PO,WO and OP

I am into technical,can you please tell me know Purchase orders,work order,operations are related and all related info about them.
Points will be awarded

Purchase order is for the purchase of materials u want to procure from a vendor.
Service orders/work order helps u in procuring the services from a vendor.

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  • A problem with Threads and loops.

    Hi, I have some code that needs to be constantly running, like while(true)
          //code here
    }However, the code just checks to see if the user has input anything (and then if the user has, it goes to do some other stuff) so I don't need it constantly running and hogging up 98% of the CPU. So I made my class (which has the method that needs to be looped, call it ClassA) implement Runnable. Then I just added the method which needed to be looped into the public void run()
    I have another class which creates an instance of the above class (call it ClassB), and the main(String[] args) is in there.
    public static void main(String[] args)
              ClassA test = new ClassA();
              Thread thread = new Thread(test.getInstanceOfClassA());
                           //I do not know what to put here
                   catch(InterruptedException iex)
         }However, the thread only calls run() once,(duh...) but I can't think of away to get it to run - sleep - run -sleep forever. Can someone help me?

    Hi, I have some code that needs to be constantly
    running, like while(true)
    //code here
    }However, the code just checks to see if the user has
    input anything (and then if the user has, it goes to
    do some other stuff) so I don't need it constantly
    running and hogging up 98% of the CPU. Where does the user input come from. Are you reading from an InputStream? If so, then your loop will be blocked anyway when reading from the InputStream until data is available. During that time, the loop will not consume processor cycles.
    public static void main(String[] args)
              ClassA test = new ClassA();
    Thread thread = new Thread(test.getInstanceOfClassA());I have never seen this idiom. If ClassA instanceof Runnable, you simply write new Thread(test).
    //I do not know what to put
    do not know what to put here
                   catch(InterruptedException iex)
         }However, the thread only calls run() once,(duh...)Yeah, why would you want to call it more than once given that you have an infinite loop in ClassA.run()?
    Java Text Crunching: http://www.ebi.ac.uk/Rebholz-srv/whatizit/software

  • A problem with Threads and MMapi

    I am tring to execute a class based on Game canvas.
    The problem begin when I try to Play both a MIDI tone and to run an infinit Thread loop.
    The MIDI tone "Stammers".
    How to over come the problem?
    Thanks in advance
    See Code example below:
    import java.io.IOException;
    import java.io.InputStream;
    import javax.microedition.lcdui.Graphics;
    import javax.microedition.lcdui.Image;
    import javax.microedition.lcdui.game.GameCanvas;
    import javax.microedition.media.Manager;
    import javax.microedition.media.MediaException;
    import javax.microedition.media.Player;
    public class MainScreenCanvas extends GameCanvas implements Runnable {
         private MainMIDlet parent;
         private boolean mTrucking = false;
         Image imgBackgound = null;
         int imgBackgoundX = 0, imgBackgoundY = 0;
         Player player;
         public MainScreenCanvas(MainMIDlet parent)
              this.parent = parent;
                   imgBackgound = Image.createImage("/images/area03_bkg0.png");
                   imgBackgoundX = this.getWidth() - imgBackgound.getWidth();
                   imgBackgoundY = this.getHeight() - imgBackgound.getHeight();
              catch(Exception e)
          * starts thread
         public void start()
              mTrucking = true;
              Thread t = new Thread(this);
          * stops thread
         public void stop()
              mTrucking = false;
         public void play()
                   InputStream is = getClass().getResourceAsStream("/sounds/scale.mid");
                   player = Manager.createPlayer(is, "audio/midi");
              catch(Exception e)
         public void run()
              Graphics g = getGraphics();
              while (true)
          * responsible for object movements
         private void tick()
          * response to key input
         private void input()
              int keyStates = getKeyStates();
              if ((keyStates & LEFT_PRESSED) != 0)
                   if (imgBackgoundX > 0)
                        imgBackgoundX = 0;
              if ((keyStates & RIGHT_PRESSED) != 0)
                   if (imgBackgoundX < this.getWidth() - imgBackgound.getWidth())
                        imgBackgoundX = this.getWidth() - imgBackgound.getWidth();
          * Responsible for the drawing
          * @param g
         private void render(Graphics g)
              g.drawImage(imgBackgound, imgBackgoundX, imgBackgoundY, Graphics.TOP | Graphics.LEFT);

    You can also try to provide a greater Priority to your player thread so that it gains the CPU time when ever it needs it and don't harm the playback.
    However a loop in a Thread and that to an infinite loop is one kind of very bad programming, 'cuz the loop eats up most of your CPU time which in turn adds up more delays of the execution of other tasks (just as in your case it is the playback). By witting codes bit efficiently and planning out the architectural execution flow of the app before start writing the code helps solve these kind of issues.
    You can go through [this simple tutorial|http://oreilly.com/catalog/expjava/excerpt/index.html] about Basics of Java and Threads to know more about threads.
    N.B. And yes there are more articles and tutorials available but much of them targets the Java SE / EE, but if you want to read them here is [another great one straight from SUN|http://java.sun.com/docs/books/tutorial/essential/concurrency/index.html] .
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  • Problem with Threads and a static variable

    I have a problem with the code below. I am yet to make sure that I understand the problem. Correct me if I am wrong please.
    Code functionality:
    A timer calls SetState every second. It sets the state and sets boolean variable "changed" to true. Then notifies a main process thread to check if the state changed to send a message.
    The problem as far I understand is:
    Assume the timer Thread calls SetState twice before the main process Thread runs. As a result, "changed" is set to true twice. However, since the main process is blocked twice during the two calls to SetState, when it runs it would have the two SetState timer threads blocked on its synchronized body. It will pass the first one, send the message and set "changed" to false since it was true. Now, it will pass the second thread, but here is the problem, "changed" is already set to false. As a result, it won't send the message even though it is supposed to.
    Would you please let me know if my understanding is correct? If so, what would you propose to resolve the problem? Should I call wait some other or should I notify in a different way?
    private static volatile boolean bChanged = false;
    private static Thread objMainProcess;
       protected static void Init(){
            objMainProcess = new Thread() {
                public void run() {
                    while( objMainProcess == Thread.currentThread() ) {
            objMainProcess.setDaemon( true );
        public static void initStatusTimer(){
            if(objTimer == null)
                 objTimer = new javax.swing.Timer( 1000, new java.awt.event.ActionListener(){
                    public void actionPerformed( java.awt.event.ActionEvent evt){
        private static void SetState(){
            if( objMainProcess == null ) return;
            synchronized( objMainProcess ) {
                bChanged = true;
                }catch( IllegalMonitorStateException e ) {}
        private static boolean GetState() {
            if( objMainProcess == null ) return false;
            synchronized( objMainProcess ) {
                if( bChanged) {
                    bChanged = false;
                    return true;
                try {
                }catch( InterruptedException e ) {}
                return false;

    Thanks DrClap for your reply. Everything you said is right. It is not easy to make them alternate since SetState() could be called from different places where the state could be anything else but a status message. Like a GREETING message for example. It is a handshaking message but not a status message.
    Again as you said, There is a reason I can't call sendMessage() inside setState().
    The only way I was able to do it is by having a counter of the number of notifies that have been called. Every time notify() is called a counter is incremented. Now instead of just checking if "changed" flag is true, I also check if notify counter is greater than zero. If both true, I send the message. If "changed" flag is false, I check again if the notify counter is greater than zero, I send the message. This way it works, but it is kind of a patch than a good design fix. I am yet to find a good solution.

  • Problem with Threads and "plase wait..."-Window

    Hi everyone,
    I have a problem that I'm not able to solve in any way... I have a time-consuming task (a file decryption) which I execute in a separate thread; I've used the SwingWorker class, like suggested by sun-tutorial, and it works right. The problem is that I have to wait that the decryption have finished before continuing with program-execution. Therefore I would like to display a "please wait"-window while the task runs. I've tryed all the possible ways I know but the problem is always the same: the waitWindow is displayed empty, the bounds are painted but the contents no; it's only painted when the decrypt-task has finished. Please help me, I have no more resources....
    decrypt-file code:
    public class DecryptFile {
      private String cryptedFileNameAndPath;
      private ByteArrayInputStream resultStream = null;
      // need for progress
      private int lengthOfTask;
      private int current = -1;
      private String statMessage;
      public DecryptFile(String encZipFileNameAndPath) {
        cryptedFileNameAndPath = encZipFileNameAndPath;
        //Compute length of task...
        // 0 for indeterminate
        lengthOfTask = 0;
      public ByteArrayInputStream getDecryptedInputStream() {
        return this.resultStream;
       * Called from ProgressBarDemo to start the task.
      public void go() {
        current = -1;
        final SwingWorker worker = new SwingWorker() {
          public Object construct() {
            return new ActualTask();
       * Called from ProgressBarDemo to find out how much work needs
       * to be done.
      public int getLengthOfTask() {
        return lengthOfTask;
       * Called from ProgressBarDemo to find out how much has been done.
      public int getCurrent() {
        return current;
      public void stop() {
        current = lengthOfTask;
       * Called from ProgressBarDemo to find out if the task has completed.
      public boolean done() {
        if (current >= lengthOfTask)
          return true;
          return false;
      public String getMessage() {
        return statMessage;
       * The actual long running task.  This runs in a SwingWorker thread.
      class ActualTask {
        ActualTask () {
          current = -1;
          statMessage = "";
          resultStream = AIUtil.getInputStreamFromEncZip(cryptedFileNameAndPath); //here the decryption happens
          current = 0;
          statMessage = "";
      }The code that calls decryption and displays waitWindow
          final WaitSplash wS = new WaitSplash("Please wait...");
          final DecryptFile cryptedTemplate = new DecryptFile (this.templateFile);
          while (! cryptedTemplate.done()) {
            try {
            } catch (Exception e) { }
          this.templateInputStream = cryptedTemplate.getDecryptedInputStream();
          wS.close();Thanks, thanks, thanks in advance!

    Maybe you can try setting the priority of the long-running thread to be lower? so that the UI will be more responsive...

  • Problem with threads and graphics

    I have a thread that chooses paths for a Travelling salesman problem, it then calls a TSPdraw class and passes it the path, which the class then draws. the problem is when i have two threads it creates two windows but only draws a path in one of them. any ideas where i`m going wrong

    Are you using swing components? Swing isn't threadsafe. If you have multiple threads that want to update your UI you need to use the SwingUtilities.invokeLater(...)or invokeAndWait(...). There is a page in the swing tutorial about this at: http://java.sun.com/docs/books/tutorial/uiswing/misc/threads.html

  • Problem with threads and ProgressMonitor

    Dear Friends:
    I have a little problem with a thread and a ProgressMonitor. I have a long time process that runs in a thread (the thread is in an separate class). The thread has a ProgressMonitor that works fine and shows the tasks progress.
    But I need deactivate the main class(the main class is the user interface) until the thread ends.
    I use something like this:
    LongTask myTask=new LongTask();
    Now, the main class waits for the task to end, but the progress monitor don`t works fine: it shows only the dialog but not the progress bar.
    What's wrong?

    Is the dialog a modal dialog? This can block other UI updates.
    In general, you should make sure that it isn't modal, and that your workThread has a fairly low priority so that the UI can do its updating

  • Problem with threads and/or memory

    I'm developing an application where there are 3 threads. One of them sends a request to the other, and if the 2nd can't answer it, it sends it to the 3rd (similar to CPU -> CACHE -> MEMORY). When i run the program with 1000-10.000 requests, no problem occurs. When i run it with 300.000-1.000.000 requests, it sometimes hangs. Is this a problem with the garbage collector, or should it be related to the threads mecanism.
    (note: eache thread is in execution using a finite state machine)

    i had been running the program inside Netbeans.
    Running the jar using the command line outside
    Netbeans i have no more problems... Does Netbeans use
    it's own JVM?Depends how you set it up, but look under the options. There are settings for the compiler and jvm that it uses.

  • Null And " "

    What is the difference between these two lines of codes?
    String currentFile = null;
    String currentFile = "";
    Edited by: AMARSHI on Jul 10, 2008 7:07 AM

    The reference variable itself, takes up the same amount of space, of course, as all references are the same size. Now, the object on the heap is a different story. With null there isn't one, of course (or if there is there is only one for the entire VM), and for the second a String object will be created in the String pool (once again, only one for the entire VM that every = "" assignment will use). But really, what difference does it make? If there is a difference, it is on the order of a few bytes (at max) for the entire VM, and if this is a concern, your probably doing something else greviously wrong. This miniscule difference should not concern you.
    Edit: And "nulling" variables to "save" memory is also not something you should be concerned with. Either the variable will go out of scope and the object garbage collected anyway, or it's in constant use and so will not be taking up any extraneous heap space. If one of those is not the case, you are, once again, doing something greviously wrong.

  • And/or if statement in rtf templates.

    Hi all,
    I'm using XML Publisher 4.5.
    I have created a word template file (rtf) for my reports. I need to be able to show some content in the template file by using and and/or if statement.
    fx. <?if:doc_type='STANDARD'?> OR <?if:doc_type='DEFAULT'?>
    How can I do this?
    In advance thank you.
    Best regards

    Hi D,
    Thank you for your answer.
    I have seriously thought about that solution; but I don't think it's a smart way to do it.
    If i do it like that, i need to copy the whole table and paste it inside the if statements.
    I have two xml elements that I need to make the decisions on. POH_PO_TYPE & CP_RELEASE_NUM.
    CP_RELEASE_NUM can be: '' or N
    THEN show table (which contains the whole PO).
    It shall show the content of the PO in any of these cases.
    BR Kenneth

  • I install window 8 and Unfortunatly all drive format. And all drive mix, now i have only 1 DRIVE C. I want Bit locker Drive's data Back

    Last sunday i install a window 8 and this window format my all drive & make it 1 drive (DRIVE C). Before all of this i have 5 drive in different size with 1 Bitlocker protect drive.
    So i try data recovery software to recover my data. i got back all my data without that ( bitlocker ) protected drive.
    so please guys help me how can i get back data from bitlocker protected drives.
    please please help me.

    I sorry for your experience, but there is no way to recovery the data encryped by BitLocker untill now.
    BitLocker is designed to make the encrypted drive unrecoverable without the required authentication. When in recovery mode, the user needs the recovery password or recovery key to unlock the encrypted drive. Therefore, we highly recommend
    that you store the recovery information in AD DS or in another safe location.
    Please refer to the link below for the statement:
    Roger Lu
    TechNet Community Support

  • Open and cancelled Quote Report

    Can anyone give me the information  for getting open and cancelled Quote Report?

    I hope you are using reason for rejection for cancelling quotations. If that is the case, you can use transaction VA25 to view the list of quotations. Here you can filter on two columns status and reason for rejection to view the report as per your requirement.

  • Cannot open and update IPhoto after upgrading to OXYosemite

    From the App store, I downloaded and installed OXYosemite. There are 2 more updates available: iPhoto and iMovie. When I try to upload them, the notice I get is "Update Unavailable with This Apple ID  This update is not available for this Apple ID either because it was bought by a different user or the item was refunded or cancelled."
    I have 2 apple IDs when I inquire about my ids. Signing in App Store with either of them, doesn't resolve the problem. I get the same notice. iTunes, Mac, mobile downloads, all use the same apple IP, only for the computer downloads from App Store isn't working.
    What should I do?
    Thanks, Sev

    I have the same problem and can't find out how to correct it.  Unable to update iPhoto or iMovie .. I get the same message as above user.  Help!

  • Timeouts and "cancelled" notifications...

    We are using the standard (unmodified) version of the iExpense workflows (11.5.5 on Windows, WF 2.6.1), and have a curious and annoying problem...
    1. User submits expense report
    2. "Approval Request" notification times-out (after 5 days)
    3. "No Response" e-mail notification sent back to original user.
    4. "No Response" notification times-out (after 7 days)
    5. NEW "No Response" e-mail notification generated, and sent to original user.
    6. OLD "No Response" notification cancelled automatically.
    7. "CANCELLED: No Response" e-mail notification immediately sent to original user.
    8. Same pair of notifications generated one week later (new "No Response", plus "CANCELLED: No Response" notification referring the previous week's notification), and again a week after that, and so on...
    This is maddening to our users who miss the first message, because (after that first week), they are getting PAIRS of messages every week (only seconds apart) that seem to say to them...
    Message #1: Hey, there's a problem!!
    Message #2: Oh, never mind, no problem at all.
    Has anyone else encountered this problem? How did you handle it? Any ideas?
    Thanks a bunch!! -- Tom
    [email protected]

    Hm. I've confirmed 2396373 is the patch number. Here are the steps I used to locate the patch on MetaLink:
    1) Click the Patches button on the MetaLink navigation menu.
    2) In the Patch Download page, enter 2396373 in the Patch Number field.
    3) Click Submit. This should display the platforms where the patch is available.
    Could you try one more time with these steps and see if you can access it this way?
    Thanks for the feedback.
    I searched MetaLink for both the specific patch number you gave, and also the phrase (description) you gave - with no results on either search. (???) Is this patch only visible by requesting it with a TAR, or by some other means?
    Please clarify, or double-check the patch number. Thanks a bunch!! -- Tom

  • Find open and close smart quotes

    Dear scripter,
    Here I am trying find whether all the open double smart quotes(") are closed with close double smart quotes("). Here is my small work to find how many open and close quotes.
    myopenqu=app.activeDocument.search("^{", false, false, "^{");
    myclosequ=app.activeDocument.search("^}", false, false, "^}");
    myopenqulength = myopenqu.length;
    myclosequlength = myclosequ.length;
    alert("Quotes not matched\n"+ myopenqulength +" Open quotes found\n" + myclosequlength +" Close quotes found")
    It works well, the script just alert if I have 25 open quotes and 23 close quotes
    Quotes not matched
    25 Open quotes found
    23 close quotes found
    Now I want to find the quote set where the 24,25th set close quotes are missing?
    Is there any way to find the misisng quotes
    Thanks in advance
    a r u l

    You'd have to look for unmatched quotes, in this case two cases of two open quotes without an intervening closed quote. This is difficult to script in CS2 because it doesn't have GREP natively and because of footnote problems. In CS3/4 it should be possible. But even then it will work only if you don't have quotes within quotes.


    could anybody tell me how to writ the code for scheduling the background job by using function modules JOB_OPEN and JOB_SUBMIT in my report program.
    this is not BDC program..it is just a normal report.
    Cheers & Thanks

    Use JOB_OPEN to indicate you want to create a background job. Use
    JOB_INSERT to define the steps in your background job and JOB_CLOSE to
    indicate that you have completed your definition of it.
    The parameters of these functions mimic the input requirements from
    SE37. If you look at their definition in SE11 the vast majority of these
    parameters are self-explanatory.
    Kind Regards

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  • Printing of To-dos

    Hi. I keep a simple list of to-dos in iCal and I want to print them out. They have no due dates. Now, the 'print preview' given in iCal's Print... dialogue box looks perfect. However, when I actually print it out I only get the 'Events & To-Dos" head

  • New features for IPhone 3.0?

    When the iphone 3.0 or 4.0 comes out "next" year, i hope it is solar powered and water proof. Why cant the iphone screen itself act as a solar cell that recharges the battery? If the iphone could do that, then it will truly change the world. Message

  • Reports parameter form - LOV

    I have a report that was developed in version 6i, I am presenting this report on the web, with a parameter form. Both fields on the parameter form have list of values associated with them. When I run the report, the fields display okay - with the dro

  • Jump Query Assignment Problem

    Hi all,      I have a problem with Jump query. I have Posting Date (variable of type range) in Source Query. Target Query has Invoice Date (variable of type range). Both Posting and Invoice dates variables are identical. In RSBBS setting in the assig

  • DAC not able to connect to Informatica services

    Hi All, I have an issue in connecting DAC with Informatica. In this scenario Informatica Server and DAC server in installed in Linux machine and Informatica Client and DAC client in Windows. I have given all configurations required. But DAC not able