POP UP IN BSP MVC-NO java script code

1.when ever I click on one Button in BSP application(MVC) ,One pop up should trigger with Yes or NO options.
2.If user selects Yes I need to proceed further.
I can do it through javascript code in page layout,AS I am doing changes in Standard application I do not want to change page layout .
But I am looking to trigger pop up from abap code ,because I can enhance the class and implement post exit to event handler methods.
BSP application name: HRRCF_ACT_PROC.
View Name: List.do
Event handler : Ondelete ( ).
Domain: erecruiting
I can create a new ZBSP apllication and view as yes or no options
But how to call that new BSP application as POP UP and sned back data to original application

1/In your BSP application YES /NO use this function identify computer name ***************************
  data: iRFCHOST type RFCHOST,
       oRFCHOST type RFCHOST.
      RFCIP                       = IRFCHOST
      RFCHOST                     = ORFCHOST
      OTHERS                      = 2.
  IF SY-SUBRC <> 0.
2/Save computer name and decison Yes/No to custom table *************************************
3/In you BSP aplication use function identify computer name(terminal name) and look to custom table for decision Yes/No
Note: It will work if user will not work with multiple seesion

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    Check this document  [Arun's Blog|http://wiki.sdn.sap.com/wiki/display/CRM/CRMWebClientUI-TalkingwithJava+Script]

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    This will be likely caused by the Minimal Download Strategy not registering the Javascript on the page reload. You can turn off the MDS feature to test this.
    You can either turn off MDS in your site, or register your Javascript functions with MDS to ensure they are called. To do this, you'll need all of your code to be wrapped in a javascript file (Embed this on the page using a <script> tag and
    inside that file in a function, which you then register with MDS as follows (I usually do this in the first line of the javascript file):-
    RegisterModuleInit("/SiteAssets/YourJavaScriptFile.js", NameOfYourFunction);
    Please ensure that you mark a question as Answered once you receive a satisfactory response. This helps people in future when searching and helps prevent the same questions being asked multiple times.

  • How to Include JAVA script code in SAP BI7 web Reporting?

    How to Include JAVA script code in SAP BI7 web Reporting?

    In nw2004s there is a new web item called "Script" web item which lets you add javascript code. When you add javascript code in this web item, you don't need the opening and closing <script> tags...
    Hope it Helps

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    i want to access java script variable in java code.
    Is it possible through any method or function?
    help me.

    Stick to your old thread.

  • How to write JSP code in Java Script Code

    Hello friends
    I have code like
    <script language="JavaScript">
    function f()
    (some code is here)
    Now i wants to put some JSP code in f()
    So can i do this ? IF yes then how ?
    (one solution may be make JSP function and call that JSP function from the f().So in that case how can i call JSP function from JavaScript??
    If other method is there then please mail me

    If it's a simple matter of mixing client-side code with server side code, it can be done so long as you're using the server-side to write the client-side.
    For example:
    <h1>Good Morning Mr. Phelps</h1>
    <input name=anybodyFunction type=text>
    <% if (userIsAdmin) { %>
    <input name=adminOnlyFunction type=text>
    <% } %>
    <h1>This browser will self-destruct in ...</h1>
    That's JSP (inside the <% %>) mixed with HTML.
    Javascript goes 100% on the client-side. If you're writing JSP with inter-mixed HTML, you might have to inter-mix the java-script.
    For example: Suppose you need to validate the form. "adminOnlyFunction", among others, is a mandatory field, and you want the Javascript to only submit the form if all mandatory fields are set. Well, if the user is NOT an administrator, then that field WILL be left blank.
    One way to handle that is with mixing JSP/HTML/Javascript on the SERVER side.
    <h1>Good Morning Mr. Phelps</h1>
    <input name=mandatory1 type=text>
    <input name=optional1 type=text>
    <% if (userIsAdmin) { %>
    <input name=adminOnlyFunction type=text>
    <% } %>
    <input name=submit type=button value=Submit onClick="checkit()">
    etc. etc.
    <script language=Javascript>
    function checkit() {
    var f = document.form;
    if (
    � � f.mandatory1.value == ""
    � � || f.mandatory1.value == ""
    � � || f.mandatory2.value == ""
    <% if (userIsAdmin) { %>
    � � || f.adminOnlyFunction.value == ""
    <% } %>
    � � � � ) {alert ("Hey! You left out a required field!!");}
    etc. etc. etc.
    I imagine THIS might be what is meant by "mixing JSP with Javascript", and in this particular fashion, it can be done. What you're doing is making decisions on the server side over what to write out to the client. That client code can make further decisions based on user input.
    However, once it's on the client side, you can not have anymore JSP code. The client NEVER runs JSP code.

  • Passing Value to Java Script Code in a BSP

    Hi Guys,
    In order to use BSP Extension in my BS i need to specify the "ID" for the field / Text area / Table i want to work with.
    Now these elements (Field / Text Area / Table) are created by SAP CRM automatically and i am not sure how i can get the name of the ID for such a element.
    I tried using FIREBUG in firefox to get this ID but the problem is that this ID changes dynamicaly and i cant hardcode it in my BSP application.
    Can anybody point help me taht how can i determine the ID dynamically at runtime and then use it in my BSP application.
    Thanks in advance.

           You can pass data from SAP to javascript in the following way. Suppose I have created an input field like
    <thtmlb:inputField id      = "IF1"
                       type    = "string"
                       visible = "false"
                       value   = "//mynode/myattr" />
    Note that I have bound the input field to a context node attribute. This is only necessary if you wish to access this field inside your controller methods.
    Now, you can access this input field in your javascript in the following way. Inside the script, setting th evalue or reading, whatever,
    document.all("<%= controller->component_id %>_IF1").value = "some text" ;
    Arun Prakash

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    This issue can be caused by an extension that isn't working properly.
    Start Firefox in <u>[[Safe Mode]]</u> to check if one of the extensions is causing the problem (switch to the DEFAULT theme: Firefox (Tools) > Add-ons > Appearance/Themes).
    *Don't make any changes on the Safe mode start window.

  • OBIEE variables in custom java script

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    Can I use OBIEE variables like presentation and session variables in my custom java script code that I am writing in text view on a dashboard page. Is it possible to do that. please me soon if somebody knows the solution to do that.
    Thanks in Advance

    Hi john
    Thanks for reply, I am able to generate javascript using text view on a dashboard page.
    But I want to access OBIEE variables in javascript. How I can do that in narrative view. Can u explain me or give me any link.

  • Page failure when attempting to save java script in html header

    Currently there is java script code for a function that is seeded in the html header of a forms page by apex when the form is generated. This code is for the chicken test for the DELETE button.
    The function works as designed, but if I try to "APPLY CHANGES" to the the page definition I get the The page cannot be displayed "Cannot find server or DNS Error". "the url is http://nldg-3.appl.devjones.com:7777/pls/apex/wwv_flow.accept" If I remove the script coding from the HTML header the page will save just fine, but of course no more java script.
    I need to add a java script function to the page and I am unable to do so at this time because of this issue. I can reproduce this error on any of the sample apps that I have loaded into apex.
    the Apache error log contains:
    [Fri Feb 13 06:11:06 2009] [error] [client] [ecid: 1234527066:,0] mod_plsql: /pls/apex/wwv_flow.accept HTTP-500 Error Reading Data from Client!!
    The Apache access gets: - APEX_PUBLIC_USER [13/Feb/2009:06:23:47 -0600] "POST /pls/apex/wwv_flow.accept HTTP/1.1" 500 653
    Apex is version and uses on iAS on a Linux server. The Database is 10g. The browser is IE 6.0.2900.2180.
    I have been developing for about 3 months in Apex and this is the first issue of this kind that I have run into. Any help will be greatly appreciated as I have no clue at this time.

    All the forms are created by Apex with a default function in the html header for a delete chicken test as follows:
    <scrpt language="JavaScript" type="text/javascript">
    Even though the function is already a part of the page, if I try to save it, it will fail. I will look into the "black list" a little deeper. I have asked around abit as I also had suspected that, but so far all the answers were that it should not be a problem. If I take out the "SCRIPT" word I can get the page to save, but of course the code is worthless at that point.

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