Populate Databse Table through RSCRM_BAPI in Process chain

I am using RSCRM_BAPI to extract a query output in a custom database table in BW 3.5. On the database table I have created a Data Source which will populate the end cube. I have to automate this flow through a Process Chain.
Please let me know, how can I call RSCRM_BAPI through ABAP in a process variant to load the database table.

Please go thorugh the below link:

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  • How can I insert the RSCRM_BAPI into Process chain?

    Dear all:
    Now I Use RSCRM_BAPI(RSCRM_REPORT) ,excute a query , Get the result in a table, I use this table as a datasource,and then next steps,upload data. all of this runs well.
    But  I want inset this process into a process chain. now I don't know how to do it.
    who can help me?

    Now I'm using RSCRM_BAPI in Process chains..
    1. I set the report name RSCRM_BAPI  and then in schedule I select EVENT there I given Event is
    'ZE_GR' and parameter is  'ZEP_GR'. and then I created a program and there I given Event and Parameter. And then I inserted this program in Process chain. And I scheduled the Process chain.
    You need to create the event in SM62
    EVENTID = 'ZE_GR'.
        I_EVENTID                    = EVENTID
        I_EVENTPARM                  = EVENTPARM
      BAD_EVENTID                  = 1
      EVENTID_DOES_NOT_EXIST       = 2
      EVENTID_MISSING              = 3
      RAISE_FAILED                 = 4
      OTHERS                       = 5
    IF SY-SUBRC <> 0.
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  • RSCRM_BAPI in Process Chain

    We are having a RSCRM_BAPI which extracts data from a report and push it to a table. We need to include this process in our process chain. We are running on BI 7.0.

    1. Execute query through RSCRM_BAPI transaction
    2. goto sm37 and copy the Jobname (the active one)
    3. Create following progromm
    *& Report /WST/RSCRM_START *
    parameter: l_bid TYPE sysuuid_c.
    CALL METHOD cl_rscrmbw_bapi=>exec_rep_in_batch
    i_barepid = l_bid
    4. Execute Programm and fill the Parameter with the Jobname
    5. Save as a new program variant and use in PC as a normal program

  • Process chain tables - how to find process chains

    I have an info cube; I want to know what are the process chains that are loading data into this info cube; how to find it using the tables? I want to know the specific rspc table to get this information

    RSPCCHAIN   Process chain details
    use this table ..

  • Execute process chain step based on value in a custom table

    I have a requirement where i need to execute a process chain step based in the value of a field in a custom table.
    e.g. If ztable-zflag = 'X' then execute next step else stop.
    I am trying to use the decision between multiple alternatives process type, but i guess we can only use formulas in it.
    Also, i created a custom method and called it through the badi RSAR_CONNECTOR, but the same isnt working as expected.
    Would appreciate inputs from the experts.

    Thank you for your response.
    I followed exactly what is written in the document. But when I execute the process chain with the Decision between Multiple Alternatives process type, it fails with an exception message.
    Below is what I have done:
    Below is the code that I entered in the method (Please note that ZPC_CONTROL is the table from which I need to check the value. This table contains 2 fields: Process Chain Name and Flag. My requirement is that when a particular process chain has the flag checked, then the process chain should move ahead):
    Below is the GET method:
    Finally, here is the formula that I have written in the Decision Between Multiple Alternatives process type:
    And the event is Option 2 (which I assume will move the process chain forward if the flag is checked for the process chain ‘TEMP_TEST’)
    Please note that the flag for process chain ‘TEMP_TEST’ is checked in the table ZPC_CONTROL.
    Below is the error in the process chain:
    Please let me know where am I going wrong here. Appreciate your help.

  • RSCRM_BAPI Query output in Process Chain

    I am using RSCRM_BAPI to get the query result into table and from this table i am extracting data into another infoprovider.
    Here i am planning to schedule this RSCRM_BAPI Execution in Process Chain,i don't have any option to include this in Process Chain.
    Can anybody help me regarding this issue

    Hi Madhu,
       I dont think option is available to include RSCRM_BAPI in Process Chain.
    Hope it Helps

  • How to find PSA table(/BIC/B00*) exist or not in Process chain?

    Hi Experts,
    Actually we are planning to delete the PSA data, for some of the PSA tables already created the process chains for clean up. for some off the tables we are developing new process chains. Now we I got the PSA Table name(/BIC/B00*) list from production. Now I want to know weather this PSA Table already exists in any of the process chain or not. Checking of the each PSA Table with all the process chains is taking much time, can I have any better option to find the process chains conatsins PSA table or not.
    Thanks in Advance,

    There are some list of tables provided in the following thread:
    process chain tables and tcodes
    hope it helps.

  • How to check the parent process chain of a meta chain

    Hello Friends,
    Recently I joined a new project, which is of environment BW 3.0. I am trying to find the dependent process chain's parent, but could'nt able to find them. I went through all the process chains manually to check whther the dependent process chain is mentioned in them, but could'nt find any......
    Can any of you help me to know how to find the parent process chain of a meta chain ?
    I really appreciate your time, will be awarding points to any answers.......

    Hello Radhan,
    thanks for your quick reply. I searched the table based on your advice, but i could'nt get the parent process chain's name. Can you throw some more ideas please..........

  • Data Manager Packeage and Process chain si not working

    Hi All,
    I executed a data manager package which contain a process chain to revaluate the one of my Account dimension meneber Say  "Revenue". I am working on BPC NW 7.0
    steps I followed:
    1. I created a script logic file and created a custom process chain.
        process chain steps:
      a) Start variant
      b) Modify dynamically
      c) Run Logic
      d) Or and Clear BPC tables
    2. This process chain was included in data manager package.
    3. Data manager package was modyfied to include parameters and scipt logic file name.
    4. executed data package
    The issue is " when I execute Data manager Package" I dont get any error but when I View status I dont see any pachage running or completed. If I see Process chain, It is failing at first step of Modify dynamically..no clue?
    Could you please let me know what could be a issue?

    I encounter this problem, Do this Steps:
    I. First,check if your process chain is existing in the Library.
    II.If yes,follow the steps below:
    1. Edata - organize Package - Modify your Package.
    2.Check if you had the correct process chain.
    3.IF yes, Click View package at its right side.
    4.Expand the Task Folder and take note of the Task Name (e.g. ZBPC_PROT_RUN_LOGIC)
    5.click Advance,Compare the task name that you noted in the syntax TASKS
    6. It should be the same.
    Running package but not appearing any status happens when the system cannot find your process chain.
    hope this helps,

  • Error while creating process chain for flat file loading

    Hi All,
    I had Created a process Chain to load Transactiion data(Full load) form flat file which is in my computer.
    start>Load>DTP>DeleteIndex>DTP loading CUBE--> Create Index
    but the system is throwing an error as "An upload from the client workstation in the background is not possible."
    I dont know why this error is coming?
    Can some one help me

    Hi Mamta,
    Basically if you want to load the DS through FF using process chain, the FF has to be placed in Application server. We cant load the FF when it is located in the client local workstation(FF On your PC).
    So better you remove the Infopackage step from the PC. Load the IP manually. Once it is completed you can start the process chain with the following steps:
    start>DTP>DeleteIndex>DTP loading CUBE> Create Index
    Hope it is clear & helpful!

  • How to reset an failed asynchron abap-process in a process-chain?

    Hi specialists,
    I've got a process-chain which triggers (as one of its steps) an abap-program.
    The program should run asychroniously, so the process-chain waits until the programm reports its ending.
    When the abap-program fails/crashes/dumps, then the endings is never reported and the process-chain gets stuck.
    If I try to re-run that process-chain, it fails again with the message "Variant XYZ still executing from previous run".
    What I already found so far is the following note:
    The process chain management will not know if your program terminates!
    Thus if you re-start the chain, this will also terminate, because the old run would not have finished yet. To avoid this, you need to manually set the process in the chain log view in the process monitor to terminate before you start again.
    My problem: I cannot find any possibility to set the process to "terminate" in the chain's log view.
    Could you please gimme a hint where I can find that option?
    Best regards,

    You can remove the process chain from scheduling before staring the process chain again.
    Also can edit the entries in RSPROCESSLOG table before running the process chain.
    Alternatively you can create a custom ABAP process type which handles the success as well as fail cases.
    Refer : [How To- Trigger subsequent processes in a Process Chain based on the Success or Failure of ABAP program|/people/balaji.venugopal/blog/2009/04/07/how-to-trigger-subsequent-processes-in-a-process-chain-based-on-the-success-or-failure-of-abap-program]
    Hope this helps,

  • Process Chain Red 'X', Exec Infopckg Yellow, Infopckg monitor/data correct

    Dear and respectable colleagues of the forum,
    I am experiencing a problem in a process chain when executing infopackages. The process chain has 6 "Execute infopackage" processes. Sometimes (1 of 4 attempts average) my process chain ended with red color with 'X' status in the Process Chain Display Log View.
    Reviewing within the chain Log, there is one of the "Execute infopackage" processes that appears in yellow color (it loads from direct update ODS to an infocube). However, revising the Logs for its corresponding Infopackage execution I found that it says that "Data successfully updated". Moreover, If I review the data loaded it seems to have been loaded correctly.
    Then, Why does the "Execute infopackage" process in PC finishes with yellow color if the Infopackage execution itself finishes correclty?
    To complete the whole scenario: I execute this process chain every night from an Abap program; the program has a Loop that traverses a table, and executes the process chain as many times as the quantity of rows in that table (table has 10 rows meaning offices). As you can understand, the chain is executed 10 times, and the error occurs in any of the 6 "Execute infopackage" processes indistinctly.
    I review ST22 and SM37 for all users for the datetime when the error occured butnothing bizarre was reported. It is left to review SM21.
    The following is the detail of messages.
    Logs for Execute Infopackage
       Data successfully updated
    Monitor of Infopackage
      Details Tab
         Requests (messages): Everything OK      
         Extraction (messages): Everything OK
         Transfer (IDocs and TRFC): Everything OK
         Processing (data packet): Everything OK
           Data Package 1 ( 45 Records ) : Everything OK
             Transfer Rules ( 45  -> 45  Records ) : No errors
             Update rules ( 45  -> 45  Records ) : No errors
             Update ( 45  new / 0 changed ) : No errors
             Processing end : No errors
         Process Chains : Errors occurred
           Llena cubos de carteras vtas sec por distrib - autom

    Dear s v desh,
    I am on SAP BW 3.5, I already checked the cube and it is green - all right.
    The message in the infopackage excution node in the process chain says (non-error):
      "Data successfully updated"
    The error message in process chain monitor (log) says:
    ......"Overall status: Error occurred: or: Missing messages
    ............Process Chains : Errors occurred"
    I just realized that there is no messages at all in the infopackage monitor (log).
    I have received a clue, someone asked me to review note 1396417, and I will.
    Juan Alonso Teevin

  • Process chain program variant will not change from yellow...

    I have a process chain that has two branches with 3 process chain variants on each leg in a parallel configuration.  The process chain variants run different program variants.  I am using variant object called "ABAP Program with Success/Failure " which can have a yellow, green, or red status and has status arrows that can be either red or green that connect to other process chain variants.  The program executed with these variants is a customized BPS UPC_BUNDLE_EXECUTE program.  When I run this PC the first variant on each leg usually hangs indefinitley on the yellow status.  In the Backg tab log (double click PC variant in Log View) I can see the various SQL code that was ran.  The last line of the log is an SQL-END:...  Sometimes it will get past the first 2 varaints and hang on the next set of 2.  Other times it will just hang on the last variant of one leg.  It is very sporadic.
    <b>What I have observed and tried:</b>
    If I check my SM51 for the server the chain is running on I can see that the program in question is not running.  If I run the same program through SE38 that runs via a PC variant it runs sucessfully in an appropriate amount of time.  If I kill the process that has been running indefinitley through SM51 the process chain variant will go from a yellow status to a red as expected.
    I changed they way I ran the programs from running in parallel in 2 legs to running all of them in one leg serially.  That did not work.  At least one program variant will hang on the yellow status.
    I replaced all the variants using "ABAP Program with Success/Failure" to "ABAP Program" which has a red/green status but no red or green arrows, but black coming out of the variant forcing it to move down the chain on a sucess or failure.  The process chain variants also hung in the yellow status using the "ABAP Program" variant. 
    I have tried starting the process chain using both "Direct Scheduling" with "Immediate" and "After Event."  I have also kicked it off using "Start Using Meta Chain or API" so it was functioning as a sub process chain. Programs were still yellow in every case without changing to red or green. 
    I created new process chain variants for every single program/variant that I am using.  Still no luck.
    I have tried removing the chain from the schedule and re-activating and re-running and still no luck. 
    Thanks in advance,
    Gary Martins


  • How to maintain the process chains in BI

        we need to create the process chains in BI.please can u have you can send the pdf for prcess chains.
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    Edited by: viswanath reddy on May 26, 2008 10:09 AM

    Hi Friend,
    Please go through this :
    [Re: process chain document;
    Hope it helps.
    Reward with Points if helpful.
    Hemant Khemani

  • Events in process chain.

    Plz can I get the steps for loading data to the infocube through infopackage using process chain thrice in a day? please give me any links about process chain management..
    would appreciate,
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      You can schedule your process chain to run 3 times a day.
       For example you want to run process chain at morning 6 A.M., 2 P.M. and night 10.P.M.
      right click on your start process -> maintain varient -> change selections -> date/time -> give todays date -> periodic selections -> here you can give 8 hrs, so that your chain will run 3 times a day. check and save. again save, come to process chain screen -> click on clock symbol to execute the chain. you can see a released job in SM37 which runs based on your selections.

Maybe you are looking for

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