Podcasts delete themselves while playing

Hi all-
There's one podcast to which I subscribe (KQRS Morning Show) which will randomly delete themselves from my 5S while they are playing, and I am forced to re-download them.  I do not sync them with my Mac, and this happens throughout the day while I'm away from my home.  This is irritating beyond belief.  Any thoughts or opinions would be most appreciated.  Thanks!

Go to the podcast page of the library on that computer and click the settings tab at the bottom. Check and see what the "Keep" option is set to.

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  • Why do my playlist delete themselves after playing though the whole list?

    just downloader the most recent Itunes update and after taking a whie to figure out that the shuffle was working i went to sleep with itunes playing. when i woke up itunes had stop playing and deleted the playlist i had playing. im ask why it did this how i can stop this and how i can have my playlist do what they did bfor witch was reshuffle the songs and continue playing.

    Try syncing using the manual method                
      Managing content manually on iPhone, iPad, and iPod

  • Torch 9800 Music player - Delete track while playing issue

    Hi there,
    I wonder if anyone can shed light on this issue: here's what i do
    1. Open Music Player
    2. start playing a track (in All Songs, shuffle mode)
    3. If I wish to delete this track I then open the slider keyboard
    4. Hit the [Del] key
    5. Select [Yes] to delete the track
    6. The track stops playing (obviously since it's deleted now)
    7. the player then skips to the next track (as expected)
    8. The screen displays the incorrect song details for the track that is NOW playing (other random track in my collection) on screen until I hit stop and then play again to display the correct song details.
    Anyone ANY ideas why this might be and whether it'll be fixed in any future updates... it's really frustrating

    Also, if you delete the track means available when playing another track - the name and picture of the current change to the name and image of the previous list, which should not be.
    I have XPERIA ZL

  • Podcasts automatically delete themselves???!!!!!

    HELP!!! Whenever I listen to/watch a podcast, the little blue dot that was next to them vanishes. Then when I update my iPod, the watched podcasts delete themselves from my iPod and computer!!!! Has this happened to anyone else? I also notice that when the podcasts delete themselves, I can't put them back on. How/why does this happen, and how can I fix it????
    PS, My iPod is an 80GB video and only 3 days old.

    Good for you, football_gurl90!
    I find it hilarious you first thought you were running iTunes on a Win ME machine. Coupled with your comment about unintelligent podpeople, I can only say -
    Happy podding to you, dear!
    Read the iTunes > help files.
    There's lots of 24x7 answers there!

  • Issue while playing the content of Azure Media Services after deleting the channel.

    We are having the issue while playing the content of Azure Media Services after deleting the channel.
    Please find detail scenarios below:
    We have done live streaming of an event using Azure Media Services, event was around 5-6 hrs. After completion of event channel was deleted, when we checked content data
    it was only 1hr. Content has only last 1 hr. recording, we are unable to get full recoding.
    We divided event into two parts to avoid above issue. After completion of 1st part which was of 2 hrs., we stopped the streaming and deleted the channel. New channel was
    created and streaming was started for 2<sup>nd</sup> part, after completion of event channel was deleted. Now we are unable to play the content data for 1st part but able to play the 2nd part of event through content publish URL.
    We have done streaming of 3 hrs. event on 18th April with same process and full recoding was available. 
    Can you let me know what might be the issue?

    Please refer to Justin’s blog and see if it helps:
    As suggested by Alex, please provide more information about your process of changing password.
    Here is an article for updating passwords on SharePoint 2010:
    Rebecca Tu
    TechNet Community Support

  • Itunes won't delete podcasts that I've played on my ipod, only itunes

    I have itunes setup to delete podcasts after its played and it works great. However, since I use my ipod more to play podcasts, I would also like Itunes to sync up with my ipod and delte podcasts that I've played on the ipod.
    Does anyone know how to set this up?

    Might be an authorization issue in iTunes. Try deauthorizing your computer through the Store menu at the top of iTunes and then authorizing it again. Once that is done try transferring purchases from the iPod Touch.

  • IPhone screen no longer turns off while playing podcasts

    Up until a few days ago my iPhone screen would turn off (go black) while I was playing back a podcast. When I wanted to stop or pause the podcast I would hit the Home button twice to bring up the controls. I must have inadvertantly changed a setting, because now while playing a podcast, the screen remains on the podcast screen and doesn't "go black". I listen to podcasts on speaker during my commute and I'm concerning having the screen on for so long will run down the battery. Is there a setting I can check into?
    Thank you.

    Hard reset-hold home and power button until it power cycles. If that doesn't fix it backup and restore. If that doesn't fix it restore as new. If that doesn't fix it take it in to Apple.

  • Played Podcasts, return as not played

    My iPod Touch has an annoying problem, I listen to podcast(s) they show up on the iPod as being watched. I turn it off (press and hold the on/off button).
    Turn it back on a later and the podcasts I have just watched / listened too are no marked as not been played, this is rather irritating feature of my iPod Touch and was wonder if any experience similar.
    Its not only just turning it off, that cases this if I sync to my computer it often does not mark Podcasts as being played thus, and will not delete them, and re-sync from iTunes so they reappear as not being played.
    I can end up listening to all my podcasts, then switching off or docking hoping it will erase the old Podcasts and sync a bunch of new unplayed podcasts that have ben download, but to my dismay it does download new podcasts but marks the played ones as unplayed.
    I have resulting in manually managing my Podcasts as iTunes ans iPod seem incapiable of managing it themselves.
    I am running the latest iPod update 1.1.4, I've restore to default settings and no joy.
    Any in a simiar boat?

    I am having this annoying problem also. I listen and some show as played others not. It seems to be especially bad if I turn off the iPod after listening. I have a long list of podcasts, and try to eliminate those I have listened to before syncing, which I do periodically. Has anyone found a solution or do I just have to remember the date and title of all podcasts I listen to when syncing. Having to create a playlist to continuously listen is also an annoyance, my iPod classic 40 did not have either of these problems, just a short charge battery. I don't watch movies on mine so I don't think that is the sole cause. I hope there have been some ideas on this since the original post was in March.Thanks

  • Podcasts deleting when syncing

    I am having a problem when trying to sync my ipod or iphone with itunes on my PC. Whenever I attempt to do so, podcasts will delete themselves from my hard-drive. The podcast still appears in itunes but there is an exclamation point by the podcast and no file linked to the podcast.
    Has anyone else had this problem? If so, do you know how to fix the problem?

    Don't know your situation, but iTUnes consider podcast played as soon as play has started. If set to sync unplayed episodes then partially played podcasts will be removed from ipod.
    I have found best settings for podcasts are for iTunes and iPod to be set to keep all episodes. Then delete the files yourself when done listening to them. Or play podcasts from playlist and manage contents of playlist.

  • Podcasts Delete even when "keep all episodes" checked. How to stop this??

    All- I have a problem with podcasts deleting after they are played. Unlike a lot of people that listen to podcasts regularly, I don't mind if they sit around a while. I want to delete them manually, when I want to.
    When right clicking on the podcasts I have the "do not auto-delete" on.
    In the SETTINGS page I have the EPISODES TO KEEP set to KEEP ALL EPISODES.
    My problem is that when I play a podcast it deletes immediately (although it will play). Even if I am playing one and press PAUSE, it won't even continue as it has been deleted and instead goes to the most recent episode downloaded (which will then be deleted as well.)
    It seems I have the two most obvious things CHECKED the correct way. What am I missing here.

    The short answer is "yes" you can stop Firefox from basing the folder on the site -- at least the last time I checked.
    This requires something a little special, which is to create a new preference. Here's how:
    (1) Select and copy the following:
    (2) In a new tab, type or paste '''about:config''' in the address bar and press Enter. Click the button promising to be careful.
    (3) Right-click any existing preference and choose New, then Boolean
    (4) In the dialog that pops up, paste the preference name you copied in step 1 and click OK. The next dialog should have false already selected (but if not, select false) then click OK.
    You're done. That should do it.

  • Podcasts rearrange themselves?

    I have iOS 8.1.2 and for some reason, with the native Podcast app, my podcasts seem to rearrange themselves.
    For a good few months, I listened to the same handful of podcasts, no issues. Recently, I subscribed to a couple more, and now whenever I go back into the app or if it refreshes, it puts those new podcasts at the top. I have put them in different spots multiple times (I prefer to have them arranged by frequency of episode publication), but they always go back to the top. I should add, they are not alphabetizing, and the podcasts I have been listening to for months stay in the order I've always had them.
    Anyone know how to fix this? It is driving me crazy and I kind of want to unsubscribe just so I don't have to deal with it anymore.

    Hi olwags,
    Happy New Year!  The resource below will show you how to adjust the settings for your podcast subscriptions and organize your podcasts using the My Stations feature.  Take a look at these options and see if resolves your issue of podcasts rearranging themselves.
    Podcasts app for iOS: Managing subscriptions - Apple Support
    There are two places you can change subscription settings for your podcasts.
    Default settings: From your Home screen, tap Settings and then Podcasts. These settings are shared by all of your podcast subscriptions. These are known as default podcast settings.
    Refresh Every: You can choose how often your iOS device checks for new episodes to your subscriptions. It's set to check every six hours by default.
    Limit Episodes: You can pick how many episodes you see for subscriptions.
    Download Episodes: The latest episodes of your podcasts will download automatically if your iOS device is connected to Wi-Fi.
    Delete Played Episodes: If this is turned on, episodes will delete 24 hours after you finish playing them.
    Use Cellular Data: If your iOS device has a cellular connection, you can allow downloads to use cellular data when Wi-Fi isn't available. This is off by default. Downloads using cellular data are limited to 100MB per episode. If an episode is larger than that, it won't start downloading until you're connected to Wi-Fi.
    Podcast-specific settings: The second place you'll find subscription settings is within the Podcasts app. Tap a podcast subscription under My Podcasts and pull down with one finger to reveal the settings buttons. These settings are unique to each subscription. If you don't change anything here, the podcast subscription will just use the default settings. If you do make changes to a specific subscription’s settings, they'll only apply to that podcast.
    Play: This setting lets you change the order in which a subscription plays. If you're listening to a news style podcast, you may want to set this to play the new episodes first. If the series is more episodic, you may prefer to play oldest to newest.
    Sort Order: This changes the sort order of episodes that appear for a podcast (not its playback order).
    Subscribed: When this is on, new episodes of this podcast will be marked as unplayed as they become available.
    Refresh Every: You can choose how often your iOS device checks for new episodes to your subscriptions. It's set to check every six hours by default.
    Limit Episodes: You can pick how many episodes you see for subscriptions.
    Download Episodes: The latest episodes of your podcasts will download automatically.
    Delete Played Episodes: If this is on, episodes will be deleted 24 hours after you finish playing them unless you've marked them as Saved.
    Inactive subscriptions
    If you do not play or access a subscription within 15 days, your subscription to that podcast will go inactive and you will no longer receive updates to it. As soon as you access the subscription again it will refresh. 
    Podcasts app for iOS: Organizing your podcasts with stations - Apple Support
    Podcasts app for iOS: Organizing your podcasts with stations
    Learn how to organize and group your podcasts in the Podcasts app for iOS by using stations.
    With the Podcasts app for iOS, you can organize your podcast episodes in three different ways in the My Stations portion of the app:
    Stations are like smart playlists. You can set up rules, and the station will automatically update with podcast episodes of your subscriptions that match.
    On-The-Go allows you to manually create a list of podcast episodes from any of your subscriptions.
    iTunes Playlists are playlists of your podcasts you can make on a Mac or PC with iTunes. You can then access these playlists on your iOS device.
    Create a station
    Tap My Stations. 
    Tap New Station.
    Give your new station a name and tap Save.
    Choose which subscriptions you want to be a part of the station. 
    Tap Done.
    After you set up a station, you can change its settings so that the station includes only a certain number of episodes, audio or video podcasts, or unplayed episodes. You can also set the playback order for a station and group them so that all episodes of one podcast play together.

  • 5th generation ipod freezes while playing music and syncing

    i have a 5th gen ipod.its about 3 years old.i had no problems with it until recently.while playing music or podcast the i have noticed that weird whirring noises come from the ipod.the music or podcast plays but the buttons dont work.like if i try to pause or go back to the menu.also the battery drains out.while playing a video it freezes.
    i have restored it several times.still the problem persists.
    restarting the ipod doesnt solve the problem as it freezes again.
    even removing the files that freeze doesnt solve the problem.please help

    For Mac computer
    1. Open the disk utility, hope your iPod appears there (left hand side), highlight it
    2. Go to Tab “Partition”, click either “Delete” or “Partition”, if fails, skip this step and go to 3
    3. Go to Tab “Erase” , choose Volume Format as “MAC OS Extended (Journaled), and click Erase, again if fails, skip it and go to 4
    4. Same as step 3, but open the “Security Options....” and choose “Zero Out Data” before click Erase. It will take 1 to 2 hours to complete.
    5. Eject your iPod and do a Reset
    6. Open the iTunes 7 and click “Restore”
    For Window computer
    Go to folder “My Computer”
    Hope you can see your iPod there and right click on the iPod
    Choose “Format”. Ensure the settings are at “Default” and that “Quick Format” is not checked
    Now select “Format”
    Eject your iPod and do a Reset
    Open the iTunes 7 and click “Restore”

  • Break in songs while playing, battery issues

    Hello, got an Ipod mini 4gb. while playing music i start to get breaks in sound or no sound all. I thought it might be the headphones however I have 3 of them and I have the same issue.
    The battery is another. I have charged the Ipod for more than 24 hrs, reset the ipod. The battery life is around 2 hours at max before I get the Low Battery indicator warning.
    Any suggestions?

    Hi salahipod, and Welcome to Discussions!
    Regarding the headphone issue, it could be one of two things. First, it could be a problem with the song files themselves, especially if the issue happens with the same song(s). If you suspect it only happens to songs from a certain CD, for example, try deleting and re-importing the troublesome CD(s). Second, it could be an issue with the headphone jack itself. Inspect the jack for damage, like something lodged in it or perhaps something that looks bent. Insert headphones - do they go in all the way? Do they seem loose, like there is extra wiggle room in the jack? If there appears to be a hardware issue with the iPod, it would be worthwhile to send it in to Apple if you are still under warranty.
    Regarding the battery, it sounds like it is reaching the end of its useful life. You may wish to look into having it replaced. If you are out of warranty, Apple will do this for $59 plus shipping. Third party companies also do this service, and many offer do-it-yourself kits. If you are interested in more information, please email me, as we are not allowed to discuss these options on the forums. My email address is in my profile - click my name to the left.


    I am an idiot. Strap in folks. If you only want the problem, not how I got there, skip to paragraph 3.
    I've been teaching myself html, php, css, etc... and I got in over my head when I tried to get safari to open a .php file saved locally (works fine when opened from server). I looked up why this was happening and I found people saying I needed to enable php and Apache. I did the steps to enable it but Safari would still only open a .php file as html code. This is no longer on my list of worries but is relevant to my problem.
    I was also learning at the time about myslq and learned that myslq and Apache work together so I decided why not, I'll download and install myslq while I'm at it. It turns out myslq didn't install correctly, so I was searching through forums and found that I needed to go into terminal and change some directories and such. Eventually I got myslq to start correctly after dinking in terminal (stupid). By now I realized this was way over my head so I wanted to get it off my computer. Well, I should have realized deleting things using terminal was extremely risky. I did it anyway, looking through more forums, learning about directories I needed to delete and how to delete them.
    Then I noticed my applications folder in the dock was displaying an app icon, not a folder icon. In fact, it's changing the app icon it displays every couple seconds. I open it up and when it expands it seems like I don't have all the apps that should be in there...Sure enough I open applications in a finder window and all apps starting with A-L have been deleted. I sit there astonished for a second and another application was deleted right in front of my face! I immediately shut down my computer.
    Did this begin, and I'm sure it did, when I was so foolishly deleting directories by copying and pasting directions on forums on how to delete mysql?
    I have since rebooted my computer and apps are no longer deleting themselves.
    I luckily have time machine so everything is backed up. Is it possible to just do a full restore of everything to a point in the day before I started all the myslq nonsense? If that is possible, would that change back all the terminal directories I may have deleted as well, or does TM not back those up? I'm clueless on what to do next. I don't just want to drag back the deleted apps one at a time, I want to get all of my mistakes off.
    Help! Let me know if I need to include anything, if there is a terminal history I can somehow put in here or something.

    drummer914 wrote:
    I tried to get safari to open a .php file saved locally (works fine when opened from server).
    PHP can only be run from a server.
    I looked up why this was happening and I found people saying I needed to enable php and Apache.
    I did the steps to enable it but Safari would still only open a .php file as html code.
    The only way to run PHP in Safari is through the address bar.
    I was also learning at the time about myslq
    Well, I should have realized deleting things using terminal was extremely risky. I did it anyway, looking through more forums, learning about directories I needed to delete and how to delete them.
    Which forums are those? Most of that information on the internet is out of date at best and often flat out wrong. In the future, it would be best to ask here on Apple Discussions.
    Did this begin, and I'm sure it did, when I was so foolishly deleting directories by copying and pasting directions on forums on how to delete mysql?
    No doubt. Don't feel too bad. I don't know of anyone who has used ever used UNIX and didn't delete their home directories at some point - or worse.
    I don't just want to drag back the deleted apps one at a time, I want to get all of my mistakes off.
    You can always boot from your install disk, use Disk Utility to erase your startup drive, then reinstall a factory-fresh OS. I do that every couple of years, when I get a new computer, or on a major OS upgrade. It helps to clean out a lot of junk.

  • Install files delete themselves

    Hi everyone I just bought a 2gig nano and i have windows xp.
    i tried installing with the cd it came with and everything looked fine, but then when i looked for the files there were none, no folders, nothing. i changed my install directory to my desktop so i could see if it even created them or not and i saw the "itunes" and other icons appear and then at the end of the installation they disappeared as if deleting themselves, and then i got the error saying the installation was interrupted.
    i have been working and searching for answers about this since yesterday but i havent seen anything similar, i also had the problem of it taking my cd-roms away but i can fix that later right now i'd just like to get itunes installed and working so i can use my ipod. i even tried downloading the itunes installer separately and it does the same thing.
    there is an "itunessetup.exe" icon on my desktop with the classic white square icon, and it says cannot delete because its in use but there are no itunes processes running at all.
    i tried booting in safe mode and nothing works there either.
    i will appreciate any help u have to offer!
    thank you for takin the time to read this

    well done dynobyke!
    for some alternate techniques with this one (especially if you've got XP Pro, see):
    iTunes for Windows installation quits with 1607 error, while publishing product information, or is interrupted
    love, b

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