Positioning of text

I'd like to create a block of text on a blank page that is
centered both horizontally and vertically no matter what the size
of someone's screen or browser is. Is it possible to do this in

Here is one way to do it:
1. In the blank-page create a table: 1 row, 1 column, width
100%, border 0
2. Inside this (outside) table create another (inside) table
with your text-images: 1 row, 1 column, width your-width, border
3. Select the outside-table and go to the table properties,
set Hor. alignment to Center en Vert. alignment to Middle
Your inside-table is now centered in the outside-table.
4. In the menu choose: File, Actions, Edit Page Source in
External Application
5. Now in the external application remove the doctype
declaration at the absolute top of the source code
6. Select the outside-table and add
height="100%" to the table tag
7. Save the file
8. Go back to Contribute and Publish your page

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    Hi everyone,
    i'm new to dreamweaver and coding in general. i am making my first web page using photoshop and dreamweaver and it seems that so far i have made good progress on this but the problem is that i can't position the text where i want. see the picture below.
    this is the photoshop version and as you can see there are three different types of text in each box.
    now what i have done so far is that i have created a DIV for second box and a new style sheet called box2 and in this box2 i have add 3 different rules for each text format ( i don't know what i have done is right or now) and i can't use margin or anything else to move my text to right or down to position my text correctly. i would appreciate your help.
    <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8">
    <link href="../../My Documents/test site/test CSS.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css">
    <link href="box2.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css">
    <style type="text/css">
    body,td,th {
        color: #36C;
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          <td colspan="4" rowspan="2"><div id="box2">
            <p>     Connection  </p>
            <p>erwr  </p>
            <p>    werwre   ewr rr rer  e </p>
            <img src="images/spacer.gif" width="1" height="45" alt=""></td>
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    <!-- End ImageReady Slices -->
    #box2 {
        background-image: url(images/test_23.jpg);
        height: 111px;
        width: 281px;
    #box2 {
        font-family: "Lucida Console", Monaco, monospace;
        font-size: 16px;
        color: #36C;
        font-weight: bold;
        top: 0px;
    p {
        color: #FFF;
        font-size: 14px;
    #box2 p {
    please help if you can

    You need to use either padding or margin rules to move the text within the box.. no other way to do it really.
    You could use padding in #box p { } rule.  This rule would style any <p> (paragraph) tag in a box with the ID of Box.
    eg:  #box p {font-size: 12px; color: black, padding-top: 5px;}
    However, before going any further I have to warn you that you should never let an image editor create the html for you.  You need to learn how to slice up the PShop comp and build the page in Dreamweaver yourself.
    Image-ready has created a very fragile code base.. here are the reasons why not to use an image editor to write your html:
    The code you provided shows no use of a Doctype at the top of your code - a DTD is need to ensure that your page is rendered as it should in all browsers.  Without a DTD the page will render in quirks mode in non-compliant browsers and not render correctly.  Usually this happened with very early versions of Dreamweaver, what version are you using?
    Reference:   http://www.alistapart.com/articles/doctype/
    These tutorials may help you move forward with using Dreamweaver - You really should learn basic html and css - once you do,, working with Dreamweaver will be much easier.
    Creating your first website (series)
    http://help.adobe.com/en_US/Dreamweaver/10.0_Using/WS42d4a1c0291fbe4e59147ede1232ff9686c-8 000.html

  • Indent /tab position for text from INCLUDE texts in SAPscript

    Hi, ABAP colleagues!
    Need your help on this sapscript problem:  How to align texts taken from "INCLUDE TEXT" in SAPscript, according to tab defined in Paragraph Format?
    Or, how to control tab positions for texts which were extracted from “INCLUDE text” commands in SAPscript?
    I defined a paragraph format with tab stop at 8 CH so that with 2 commas (,,) my text will be displayed there.  However it always appears to the left (e.g. 1st column) and not indented at the proper column for description/text (e.g. which is in second column). 
    Pls help, bec a different heading and information is not acceptable to client for the Thailand characters. 
    Above is the description of the problem.  Below are some technical details.
    For specific example, I am editing Zversion of standard sap MM form MEDRUCK Window Main -  Text Element Item Text.
    So far, tried these approaches:
    LANGUAGE '2'
    THANGSAN font
    Any ideas?
    Thank you so much in advance for all your help. Our project team will really appreciate it. May the Lord bless you as we go through our SAP work!

    Hello Caleste,
    Please let me know what settings you have done to solve this issue.
    Help me with steps for Spool Request/Print settings.

  • Positioning dynamic text in SAP Script windows

    HI all,
    Is there any control command to position DYNAMIC text that comes from a variable into a window...
    Chandra Sekhar

    Hi chandra,
    You can move the text into one variable in the print
    program and in the layout form call this as

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    i am using PDFTextStripper class in pdfBox jar to get the content as whole.
    pls send some sample code
    pls help me
    Edited by: thomas00 on Sep 21, 2007 2:55 AM
    Edited by: thomas00 on Sep 21, 2007 3:08 AM

    pls any one reply

  • Set cursor(caret) position in text field

    Hello !
    I have a <input type=text...> on a JSP Page with a default value...
    I want this: when the input get focus, it "sends" the cursor to the last position, so the user can continue the default value...
    setCaretPosition didn�t work...
    Any help???
    The better thing I did is to select the entire text, but when the user types something, the default text will be replaced... :(
    Any help?

    I have a <input type=text...> on a JSP Page with a default value...
    I want this: when the input get focus, it "sends" the cursor to the last position, so the user can
    continue the default value..If this JSP page of yours is being run out of a browser, onFocus, the cursor (or Caret) will be positioned at the top left in NN and at the bottom right in IE. There is no getting around this.

  • How do I change position of text?

    I double clicked and I'm trying to move the circle, but it doesn't seem to move. I'm texting it out with a sample video and position just won't budge no matter how many times I try to move the circle.
    Here is my problem in video:

    Nevermind, solved my own problem! Turns out its a Lion/Mountain Lion bug.
    Solution Thread:

  • SAPScript: Positioning A Text

    Dear All,
    Is there any way to set the position of a text ?
    Something like ..drawing boxes, we use
    I am doing a table print out by drawing boxes, and the text is positioned by using  ",," and space,   ,,, ... kind of  troublesome...
    Thank you ....

    No. I think it is not possible.
    U can do with the help of TABS in paragraph format.
    Please go through this documnetaiion:

  • Cursor Position in text item - almost there

    Searching the forum I found a post relating to the same problem I am facing but still without solution. The text was :
    "Q:Does anyone know of a way to add a value from a LOV into a text editor, inserting the value at the current cursor position (ie. possibility in the middle of lines of text)."
    Mr. Duncan Mills replied the following but it didn't worked:
    "1) Set Keep Cursor position on in the text field
    2) Have the LOV return into a "working field" possibly hidden
    3) Aftre the LOV has returned a value do a Go_ITEM to the working feild and issue SELECT_ALL; COPY_REGION;
    4) GO_ITEM back to the text Field (the cursor should return to where you left it) and PASTE_REGION."
    I was trying this and I finally found solution just changing "paste_region" to "win_api_shell.sendkeys(whnd,'^V',FALSE)". It's working, but I am getting the message FRM-41008 - Undefined function key.
    How can I disable this message ? (I tried to set :system.message_level to 25 but it didn't work).

    You can trap error messages like that in a Re: Error Trapping

  • Honrizontal position for text...?

    In SmartForms, I would like to put a text in horizontal position (like we can do with the new bar code version in SmartForms) but I can't...
    Can somebody tell me if it's possible ?
    Can I need a special vertical font?
    >>I try to find a special vertical font on the web but nothing really intersting...
    Thanks for you help,

    Hi Pasc,
                 Use <b>smartstyles</b> for fonts in smartforms.
    Tcode for creating smartstyle is <b>SMARTSTYLES</b>
    create a  Secondary window. create text in window and write whatever u want.
    Reward points if helpful.

  • How to lock the position of text in XML RTF

    Hi Experts,
    I am working in XML Publisher reports. I am working on invoice report, i have following issue.
    <?for-each:headergroup?> --header
    <?header-data1?> <?header-data2?>
    --inside table
    <?for-each:linegroup?> --lines
    <?line-data1?> <?line_data2?>
    <?end for-each?> --lines
    --end of table
    <?end for-each?> --header
    **My requirement is, if i get more line data, it will push the <?Total?> to next page, but i want to fix the position of <?Total?> at same place. if line data is more, just lines should go to next page,but <?Total?> should be in the same position.**
    Kindly help.
    Thanks in advance.

    Thanks for your reply. Actually my requirement is, i have 2 page template.
    <?for-each:headergroup?> --header
    <?header-data1?> <?header-data2?>
    --inside table
    <?for-each:linegroup?> --lines
    <?line-data1?> <?line_data2?>
    <?end for-each?> --lines
    --end of table
    <?end for-each?> --header
    Output Using above RTF:
    header-data1 header-data2
    line-data1 line-data2
    page 3
    header-data1 header-data2
    line-data1 line-data2
    page 4:
    After each header and line info, it will print Description.
    Till now it's perfect.
    Requirement: In first page, i need to have a footer, no footer in second page.
    For this, i put a section break in page1, now there is no footer in page2.
    But the output is coming like below.
    header-data1 header-data2
    line-data1 line-data2
    header-data1 header-data2
    line-data1 line-data2
    header-data1 header-data2
    line-data1 line-data2
    After keeping section break, it's not printing the DESCRIPTION after header and line info page.
    Could somebody help me, how to achieve the DESCRIPTION after header and line info with no footer on second page.
    Kindly help.
    Thanks in advance.

  • Mouse position over text frame

    Is it possible to work out the insertion point in a text frame by having just the mouse postition?

    Search for HitTest.

  • Text Positioning in Text Field

    I have a 3 inch x 7 inch text field set to "Allow Multiple Lines" however, when I "Preview PDF", any text that is entered starts in the middle of the text field and moves up one line at a time as the text wraps.  How do I get the cursor to start at the top left corner of the field instead of the middle?
    Thanks in advance for the help!

    Right click on the field -> choose pallets -> click Paragraph. There you will find the text alignment controls.
    Window menu -> Paragraph

  • Position of text in a RichTextEditor

    This is my first post, so hello all. I'm learning Flex and getting excited about using it in a project.
    I'm creating a text editor component that allows comments. I'd like it to be similar to the comment feature in the wonderful Buzzword. I've immediately run into difficulty but I hope this says more about my ambition than ability . Any help or advice would be much appreciated.
    Location the text range
    Next I need to know the location of this portion of text. I have tried:
    1. to find the XY coordinates of the text range in the editor
    2. to find the line number of the text range in the editor.
    I have not been able to find a way to do either of these. Am I missing something obvious?
    Identifying a text range
    I need the comments to be adjacent to the line that is being commented. I need to identify the text range in the editor that is associated with the comment. For this I have looked into:
    1. wrapping the text being commented in a span with an ID
    2. add an id to the TEXTFORMAT for identification
    Again, I have not been able to do either of these. I need some kind of anchor in the text.
    Can anyone help me out here, or suggest another way? Thanks a lot.

    If multi-line is not selected, the result you are getting is normal. There is not vertical placement option, but the default for multi-line is at the top of the field.

  • Web positioning - no text in iweb

    I used iweb template, did not use their menus and organised my website that way. It is for my sister's restaurant and postioning is a real issue.
    does anyone know how I can add text that would be searched by spiders, how I can create metatags and add keywords? When the site is completely finished, I will go in the HTML source and add all this by hand unless someone has a better idea. If it doesn't work, i will recreate the site with freeway, but it is a fair amount of work.
    Has anyone tried to add simple text at the bottom of each page that would simply be a summary of the page in plaintext so that search engine would get some food? I know that hiding text playing with color is not a good idea but what about straight plain text?
    any expert who could shed some light?
    my web, nearly all translated in english, french and dutch, except the menus is at:
    iBookg4-750MB, iMacG5-1MB   Mac OS X (10.3.8)  

    Hello again! I'm glad to see that you've got all those flags working! Like I've told you before....very classy looking site. In terms of what you are asking, check this thread out...
    This fellow put plain text keywords on his pages and then made them "invisible" by matching the color of the text and background. I think this method would probably work in your favor. Keep in mind that this doesn't determine if or when your site will be found by the search engines, but it may provide simpler bits of information that may affect your ranking once the search engines have found you.
    In terms of preventing your plain text from getting converted to an image, I guess changing the color would not trigger this judging by this most recent report. Try it out and let us know. Good luck to you, Bernard!
    If you find this information useful, please take the time to provide me with feedback by marking my reply as "solved" or "helpful" using those little buttons that you see in the title bar of this reply. I'd really appreciate it!

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