Poor one-sided ichat video quality

The video picture that I see when ichatting with my mom is awful (around 50%). It only happens when I ichat with her, and she sees me fine. Our audio is also fine. My connection doctor indicated that: her video quality was 50%,her bitrate was 300 & mine was 600. Her connection doctor indicated that her bitrate was 700 & mine was 600. (I think both frame rates in both of our panels ranged between 11-17.) We both have MacBook Airs. Any thoughts as to what's happening and how to remedy it would be greatly appreciated. She bought the MacBook Air just so that we could ichat.

On your mum's mac go to ichats prefs click on video and change bandwidth limit to 500, if still happens try 200.
Restart iChat.

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  • IChat Video Quality Low - Stumped

    Hi all,
    The basics of my problem is my Ichat video quality is very low.
    I have a 10mb connection and im in Tennessee, USA, the person im trying to reach has a 8mb connection and is in California, USA.
    When I chat with this person my connection doctor always says im getting a 150 to 300 bit rate. The video quality seems very low to me. Which I would think is super low for such a fast connection between our computers. It never goes above 300.
    I've read over many posts here on the forum and we have done the Set Quicktime to 1.5mb & Set my Ichat Video Prefs Limit to "None" and restarted, on both ends. Still limits at 300.
    I've also checked the connection speeds on both ends, via pings to various places around the net & across the country and hold down a decent to good 3.5 to 8.5mbs connection.
    A little system info:
    My Side:
    - G5 Dual 2.5GHZ
    - Isight (external Camera via Firewire port)
    - Airport Wireless Card
    - Airport Extreme (with DHCP on to route my multi machines wirelessly on the network)
    - Cable Modem - Plugs into Airport - up to 10mbs connection
    - iChat 3
    - OS X 10.4.8
    Other side:
    - Intel Imac (brand new)
    - Isight (built in)
    - Cable Modem direct - up to 8mbs connection
    - iChat 3
    - OS X 10.4.8
    It seems like there is something im overlooking.
    Please help as im a bit stumped on this one! :P
    - Guru Kismet

    I have 3 machines on the Airport network (though none of the others where being used during the testing).
    I connected my Cable modem directly to my G5 via Ethernet my speeds jumped! Then I discovered it was being caused by my Airport Extreme. Which loves to knock me off the network from time to time.
    In my Airport Extreme "wireless options" I changed the Multicast Rate and then clicked on "Enable interference robustness" my chat speeds jumped from 200k to 800k+. The quality of my video improved dramatically.
    After further testing with just one machine and then later restoring all machines back on the Airport Network, I found that there was some sort of interference from other wireless devices around the house, even the ones downstairs.
    I would suggest this for anyone having trouble with your Airport Extreme knocking you off the internet or network from time to time or if your Ichat speeds & quality are really low.
    Problem solved!
    Best wishes to all,
    Guru Kismet

  • Multi-Person iChat Video Quality

    I am using iChat with 2 other person (so a total of 3 people in the video conferencing). What we noticed is that the audio quality remains great. But as soon as the third person joins the video chat, the video quality decrease dramatically.
    Any one experience this problem?

    Thanks for the reply.
    Have you set the Quicktime setting, goto sys
    prefs/quicktime/streaming/streaming speed set what
    you get from your ISP go no higher then 1.5mbps(dont
    use automatic)
    I didn't know that Quicktime has anything to do with iChat. I will check that tonight.
    In ichats prefs click on video and change bandwidth
    limit to NONE.
    Alread set to NONE so this shouldn't be a problem.
    Also all of you do a speed test
    http://www.speedtest.net/ and tell us the up and
    download speeds are.
    I have done many similar tests and it is consistently rated as "excellent". I will need to do the test to find out the exact rate tonight when I am home.
    So, out of the 3 things, sound like the Quicktime setting is the only one that I have not done.

  • IChat video quality better with .Mac subscriber than with AIM?

    The quality of my video chats with one brother who also has a .Mac account is noticeably better than my chats with another brother, who uses iChat with an AIM account. I'm in the US, they are both in UK. All of us have almost identical iMacs. The one with the AIM account supposedly has a faster Internet connection. My question: is the video quality of iChat better if both users have .Mac accounts than if one has an AIM account?

    The Screen names make no difference.
    It is about a combination of Proccessor, Video card in iChat 4, internet Connection and settings and the amount of Bandwidth you get out of that connection.
    As Defcom (UK) has said start with those basic Settings.
    In iChat 3 and 2 the Quicktime setting when on Automatic is read as a 0 (zero) and this effectively Caps iChat.
    In iChat 4 the Automatic setting is seen as 384k which is the MINIMUM for a 4 way chat.
    As far as an Internet Connection goes this should be at Least 100k in both Up and Downloads.
    Due to some data stream management to cut down on Peer-to-Peer file Sharing it pays to limit iChat in the Video Section Bandwidth Limit section to slip under the Radar as it were. There are two main ISP doing this Comcast and Road Runner in the States.
    Verizon offer a FioS fibre service that is not that stable in speeds and jumps all over the place which is then too fast for iChat to keep up and that should use the cap in iChat Preferences as well.
    8:08 PM Friday; June 20, 2008

  • IChat Video Quality vs. Bandwidth FAQ?

    I have done some searching and have come across some video quality threads.
    Most of my Video Conferencing is done between my Macbook or iMac 24 across Time Warner cable to another iMac 20. All running OSX 10.4.9.
    It appears that the video quality will vary based on the upstream bandwidth availability. In my case I have 600-700kbps pretty consistently. This is pretty decent for a 1 person video conference. Not quite up to the standard I was hoping for but usable.
    What is not even usable is doing a multi-person Video conference. In this case two local machines on the same wireless network and one machine across Time Warner cable (we use the same provider). When I bring the second local machine, the conference splits out properly but the video in each widow (other than my preview) is so blurry that it is completely useless.
    I would be very curious as to the experience of others attempting to connect across the same service providers network. In this case we are connecting across Time Warner between Florida and Ohio. The performance should be rocking with at least 1MB upstream (I will have to check but I think I have 5MB up).
    The other thing that I was wondering is if there is some way to tweak the iChat Video settings to force it into a specific video quality mode (and possible deal with some dropouts).
    Sorry for the long post but I am hoping we can begin to compile information on bandwidth requirements and perfomance experienced with various service providers.

    Thanks, I did both tweaks and the really improved the 3 way conference.
    My speedtest is below and is on Bright House in Tampa. Note that the best that I achieve watching Connection doctor is in the 700 territors. I do tend to be able to deliver 20fps pretty consistently. But my bandwidth bounces around a lot. I am not a big fan of cable for quality and consistency.
    Verizon FIOS is moving into my area and I believe they will offer much better speed than Bright House and certainly more consistency. RF is simply a nightmare to maintain.

  • Terrible iChat video quality. What gives?

    My brother and I are trying to use iChat video. We both have an iMac, his is newer than mine, but we both have the same OS. On both ends the video quality is very poor and the audio is bad (hearing every other word). We both have high speed internet, I have cable he has DSL. We tried limiting the bandwidth to no avail. Any suggestions?

    Also both of you should open the Connection Doctor (iChat Video menu) during a chat and tell us what Speeds (Frame and Bit Rate) you see.
    You should get at least 15fps and have a speed in Bit rate of well over 100kbps (up to somewhere over 500kbps depending on your Internet speeds at both ends).
    200-300 is common. 500+ is not unusual.
    8:24 PM Tuesday; April 28, 2009

  • Improving iChat Video Quality

    Is there anything one can do to improve the video quality on iChat. The image looks great on Yahoo Messenger and Skype but it's really fuzzy, blurry, distorted, pixelated when using iChat.

    First have you set the Quicktime streaming setting, goto sys prefs/quicktime/streaming/streaming speed, set to 1.5mbps
    In ichats prefs click on video and change bandwidth limit to 500.
    Restart iChat.

  • IChat video quality inherantly suffers when over wireless EVDO aircard?

    I am just guessing. Is this true? Or just in our case? Our being myself and my girlfriend, who is the one with a cam. I am new to iChat but I am not receiving that 'full screen, perfect quality' image that I thought iChat was supposed to have. You see, my girlfriend has a Macbook with its own built-in camera, so I am sure that camera is up to iChat specifications. But, her internet connection is through Sprint's EVDO USB modem. For the techs here, she is using the pretty new Sierra 595U, and she gets EVDO speed where she is.
    Are there any iChat options she could tweak that would give her a higher bandwith output to me? SHe is not too technically inclined to discover this herself. Thanks!

    My experience with using Sprint EVDO Revision A is that, while up and down tested speeds may seem more than adequate, the quality of iChat video connections and Slingbox slinging isn't as good as with similar tested connection speeds generated via DSL or cable.
    I suspect this is due to greater latency and other factors associated with EVDO, including wild fluctuations in connection speeds. I assume your friend is making EVDO Rev A connections and not EVDO Rev 0 connections, which are inadequate for decent video connections.

  • Ichat Video Quality pixelated and very delayed with friend on a Dell

    I am on a Imac and have Airport express, but when I chat with my friend on a Dell, my video is pixelated and delayed. I talk with other friends on PC's and the quality is fine.

    Add me to this problem. My powerbook G4 (10.4.10) can initiate with a mini G4 with isight (10.5.2) and be perfect in sync with video and audio. But if the mini initiates the chat a very long delay happens between voice and video. I also have an Ibook with 10.4.11 and when chatting with PB G4 are perfect, this applies to an intel imac with 10.5 only, ichat works fine. I think Ichat got affected with 10.5.1 or 10.5.2. I did noticed that if I open QT pro and make a recording(on mini), the actual caption is delayed but play back is ok. I have been playing with the QT preferences but does not seem to work. I saw there is a new update 10.5.3, and it includes so ichats update. Will keep posting. Pedro PS this is all in my home network. TWCNYC with 9600 kbps download and 488 kbps upload.

  • IChat video quality problem

    hi guys. ive been using ichat recently. and its great. audio is good. No lag. video looks smooth... But that comes with a price. Whenever my friend makes a sudden movement. the video starts to distort for a few seconds. I've been reading that me and my friend should set our bandwidth at the same speed. However, this doesnt help. Im running on Leopard Aluminum Macbook 2009 model. Shes running on Snow Leopard Macbook Pro 2010 model.
    anyone else experiencing this?
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    At the Leopard end have you also set System Preferences > Quicktime > Streaming to 1.5Mbps
    In Leopard iChat reads the Quicktime Streaming speed and sets this as the Bandwidth.
    It does not read the Automatic Setting that well and iChat 4 makes iChat see this as only 384kbps
    If you have to change this restart iChat so it "Sees" the new speed.
    1.5Mbps may still cap some of your Internet Speed.
    However it is more than enough for iChat to Host 4 way Video chats.
    This can be seen in two ways:-
    1) At a basic level it gets the most out of your Connection that can be managed for iChat.
    2) With modern internet speeds, it caps everyone to with a narrow band of speed.
    What this then does it stops or rather smooths out variances in your connection speed which in turn helps the iChat Buffering.
    In iChat you can see you variances (and that of your Buddy) in the Connection Doctor (Video menu) during a chat.
    If your Upload speed is greater than 1.5Mbps then the Quicktime setting will be a limit.
    However a 5% variance of your speed of a max of 1.5Mbps in iChat 4 is likely to be significantly less than someone in iChat 5 with a 20Mbps Upload and download speed. iChat's buffering seems to cope with the variances of the 1.5Mbps setting.
    iChat 5 can only be capped within iChat itself, which is why I have suggested it.
    (it does not have the Quicktime setting). It gives a better chance for the iChat Buffering to cope.
    I mostly use use my G4 running OS 10.5.8 to do iChat.
    I have one Buddy with Mac Pro (therefore OS 10.6.4) and I must admit this iChat 4 to iChat 5 connection is the most unstable of all the cross version chat I have tried.
    One more thing that may help is more Light.
    The less light there is the less chance the camera has of producing a stable Video Stream even on an Intel.
    Window to one side or behind the person can make the face and hand difficult to pick out as the camera is trying to balance out the brightness behind the person.
    Night-time with low levels of front on light can be a problem as well.
    10:12 PM Wednesday; September 15, 2010
    Please, if posting Logs, do not post any Log info after the line "Binary Images for iChat"

  • Ichat video quality

    I currently have a iMac G5 w/isight connected to a airport express wich in turn is connected directly to a ethernet port of my isp (apartment complex)
    If i wire my imac into the socket through ethernet i can ichat with bitrates showing 2000kbps + (25 meg dl,5Ul connection)
    However if i do the same through the airport express i struggle to get 700kbps
    Now i realises 54mbps isnt what i am going to get and im not a n00b however surely i should get more than this through a 54g product?
    Also video begins to degrade over 5 mins or so till it averages around 300k per second something wich is way off what i should get.
    Any ideas?

    hi alan,
    i thought that as it was working (all be it not fast enough) the ports would have to be open?
    Just gone to http://www.auditmypc.com/internet-speed-test.asp
    and my speedtest came back with 8000 kbps down and 1000 up, this is faster if i go through a cable connection? any ideas or simple 54g bottleneck?

  • Very poor quality ichat video

    I am new to ichat and I have very poor quality video links with my family. One in CA and the other in TN both are on macs. They are both very fragmented and broken up. Also there is a huge delay in the audio. Please help....I can't see my new nephew. Thanks

    i am also having issues with my ichat video quality, and there is a delay on audio sometimes. i chat with my friend in philly; i am in brookyn, ny. sometimes the audio is in sync, and then sometimes we have a delay. but the video quality is so blurry on my end...i can barely see her. but her video of me is fine. my preview screen looks great, the connection doctor says everything is good.
    i'm not very good with macs tho and computer jargon. i need someone to help me, but who can walk me thru this stuff like im in first grade.

  • Macbook Pro to VIZIO LCD TV via HDMI Grainy Video Quality?

    So when I bought my MacBook Pro back in July 2010, I purchased an assortment of accessories to go with it including a special third-party Mini DisplayPort to HDMI Adapter device off of eBay. The HDMI Adapter device works mostly the way I expected it to. That is, the video and audio signal coming out of the MacBook is channeled into the LCD TV display properly so that I can see the computer video display on the LCD TV and sound is also coming out of the TV too.
    Just one minor annoyance: video quality. Actually, the picture is perfectly fine and beautiful, except for some reason I get weird video artifacts that are basically tiny specs that quickly fly across the screen very rapidly and they are all over the video display. Almost like the video signal is partially grainy or fuzzy or something.
    I've tried to Google to see if anyone has reported any similar problems, but no luck. I wish I knew exactly what device in this process is the culprit of this behavior; i.e. either the MacBook, the HDMI Adapter, the HDMI Cable, or the LCD TV (Vizio SV470XVT 47" 1080p 120Hz LCD HDTV).
    If anyone can help to possibly instruct me how to fix this problem or how to further diagnose the problem, I would greatly appreciate it.

    For a 2010+ MBP you can connect with a Displayport to HDMI, which will include Audio.
    With older MBP you will need a displayport to HDMI, if you want audio to the actually TV, then you will need to get a cable with either digital out from MBP to the HDMI, or USB audio mixed into the HDMI

  • Bad video quality over WiFi?

    iChat seems to be trying to out-think me by lowering iChat video quality when it's on WiFi, but using great video when I'm on ethernet. This seems silly, since I have great WiFi connectivity, but I can't seem to disable the behavior. Does anyone know how to disable iChat's WiFi preferences?
    More details:
    I'm on an 802.11g WiFi network through an AEBS with "full bars" and the quality looks terrible over Bonjour to someone else on the LAN (wired or wireless). As soon as I disable AirPort and plug in to wired Ethernet, making no other changes other than restarting iChat, the quality looks fantastic.
    My WiFi speed is always in the tens of megabits per second, with ping latencies below 1ms to the other clients, so it should be plenty fast.

    I have been using iChat exclusively over WiFi (Airport Extreme) from my iMac, and via Ethernet and WiFi from my Powerbook. I have not had any quality issues when connecting in this manner. Connections within my local network from WiFi to WiFi, as well as to outside connections over Broadband have all been of very good quality. Now if I can just get it all working again following the upgrade to Leopard 10.5.1.
    FYI: I have even used iChat AV on Tiger using DUN on my Treo650 (Sprint), which worked fine as well.

  • IChat - General quality

    I have been using iChat and Skype for the last 2 years. My Girlfriend lives in the states and we both have macs so life has been made much, much easier.
    To be honest, I have tended to favour Skype much more than iChat fo rthe simple reason that the sound quality has so so much better. iChat was ...ok. But Skype made you feel like you were in the same room. I assume that it is the same for everyone and not just us, so why has mac not been able (or willing) to have something of the same quality?
    Towards the end of last year we both aquired iSights. We couldn't always get them to work on Skype so we started using them with ichat with the audio muted and talking via skype.
    Both of us travel a lot due to work so a lot of the time we are in hotels and I know the internet connection can be a bit crappy, but even at home I have to say that I have always been a little bit dissapointed at the iChat video quality, but only because when I first saw it advertised the picture/video looked amazing. And I have never seen it come close. On the up side, I certainly am not complaing. Both services have kept us in touch like we never could have 5 years ago. And for free, too!
    On the subject of Skype, the quality over the 2 years I have been using it has deteriorated to an almost un-usable standard. The amount of users has more than doubled in that time and I also read that ISP's are now managing the flow of peer to peer users, slowing it down when they want to.
    Unfortunately I am not that knowledgable about these kind of things and so really don't know how it all works.
    Am I wrong to wish that apple could make a better way to comunicate?

    Wow, that was pretty cool. I had tried looking for something like that this afternoon but didn't have much luck.
    I'll have to do some research in order to learn what relevance my score has, but if you haven't clicked on the link, it was;
    Download - 949 kb/s
    Upload - 239 kb/s
    Latency: 103 ms
    Server: Dublin (to Manchester)
    Distance: 150 miles
    I'd already read some of the posts you guys have commented on this matter and I took the advice of setting streaming speeds and bandwidths. But it didn't have any effect.
    I apologise for keep mentioning (skype), but when it was good it certainly was good. Audio wise at least. I'm still curious as to why Mac haven't had anything that good yet. If however iChat and Skype are two completely different things then you'll have to excuse me for my ignorance.

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