PO Document attachment

hi friends,
Is there a class/object method or function module to read the attachments with a PO Doc (attached using services for object)? I need to download the attachments attached to the PO.
thanks much in advance,

You can use the class: CL_ATTACHMENT_LIST for doing that here is the sample code for that. The application will BUS2012.
        IO_OBJECT       = bo_applicant
        IP_CHECK_ARL    = ' '
*        IP_CHECK_BDS    = 'X'
        IO_CONTAINER    = go_container_al
*        IP_MODE         = GC_MOD_EDIT
*        IP_NOTES        = 'X'
*        IP_ATTACHMENTS  = 'X'
*        IP_URLS         = 'X'
Also have a look at the FM: RH_APPLICANT_ATTA_IN_POPUP
Hope That Helps
Anirban M.

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  • I need to visualize a document attached on a pdf file on an iPad.  Is there any application  to do that ?

    I need to visualize a document attached on a pdf file on an iPad.  Is there any application  to do that ?

    Yes. Quite a few actually.
    Starting with Apple's own iBooks App, I also see many recomendations for Goodreader, and Adobe's own PDF Reader.  Just to name a few. Look for them in the App Store. iBooks and Adobe reade are free.  You can also search the App Store for other alternatives.
    Also for most PDF's the Mail App can open them directly.

  • Why can I not attach a document to an email? Every time I want to send an email with a document attached to it, an error notice pops out. It tell me that the file is being used even when  it is not. How can I fix this issue?

    Why can I not attach a document to an email? Every time I want to send an email with a document attached to it, an error notice pops out. It tells me that the file is being used even when  iall other programs are closed. How can I fix this issue?

    Thanks Jeff, I was not aware that a template could be multi-page.  (All the existing templates were 1 page)
    But it worked, saving me some steps.  When I was finished I renamed the document, and locked it.
    Then tried to save it but  could not because it was locked.  I closed it, went to my Spread Sheet Folder ,
    to find it, it was not there.  The Finder could not find it either.
    So I start over again.
    I opened up Numbers and it showed my personal Numbers template folder, it contained both my new 
    original 4 page template and the vanished saved document!
    I tried to delete the template containing these document data and could not - I had to go to the Library/Application Support/Numbers to physically remove it from this folder. Then I started over again.  I Finally found out how to make it work: I can now "save as", and then lock, and it will go to place where I want it to be saved and locked.
    The secret is: Click on the document title in the menu bar, and it opens up  "Save as...", which works the same as in OS 10.4.11, and you can pick the place you want for saving.  Once done that, you can then lock the document in the same pull down menu, and then close it.
    I also found later that I can delete a template from its folder, by letting Numbers open the templates,
    clicking on the one I want to remove, then go to the "Numbers Menu/File/Move to...", select "Desktop"
    and from there the selected template can then be thrown into the Trash from there.
    It appears now that the real fault of the Numbers software is that the "Save as" command is not available in the "Edit" or "File" pull-down menus, but hidden behind the title of the document.

  • Office 2007 Document Attaching in Solution Manager

    Dear Gurus,
    When document attaching in Solution Manager 7.01, the system does not support Microsoft Office 2007 formats. (docx, xlsx) Are there any customizing for this topic?
    Thank you,

    Thanks, in lieu with your detailed system message, please try with this
    The warning is because the file extension docx is not known for the
    system. All the known extension is defined in table SDOKMIME by standard
    . And customer can extend it in table SDOKMIME_C.
    Actually that is only a warning message, which will not block the
    following up processing. The docx file will be attached if you click on
    the green tick. And the file can be previewed and checked later on.
    If you would like to get rid of this warning anyway, you may extend the
    customer table using the following step:
    -spro->SAP Customizing Implementation Guide
    ->SAP NetWeaver->Knowledge Management
    ->Settings in the Knowledge Warehouse System
    ->Document Management Service
    ->Define MIME Type for File Name Extension
    -add an entry like
    File name extension = docx
    MIME type of a Web object = application/vnd.openxmlformats
    After everything has been done as above, please retry to attach, it should help.

  • When I open a word document attachment in mail for IOS 7.1.1 the previous jpeg is showing on the first page. When I open the attachment from mail in mac OS X the jpeg does not appear. Can anyone help?

    When I open a word document attachment in mail for IOS 7.1.1 the previous jpeg is showing on the first page. When I open the attachment from mail in mac OS X the jpeg does not appear. Can anyone help?

    gonsa47 wrote:
    When I open it in pages or word the correct company logo appears.
    Does the mail app display whatever is in the document without the ability to differentiate between hidden or non hidden images?
    The mail app will not display fillable form fields in PDF files that can be seen in real PDF apps. I say real PDF apps because the form fields in PDF apps will not appear in the iBooks app either. IMO, iBooks is not a real PDF app.
    So, I would say that the mail app cannot differentiate between hidden and non hidden items

  • New DMS document attachment to order header - can it also be done to a task list?

    With business function LOG_EAM_CI_6, you can now attach DMS documents to the order header or operation level in the 'Additional Data' tab.
    Since a lot of clients use documents to list complex preventive maintenance instructions, is it also possible to attach a DMS document to a task list header (or operation) and have it show up in the new 'Additional Data' screen area of the resulting order (using a maintenance item/plan to generate the order)?  Or do we still have to use the task list operation PRT functionality and have it show up in the order's operation PRT?

    Hi Arthur,
    I have configured Task list as per the SAP note 1821916  & activated DOC_TL_GUI. This allowed me to attach documents to the Operation &/or Header of the Task Lists. The problem I am facing is when I assign the task list to the work order the documents are not transferred . You have stated that they have transferred to the work order so I am wondering if there is something I missed.
    Arthur Balajthy wrote:
    And I checked that by adding documents to a task list header or operation, the work order generated from a maintenance plan/item referencing that task list does have those documents attached also.
    I haven't tried from a Plan but will do that now.
    I assumed if they were attached to the Task List Operation they would transfer to the Work Order like everything else on the Task List
    Thanks in advance

  • Enable to save documents attachement on purchase order

    Hi Experts
    I attach a document to a purchase order, i save it.
    When i open my purchase order i dont find mu documents attached, but when i apply on modify the system give me all documents attached on the purchase order.
    How can i resolve this please?

    I am a little confused. You said when you 'apply on modify', you call see all the attachments again.
    Would you please tell me what you mean by 'apply on modify'?
    Meanwhile I suggest you deactivate save and change BADI for PO and retest the issue.

  • Mass download of documents attached to change documents

    Hi to all,
    we've been using ChaRM in Solution Manager for more than 6 months on my project and we've added a lot of documents (word and excel files) in change documents (SDMI, SDHF). I wonder if there is a way to download all files from the change documents programmatically or if a transaction codes exists for that.
    Best regards,

    Hi Roel,
    Thanks for your reply. I was afraid the answer is no...
    As far as I know, documents attached to change documents are not accessible through SI80 (I didn't managed to find them). So i'm trying to create my own report to download documents from chosen solman transaction. Since i'm not an abap expert and Solution manager code is a little bit complex for me that could take time... I will let you know when/if I succeed.
    If anyone else has an answer to that question...
    Best regards,

  • Content server for Document attachment through "services for object" Icon.

    I have typical problem in installation of Content server for storing external documents.
    We all know that we can attach the document in SAP using the icon “SERVICES FOR OBJECT”. By this we can attach the document to the specific object we want.
    -Since my client wants only document attachment method not to completely implement SAP DMS, I proposed this method of attaching documents through services for object method.
    -If documents are stored though services for object ,The attached document will directly get stored in sap database(correct me if I am wrong) while  in  DMS it ask you to select the storage location while u check in for any document
    -By storing the doc thru "services for object " For long run when we store the documents in sap database our system will drastically get slow down.
    -In this regard I have a plan to incorporate external storage server.
    -Now I should know that how I should customize content server configuration so that the attachment through services for object will store into this content server I need to know how to define Client, Content Category, Content Repository, Document Area, Physical Machine, IP Address, Port. (OACT & OAC0)
    I appreciate for immediate solution and <u><b>Points will be rewarded for sure.</b></u>

    Hi Murali,
    Don't Worry, its possible,
    All attachments can be stored in SAP Content Server also, but through archiving process.
    Set up a database storage system.
    Make sure that the HTTP plugin is active.
    Transaction <b>SMICM,</b> "Display Services" function key (shift F1)). The list of services must contain a port other than 0 for HTTP.If not, you must adjust the relevant profile parameter.
    <u>Typical entry:</u>
    icm/server_port_0         PROT=HTTP, PORT=1080, TIMEOUT=900
    <b>Make sure that the /sap/bc/contentserver service is active.</b>
    If no user is defined, then use transaction SU01 to create a new user. Use the "System" user type.Assign
    the SAP_ALL and SAP_NEW profiles to the user. (Eg: HRUSER/PLMUSER/PPUSER etc)
    Transaction <b>SICF,</b> select: default_host - sap - bc -contentserver. Select the function to display/change the service. Make sure that a user is defined.
    Using the relevant data from the newly created user, maintain the anonymous logon data for the
    /default_host/sap/bc/ service and save & activate the changes in transaction <b>SICF</b>.  Double click on content server and give the user name which has been created (HRUSER/PLMUSER/PPUSER/MMUSER etc)
    Check the system PSE.
    Start transaction <b>STRUST</b>. Expand the system PSE. The system PSE must be "green" for each application
    Determine a suitable exchange directory.
    The exchange directory must be accessible from each application server. If all application servers are running on the same platform (for example, Windows), one network directory that is accessible on all application server (for example,
    server\share) is sufficient. You can generally use the global directory
    (profile parameter DIR_GLOBAL).You can use the RSPARAM report to determine the profile parameters.
    Setting up the storage
    Create a table for storing the data. Using transaction <b>SE11</b>, create a copy of the SDOKCONT1
    table. If you want to create the repository database, you can name the table ZCONT_DB, for example. Save the
    table as a local object. Activate the table.
    Create a repository.
    Use transaction <b>OAC0</b> to create a new repository.
    Use the following parameters:
    Repository Max. two characters, for example,” Z1”
    DocArea: ARCHLINK
    Storage type: R/3 database
    Storage subtype: normal
    Version no. : 0046 
    Contents table <table name> for example: ZCONT_DB
    Exchange directory <directory name> for example:
    Make sure that the exchange list ends with a \ (or /on Unix).If you are using a variety of platforms, you must use transaction FILE to define a suitable logical file name and use this name. Save the settings.
    1. Maintain view table <b>TOAAR_C</b>, via SM31
       Cross client table displayed as information, forget it
    2. In field 'StSytm' you must entered 'Z1' as your system need, or anything that you need but you must configure HR Archive link too.
    3. In field 'Arch.path' (direct above Spoolpath), entered path in your system, this real path in your operating system. May be you should confirm to your Basis consultant where exactly you could store picture files. So if you enter '/', your file exists at root directory at your UNIX system.
    4. Choose 'File store' radio button
    5. Save.
    <b>1. You have to create a number range for SAP ArchiveLink.
        IMG: Basis Components-> Basis Services -> SAP ArchiveLink -> Basic Settings-> Maintain number ranges   
        (Trxn <b>OANR).</b> Create number range 01 from 0000000001 to 9999999999 without the external number flag. 
    2. Document type <b>HRICOLFOTO</b> must exist with document class JPG.
        IMG: Basis Components->Basis Services->SAP ArchiveLink->System Settings->Maintain document types
        (Table<b> TOAVE, Trxn OAC2).</b>
    3. Document type <b>HRICOLFOTO</b> must be linked to object type PREL and Infotype PA0002.
        IMG: Personnel Management->Personnel Administration->Tools->Optical archiving->Set up Optical Archiving
        in HR.  (View V_T585O, no Trxn). In the first two columns there are minuses, the third (Date) has
       a plus - don't put a flag in the check box.
    4. Check which content repository (Archive) is linked to document type HRICOLFOTO and object type  
        PREL. IMG: <b>Basis Components->Basis Services->SAP ArchiveLink->Basic Settings->Maintain Links (Table 
       TOAOM_C, Trxn).</b></b>
    • Test the repository.
    Use transaction SE38 to start the RSCMSTH0 report. Specify your repository (i.e. Z1) and start the test.
    The report must run without errors. If no problems occurred, you can use the new repository with Archive Link after you carry out the Archive Link Customizing. If problems do occur, check whether one of the related
    notes helps.
    For More Details :
    NOTE:- Screen Shots are missing, i was not able to paste here, One more thing is we did this for uploading a PHOTOS into Content Server, Similarly you have to create a REPOSITORY and Z-TABLE to bring all the Attachments from all the selected Objects and then route them to the CONTENT REPOSITORY.</b></u>
    Your Senior ABAP guy would help you in this, if not i may try to help you more by monday.
    <b>Reward Your Points if Satisfied.</b>

  • Print word document attached to an order

    my requirement is to print the sap script for the PM order and as well as word documents attached to the order.
    for an order, for an operations when PRT tools selected
    word documents attached to it.
    i need to print those word douments attached to PRT tools for an oparation.
    pgm used is RIPRJT00
    form PM_COMMON
    i am able to oepn the documents attached to the order in PRINT PREVIEW.
    when choosing print option it goes to update termination

    In order to save any type of document on your phone you need to have an app that supports that form of document.
    There are several word processing apps but I prefer Pages.  Buy this app. Once it is on your phone you can tap the Word document in your email to view it then tap the Share icon and Open in Pages.
    If you edit the document and email it you will have the choice to send it as a Pages document, a Word document or a PDF file.

  • Subject: Document attached to record (Automtically convert to PDF)

    Dear All,
    My requirement in record management is as follows:
    I have a document attached to a record. (Tcode: SCASE)
    The document needs to be converted into pdf and attached a different node in the record. All of this should be done by the system automatically (as a background step of the workflow). Do we have any configuration set in the record/document management to convert them?  Please suggest.

    Class CL_CRM_DOCUMENTS has different methods that you can use:
    Depending on the source of the document you want to attach, you can call one of those methods to attach your document.
    Embed this in a FM that you trigger out of your action, and you should be good to go

  • Transport document attached to infoobject from development to qualification

    Hi Experts,
    I am facing issues with transporting document attached to one infoobject.
    I tried to transport this by going into RSA1-documents-attributes and taking the logical and physical ID's. But it did not work.
    I tried transnporting the table entries BDSCONT8 and BWCONTMAST, but of no use.
    Could you please let me know the procedure to transport the document attached to the infoobject.
    Could you please let me know how to check where these documents are stored. I have no Idea if these are stored in BDS.

    Use program RSOD_CTO.

  • Print Preview of 'Document' attached to a PR/PO, Sale Order line item

    Is there a BADI/BAPI involved in 'Print Preview of Document attached to a PR/PO, Sale Order line item'. When I select a line item in PO for which a DIR is attached, it doesn't display the files content in the Print Preview.
    Q:) Is the system supposed to display the 'Original file' content attached to a DIR in the Print Preview Or is this the standard behavior that system won't display attached DIR - file content.
    Please advise.

    unfortunately I have to inform you that from DMS point of view such a 'file preview' function is not available in the standard of the R/3 system.
    If you want to raise a development request at SAP please see the SAP note 11 for further information.
    Best regards,

  • Document Attachement to PO

    Whenever  a PO output gets triggered the document attachement in the PO also should go along the PO to the vendor.
    Is this function possible with the standard SAP settings

    It is currently not possible to send attached documents in a purchase
    order for email or SAPmail. The technical reason is: During the output,
    the form (e.g. MEDRUCK) is already handelled as an attachment. Therfore,
    it is not possible to attach documents together with the form.
    You could send a purchase order (PO) document via email "external send"
    as body text or to convert this PO as PDF attachement. To add aditionnal
    attachements in the same mail is not supported from the application.
    Therefore, for manual use, you could send the external mail to your
    mailbox and add any attachements before sending the email.

  • How to read/get the document attached to PO line item

    Hi experts,
    I got a requirement wherein I need to read/get the document attached at PO line item and to send that document through mail as an attacment .
    please suggest me how to proceed on this.

    actually your are picking up the correct data from Table EKET (EKET-EINDT) but your are printing that in item data loop for EKET might have already executed in your script and the header of that internal table consist the last entry of the table so for that. Fetch the delivery date explicite from the Table EKET when your in item level processing and print that.
    For Example u can use this code.
    To print you have write the this code in Script item level printing window "MAIN" window
    Following perform is called to get the line item delivery date in PO
    {* Dellivery date &DEL_DATE& }
    write the below code in the Z program "ZPerform_prog"
    { FORM get_del_date  TABLES in_par STRUCTURE itcsy
                             out_par STRUCTURE itcsy.
      CHECK sy-subrc = 0.
      $_po_no = in_par-value.
      CHECK sy-subrc = 0.
      $_po_line = in_par-value.
      SELECT *
      FROM eket UP TO 1 ROWS WHERE ebeln EQ $_po_no AND ebelp EQ $_po_line.
        $_del_date = eket-eindt.
            date_internal            = eket-eindt
            date_external            = $_del_date
            date_internal_is_invalid = 1
            OTHERS                   = 2.
        READ TABLE out_par WITH KEY 'DEL_DATE'.
        CHECK sy-subrc EQ 0.
        out_par-value = $_del_date.
        MODIFY out_par
                    INDEX sy-tabix.
        CLEAR : $_po_no , $_po_line ,$_del_date.
    ENDFORM.                    "GET_DEL_DATE }

  • Regarding Invoice document attachment -VF03

    Hello friends..
    when I go to transaction vf03. In some invoice documents I am getting the preview of the document attached to that document.the attachemnt you can see in attachment list of 'Service for Object'. does anybody have idea about this whether it is done manually or it is done automically on the time of firing output. if there is no attachment the attachment list is not enabled.
    <> <b>VF03 --> enter documnet number --> change or display document --> System --> Service for Object -- > Attachment List</b> <>
    Could anybody help me out for this. is there any setting regarding the attachment.
    Thanks in Advance
    Dinesh goyal
    P.S. : Helpful answers will be rewarded with gud points...
    Message was edited by:
            Dinesh  Goyal

    Yes after opeining the document...
    Hello friends..
    when I go to transaction vf03. In some invoice documents I am getting the preview of the document attached to that document.the attachemnt you can see in attachment list of 'Service for Object'. does anybody have idea about this whether it is done manually or it is done automically on the time of firing output. if there is no attachment the attachment list is not enabled.
    <> VF03 --> enter documnet number --> change or display doc -->System --> Service for Object -- > Attachment List <>
    Could anybody help me out for this. is there any setting regarding the attachment.
    Thanks in Advance
    Dinesh goyal
    P.S. : Helpful answers will be rewarded with gud points...

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