Portege M900 cannot detect/read from DVD drive - Need help badly!

I have this problem with Portege M900. My laptop cannot read from the DVD drive.
Does any one has similar problem? Need help badly as I cannot play my game from the CD.

Test if the dvd drive is seated correctly in the compuer, I had a computer the dvd drive did not work until I removed one of the on back of the laptop (machine was a Toshiba different model) and then I was able to seat the dvd drive correctly.

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  • I Mac is not reading from DVD drive. Disk will insert, then some noises but after a few seconds, nothing.

    I Mac is not reading from DVD drive. Disk will insert, then some noises but after a few seconds, nothing. I am trying to install Broterh printer disks. Any ideas? I am on Mavericks.

    Reset the NVRAM/PRAM and Reset the SMC, then try again.

  • "disk cannot be read from or written to" -- help, please.

    this started in perhaps the last week or so - i tried updating my mini and it took ages. so i decided i would restore it instead, and as it was doing so, a message popped up and told me that the restore process could not take place because the "disk cannot be read from or written to". so then i went to the apple site and looked the problem up. i followed each troubleshooting instruction and still nothing worked.
    this morning i set up an appointment at my local genius bar, and my genius took one look at it, told me my ipod software needed to be updated, did so, and then handing it back to me told me it wouldn't be any more trouble.
    well, i got home maybe about 45mins ago and tried syncing my ipod, and bam - 13 songs in: "disk cannot be read from or written to".
    any suggestions would be fantastic. thank you.
    dell inspiron 5150 Windows XP
    dell inspiron 5150 Windows XP
    dell inspiron 5150   Windows XP  

    Everytime I try to sync my photos to iPad or my iPhone. The sync freezes for a whilie then comes back with "the disk cannot be read from or written to". I have already exported photo library from iPhoto and readded the photos.

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    I get this error  message and will not read or open my PDF files pissing me off Please read and why is this doing this and how
    do I fix this. Not happy!!
    My error messge I get. I need help badly to fox this !!
    Adobe reader could not open micro niche 14 Internet Marketing (1) zip because it is either not supported file type because the file
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    Michael Ladd and email is [removed]

    Adobe Reader cannot open ZIP files. It only opens PDF files.

  • Error: disc cannot be read from or written to

    i couldnt update my update my ipod!
    'disc cannot be read from or written to'
    PC   Windows XP  

    thanks for the link, i went to take a look at it and...
    software conflicts - i havent installed any new software /add-ons for a month now
    hardware update - my usb drivers are updated.
    im just guessing that itunes and the nano's v1.1.1 still has some glitches in terms of compatibility (?)
    Apple needs to cook up a fix and quick!

  • 2nd iPod in a row saying "Disk cannot be read from or written to." Help!

    My setup is as following:
    MacBook Pro 2.16 Ghz Intel Core Duo
    Mac OS X 10.5.2
    Lacie 250GB External Hard Drive attached via Firewire
    iPod Classic 160GB Black
    iTunes 7.6.2 - Library has about 16,000 songs
    Using the above setup, my 5th Generation iPod, my iPhone, and my iPod Nano all work just fine. My newly purchased iPod Classic however, refuses to work. Here is the story so far...
    I have all of my music on my external hard drive. On the external, there is a folder entitled "iTunes." Inside of that, there are 2 folders. One entitled "Album Artwork" and on entitled "iTunes Music." The music folder contains all of the actual AAC and Mp3 files that makeup my iTunes Library. The actual library data itself, the files entitled "iTunes Library" and "iTunes Library.xml" are on my computer HD, in User>Music>iTunes. Now, I dont know why the library file is on the computer when all the music is on the external, but maybe thats just the way that works.
    Anyway, I plugged in the new iPod Classic, it started to sync, and about 15 minutes in, I got a pop up box that said "iPod Sync failed. Disk cannot be read from or written to." So I did a few things to try to make it work. I reinstalled iTunes, I restored the iPod a few times. I set it to only sync music and not TV shows or Movies or Podcasts or Photos. I tried to sync it again. Nothing worked. So, thinking I had a bad iPod, I brought it to the store and swapped it out for a new one. Not a "new" one, but one from the back, so it was refurbished. I tried that. It still didn't work. So I called Apple tech support.
    Tech support had me set my iPod for Manual use, and then alphabetically import songs by artists. In other words, bring over all the "A" artists, followed by the "B" artists and so on...So I did that, I got to importing a few songs by Cyndi Lauper, and it got to one song, called "Shine" and the error message came up. So I figured, there it was, the corrupted file. So I deleted it from my computer, and proceeded to go on importing manually, just in case. Well I continued for a while, and at the end of the day, there were about 100 songs that would not copy over. These were songs that worked just fine when you played them through iTunes, and worked just fine on all my other iPods.
    So I manually transferred over all the songs that worked, which was about a 100 less than my full library. Along the way, instead of deleting the corrupted songs, I unchecked them. After I did the full manual transfer, I set up the iPod to an automatic sync, only syncing over songs that are checked, thinking the unchecked ones, the corrupted ones, would not even try to be transferred over and it work fine.
    I was wrong. With the sync, this time it stopped on a song that was not corrupted the first time around. Not knowing what to do, I ejected my iPod, and it wouldn't eject. It said "iPod appears to be corrupt, please click restore." So I did that, thinking this would finally fix it, since the computer realized the iPod was messed up. I was wrong again. It didn't do anything, it just made it so I could eject my iPod.
    So I'm now on my 2nd iPod classic. I've done what Tech Support has told me to do. Now I need help. Badly.

    I had similar problems, it was a nightmare and on a 3 month ipod too!. I use a Powerbook G4 at home and a G5 at work - both were returning the same problems. so I sent it off to apple, they quickly sent it back saying there was nothing wrong with and it didn't need to be repaired. I tried it again and the same problems occurred "disc cannot be written to or read from." I could copy 20 songs onto it at the very most. A couple of guys at my work suggested updating it on a PC, then adding tunes via my mac as normal - guess what!? it works a treat!?. How ridiculous is that!? an Apple product works best on a PC. these generations of ipods are obviously designed to work best on Intel based Macs. What is wrong Apple? are you abandoning the G-generation!? still, atleast my ipod works for now - it will prove a problem when I have to update the iPod's software since I don't own a PC or an intel-based Mac.

  • ITunes Library File Cannot be Saved. The Disk Cannot be Read From . . .

    I use a MacBook Pro with a healthy battery. My iTunes songs are on a USB drive. The Database and XML files are on my MacBook. Power went out in my house and the USB drive shut off. The MacBook stayed up and running. Power came back, powered on the USB drive, open iTunes, and bang: This sorry error: iTunes Library File Cannot be Saved. The Disk Cannot be Read From or Written to.
    The disks are healthy, did an fsck and ran disk verify/repair. No problems. Restart iTunes, same error. Obviously a corrupted Databse file. This wouldn't be a big deal if only the XML info would be useful and actually restore critical info such as play count and dates which is essential for the Not-So-Smart Playlist dependencies to work.
    This is the third time I've been burned with corrupted iTunes "Database" files. I use "Database" in quotes because a true Database wouldn't crap out like this. It would be recoverable. It would understand a simple SQL "Where" statement. It would have a maintenance script and some means for recoverable backup beyond the lame process of copying the XML file. Or it would at least read in the info the XML file.
    I am becoming disillusioned with iTunes and I'm beginning to yearn for my old Linux box running GTKPod which never failed me....

    OK, here's an update - After doing the restore as mentioned having everything seemingly work, I erroniously downloaded the iTunes 7.4 & 7.4.1 updates. Now, about 80% of library is non-responsive, ie: shows up in iTunes, but clicking to play does nothing at all. the other 20% of my library plays, but it's not the song it is supposed to be playing. For example, clicking on a song from say, ABBA prodes a wonderful Gorillaz track :-/ (The same Gorillaz track which will not play if I select it...)

  • IPod partially syncs & I get "Disk cannot be read from or written to"mssg.

    Here's my initial problem:I think I Blew It. Tried to move iTunes from OS (C:) to DATA (D:). First I now realize that I should have come here first. But I didn't. I basically copied all of my iTune files into DATA (D:) and deleted them from OS (C:). Now when I open iTunes nothing is there. I left a couple of folders that wouldn't transfer from (C:) to (D:). One is a temp file 2, another is iTunes Music Library XML. doc. My iTunes music folder is empty and my iTunes library folder is pretty much empty too. The folders in DATA (D:) still have my 30 GB of music. So I wonder if I can undo this fiasco?
    Here's where I am at today:Well I somehow got my library back. But I think I now have a couple copies of it on different drives. I configured the iTunes settings to feed off D drive but my problem now is I can't sync my ipod completely. I get the infamous "Disk cannot be read from or written to" when syncing iPod" message. I've tried restoring the ipod, creating a sync folder,checking and getting windows updates, and enabling the disc. I'm totally lost here.Please help all wise ones....

    Let me add the advice Polydorus gave me to get back library: http://discussions.apple.com/thread.jspa?threadID=1327455&tstart=0 You haven't give enough information to tell exactly what the problem is.
    Did you copy the iTunes folder to the d: drive, this folder contains the library databases and the iTunes Music folder.
    If you did that, you can try starting iTunes with the shift key held down, when asked to choose a library, navigate to the iTunes folder on the external drive and choose iTunes Library.itl.
    This only works if you copied the iTunes folder and you had a default arrangement with all your music files in the iTunes Muisc folder in the iTunes folder.
    If you didn't do that and you don't mind losing your counts, ratings and playlists you can do the following:
    I am going to assume that you still have your iTunes folder on the c:drive. Close iTunes and drag iTunes Library.itl and iTunes Music library.xml out of the iTunes folder to the desktop.
    Then open iTunes and an empty library is created, first go to Editit>>Preferences>>Advance>>Gneral and check that the location of the iTunes Music folder is correctly set, then add the iTunes Music folder to iTunes with File>>Add folder to library. If you have music in other folders, you add those too.
    Note that these two possibilities do not cover all eventualities, you will need to explain exactly what you did for further advice. POST NOTE: I basically drug the libray to the desktop and opened iTunes with the shift key held down, when asked to choose a library, I did and it came back.

  • 20gb iPod, error 1418, "disk cannot be read from or written to", and others

    I am having a series of serious issues with my 4th gen 20gb. I have tried restoring it several times, syncing if and when it restores, then restoring it again when it tells me "disk cannot be read from or written to". Sometimes when I try restoring it i get the "unknown error 1418" message, so I disconnect the iPod and try again; sometimes it restores, sometimes it doesn't. I have also tried plain resetting it (select+menu) and that either gives me the dead smiley ipod or a folder with an exclamation point.
    What can I do to salvage my beloved iPod?
    Thanks for any and all help.

    If a sad iPod icon or an exclamation point and folder icon appears on your iPod’s screen, or with sounds of clicking or HD whirring, it is usually the sign of a hard drive problem and you have the power to do something about it now. Your silver bullet of resolving your iPod issue – is to restore your iPod to factory settings.
    If you're having trouble, try these steps at different levels one at a time until the issue is resolved. These steps will often whip your iPod back into shape.
    Make sure you do all the following “TRYs”
    A. Try to wait 30 minutes while iPod is charging.
    B. Try another FireWire or USB through Dock Connector cable.
    C. Try another FireWire or USB port on your computer .
    D. Try to disconnect all devices from your computer's FireWire and USB ports.
    E. Try to download and install the latest version of iPod software and iTunes
    For old and other versions of iPod updater for window you can get here
    F. Try these five steps (known as the five Rs) and it would conquer most iPod issues.
    G. Try to put the iPod into Disk Mode if it fails to appear on the desktop
    If none of these steps address the issue, you may need to go to Intermediate level listed below in logical order. Check from the top of the lists to see if that is what keeping iPod from appearing on your computer in order for doing the Restore.
    Intermediate Level
    A. Try to connect your iPod with another computer with the iPod updater pre-installed.
    B. Still can’t see your iPod, put it in Disk Mode and connect with a computer, instead of doing a Restore on iPod Updater. Go and format the iPod instead.
    For Mac computer
    1. Open the disk utility, hope your iPod appears there (left hand side), highlight it
    2. Go to Tab “Partition”, click either “Delete” or “Partition”, if fails, skip this step and go to 3
    3. Go to Tab “Erase” , choose Volume Format as “MAC OS Extended (Journaled), and click Erase, again if fails, skip it and go to 4
    4. Same as step 3, but open the “Security Options....” and choose “Zero Out Data” before click Erase. It will take 1 to 2 hours to complete.
    5. Eject your iPod and do a Reset
    6. Open the iTunes 7 and click “Restore”
    For Window computer
    Go to folder “My Computer”
    Hope you can see your iPod there and right click on the iPod
    Choose “Format”. Ensure the settings are at “Default” and that “Quick Format” is not checked
    Now select “Format”
    Eject your iPod and do a Reset
    Open the iTunes 7 and click “Restore”
    In case you do not manage to do a “Format” on a window computer, try to use some 3rd party disk utility software, e.g.“HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool”.
    C. Windows users having trouble with their iPods should locate a Mac user. In many cases when an iPod won't show up on a PC that it will show up on the Mac. Then it can be restored. When the PC user returns to his computer the iPod will be recognized by the PC, reformatted for the PC, and usable again. By the way, it works in reverse too. A Mac user often can get his iPod back by connecting it to a PC and restoring it.
    a. It does not matter whether the format is completed or not, the key is to erase (or partly) the corrupted firmware files on the Hard Drive of the iPod. After that, when the iPod re-connected with a computer, it will be recognized as an fresh external hard drive, it will show up on the iTunes 7.
    b. It is not a difficult issue for a Mac user to find a window base computer, for a PC user, if they can’t find any Mac user, they can go to a nearest Apple Shop for a favor.
    c. You may need to switch around the PC and Mac, try to do several attempts between “Format” and “Restore”
    Advance Level
    A. Diagnostic mode solution
    If you have tried trouble shooting your iPod to no avail after all the steps above, chances are your iPod has a hardware problem. The iPod's built-in Diagnostic Mode is a quick and easy way to determine if you have a "bad" iPod.
    You need to restart your iPod before putting it into Diagnostic Mode. Check that your hold switch is off by sliding the switch away from the headphone jack. Toggle it on and off to be safe.
    Press and hold the following combination of buttons simultaneously for approximately 10 seconds to reset the iPod.
    iPod 1G to 3G: "Menu" and "Play/Pause"
    iPod 4G+ (includes Photo, Nano, Video, and Mini): "Menu" and "Select"
    The Apple logo will appear and you should feel the hard drive spinning up. Press and hold the following sequence of buttons:
    iPod 1G to 3G: "REW", "FFW" and "Select"
    iPod 4G+ (includes Photo, Nano, Video, and Mini): "Back" and "Select"
    You will hear an audible chirp sound (3G models and higher) and the Apple logo should appear backwards. You are now in Diagnostic Mode. Navigate the list of tests using "REW" and "FFW". The scroll wheel will not function while in diagnostic mode. For further details on Diagnostic mode can be found at http://www.methodshop.com/mp3/ipodsupport/diagnosticmode/
    Try to do the 5in1, HDD R/W and HDD scan tests. Some successful cases have been reported after the running the few tests under the Diagnostic mode. In case it does not work in your case, and the scan tests reports show some errors then it proves your iPod has a hardware problem and it needs a repairing service.
    B. Format your iPod with a start disk
    I have not tried this solution myself, I heard that there were few successful cases that the users managed to get their iPod (you must put your iPod in disk mode before connecting with a computer) mounted by the computer, which was booted by a system startup disk. For Mac, you can use the Disk Utility (on the Tiger OS system disk), for PC user, you can use the window OS system disk. Try to find a way to reformat your iPod, again it does not matter which format (FAT32, NTFS or HFS+) you choose, the key is to erase the corrupted system files on the iPod. Then eject your iPod and do a Reset to switch out from Disk Mode. Reboot your computer at the normal way, connect your iPod back with it, open the iPod updater, and hopefully your iPod will appear there for the Restore.
    If none of these steps address the issue, your iPod may need to be repaired.
    Consider setting up a mail-in repair for your iPod http://depot.info.apple.com/ipod/
    Or visit your local Apple Retail Store http://www.apple.com/retail/
    In case your iPod is no longer covered by the warranty and you want to find a second repairing company, you can try iPodResQ or ifixit at your own risk
    Just in case that you are at the following situation
    Your iPod warranty is expired
    You don’t want to pay any service charges
    You are prepared to buy a new one
    You can’t accept the re-sell value of your broken iPod
    Rather than leave your iPod as paper-weight or throw it away.
    You can try the following, but again, only do it as your last resort and at your own risk.
    Warning !!!! – It may or may not manage to solve your problem, and with a risk that you may further damage your iPod, which end up as an expensive paper weight or you need to pay more higher repairing cost. Therefore, please re-consider again whether you want to try the next level
    Last Resort Level
    1. . Disconnecting the Hard Drive and battery inside the iPod – Warning !! Your iPod warranty will be waived once you open the iPod.
    In Hong Kong there are some electronic shops offering an iPod service for Sad iPod, the first thing they do is to open up the iPod’s case and disconnecting the battery and the Hard Drive from the main board of the iPod. Wait for 5-10 minutes and reconnecting them back. The reason behind which I can think of is to do a fully reset of a processor of the iPod. In case you want do it itself and you believe that you are good on fixing the electronics devices and have experience to deal with small bits of electronic parts, then you can read the following of how to open the iPod case for battery and HDD replacement (with Quicktimes)
    2.Press the reset button on the Hard Drive inside the iPod – Suggestion from Kill8joy
    Have I tried these myself? No, I am afraid to do it myself as I am squeamish about tinkering inside electronic devices, I have few experiences that either I broke the parts (which are normally tiny or fragile) or failed to put the parts back to the main case. Therefore, I agree with suggestion to have it fixed by a Pro.
    2. Do a search on Google and some topics on this discussion forum about “Sad iPod”
    Exclamation point and folder and nothing else
    Exclamation point and folder and nothing else
    What should I do with my iPod? Send it or keep it?
    Strange error on iPod (probably death)
    Sad Face on iPod for no apparent reason
    Meeting the Sad iPod icon
    Sad faced iPod, but my computer won’t recognize it?
    iPod Photo: unhappy icon + warranty question
    4th Gen iPod Users - are we all having the same problem?
    Low Battery, and clicking sounds
    Sad faced iPod, but my computer won’t recognize it
    Sad iPod solution
    Re: try to restore ipod and it says "can't mount ipod"
    iPod making clicking noise and is frozen
    Cant put it into disk mode
    I think my iPod just died its final death
    Apple logo & monochrome battery stay
    My iPod ism’t resetting and isn’t being read by my computer
    I am not suggesting that you should follow as well, but just read them as your reference. You are the person to make the call.
    Finally, I read a fair comments from dwb, regarding of slapping the back of the iPod multiple times
    Quote “This has been discussed numerous times as a 'fix'. It does work, at least for a while. In fact I remember using the same basic trick to revive Seagate and Quantam drives back in the mid to late 1980's. Why these tiny hard drives go bad I don't know - could be the actuator gets stuck in place or misaligned. Could be the platter gets stuck or the motor gets stuck. 'Stiction' was a problem for drives back in the 80's. Unfortunately the fix can cause damage to the platter so we temporarily fix one problem by creating another. But I know of two instances where a little slap onto the table revived the iPods and they are still worked a year or more later.”UnQuote

  • "Disk cannot be read from or written to" when syncing 30GB iPod

    "Disk cannot be read from or written to" when syncing classic 30GB IPod.
    We have a few thousand songs and about 50 videos on the above ipod. Just yesterday, we received the "disk cannot be read from or written to" message when trying to sync and charge the ipod.
    Our software is up to date, and we restored the factory settings, to no avail. The ipod actually starts to sync, but after about 20 mins. we receive this message and only 103 songs and 21 videos have been synced. We have a second newer ipod with 80GB which syncs from the same itunes account with no problems.
    We recently added photos, so we tried to sync the 30GB ipdo without the photos, but still received the subject error message.
    Please help!

    Sounds like a hardware problem - a bad disk or, at the very least, bad sectors on the disk in the iPod.
    There probably is not much you can do. You can try putting the iPod into disk mode and check the drive using Windows:
    Open My Computer
    Right click the iPod
    Choose Properties
    Go to the Tools tab
    Click the Check now button
    Windows may or may not be able to salvage the drive. You do not say if you can still use the iPod without errors; there is the possibility that you will lose data on the iPod during the repair.

  • When syncing iToiuch I receive an error "disk cannot be read from or written to".

    When syncing iToiuch I receive an error "disk cannot be read from or written to". Sync fails at step 3 of 6.

    Sounds like a hardware problem - a bad disk or, at the very least, bad sectors on the disk in the iPod.
    There probably is not much you can do. You can try putting the iPod into disk mode and check the drive using Windows:
    Open My Computer
    Right click the iPod
    Choose Properties
    Go to the Tools tab
    Click the Check now button
    Windows may or may not be able to salvage the drive. You do not say if you can still use the iPod without errors; there is the possibility that you will lose data on the iPod during the repair.

  • ITunes will not load suddenly "the disk cannot be read from or written to"

    Something happened in the last couple of weeks that has crippled our devices and rendered itunes useless as well as drastically compromising the processor in our laptop. Prior to that I had been running iTunes 10 (version unknown) strictly with my iphone 4 with no issues at all.
    At one point my husband plugged in his ipod touch to charge (not sync). He got an error message that the device was not recognized and he closed out itunes and continued to charge the ipod. Upon my next attempt to sync my iphone, iTunes did not open upon plugging in my phone. I then disconnected the phone and tried to open it by double clicking the icon and received this error message:
    (paraphrased: itunes cannot open)
    "the disk cannot be read from or written to".
    The disk apparently in reference is the hard drive of our laptop as the iphone was not plugged in at that point. I have tried many complete uninstalls of itunes and reinstalls of version 10.2.1 64 bit to no avail, each time I attempt to open iTunes I get the same error message. Also beginning at this time our laptop started hanging up on startup, it now takes anywhere from 15 minutes to 1/2 hour to startup. When iTunes is installed I did remove it from starting with the startup programs and this has not had any effect. I have run full virus and malware scans and no problems were found. It was ridiculously hard to uninstall the program(s) and I noted the incons did not appear as "installed" programs- they always had int "in the box" icon. Please help, this is driving me nuts, we cannot use itunes or sync either of our devices at this point and now our laptop as a whole performs like crap (everything but itunes works but it gets hung up and runs sluggishly now).
    I have no idea if this is one of those notorious version 10.0 problems, we have a second nearly identical laptop (Acer Aspire 5336 running Win 7 64 bit and itunes with both devices and no problems. (issue is my library is on the Gateway so my phone wants me to restore and resync with the Acer which I don't want to do... plus now the Gateway is just not acting right, and it all started with the itunes problem.
    please help...thanks so much!!

    I wonder if the disk being referred to is actually your iPod which is not plugged in. Maybe something has stuck thinking the iPod should be there.
    Try completely removing all the iTunes related programs according to this method.
    Restart you PC and see if startup improves.
    If it doesn't improve you need to consider the possibility that there is something else going on.
    If The problem goes away, hopefully a fresh install will be OK.

  • HT4236 Syncing photos using iTunes in windows revealed this error message "iPad Jayvee cannot be synced because it cannot be read from or written to ." Please advise asap how to resolve the issue.  Thanks!

    Please advise how to resolve error message - cannot be synced because it cannot be read from or written to.

    Hello Janet,
    I would recommend this article named 'Disk cannot be read from or written to' when syncing iPod or 'Firmware update failure' error when updating or restoring iPod found here http://support.apple.com/kb/ht1207
    Outdated operating system software
    Make sure you have the latest updates for your operating system, which may include improvements for device connections. For example, many USB and FireWire improvements have been included in Windows Service Packs.Check for Mac OS X downloads. Check for Windows updates.
    Computer needs updates
    Make sure you have the latest updates available for your specific computer model (or components for home-built PCs). These are usually available for download on the support website for the maker of the PC (or component). Many USB updates are listed as "Intel chipset" or just "chipset" updates on PC manufacturer's support and download websites.
    Software interference
    Some software can interfere with iTunes, making it unable to write files to your iPod. Think about what software you have installed, and try disabling any add-ons that might be interfering with iTunes. Check your suspected software's documentation or contact the software maker if you need assistance with disabling the application. Out-of-date or incorrectly configured security software frequently causes this issue. See these steps for identifying and troubleshooting third-party security software.
    Damaged files
    If one of your music files or photos is damaged, iTunes may display one of these errors when transferring that file to the iPod. If you identify a file that is causing the error, try deleting that file and reimporting it from a backup file or from the original source. You may be able to repair files by repairing the disk (see the solutions in the next section).
    Unregistered .dll files (Windows)
    Malware or other software may cause an issue with the digital signing of Windows XP drivers. First try restoringthe iPod using the latest version of iTunes.. If you are unable to restore it or the symptom reappears, follow the steps in this document.
    Damaged disk structure
    These errors can also appear if the format of your computer's hard drive or your iPod disk is damaged.
    To repair your computer's hard disk—Mac OS X users, read this article for instructions. Windows users, search the Help system in Windows for chkdsk to get more information on checking and repairing the disk structure.
    To repair an iPod disk—Restore the iPod or iPod shuffle using the latest version of iTunes.
    Warning: Be sure to back up your data before restoring an iPod. The restore process cannot be undone. All of your songs and files will be deleted.
    Corrupt iPod photo Cache
    If you're getting the error when transferring photos to an iPod photo, try deleting the iPod photo Cache and then starting the photo sync again.
    Lost connection
    Make sure that the connections from your computer to the iPod are snug and do not wiggle or come loose during transfers. For example, if you use the wrong size dock for your iPod, it can put strain on the connectors and cause a bad connection. See these articles for more information:
    Learn about iPod Universal Dock
    iPod Dock: Specifications
    Conflict with third-party hardware
    Third-party USB or FireWire devices may also interfere with iTunes' ability to communicate with your iPod. Remove all USB and FireWire devices except the keyboard and mouse before reconnecting your iPod to the computer.
    Bad hardware
    Hardware failure or non-compliant hardware can cause these errors. This could be an issue with iPod hardware or with the cable or dock you're using, but more often it's an issue with the USB or FireWire card or interface in your computer. Some USB and FireWire interfaces just don't work very well. If you isolate the issue to the USB or FireWire interface in your computer, you may want to try a different port, get the computer serviced, or replace the card or interface with a better one.
    If you isolate the issue to an Apple-supplied cable or dock, or the iPod itself, you can get it serviced here.
    Take care,

  • Unable to Update - Disk cannot be read from or written too

    Every time i got to update the music library onto the IPOD it says "The ipod cannot be updated. The disk could not be read from or written to." I have the newest version of itunes installed and i believe the ipod is up to date. The ipod is recognized in itunes and as a removable drive in my computer. I read somewhere that said reinstalling the drivers for the ipod might help fix it but as i recieved it used, I don't have the disk that comes with the ipod... any suggestions?

    it's probably worth checking through the possibilities from this document:
    "Disk cannot be read from or written to" when syncing iPod or "Firmware update failure" error when updating or restoring iPod

  • My computer will not detect the CD/DVD Drive

    My computer will not detect the CD/DVD Drive. I am running Windows 7, Home Premium on a HP dv4-1430us

    Please try the following fix first:
    Hope this helps.
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