Podcasts play in shuffle songs mode

Although each podcast is set to be skipped when iPod is in shuffle songs mode, they are still being played. What else can I do to make iPod ignore podcasts when playing music?

The key is keeping podcasts out of Music playlists. This requires using Playlist based synching for loading the iPod, and then making sure podcasts don't get loaded into those playlists.
If you use Smart Playlists, add qualifier "Podcast" "is" "false".
For manual playlists, you can verify it contains no podcasts by turning on the Search Bar (ctrl-shift-b) for each playlist, selecting "podcast" in the bar, and removing those entries from the playlist.

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  • Gapless Playback in Shuffle Songs Mode

    I looked for an answer but haven't had any luck so I apologize in advance if this has already been answered elsewhere.
    Is is possible for the gapless songs to play on a 5G iPod when you have the shuffle songs mode set to on? Even in iTunes if it is set to shuffle songs the gapless playback doesn't seem to work. I have tried the get info and set the album as gapless and everything. Any ideas would be appreciated.
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    Yeah, but shuffle albums may start off in the middle
    of an album and the song may be in the middle of 3-4
    continuous songs.
    Interesting, I thought if you shuffled albums it would start from the beginning of the album and play through. i have to admit, I've never played my music this way.
    As for your suggestion, what about Pink Floyd - Dark
    Side of the Moon?
    If gapless songs were kept together while Shuffle
    songs is on, you would hear some randon songs and
    then a whole album, then more random songs?
    Exactly, Dark Side of the Moon is meant to be played together but most albums have maybe two tracks that are designed for back to back playing. I was just hoping to have random songs play but for example, "Boston's Third Stage" album, "The Launch", and "Cool The Engines", are supposed to play together like one song. So in other words have songs shuffle but if they are intended to play back to back that would happen and then shuffle would resume until the next such tracks come up. Maybe I'm just asking for too much.

  • How to make the shuffle songs mode less "random"

    In the past, with previous versions of iTunes, I was able to find a settings page that would allow me to control just how "Random" shuffle mode was by asking iTunes to choose songs by the same artist, album, etc. more or less likely, and to pick higher rated songs more often. I know it is possible to do that with the "Party Shuffle" but I want to do this with any of my play lists. I HOPE the answer doesn't involve using the Genius Play List because I have a very strong dislike for that feature and have turned it off.

    Why oh why have they done this!
    That you for your help (and excuse me while I rant).
    If only I could revert to a previous version of iTunes. There are so many funky things with iTunes 8 that make it difficult and counter intuitive. In order to do a pale imitation of what I used to be able to do I have to make a new play list and open party shuffle, and select that playlist. Grrr.

  • How can i stop song with a cloud symbol from playing on shuffle mode on ipod touch

    I have just bought  a gen 5 ipod touch. I have songs with red cloud signs next them but I don't want these to play in shuffle mode? pls help cause most of them are xmas songs and it driving me nuts.

    Go to Settings>iTunes and App Store and turn Of Show All. Then if necessary delete the songs from the iPod by swiping left and right and tap the Delete button that appears,

  • Shuffling When Playing in Artist, Song, Genre or Album Mode

    Is there any way to shuffle songs when playing from the Artist, Song, Genre or Album modes? Or does shuffle only apply to playlists?
    Thanks for the help?

    Make sure your shuffle setting is set to songs. Then select any artist/album/genre, hit play and the songs within that category are shuffled.
    For instance, set shuffle to songs, select artist, select (say) The Beatles, select all, press play and all The Beatles songs are shuffled.

  • Songs are playing on shuffle mode when they are not supposed to

    I am using the latest version for Windows 10 and songs are playing on shuffle mode on their own. As a matter of fact, there is a song playing now that isn't even on the playlist that I am listening to 

    Was there some earlier version that you found worked better?-- maybe version 0.8.x-- or version 0.9.x?
    * Some earlier versions may have been easier to "debug" and force to work right for you? What has been your experience?

  • I have a ipod nano, and I bought a Bose portable sound system, when I put my ipod in the unit and play my songs in shuffle mode, it plays the same song over and over, how do I get it to play in shuffle mode?

    I have a ipod nano, and I purchased a Bose portable sound system to play my ipod on
    but it will not shuffle the music, it will play the same song over and over, until I hit the
    next song on the remote or do it manually. Does anybody have a solution?????

    Sounds like the repeat setting has been enabled.  See your iPod's User Guide for information on how to turn it off.

  • BUG: Play in order (songs and podcasts)

    I manually load my shuffle with podcasts and music. I set the play order while the shuffle is still connected to my Powerbook: I want my songs to be first, then the podcasts. Everything seems okay when I eject the shuffle.
    I reset the playlist (three quick clicks) expecting the first song in my playlist to begin playing. Instead the first podcast actually plays! Podcasts always play first in spite of my manual re-order of the playlist.
    Also, while I can re-order songs in my playlist, I cannot re-order podcasts. In other words, songs, which I can manually re-order, do not play until after the last podcast plays. I cannot change the play order of the podcasts!
    The reason I call this a bug is because iTunes allows me to manually drag selections around to re-order a playlist but, it does not actually transfer my changes to the shuffle.
    Am I missing something or, is this the way it's supposed to work?

    Podcasts play in something like the order they were downloaded. None of the sort columns will replicate that order, but it's in there, and there's no way to put podcasts into an iPod shuffle and have them play in any other order. Most frustrating.
    What's needed is a quick and simple way to prevent iTunes and/or the iPod from recognizing podcasts, and treat them instead like any other mp3. I tried some simple things like changing the genre label from "Podcast" to something else, and moving the file out of the "Podcasts" folder in iTunes Music, but neither did the trick. I unchecked the two options "skip when shuffling" and "remember place" in the podcast's Get Info Options tab, but that didn't work. The file is identified as a regular mp3 file with the standard .mp3 filename extension, so it's not a case of needing to convert it from some exotic .mp? variant.
    So it seems that whatever tags the file as a "podcast" is not accessible to the user in iTunes at least, unless someone can please prove me wrong. I haven't tried altering the Type/Creator codes for the podcast files in Finder -- anybody else tried that?
    One thing finally worked, but it's somewhat cumbersome. I used the excellent shareware application MP3Trimmer to "repair" the podcast mp3 file. What this does whether the file is actually "broken" or not is strip out all non-audio information and yield a pure, clean raw mp3 file with all other tags and info removed. I put this file into iTunes, and voila! It's no longer recognized as a podcast file, and can be sorted into playlists on the iPod just like any other normal mp3 file.
    Unfortunately, MP3Trimmer does not yet have a batch mode, which would be a huge help since the "cleaning" takes a while. But the MP3Trimmer developer, very friendly and helpful fellow, says that batch capability is at the top of his priority list and the next major update will have it. He updates the program pretty regularly, so I would guess that this should happen within the next few months -- maybe tomorrow for all I know!
    If anyone knows of any other mp3-editing software that can similarly strip an mp3 file down to pure audio, I'm sure it would serve just as well, and if it already has batch capability -- well, please let me know!
    Note that the MP3Trimmer solution has the advantage of not degrading the audio in any way. One could for example convert the podcast mp3 to a WAVE file and then back to an mp3 and most likely this would also succeed in removing any podcast identification from the file, but you'd suffer another audio fidelity loss in that additional conversion to mp3, and that's no good, is it?
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  • Can shuffle songs or random play be used with a playlist?

    After a playlist is on the ipod, can you play the songs in the playlist randomly or in shuffle mode? Haven't been able to find any info on this.

    Well... yes, this works, but for me, it's a bit less than ideal.
    I don't want to have to turn Shuffle on or off then navigate to the desired playlist.
    What I want is a sort of "Smart Shuffle Playlist" that will contain X number of songs that I put into it and will always play those X songs in random order. Other playlists (non-Smart Shuffle Playlists) would not be touched.
    Why? Some playlists would be an exact, fixed sequence of songs that I really prefer to listen to in a particular order. Other playlists would be a bunch of songs that would play in a random order every time.
    The current options are *so close* to this... but just not there.

  • Playing (in shuffle mode) unchecked albums when checked are synced to Iphon

    I have my IPhone synced to my Itunes Library but have way to many song than can fit on the Iphone in my library. So i manage them by checking and unchecking them whenever i want to change whats on my IPhone. However, When I am Listening to my Itunes Library in Album Shuffle Mode, It doesn't play the unchecked song/albums...Can i configure my itunes to play unchecked music?? or Can have a saved checked list to appy when i plug in the Iphone. Is there really any way not to have to check and uncheck hundreds of songs in order to listen to them but not overload the Iphone?

    I suggest creating an iTunes playlist or multiple playlists to be transferred to your iPhone.
    Place the songs in the playlist or playlists in iTunes. With a playlist selected in the iTunes source list, the number of songs and the storage space the songs take up is indicated at the bottom of the iTunes window.
    Under the Music tab for your iPhone sync preferences, choose selected playlists. Select the playlist or playlists in the window below followed by a sync.
    If you want to add additional music to your iPhone, add the music to the playlist or playlists selected to be transferred to your iPhone followed by a sync. To remove music from your iPhone, remove/delete the music from the playlist or playlists selected to be transferred to your iPhone followed by a sync.

  • Not all songs in an album played when shuffling them

    Ok, so I searched for info on this and can't find any questions that ask about the exact same issue...
    If I select an artist (multiple albums) or an album and try to play all their songs (or all the album's songs) in shuffle mode, if I try to start off by playing any song other than the first one in the list (ordered by track number), then they all won't play. I've tried both selecting the starting song, then hitting shuffle, as well as hitting shuffle, then selecting the starting song.
    When you turn on shuffle, what actually happens? Do the songs the "re-ordered" randomly every time you turn shuffle off then back on? If so, how do you get the song you have currently selected to be the first one in the list?

    I have experienced the same thing for months now and was in false belief that there was something wrong with my songs. iTunes should go through all songs and play them randomly. There is absolutely no excuse for this not to work properly. Repeat option is completely separated. It's purpose is to play songs indefinitely. It shouldn't be necessary to turn repeat on for iTunes to play all songs while shuffle is on.
    I will just never be able to comprehend how is it possible for people who make this software for years not to see this problem while they test the application (if they do that at all) and fix it. This is just ridiculous and pure nonsense.

  • My ipod shuffle only plays the first songs on the list.

    My ipod shuffle only plays the first songs on the list even though it has several more podcasts in it. it only plays a series of podcasts instead of all of them. My older shuffle never had this problem. How can I solve this?

    Your older shuffle, if 1st or 2nd gen, did not have the ability to play from multiple playlist.  It was essentially just ONE playlist that you loaded manually using iTunes.  A very simple device.  With the new shuffle, it works more like the "bigger" iPods and you can load more than one playlist (so it is more complex), but if you select a specific playlist (using VoiceOver), it works like the old shuffle.
    My ipod shuffle only plays the first songs on the list even though it has several more podcasts in it.
    That is probably because you are playing songs from the All Songs list, instead of choosing a specific playlist using VoiceOver.  Podcasts do not play from the All Songs list.
    it only plays a series of podcasts instead of all of them.
    If you use VoiceOver to select a podcast, it only plays episodes from that particular podcast.
    Here's what you can do, to make it work like your old shuffle.  Create a new regular playlist in iTunes, and name it something like "iPod Podcasts" or whatever you want.  Treat that new playlist like your old shuffle.  Manually add the podcast episodes you want on the shuffle, in the order you want to hear them, on that playlist.  NOTE:  You can adjust the playlist order after adding the podcast episodes.
    Select the shuffle in iTunes.  You see a row of "tabs" (buttons) starting with Summary.  Click Podcasts there.  This is the Podcasts tab, where you set up how iTunes syncs podcasts.  Check the box for Sync Podcasts.  Below that, since you have a playlist with the podcasts you want on the shuffle, you only need to go to the list under Include Episodes from Playlists and checkmark that iPod Podcasts playlist.
    When you click Apply, the episodes on that playlist sync to the shuffle.  Going forward, to update the podcasts on the shuffle, update that iPod Podcasts playlist (add and remove episodes) in iTunes.  Then, the next time you connect the shuffle, iTunes automatically updates the shuffle with the same changes.  If the shuffle is already connected, click the Sync button to update.
    When using the shuffle, set the shuffle's power switch to the play-in-order (middle) position.  Podcasts are skipped on playlists, if the power switch is set to shuffle.  Use VoiceOver to switch to that iPod Podcasts playlist.  The podcast episodes should play in playlist order.
    NOTE:  You can load songs in the same way.  Create an "iPod Songs" playlist in iTunes, with the songs you want on the shuffle.  Go to the shuffle's Music tab, and select that playlist.  And audiobooks on the Books tab.  You can load as many playlists as you want.  The big advantage of the new shuffle is that you can have different types of content and keep them organized on separate playlists.
    Here's information about VoiceOver, in case it is not already set up.

  • Play ends when song ends - Shuffle and Continuous Play not working

    I'm pretty sure I did not install an update prior to this starting. Since the problem began, however, I uninstalled iTunes and reinstalled to see if that would solve the problem and it did not.
    I typically play songs, on shuffle, from my main library. When I open iTunes shuffle is automatically selected and I click on the play button to choose a random song. Since this past thursday when I click the play button nothing happens. I have to manually choose a song to play. Once the song has ended iTunes does not choose another song (if on shuffle) nor does it play the proceeding song on the list (if on normal play). In order to play another song I have to choose another. Once that song ends I have to select another and so on.
    I have checked the settings and I don't see anything that could be effecting the way iTunes plays the songs.

    *Figured it out*
    Somehow, all of my songs where not checked....

  • I have an ipod touch 32gb. Model: MC008BT Version: 5.1.1. 3rd ed.   Recently when clicking play on any song the ipod will shuffle through as many songs as there are in the album or playlist until it reaches the end without playing any songs. It also does

    I have an ipod touch 32gb. Model: MC008BT Version: 5.1.1. 3rd ed.
    Recently when clicking play on any song the ipod will shuffle through as many songs as there are in the album or playlist until it reaches the end without playing any songs. It also does not go through each song. For example:
    a 62 song playlist. I start on song 16. Immediatly the song will shuffle: 16-26-54-62 and then back to the main screen. Also when the songs are shuffling the play button in the top right corner is on.
    Music will play if i start from track one with shuffle turned off and repeat turned on. But then i am limited each time to 1-5 songs.
    Ipod has been in excellent working order since this has happened.
    any suggestions on how to fix?

    - Reset the iOS device. Nothing will be lost
    Reset iOS device: Hold down the On/Off button and the Home button at the same time for at
    least ten seconds, until the Apple logo appears.
    - Unsync all music and resync
    - Reset all settings      
    Go to Settings > General > Reset and tap Reset All Settings.
    All your preferences and settings are reset. Information (such as contacts and calendars) and media (such as songs and videos) aren’t affected.
    - Restore from backup. See:                                 
    iOS: How to back up                                                                
    - Restore to factory settings/new iOS device.             

  • How do I change the settings on my ipod so that it plays continuous music.  Right now, it plays the same song over and over, even if I select the shuffle icon.  It used to show the continuous play icon, it doesn't anymore.

    How do I change the settings on my ipod so that it plays continuous music.  Right now, it plays the same song over and over, even if I select the shuffle icon.  It used to show the continuous play icon, it doesn't anymore.

    Right click on a movie(in iTunes), and click "get info" then go to album artwork and add the artwork that you want...

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