PO release workflow - Object FLOWITEM method EXECUTE  - WL821

I have copied and slightly mofidified std wf WS20000075 (BUS2012). It was successfully tested in DEV.
Then, after transport to QA, I get the following error in tc SWEL:
Work item 000000001111: Object FLOWITEM method EXECUTE cannot be executed
Error when processing node '0000000093' (ParForEach index 000000)
Agent determination for step '0000000093' failed
Workflow WS90100001 no. 000000001111 activity 0000000093 role 'AC20000027': No agent found
Resolution of rule AC20000027 for task TS20000166: no agent found
Error when processing node '0000000093' (ParForEach index 000000)
Error when creating a component of type 'Schritt'
Error when creating a work item
The top error is detailled as below:
Work item 000000001111: Object FLOWITEM method EXECUTE cannot be executed
    Message no. WL821
Any clue on how to fix this this error?
Best regards,

Hi Rick
I have same issue and following are details.
1. I have copied standard workflow and task 166 is throwing error.
"Resolution of rule AC20000027 for task TS20000166: no agent found"
2. I have recreated the step but still the workflow is throwing error.
3. If I execute the rule individually (PFAC_DIS) with a specific PO then the rule works fine. The rule executes the below mentioned exit successfully.
4. I am using exit to determine the agent, the workflow works fine if I don't use the exit. The exit is EXIT_SAPLEBNF_005. I am just pulling the agent from a ztable.
Please advise if you can help as I have not seen anyone answering.
by the way irrespective of the explicit rule update in the workflow the step executes AC20000027 by default.
Can you please help asap. Thank you.

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    Hello experts,
    I have created a Sales order workflow whr after creation sales order will go to 1 person inbox and he will check the SO thoroughly and thn i hv added a user decision step for APPROVED or REJECTED for same person.
    Now after creation of sales order it goin to the person inbox for checkin SO but when he is saving it thn decision screen with button APPROVED or REJCTED is not coming and m getting error :Work item 000000001099: Object FLOWITEM method EXECUTE cannot be executed. and error: Error when processing node '0000000024' (ParForEach index 000000)
    i checked the agent mapping for both step....and thr is no error in agent mappin...in both steps i have mapped same rule with responsibility IDs
    PLz suggest urgently wht can be cause of error.

    Hi Nitin,
    I think this seems to be an agent assignment issue.
    To debug this issue go to the workflow log and check if the agents are correctly being picked by the rule or not. Simulate the rule and check for the agents being picked.
    In the workflow log, check the agent for the User Decision step. If there is no agent found then there might be some issue with the data passed to rule.
    Hope this helps!

  • BPM error: exception cx_merge_split occured,object FLOWITEM method EXECUTE

    Hi Guys
    I am working on a interface involving BPM.....
    I am facing this problem while executing the interface...
    I am getting error texts as below:
    exception cx_merge_split occured,
    object FLOWITEM method EXECUTE
    I am trying to fix it....Please provide any iputs on this...
    Thanx in adavance.

    Is your Transformation step designed for multimapping (n:1 or 1:n)?
    If yes the payload seems to be incorrect....did you check the working of your mapping (MM/ IM) using the expected payload structure...
    the transformation step in BPM has been given exception as System Error
    There is one block step before the transformation step...in which exception is not given...?can this be the cause??
    Does it mean...you have a Block step in your BPM and your Transformation Step is placed in it....the Block should have an exception handling branch...have the exception handling logic as per your need....the Block step needs to use Exception Handler...same Handler to be used in the Transformation Step's System Error section.
    Press F7 and check if your BPM is giving any warning message.

  • Work item 000000400082: Object FLOWITEM method EXECUTE cannot be executed?

    I am getting the above mentioned error during the start of the custom built workflow.
    The process to re-produce the error is as follows;
    1. The employee raises a travel request which goes to his reporting officer for the approval process.
    2. The custom workflow built uses the business object BUS2089 for triggering. The event used in the case is REQUESTCREATED of BUS2089. In binding of the workflow template, I have taken _EVT_OBJECT and _EVT_CREATOR as input parameters to my workflow container elements.
    3. Once the workflow is triggered a background step is processed by which a PDF document of the employee travel details are fetched and attached to the respective work item ID. This attachment is done using a standard task and a Z-customized Object type and method.
    4. Once the attachment is added, the next step forwards the attachment to the reporting officer of the employee for the approval process which is a dialog decision step, either approve or reject.(Agent Assignment is working fine. Tested in PFAC using the simulation mode for the employee code)
    Now the issues in DEV system are as follows;
    1. when the employee raises the request, the workflow throws the error at the start of the workflow, however the start event is received.
    2. The PDF document is not getting attached in the background step, but the same Z-customized object type is working fine in QA and PRD
    3. The work item number 400082, as mentioned above for which the error is coming is the work item of the start of the workflow.
    4. Also, I am getting error : Error when processing node '0000000021' (ParForEach index 000000). This node number is the node of the dialog decision, either approve or reject.
    I have double checked the binding between workflow container->task container->method parameters and vice versa. I dont see any change. I have attached necessary screen shots of step history and graphical log.
    Kindly advice.
    Thanks & Regards
    Rao Chinmay AN

    Hello Ronen, Rick, Modak
    Thank You for your timely response.
    As mentioned by you, when i checked the step history in detail of the error step, it clearly stated that the error is in agent determination. I have attached the necessary screenshot.
    I did a background check myself on rule - 90100002 which is again the customized one. I simulated it under transaction PFAC and entered the employee code for which i am running the test. It says agent has been determined and the employee code of his reporting officer is displayed.
    I checked the binding of the same from the workflow to the rule container. It is fine. I have attached the screenshot of the same.
    And Rick,
    I have checked the Agent Assignment of the User Decision Task. I have gone to PFTC, entered the task number. Menu bar- Additional Data->Agent Assignment->Display.
    It Says:    General task: can be edited by all users.
    So i Suppose it is the general Task.
    Kindly advice.

  • Global object services: Method EXECUTE is not called

    Hi all,
    I implemented a new GOS service and therefore inherited the standard class CL_GOS_SERVICE and redefined the methods CHECK_STATUS and EXECUTE. I also made the entry in table SGOSATTR.
    When I test my new service, the CHECK_STATUS method is called and its ep_status is set to mp_status_active. Everything fine!
    But when I click the appeared menu entry (or service icon) nothing happens. The screen is repainted, nothing more. There is no exception or anything else.
    Does anyone as an idea?
    If you need further information, please let me know.
    Thanks for your help.
    Kind regards,

    Hello Thomas
    Perhaps the answers in thread
    New service in GOS - How to?
    may be helpful.

  • Workflow error: method of object cannot be executed

       I extended mkpf to zmkpf and added a method to it.
       when ran the workflow.I am getting the following errors.
    Notification of completion cannot be generated                                 
    Problems occurred when generating a mail                                       
    Error '9' when calling service 'SO_OBJECT_SEND'                                
    Error handling for work item 000000440554                                      
    Work item 000000440554: Object ZMKPF method GET_PR_MAILID cannot be executed   
    Object does not exist                                                          
    Object does not exist             
    my binding to task and method:
    zmkpf  - WIOBJECT_ID  export
    mailid import.
    Please suggest how i can fix this error.
    Thanks in advance,

    Hi Nuthan
    It's difficult to say what out access to the concrete issue.
    but, make sure that the correct object is binded in to the task and that you do not have any bindings from the task to the method.
    But if its working in foreground but not in background it could be because there are some dialog steps in the task, have you checked if you're getting any shortdumps.
    if not you can try to debug your background task with this little trick:
    1. Create an endless loop in the start of your method, make sure you can break out of it using the debugger (while X is initial, and then set X to 1 in the debugger)
    2. In sm50 your now able to find the running process, from in here you can debug the process (I don't remember the menu)
    3. After debug remember to delete the loop again
    Morten Nielsen

  • Object CL_SWF_XI_MSG_BROKER method SEND_SYNCHRON cannot be executed

    Hi there,
    We are getting this error in our BPM:
    Object CL_SWF_XI_MSG_BROKER method SEND_SYNCHRON cannot be executed
    while sending a message synchronously. This doesn't happen for all the sync send, but I see sometimes. Why do we see this inconsistency in the sync send step of the BPM?
    Has anyone encountered this problem, and fixed it? Your help is greatly appreciated.
    Thanks a lot.

    First of all check the mapping i.e transformation step in the BPM (Sync mapping). This you can check from the workflow log. Check all these interface mappings are using correct message type and interfaces
    Have a look into these SAP notes-830803,710445

  • Object BUS2030 method CREATEQUOTATION can't be executed

    Hi, am modifying the standard Workflow template 'AD_SD_AG' (WS23000025).
    <b>In my User-ID</b>:
    When i create any Inquiry (via IDOC), the BUS2030-Created event triggers this workflow and Quotationis created by the method 'CEATEQUOTATION'
    <b>in End Users ID:</b>
    when the same process is carried out, Workflow is end up with an error as mentioned above.
    The errors are like:
    1) Object BUS2030 method CREATEQUOTATION cannot be executed
    2) Exception '1001' is not defined for method 'CREATEQUOTATION' object type
    I am totally confused why it is so happening, Executing in one users ID and not in the another User ID.
    Also please give me suggestions how to handle Exceptions for the BUS2030-CREATEQUOTATION method in the Workflow.
    Thanks & regards in advance.
    Any replys are rewarede

    Hi mike,
    I checked with SU53, the authorization object is missing for that user.  I need to check this still, if it works once object is assigned to that user.
    In workflow am getting the error like below, please suggest me on this:
    Exception 1001 is not defined for the method CREATEQUOTATION object type BUS2030.

  • Object CL_SWF_XI_MSG_BROKER method CALL_TRANSFORMATION cannot be executed

    Hi all,
    I am getting error in one of the BPM mapping steps.
    The error description is as below:
    Error handling for work item 000000013183
    Work item 000000013186: Object CL_SWF_XI_MSG_BROKER method CALL_TRANSFORMATION cannot be executed
    The mapping works fine for a set of data.
    But when the validations fail for another set of data it gives the above error.
    Please let me know if you have info on this error.
    Best regards,

    The scenario is File<->XI->IDoc.
    In BPM, we do validations & if the validation fails, the file is sent back to the Filerserver.
    The File format is a nested structure.
    The File format is as below:
       >Header record
       >Partner details
       >Partner details 
       >Trailer record
    <b>The mapping works fine for a set of data:</b>
    The mapping works fine if the File structure contains single record per structure/node.
    <b>But the validations fail for another set of data & it gives the above error:</b>
    But the mapping fails if the File structure is complex or nested structure. i.e., more than one record per structure.
    could you kindly suggest how to handle this error?
    best regards,

  • Need help with agent determination for release workflow

    I am trying to perform a release in the contract(FS-contract management) by using the framework for principle of dual control. When i create a contract, i get a message that says contract created, not yet released. But i am not able to get the work item in my inbox to release the contract. The SWI1 transaction shows 'no agent' for the triggered workflow. I am using the template WS50100021 as there is only one release step. By default there is a rule '50100017' given for the template. But in the customizing settings i have the section called 'assign rule to release steps'. Do i need to assign a rule here for agent determination. If so, what about the rule in the WS50100021 template? Which one should i use? I am able to execute the method 'release' of object BUSISB001 from SWO1 and release or reject the contract creation. But i am not able to get the workitem in my inbox in SBWP transaction

    Hi Suhas,
    The rule used in workflow template WS50100021 is a standard one. So try to find out that on what basis it is fetching the agents. It could be the case that the logic specified in the rule does not fulfill your requirement.
    The other reason could be that you have not specified the task as general. Please check if the agents tab is activated(green) in the task or not. If it is not you need to set the task as general.
    SOLUTION : if you want to get the workitem in your own SAP Inbox for testing purpose, you can set the WFINITIATOR as agent instead of that standard rule. This setting will send the workitem in your own SAP Inbox.

  • Error in Payment Release Workflow in the task Determine Subworkflow

    Hi Experts,
                      I am working on Payment release workflow WS00400012. When a document is posted I am getting an error in the task TS00407859 (Determine Subworkflow Release for Payment). Within this I found "SUBWFDETERMINE" is getting executed in this task I am getting an error. I did debug the method SUBWFDETERMINE from SWO1 there I am gettng an error "Error in workflow customizing" this is because the field SUBNR is initial. Can anybody tell me in the customizing where I am doing the mistake.
    Thank you.

    Hi Arghadip,
                         Thank You.
                         I checked out the table VBWF01 I found the subworkflow "WS00400011" in SUBNR field.would be there any other reasons why its getting error?
    Please suggest me.
    Thank you.

  • Idoc will trigger after purchase order release workflow

    Hi Workflow Guru,
    I have a requirement to configure Purchase Order release workflow. I am configure the same its working fine, but my client requirement is when the purchase order finaly release one IDOC will be trigger and the document will send to other system. We have  PI for Interface.
    I want to add new activity step in my workflow template to trigger a Idoc after final release.
    Please give me a idea , how to do this.
    Thanks in advance.

    Use the standard IDoc LOIPRO01. Have a look at program RCCLORD. use it in the method of the business object you are using.
    You'll need to configure the idocs and partner profiles as normal.
    Kiran Telur


    I am using the standard task 17900100 to allow a manager to 'edit' an adobe form (not just approve or reject). The issue below does not occur every time but sometimes there is an error in the workflow log. The error message is as follows:
    Object CL_HRASR00_WF_COMPONENTS method WI_EXECUTION_VIA_R3_INBOX cannot be executed.
    I can see in the log that the agent was selected correctly but the task has not been sent to the agent. When I use transaction SWPR to restart the workflow (without making any changes), it restarts just fine and the task is sent to the agent's UWL inbox.
    Does anyone know why I may be getting this error and how to prevent it? Could be related to a timing issue since it only occurs occassionally and not for every WF instance?

    Hi Derrick,
    Did you find any solution to this issue? I am also facing the same issue.
    I checked in application log SLG1 and the following error is logged:
    Person is already being processed by user 01CPxxxxxxxx. (message number PBAS_SERVICE001)
    However, this is happenning in some occassions but not everytime I execute 'Send' button in UWL workitem (Task TS33700021).

  • Workflow Objects and attachments

    I have a task type (Dialog), I need put one link to a some transaction. Some ona know what code can i use?

    first post workflow questions in the SAP Business Workflow
    Executing transactions is done by first finding the business object related to the transaction and then see if a method exists for changin in dialog
    for instance, BUS1001 methods display, edit, delete
    executing transactions who don't belong to a business object from workflow can be done with a task which uses method execute of business object TRDIR, you have to pass the progrm name .
    kind regards, Rob dielemans

  • Object synchronization method was called from an unsynchronized block of co

    I have installed DotNETWebControlConsumer_3.0_sp1
    in my machine I am very much new to Plumtree
    I am building the application in vs 2005 or .Net 2.0 environment and plumtree 6.0
    here is my web.config file code
    <add type="Com.Plumtree.Remote.Loader.TransformerProxy, Plumtree.WCLoader, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=d0e882dd51ca12c5" name="PTWCFilterHttpModule"/>
    and I get the error Object synchronization method was called from an unsynchronized block of code
    I just removed the html format for posting purpose i mean all the less than and greater than sign
    please I need it so badly

    Regarding your first issue (because it looks as if you removed the <httpModules> node from your web.config to move on from that issue), I changed 'Aqualogic.WCLoader' to 'Plumtree.WCLoader' in <httpModules ../>, added a reference to Plumtree.WCLoader in my project , then added another <add assembly="Plumtree.WCLoaderyadayada...> accordingly to the <assemblies> node in the web.config and then it worked. Well, almost, now I'm seeing a new error:
    [NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.]
    Com.Plumtree.Remote.Transformer.PTTransformer.HandleRequest(HttpContext ctx) in e:\buildroot\Release\wcfilter\3.0.x\filter\src\Com\Plumtree\Remote\Transformer\PTTransformer.cs:60
    Com.Plumtree.Remote.Transformer.PTTransformer.BeginRequestHandler(Object sender, EventArgs e) in e:\buildroot\Release\wcfilter\3.0.x\filter\src\Com\Plumtree\Remote\Transformer\PTTransformer.cs:54
    System.Web.SyncEventExecutionStep.System.Web.HttpApplication.IExecutionStep.Execute() +92
    System.Web.HttpApplication.ExecuteStep(IExecutionStep step, Boolean& completedSynchronously) +64
    Mine is a .net 2.0 portlet that will work if I don't try to use the WCC 3.0SP1 (by pulling the <httpModules> node. But then I'm guaranteed no inline refresh. I have no fix yet, but when I do, I'll post it. I've contacted Plumtree Support in the meantime because others must be having the same problem.
    p.s. Also using edk 5.3 signed, though I'm going to upgrade to 5.4 and see if that does anything.

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