PO in R/3 to take SC currency?

We are on SRM3.0 (SP11) , CLASSIC SCENARIO.
Currently, when I create a PO for SC line item having currency GBP --> the PO is created with line item currency EUR. This is because the vendor currency in R/3 is maintained in EUR.
Is there a BADI/User Exit in SRM/R/3 through which I can ensure that the PO gets created in the SC currency.
Is it possible to put any checks etc. like for specific Purchase organizations the PO should be created in SC currency and for others it should get created in Vendor currency.

We have handled this several times.
<u>Use any of the BADIs using SE18 Transaction.</u>
Exit while creating a purchase order in the backend system
OLD Exit while creating a PO in the backend system      
ECS: PO Transfer to Logistics Backend                   
Hope this will help.
Please reward suitable points, incase it suits your requirements.
- Atul

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  • Only take local currency when loading

    I am trying to load a transaction data from ECC, which include both USD and LC for each account,, the file is like following:
    account,   entity, time, rptcurrency, category,Datasrc,Intco,amount
    100001, sale1, 2008,feb,LC,actual,input,19250
    100001, sale1, 2008,feb,USD,actual,input,19250
    100002, sale1, 2008,feb,LC,actual,input,19250
    100002, sale1, 2008,feb,USD,actual,input,19250
    100003, sale1, 2008,feb,LC,actual,input,19250
    100003, sale1, 2008,feb,USD,actual,input,19250
    When I run the package, the system accept only LC record, reject trhe USD record with error message"it is calculated member:USD".
    Is BPC only allow to load local currency?

    Hi JW-
    I rechecked the BPC70, NW SP03 functionality and ran a quick load test myself....I had no problem in loading records with LC or USD in an appset that was a copy of Apshell.
    I do note that the data set you replicated in your initial message shows the time dimension with an incorrect format (there is a comma between the YYYY and MMM instead of a period).  I am assuming this is just a typo, if not please correct and rerun Data Manager Package.
    There are two probable reasons for the error message received:
    1. You have a dimension member formula on USD, or
    2. You have a hierarchy associated with USD as a parent
    Any of these present in your design?

  • Incorrect currency in R/3 after change

    Hi all.
    SRM 4.0, server 5.0, extended classic scenario.
    I have a situation where a currency and price change in SRM should be transfered to R/3 - the price itself is transfered fine, but the currency is not changed in the R/3.
    PO is created with 1 item in SRM:
    10 USD
    In R/3 it is also 10 USD.
    Now in SRM I change it to 5 EUR instead.
    In R/3 it is now 5 USD.
    I have tried searching for notes, but they only seem to relate to incomplete prices and not currencies - here the price update is fine, but the currency remains the same.
    Any suggestions?

    Which SRM version / Scenario are you using ?
    Are you using any BADI Implementations ? Check using SE19 Transaction (name starting with Y or Z).. Take help of ABAP resourcein this case.
    <u>Also, Please try the following SAP OSS Notes, which will definitely help -></u>
    Note 1000725 - Incorrect Currency Conversion for PO created from SC- ECS
    Note 970992 - Purchase order currency overwritten by partner dflt currency.
    Note 530618 - Incorrect conversion to vendor currency in purchase order
    Note 970839 - Incorrect price in R/3 if currency & price is changed in SRM
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    Local PO is created in vendor currency in ECS scenario
    Do let me know.
    - Atul

  • Foreign Currency Revaluation

    Dear Consultants,
       We have maintain the Exchange rate in C and V  for the customer and Vendor
        In fact we had maintained the Exchange rate perfectly for both C and
    V in the system.
    Some documents are posted with currency type"EUR".
    We are in the process of passing Foreign Currency revaluation Entries
    for the Open Vendor Items and Open Customer Items for the fiscal year
    Sytem is taking the latest rate maintained in T.code:OB08 for exchange rate type of "EURX"
    Any reasons.Please provide solution as early as possible.

    Dear Kalpana,
    When you are doing Foreigh Currency Valuation, System will take the Currency rate which is valid on key date ( the date you enter while running f.05).
    If require, let us know.

  • Currency scaling

    The queries are showing different values from the Cube.The values are showing scaled. For example, in the query I've got $155 and in the Cube $155000. The key figure are not scaled in the Query Designer. I have this issue in all queries with currency fields.
    I tried to transfer the global settings and exchange rates from R/3 but the issue was not solved.
    Does anybody knows what's could happening?
    Thanks in advance.

    Hi Pepe,
    A currency keyfigure should always be assoicated with corresponding currency key defined in the keyfigure definition. It can either be fixed currency 'USD' or a variable 0CURRENCY filled at record level with corresponding currency key from transactional system. This allows runtime currency conversions.
    For simplicity, take two currencies USD (2 decimals) and USDN (high accuracy 5 decimals). A value  $2000.50 will be internally stored as "200050" with associated key USD (or) "200050000" with associated key USDN
    In transactional system, if a field is entered and processed as USDN. the underlying value stored in Table would be "200050000". At run time the GUI display or query display associates this value with currency and displays it as 2000.50000.
    Some times, during the process of transferring this value into BI, if this source USDN field value is directly assigned to a keyfigure with fixed currency USD without proper explicit currency conversion, the source currency (USDN) association with the value is lost. The value that is passed to the target field will still be "200050000" but the target currency will be USD (2 decimals). At runtime the query display or the GUI display reads the underlying value and displays it as $2000500.00
    To fix this you need to find where exactly the currency key is being dropped during transformations and write some explicit logic to convert the underlying value accordingly from USDN to USD.  i.e 200050000 USDN = 200050 USD with conversion rate of 1/1000
    You can use function module RSW_CURRENCY_TRANSLATION  and pass the source value and source currency and the  currency translation type ( in this case USDN to USD defined in table RSCURTRT -using transaction RSCUR ) to get corresponding target value and target currency.
    Hope it helps
    Uday Pothireddy

  • WBS Settlement Currency

    Dear all,
    Can i know what is the defaulted currency for project settlement?
    Is it would be the controlling area currency??
    Is there any way we can change the settlement currecny to object currency instead of co area currency?
    Please advise.
    Thank you.
    Kind regards,

    Dear Eila,
    You can not change Controlling Area Currency to Object Currency in Project Settlement.
    All the currency-dependent data in the Project System is managed in three different currencies in parallel
    1) Controlling area currency
    2) Object currency
    3) Transaction currency
    Use of Currencies in the Project System:
    All the currency-dependent data in the Project System is managed in three different currencies in parallel:
    Controlling area currency:
    The whole project (work breakdown structure, along with the networks, activities, and orders assigned to it) must be in one controlling area. For this reason, the controlling area currency within a project is always uniform.
    Object currency:
    You can assign any object currency you wish to the following objects in the Project System:
    - Project definition (default value for matching WBS elements)
    - WBS element
    - Network header
    - Network activity
    If you have assigned a number of company codes to a controlling area and the company codes have different currencies, you cannot allocate the object currency. The system automatically uses the local currency of the respective company code.
    Transaction currency:
    Costs and revenues arising from different business transactions in the project are recorded in the currency of the appropriate business transaction - for example, the currency in which the purchase order was entered.
    Planning also takes account of the business transaction currencies. For example, for an externally-processed activity, the system takes the currency from the purchasing info record. If no currency has been maintained in the purchasing info record, you can maintain it manually in the business transaction. The planning finance flow is always displayed in the project by currency.
    Every amount in the project is translated as appropriate when you enter it and recorded in the database in all three currencies. You stipulate the currency translation rates in the Project System implementation guide.
    The commercial information system offers reports in any currency you want, in addition to those described above. The system translates the data using the latest rates.
    Currency amounts are only updated in parallel if you activate the All currencies indicator for the relevant controlling area.
    Hope it's clear.
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  • Exclude the currency in F110

    Hi SAP Gurus,
    Is it possible to exclude the currencies at the time of doing F110 without changing in the configuration level.
    Please help me for the above issue.
    Thanks in Advance.

    Dear Vinu,
    I think it is possible To change th Currencies i two ways
    1. In Bank Determination step we can assign the currienciessystem only take those currencies and
    2. In F110
    Free Selection Tab
    Give Currencies there to Filter the currencies

  • How to set differnt Currency at header and conditions levels

    Hi Guys,
    if we take USD Currency at header level for import Purchase orders, system automatically convert all the conditions(Price Schema's conditions in USD), while we want Price schema's condition in india Rupee. because all the customs,cess duties and CVD have to pay in Indian Rs. not In USD.
    if we take INR at header Level, in this case Purchase order becomes in Rupee, while it should be in USD (for import Vendor)
    Pls suggest the solution

    Hi Ashish,
    It cannot be changed in the PO level but can be done in Invoice Verification Level. Go to MIRO and before entering the reference documents (PO, Delivery Note, etc) go to DETAILS TAB and make the Exchange rate as 1.00 and hence 1 USD = 1 INR.
    By this way only it can be done.
    Hope this is useful. Kindly mention if so.
    Elanchezhian. K.C.

  • Insert currency symbol($) in Bex report

    Hello gurus,
       I developed one report in BW which display result as decimal no.
    but i want to display it as currency, like $ as prefix for every value.
    Please help me in this regarding
       Thanks in Advance

    Instead of using decimal in your KF, use currency. Then the system will automatically take the currency values.
    Vivek V

  • Shopping cart currency issue with Vendor order currency

    We are using SRM 7.0 with ECC 6.0 with classic scenario.
    There is a strange issue :
    Vendor order currency EUR.
    User currency USD in org plan.but while creating a PO from approved shopping cart in SRM sourcing cockpit it should take vendor currency EUR.but it tooks user currency.why
    while checking same shopping cart PO in R/3 it updates with user currency USD (which is in org plan) not with vendor currency EUR.
    we don't know why the system is behaving like this.
    But when we create a PO directly in R/3 it has taken vendor order currency EUR correctly.
    So requesting all please help us where we need to check in SRM or any BADI's are overwritten this. how to debug in SRM.
    Thanks in Advance,

    can anyone help on this.

  • Header Currency in Shopping Cart

    Hi Gurus,
    In a shopping cart the header currency always comes from the user attributes no matter what the item currency is . Our requirement is to have the header currency to be same as the item currency when all the items have the same currency. However in a shopping cart we can have diffeerent currencies for different items. In this scenario we want the Header currency to be same as the attribute. I feel that this enhancement can be done through DOC CHANGE BADI. However my developer is insisting that this has to be done through a webdynpro screen enhancement since this is a display isue with the currency. Has anyone come across this kind of requirement befor. Any valuable suggestions are welcome.

    Hello Pawan,
    Well you can do it through BBP_DOC_CHANGE_BADI, you can change the header currency.
    But before doing this, could you please answer few questions
    1. In case of the multiple Line items have different currencies what will be the approach? What is displayed in header currency?
    2. When PO is created it takes vendor currency not SC Line item currency and the accordingly conversion rate is applied, are you retaining the SC line item currency in PO and price?

  • APO DP: currency conversion with CURR_CONV_FAC

    Dear DP experts,
    we have currently a problem  that is described in a similar thread, however the solution is not yet clear.
    Demand planning: Change currency in unit column with a macro function?
    We are using the currency conversion: on planning book, top left corner - right mouse button - UoM - Set - In currency field put USD. (*) The planning area currency is RUB. To work with USD, the program takes the currency exchange rate of today. However we need to use the currency exchange rate that is maintained in SPRO on a monthly basis.
    We were advised by SAP that it is a program limitation and there is a macros CURR_CONV_FAC to make currency conversion based on periods.
    As we want to keep the conversion functionality  as is (*), did anyone try to implement the conversion in such a way and could help us with advice?
    For example , we think that this macros
    1) has to be DEFAULT,
    2) has to find the planning area currency
    3) has to read the new currency from the UoM column
    4) has to recognize that the currency change event has to happen.
    5) has to be allways called after setting the new currency.
    There are some doubts that this can work, can anyone advise?
    Best regards
    Vladimir Ermoshin

    Hi BPC Gurus,
    I too have the same issue.
    We are in the process of upgrading BPC7.5NW to BPC10.0 NW.
    1) I am validating the below Currency Conversion script in BPC10.0:-
    The data manager package runs w/o any errors, but log says:-
    LOG BEGIN TIME:2013-02-26 20:36:16
    LOG END TIME:2013-02-26 20:36:18
    2) When tested in UJKT in BW I have the below error LOG:
    UJK_VALIDATION_EXCEPTION:Dimension set:"CATEGORY" not assigned in Data Manager
    3) Model is of consolidation type with dummy(no data) Ownership model.
    4) Below is screen shot of my Currency Translation rules post upgrade in BPC10.0NW.
    Any clue why currency conversion is not picking any records??
    Thanks in advance for your earliest help.

  • Currency Conversion- Urgent

    Currency S_WAERS is in my selection screen.
    If i enter USD For S_waers the amount should convert to USD.
    If i leave blank it should  take local currency.
    Any one pls give me the coding for this.

    First, you should judge the amount's reference currency.
    I take other currency as example, that is, the amount stores as neither USD nor local currency.
    Functions will be used:
    get local currency's FM:
    (this function returns the local currency by sales organization and distribution chanel  or plant )
                            PI_VKORG                =  ??sales organization
                            PI_VTWEG                =  ?  distribution chanel
                            PI_WERKS                =  ?  Plant
                            PE_HWAER                = ?  local currency
                            INVALID_INPUT           = 1
                            CURRENCY_NOT_DETERMINED = 2
                            OTHERS                  = 3
    IF SY-SUBRC <> 0.
    (this function returns the local currency by company code)
              I_BUKRS       =  ? company code
              E_HWAER       =  ? local currency
            E_FIKRS       =
            E_KOKRS       =
            INVALID_WAERS = 1
            WRONG_BUKRS   = 2
            OTHERS        = 3
    IF SY-SUBRC <> 0.
    convert the amount to the target currency amont:
    (this function returns the target amount)
                    DATE             = SY-DATUM
                    FOREIGN_AMOUNT     =   ? amount
                    FOREIGN_CURRENCY =   ? currency the amount stores
                    LOCAL_CURRENCY     =   ? target currency
                    LOCAL_AMOUNT         =    ? target amount
          IF SY-SUBRC <> 0.
    Therefore, the logic is :
    if usd,  CALL FUNCTION 'CONVERT_TO_LOCAL_CURRENCY'   set the target currency as USD then you'll get  target amount
    if blank, call the  get local currency's FM  and CALL FUNCTION 'CONVERT_TO_LOCAL_CURRENCY' ,set the target currency as the local currency you get.
    Hope it can help you.

  • External Activities Currency carried to purchaser order

    hello all
    appoligies if this is the wrong area
    we use external activities to create requisitions / purchase orders
    we pay the vendors in multiple currencys
    however the purchase order takes the currency of the vendor master record which i understand the reasons for
    i wish to make the purchase order take the currency of the external activity / requisition

    i see what your saying but when i am converting the requisition (which has the desired currancy) to a purchase order it is converting it to the vendor currency
    project external activity       -  USD
    Requisition                           - USD
    Purchase order                   -EUR  (vendor currancy)
    i want the currencey to remain as the requisition which could be different every time
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  • Currency field on Sales order

    Good day all
    my employee sometimes change the Currency on sales order from the default one (EUR) to other currency , so i want to prevent the changes and always take the currency from the customer master data only.

    Through the Transaction varient or screen varient you can make currancy field in display mode only.
    T-code SHD0
    Put sscren varient name
    Speciefy program
    speciefy screen
    Also take help of Basis team to ristrict user (Don't provide authorization to change curancy)

Maybe you are looking for

  • Send mail exception

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    I created a simple site for our company with a spry horizontal menu. It works fine when I view it with my machine or from home. But some people here at work and some customers report their browser crashing when they use the menu. Our Site Link I have

  • Dropped frames during exporting

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  • Multiple Selection For Selections screen field

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