI ..or ideas..
    Appreciate your help in advance

    HI ,
    Thanks for your reply , but still I am not clear on that.
    reason they want to keep this open to be kept as open item , so that item will be picked up by dunning run ..
    Basically  the open invoice is being cleared by payment doc which was generated by payment run. If we look at BSEG in the open item record BSEG-AUGBL = will have the clearing doc number , and in addition to that BSEG will have created another record for the clearing doc as well .
    May be since open invoice record is being updated with clearing doc (AUGBL ) , I belive its not shown up as open item .
    Somehow this item should be kept as open item ... that is the req and also paid item payment reference should be transfered to Bill of exchange as well.
    Hope you have clear background of my req...
    Tnanks in advance ,

  • F-53 Error- u201C Item was not activated due to on line payment block.u201D

    When we are doing payment document against T Code F-53 for FI document  systems is giving message
    That u201C Item was not activated due to on line payment block.u201D
    This error is due to what ?
    Shekhar Gaikwad

    Kindly release your invoice document in MRBR..
    Then proceed further.
    revert if any issues.

  • Error: Item(s) was/were not activated due to online payment block

    I have an issue with F-58 transaction.
    When i try processing an open line item of the vendor (in F-58) i get an error "1 item(s) was/were not activated due to online payment block".
    Please advise as to how i can locate the issue.

    Before  that try transaction code MRBR. This should help you in releasing the documents.
    There must have been a workflow that has been developed for the removal of the payment blocks. Please check up if there is a workflow, it woould have triggered a mail in the SAP inbox to a user. This user will have to release the payment block and you should be able to make the payment. Else you would have to change the configuration and make the field editable and then you will be able to remove the payment block. Until you remove the payment block you would not be able to complete the transaction in F-58.
    Edited by: Karthik Coneru on Sep 17, 2008 12:12 PM

  • SharePoint calendar 2007 - Appointment block is not clear. How do i get ms-cal-tweekitem to expand to the size of ms-cal-eworkday?

    I hope someone can help. Currently when we add an event to a SharePoint 2007 calendar, the amount of time the person has actually booked not clear - see the picture on the left. I'd like the appointment block to expand to show the time covered, as
    shown in the picture on the right.  I think what I need to do is get the table class ms-cal-tweekitem to expand to the height of the td class ms-cal-eworkday that it is sitting in.  I've tried some obvious things like setting the
    height of ms-cal-tweekitem to 100% but that hasn't worked. 
    How can I achieve this? 

    Repost your code, but this time wrapped in [code][/code] tags, so it's legible. And indent it meaningfully.
    It sounds like ultimately the answer is: you have to store some state representing whether there is an appointment on that day, and you have to set the color of the button to indicate that state.

  • Window pops up stating"browser error" when trying to access documents using google doc's. Holding shift key and refresh does not clear window. What's next?

    Shut down and restarted computer, "browser error" still pops up when trying to access documents using Google doc's.
    Holding shift key and clicking refresh does not clear window.
    What else can be done to clear the window and gain access to my documents?

    Found a note explaining the significance of these errors.
    It says:
    "NZE-28862: SSL connection failed
    Cause: This error occurred because the peer closed the connection.
    Action: Enable Oracle Net tracing on both sides and examine the trace output. Contact Oracle Customer support with the trace output."
    For further details you may refer the Note: 244527.1 - Explanation of "SSL call to NZ function nzos_Handshake failed" error codes
    Thanks & Regards,
    Sindhiya V.

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