Possible to get application parameter in value help

Hello colleagues,
we developed a value help for business partner to use it in an wda-component . in this value help only those business partner should get supplied where the user has a relationship to . to make it really difficult we can not use the backend user (crm) but the portal user . in the component which uses the value help we achieve to get the user via application parameter from the containing iview but as soon as the user calls the value help this context is lost and we can no longer use the application parameter (which is in fact "out" of the iview) to retrieve the user of the application and therefore get a dump.
Is there a possibility who to get application parameter of a component in a value help called by this component ?
Thanks in advance

PLease refer to this link
You can enter parameter values for certain screen fields for displaying a SAP transaction here.
This field is optional.
The parameter values are specified with the following syntax:

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    Only a hint:
    If you have a fm with an unspecified parameter like
    *"*"Lokale Schnittstelle:
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    data: fieldinfo type SYDES_DESC.
      describe field input into fieldinfo.
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    If the PO has workflows associated with it, there is a table SWIWIOBJCT which stores details of the workitem, object key , object type details.
    If you input the object key to this table ( For ex: PO number in this case) , it will give you the corresponding object type for the object key for Workitem type F.
    Sowmya Arni

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    Edited by: Rob Burbank on Feb 25, 2009 12:01 PM

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    Use JNDI with LDAP provider or another LDAP java library, plenty of examples on google

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    If you want to know if a value changed, you can use:
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  • How to get the list of values for a dynamic parameter using Web Services SDK?

    <p>I am struggling to get the list of values for a dynamic parameter of a report.</p><p>I am using Java Web Services SDK ... I tried to use PromptInfo.getLOV().getValues() method but it does not work.</p><p>First of all ... is this possible (to get the list of values for a dynamic param) using Web Services?</p><p>Second of all, if this is possible, how should I do it ... it seems it works fine when running the report from CMC. It asks for DB logon info and after that it provides a list of values.</p><p>Thx </p>

    <p>Your assumption is correct. We are trying to get the LOVs from the Crystal Report. I was not aware that this is not supported by Web Services SDK.</p><p>We used Web Services SDK to integrated the Crystal Reports in our web application. We implemented some basic actions for reports: schedule, view instances, run ad-hoc reports.</p><p>We encountered this problem when trying to run/schedule reports with dynamic parameters (a list of values from DB). We were unable to get the LOVs.</p><p>Please let me know if you can think of an alternative to look at.</p><p>Thanks a lot,</p><p>Catalin </p>

  • How to implement multiple Value Helps within the same Application ??

    Dear Experts,
    I want to implement multiple value helps in the same view.For that I have declared exporting parameters of type 'wdy_key_value_table.' within the component controller for each of the value helps.While I do activate and test the application I get the following error :
    The following error text was processed in the system HE6 : A row with the same key already exists.
    The error occurred on the application server hsdnt24s11_HE6_00 and in the work process 4 .
    The termination type was: RABAX_STATE
    The ABAP call stack was:
    Method: DO_INIT of program CL_WDR_DELEGATING_VIEW========CP
    Method: INIT_CONTROLLER of program CL_WDR_CONTROLLER=============CP
    Method: INIT_CONTROLLER of program CL_WDR_VIEW===================CP
    Method: INIT of program CL_WDR_CONTROLLER=============CP
    Method: GET_VIEW of program CL_WDR_VIEW_MANAGER===========CP
    Method: BIND_ROOT of program CL_WDR_VIEW_MANAGER===========CP
    I dont know how to implement multiple value helps.Need your help on this.

    Hint is : A row with the same key already exists it means , It is assigning the same value/Key to row and you are calling it at WDDOINIT  so it giving error at the time of initialization .
    Better way to do the coding at some event in view OR if not possible than just execute the first value help in wddoinit later clear all the value before gettig the other Value help. Code it at WdDoModify View to get its run time behaviour.
    Satish Kumar

  • Problems with F4 Value Help in NW2004s Portal

    we are having some troubles with the F4 ValueHelp Extension from the Advanced BSP Programming book (and the blogs of course).
    We've implemented the solution on a 4.7 backend and portal 6.0. No problems there, everything was working fine.
    We now moved to erp2005 (WebAS 700) and NW2004s Portal (7.0).
    The popup shows and I can select entries from the list. But when clicking the ok icon a javascript error is thrown stating that 'parent.document.getElementById(...)' is null or no object.
    I think the problem is, that by making a call to 'parent' we are searching in the portal frame and not the BSP. There (in the portal frame) the element is not known so the error is thrown.
    I allready changed from the dialog_ie6.js provided on the BookCD to the one delivered by SAP. Did nothing regarding the error.
    I also tried changing ZCL_BSP_M_INPUT_HELP->BUILD_ACCEPT_SELECTION_SCRIPT. I changed all the "parent.document.get..." "to document.get...". The error message was still the same, 'parent.document.getElementById(...)' is null or no object.
    So now I'm kind of stuck. If I try the example outside the portal everything works as expected. So this clearly seems to be a problem with the portal integration. All involved BSP-Apps are marked as "supports portal integration".
    Any ideas on this topic?
    Thanks and kind regards,
    Alexander Sperling

    I have a working solution to the problem.  It isn't the nicest solution because it will probably require some modifications to the application that hosts the value help, but we will get to that in a second.
    I tried many different ways to come up with a solution that would still work via JavaScript. The portal is now loading the popup javascript in the master frame.  It registers event handlers so that if any application triggers a popup internally it "hi-jacks" the event.  So regardless of what I change in the BSP javascript library, it gets overriden by the portal one. The portal also now even enforeces its theme on the inner page in the popup.  Truly the portal takes complete control over the inner html of the popup.
    To make things worse the popop has not path to reach the source that triggered it.  The source objects are tracked in the javascript, but because the master frame takes over; the popup window only has access and visibility to the master frame and the navigation frame.  In essence in the DOM it is now higher in the stack than the object that actually triggered it. 
    Web Dynpro gets around this because it doesn't use any client side mechanisms to communicate it results back to the source frame. Web Dynpro has the luxury of always being stateful and therefore can make certain assumptions that would never work in BSP.  The hi-jacking is an excellent solution for Web Dynpro.  The portal can then override the functionality of Web Dynpro - providing the new functionality of floating the dialog box over the entire portal - without having to make any changes to the Web Dynpro Framework.  However they never had our little BSP solution in bind obviously.
    It might be possible to completely rewrite the popup_ie.js and popup_ns.js to use all different event, method and variable names.  This separate version could then provide complete separation from the portal script. However this is just a theory. I'm afraid that I wouldn't have the bandwidth to rewrite the entire script right now so I focused on a quicker solution.
    The only approach that I could come up was to follow the Web Dynpro approach and return to the server with the value. To do that I used Portal Eventing.  Portal Eventing allows us to pass a value to the source frame regaurdless of our relative positions in the DOM. 
    In my inner BSP application for the value help (ZES_VALUEHELP), I made the following change in the model method BUILD_ACCEPT_SEL_SCRIPT_V2.  At line 141 I changed the logic.  Instead of using JavaScript to write the selected value back into the source element, we will just trigger a Portal Event:
    ****With an InputField we write the contents directly back into the element
            CONCATENATE me->js_close1
             INTO me->js_close1.
    The other change is within the Element handler class for inputHelpV2 - ZCL_ES_BSP_ELMNT_INPUT_HELP_V2.  We need to register the listener for the Portal Event. Therefore in DO_AT_BEGINNING we will add the follwing at line 23 (right after we place the Element Id into the URL Parameters Table.
      data: portal_event type ref to cl_portal_event.
      portal_event = cl_portal_event=>factory(
        name = <wa_params>-value
        namespace = 'com.sap' ).
      while m_page_context->element_process( element = portal_event ) = co_element_continue.
      endwhile. "End portalEvent Render
    Overally using the portal eventing actually is an intersting approach.  There is only one drawback, now we have a server side event.  That being the case, our application now needs some event logic to process this event and populate the value. Depending upon if you are using MVC, Data Binding, or Flow Logic this could vary - and would have to handled by each application. The nice thing about the old approach was that it all happened via JavaScript on the Frontend and didn't require the application programmer to do anything - that was obviously its weakness as well.

  • How to get a Header UDF value in a FMS ?

    Hi !
    How is it possible to get a Header UDF value from a Formatted Search in a header ?  If we don't want to create as many FMS as there are marketing documents in the system, how is it possible ?  Can we have a syntax like the following ?
    SELECT T0.OnHand
    WHERE T0.ItemCode=$[$38.1.0]
    AND T0.WhsCode=$[$U_Nwr_WH.0.1]

    Hi Gordon,
    oh, I'm sorry, I did a mistake...
    In fact, my question is "How can we get a header UDF value in any FMS without specifying the table name?" !!!!!
    Can we access it through specific syntax like $ and [ ?

  • How to get the User entered value in the Submit request form for a parameter of a concurrent program in Oracle applications.

    Hi All,
    I have a requirement where i need to get the user entered value in the Parameter of a concurrent program while submitting it. i tried to query the FND_CONCURRENT_REQUESTS table but in that it stores the ID values from the value set of the Parameter.
    After submitting the Concurrent request when we click on the view Details button it opens a form where it displays the arguments in the parameter field .  i want to get that string.
    Thanks a lot in advance for your time and help.
    - Vijay

    Hi All,
    I have a requirement where i need to get the user entered value in the Parameter of a concurrent program while submitting it. i tried to query the FND_CONCURRENT_REQUESTS table but in that it stores the ID values from the value set of the Parameter.
    After submitting the Concurrent request when we click on the view Details button it opens a form where it displays the arguments in the parameter field .  i want to get that string.
    Thanks a lot in advance for your time and help.
    - Vijay

  • Application Parameter not getting Refreshed when testing in another client

    I have created a WD application in development client 150 and the application has import parameter WORKITEMID. I am getting this value in the startup input plug-in. I am calling this application in the workflow as a activity step. For unit testing purposes I am defaulted the import paramater value to a 000546578. When I put a breakpoint in the startup method, I am able to get the value of WORKITEMID as 000546578. Once I have completed my application I have changed the defualted value to 000436477 and now I am trying to test in testing client 140, and in debugging I am able to stll 000546578 not the newly defualted value. This is happeening only in testing client.
    When I debug and see the client 150, I am able to see the new value, but in client 140 still the old value is showing up at run-time when I test the application. But on the application parameter tab the new value is visible. Only the prb is at run-time its still picking up old value.
    I am new to ABAP WD stuff.  Can anyone help me out how to resolve this issue.
    With Regards,

    Try using: weblogic.refresh
    "Santosh Sahadevan" <[email protected]> wrote in message
    news:3ef55cba$[email protected]..
    Hey all,
    We are developing an application in which the development enviornmentwhich we
    have recieved from the clients ,(configuered bythe clients) which is sameas that
    of the production env.
    The web application is running in a cluster in a weblogic 6.1 env . Whenwe trying
    to change the JSP, it doesnt get refreshed. We have to explicitaiilychanging
    the jsp at the .wlnotdelete dir created , to take its changes . But as weknow
    thats a temp place holder for the application .
    Since we are team of 20 developers it becomes a real pain when weexplictially
    try to stop and restart the server , just for changing a jsp.
    Do we have a solution for the same.

  • Value help in webdynpro applications

      I have implemented a simple value help application in webdynpro as given in one of the pdf's and it is working fine.
    I get a value and description pair as popup.
    I have changed the field name to "Subject ID" as shown below. and it is working fine too. now i want to change the label for the "display text" field. how can that be done.
    I mean there are 2 fields in the popup. for the first field i have changed the label name to "subject ID" (SubjectType.setFieldLabel("Subject ID"))
    now i want the second field label also to change to "Initials" instead of "display text" which is usually shown as default.
    <b>ISimpleTypeModifiable SubjectType = attributeInfo.getModifiableSimpleType();     
    SubjectType.setFieldLabel("Subject ID");
    IModifiableSimpleValueSet valueSet = SubjectType.getSVServices().getModifiableSimpleValueSet();
         valueSet.put("SUBJ-004","X.Y.");          </b> 
    is there any way to implement that?

       I tried implementing Object value selector. I'am getting the data in the OVS table but there are some problems i'am facing
    1.> I cant see the headers for the result table
    2.> I cant see labels for the search input fields.
    I have not used any model binding, am directly binding an element to a node and hardcoding values in the element to test it.
    <b>IPublicOVSCustomController.IOutputListNode node = wdContext.nodeOutputList();
    IPublicOVSCustomController.IOutputListElement elem ;
    elem= node.createOutputListElement();
    does it have to do with this kind of binding cause in the pdf it gives an example with a BAPI. there has been a model binding and they are calling it like this:
    IPublicOVSCust.IBapi_Flight_Getlist_InputElement ovsInput =
    and the tables automatically show the hearders and there are label fields...does it have to do anything with model binding?

  • Possible to get JComboBox before and after chaged value?

    I have a JComboBox... whenever the JComboBox value change is it possible to get the before and after changed value? For example:
    Let says the JComboBox is showing "One" and the user change it to "Three" after the user chged... I want to System.out.println before chged value ("One") and aft chged value ("Three")
    I tried:
    put in some code in the itemStateChanged() method... but no success...
    Can someone pls provide some pointer or sample code...
    Thank you for your time...

    Ok, I lost half a day on this (novice problem), but I arranjed a solution that resolve the problem totally. There is the code:
    YourComboBox.addFocusListener(new java.awt.event.FocusAdapter()
            int aux_selected;
            // if YourComboBox gains Focus
           public void focusGained(java.awt.event.FocusEvent fe)
                // get index value of selected element
               aux_selected= YourComboBox.getSelectedIndex();
               // create a variable for storing de ItemListener
              ComboBListener = new java.awt.event.ItemListener() {
                   public void itemStateChanged(java.awt.event.ItemEvent e)
                           // compares the selected value with the old one
                           if (aux_selected!=YourComboBox.getSelectedIndex())
                           System.out.println("ComboBox Changed !");
               // add the variable Listener to your Combo
           // if focus is lost
           public void focusLost(java.awt.event.FocusEvent fe)
              // remove the itemListener from the combobox
    //Put the Listener variable outside
    private java.awt.event.ItemListener ComboBListener; //----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    You only have to change YourComboBox by the name of the combobox.
    To all people that help this forum (specially from PORTUGAL) and all java people: YOU ARE DOING A GREAT JOB

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