Possible to open original media file directly from subclip?

One thing I don't like about subclips is that there are occasionally times when I wish I subclipped a different part of the media file. Is there any way (some kind of menu option or shortcut) to select/view a subclip, and from there view/open it's media file?

FCP's biggest falldown has always been its media management. find clip/bin subclips etc have always been flaky (yes ,people,most of them on this forum, have found work arounds bless them!)
Why does apple not figure this out? is it some copyright thing with avid? who knows, and to probably 99.9% of apples FCP market who cares? in the meantime though , film editors will just chug along . dreaming of the perfect cutaway (if only I could remember where it was, I'm sure it was on roll078, just match frame to that shot...oh...well lets look in clip properties to find the bin....(5 minutes later producer asks "what are you doing?"...editor says "???

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  • I can't open a jpg file directly from an Outlook email attachment into Photoshop CC.

    When I try to open a jpg file directly from an Outlook email attachment into Photoshop CC I get this error message " Photyoshop CC.exe - Entry Point not found" with this string:

    I don't think I have ever been able to open an image directly from Outlook into Photoshop.  What you can do, is drag from outlook to desktop, and then from desktop into Photoshop.  Or, if seeing the windows at the same time is a problem, drag onto desktop, then minimise everything, and drag onto the Photoshop icon (if you have a Photoshop shortcut on your desktop).

  • Safari opening linked .zip files directly from DVD instead of downloading

    Dear all,
    Safari opening linked .zip files directly from DVD (via Windows explorer) instead of downloading it tru browser click - it's working just fine in FF, Chrome IE. Is this a known issue? or something can be done by modifying browser setting/pref.
    Expecting more advise on this.
    Configurations: Windows XP
    Safari: 5.1.7
    Note: ensured there is no space in the file path, just linked the .zip file using href attribute!
    Also tried with .xls, .doc insted of .zip same issue appearing.
    Thanks in advance,

    appzapper & such are pretty flaky at removing things usefully, imo.
    Use the uninstaller for speed download - http://www.yazsoft.com/products/speed-download/faqs/?how-to-un-install-speed-dow nload-properly
    or get a hold of FindAnyFile or easyfind & search for Growl & Speeddownload & yazsoft - but from all I hear, the uninstaller works fine.
    Failing that, Safari's settings plist file isn't in caches
    is the place
    & if you're still stuck, test & maybe download another browser using a New User Account.

  • Excel 2013 (office 365) crashes every time I opened a excel file directly from Browser or zip file.

    Hi guys,
    I got a problem with my Office 365 that every time I open an office file from IE/chrome browser (i.e. click the document link and save the file to local, open it in the browser after download completed) or under a zip file, no matter it is an excel file
    or word document, the Excel/Word crashes. The Excel/Word will ask me to repair the file if I open the file again. The file will be closed automatically after the repair, when I open the file again it will told me the excel/word itself has just successfully
    registered and ask me to close and re-open the excel again in order to enable editing the file. This is extremely inconvenience, I have to open this file 4 times to edit my file. 
    Could anyone here can help me to resolve the problem?
    Many thanks.

    According to your description, Excel seems not crash when you opened a local Excel/Word file directly. Where do you store these file? OneDrive, SharePoint or other?
    If possible, please let me see the screenshot of the error dialog.
    Moreover, please open Event Viewer to check whether there's any error about the Excel/Word crash issue.
    Press Win + R, type "eventvwr" in the blank box, press Enter. In the Event Viewer, browse to Windows Logs -> Application, there may be some errors after the crash.
    To protect your privacy, you may send the error logs to
    [email protected], we will try to find the cause.
    George Zhao
    Forum Support
    Come back and mark the replies as answers if they help and unmark them if they provide no help.
    If you have any feedback on our support, please click "[email protected]"

  • Cannot open MS Office files directly from network

    Hi all,
    I'm having trouble opening Microsoft Office files off of a network drive. 
    When opened, the application jumps straight into the template page (attached screenshot).
    I can copy files onto my local machine and open them no problem, however if I have an existing file open (from the local machine) and subsequently try to open a network file, the local file is closed and the template page replaces it. 
    The same symptoms occur when attempting a "Save As" to the network.
    This topic first appeared in the Spiceworks Community

    I've tried replacing the office plugin file NPOFF12.DLL from a working system to the bad system, and it didnt help. I got that by doing typing about:plugins in the address bar. This person can open PDF documents, it's just Office files that dont open. I get no prompt to do anything. I have seen threads about headers on the webpages, but I'm not sure if its applicable. I tried from OWA and it does the same thing; nothing.

  • How come I can no longer open a file direct from Lightroom 4 to PS 5.1??

    I use to be able to open a RAW file directly from Lightroom to PS, make my edits and then have the edited file resaved to Lightroom but no longer. Why?

    Hi Ryan,
    Would suggest you to try the suggestions mentioned here. Lightroom: Edit In External Editor does not work/function
    Also, make sure your Lightroom and Photoshop both are up-to-date.
    ~ Arpit

  • Error. your computer must be running a supported version of Microsoft Visio and a browser that supports opening files directly from Visio Web Access.

    I have the following inside my SharePoint server 2013 :-
    EnterPrise Wiki site collection.
    i have both "Excel services Application "& "Visio Graphics Service" running correctly.
    The problem i am facing is as follow:-
    when a user click on an Excel sheet or Visio document , it will be shown inside the browser without any problem.
    but if the user click on "Open in Visio" OR "Open in Excel" links inside the browser, they will get the following errors:-
    Sorry, but to open this workbook, your computer must be running a supported version of Microsoft Excel and a browser that supports opening files directly from Office Web Apps.
    To open this document, your computer must be running a supported version of Microsoft Visio and a browser that supports opening files directly from Visio Web Access.
    I have the following settings inside my PC:-
    Office 2010 for Excel, word, power point,etc.
    Visio 2013.
    i have disabled SharePoint foundation support for office 2013
    Can anyone advice on this please?

    Please try to reset the Internet Explorer settings or open Internet Explorer in In-Private browsing and then check if this issue occurs.
    If the issue persists, please try to access SharePoint in another computer with Office 2013 and then check if this issue occurs. Or repair Office and restart your server.
    Here is a blog about the same issue for you to take a look at:
    Best Regards
    Dennis Guo
    TechNet Community Support

  • How can I delete a music file directly from iPhone? Or not possible?

    Can I delete a music file directly from iPhone?

    Not possible.
    Either unselect it during what it syncs, or manually manage > delete song.

  • Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen!   My question concerns the impossibility to open RAW-files directly from the program Adobe Bridge. At the moment when you open a RAW-file from Adobe Bridge by double-clicking, RAW-file is opened only in Photoshop. In t

    Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen!
    My question concerns the impossibility to open RAW-files directly from the program Adobe Bridge. At the moment when you open a RAW-file from Adobe Bridge by double-clicking, RAW-file is opened only in Photoshop. In the settings Adobe Bridge - in "open RAW-files by double-clicking in Adobe Camera Raw» box is checked. When you try any changes in the settings Adobe Bridge system displays a message:
    Bridge's parent application is not active. Bridge requires that a qualifying product has been launched at least once to enable this feature.
    The entire line of Adobe products on my computer updated to the latest updates. Previously, a family of products Adobe Photoshop on your computer is not set. Computer - PC, Windows 7 Enterprises.

    <moved from Adobe Creative Cloud to Bridge General Discussion>

  • Can't open files directly from file server (MAVERICKS)

    since updating to Mavericks earlier today i have had the below problem
    I use a file server at work to access all my work files. i have no problem accessing the servers but when i try and when I double click to open a file (excel, word, pdf, etc) it says "the application cant be found"
    when Ihave the application open and i open the same file from within the application (file > open) it works fine. I just cannot open files directly from the file server by double clicking.
    in previous versions there have been no problems with this,
    any help would be great,

    Same issue here; I hadn't related it to upgrading to the latest OS 10.9.2. I've shutdown and restared multiple times. I've also rebuilt permissions on my hard drive as I thought it was the Finder but files on my local HD open file. Off the server, I cannot double-click or even drag to the dock. Files open fine if I open the app first then browse to find the file.

  • How to edit files directly from server?

    I'm new to dreamweaver (CS5) and I'm really lost when it comes to editing files directly in remote servers.
    When you add a new site, you have to select a Local Site Folder. I dont mind that html editor saves auto backups to my computer, but I really dont want to download files from the server, edit them and upload them back to the server. In my work I always edit files directly over SFTP servers.
    After spending time configuring DW, I can now connect to the remote server, edit a file and save it to the server (I know that really the files are automatically downloaded to my pc and sent back when saved). The only problem with this is that everytime I open a file from server, I get this annoying prompt "Do you wish to overwrite your local copy of [FILE]?"
    How can I disable this for good, or is the dreamweaver just not the right tool to edit files directly from servers?

    Again, if you are doing it the easy way, you don't download files from the server to edit them.
    Always edit local files. Then upload them.
    When you open Dreamweaver, your Files panel should be showing Local View, NOT Remote View. That way you are working with local files.
    The way you're doing it here's what happens:
    1. You doubleclick a file in the Files panel (Remote View)
    2. Dreamweaver connects to your server and MUST download the file and related content (because the software IS NOT installed on the server and you CANNOT edit there)
    3. When the file is downloaded, Dreamweaver asks if you wish to overwrite the local file because when you save it before putting the file back, your OS will not allow two files of the same name in the same location and the file MUST be saved before you can put it back.
    4. You then put the file to the server, overwriting the original file.
    All of that can be avoided by simply opening THE LOCAL FILE and editing it. Then you put it to the server, and overwrite the original with the edited file.
    "What if someone else modifies a file on the server after I saved it, when I open and edit a local file, wont I just replace it when I upload it?"
    If multiple people have access to the same files on the server, you NEED to have collaboration software so that when a change is made it can be saved by EVERYONE who has access to the site. Something like LiveCycle.
    Without that your site will be a mess in no time because six different people (or more) will have six different copies of six different sites locally and they will all be working on it at the same time and it will end up like a Three Stooges movie where Larry, Curly and Moe are all cooking dinner and each adds the same ingredients at different times.

  • Is it possible to open a CS4 file in CS3 without any problems?

    Or do CS4 files have any extra things that would cause problems if I tried to open it in CS3? If so, what could I do to solve this?

    It's not possible to open a CS4 .indd file in CS3 at all.
    You can open a .inx file exported from CS4, but text will probably flow a little differently and any unsupported new features that were used in the file will be lost. Your CS3 must be updated to the last patch.

  • PUB2ID - Open MS Publisher files directly in InDesign...

    Just saw that Markzware came out with PUB2ID to open MS Publisher files directly in InDesign straight from the Mac without having to do anything on a PC. AWESOME!

    Ahh.. well.. I just saw it today =)
    Glad it works pretty well. I'm mainly interested in being able to edit the documents and get all the RGB crap out of the documents.. thats one of the main issues we have. That and being able to color sep stuff. I usually take Publisher files, put them on the PC, print to PDF and send to the Mac for setup in InDesign.. but then.. if they want something changed before we print, I cant just do that in ID obviously.. I have to go back to the PC, edit the file (if I can.. since I dont know jack squat about Publisher) and re-PDF and send back to the Mac...
    And yea.. I havent been around for a while. I'm doing fine. Just never really had much to talk about regarding InDesign.. my only real issue right now is that I cant upgrade to 10.5 until they fix ID =( That sucks a major one.

  • APEX 4.0: error while opening a XLS file downloaded from interactive report

    I'm getting below error while opening a XLS file downloaded from an interactive report (APEX 4.0).
    "The file you trying to open, 'customer_2.xls', is in a different format than specified by the file extension.
    Verify that the is not corrupted and is from a trusted source before opening file. Do you want to open file."
    Yes No Help
    May be this one Apex 4.0 issue.
    please help me.

    is the next part of the code correct.
    What i mean is packing of the attachment, finding out the size of pdf file and doc type as PDF.
    You can also try below link..
    Link: [http://wiki.sdn.sap.com/wiki/display/Snippets/SENDALVGRIDASPDFATTACHMENTTOSAPINBOXUSINGCLASSES]
    Hope this helps.

  • How do I move a file directly from the desktop to a folder in OX 10?

    I am new to Mac and the Mountain Lion software.  Having worked exclusively with PC operating systems, I am familiar with how to work with files in Windows, but am having trouble doing similar actions in OX 10.  How do I move a file directly from the desktop to a folder in OX?  Although this answer is likely in a video tutorioal (somewhere), I do not have the time to sit an arbitrarily watch generic OS videos that give a broad brush overview, without answering specific queries.  Any help out there?

    You might fun http://www.apple.com/support/macbasics/ to be of help to get used to doing things the Mac way.

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    After upgrading to 5.0.1 through iTunes, downloaded apps will no longer boot. I get a flash, then nothing. Of course, Apple wants $70 to tell me how to fix this. Has anyone else had this problem? Any suggestions? Hard reboots don't work.

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    Hi Experts, I am new in HR module. I want to know all members of a team. Is there any function module that takes PERNR  as the import parameter and return the list of PERNR of all  members of the team . Please help me ASAP. Thanks in advance. Warm Re

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    All OK with Sky go until I downloaded IOS 5 now all I get is a message: Media Streaming Temporary streaming error. Please try another channel. When trying another channel it is the same and message repeats itself?

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    The AIR SDK we used is 1/14/2014 Release - AIR 4. The device we have tested on is Samsung Galaxy Note 3/Android 4.4. We found that it's quite similar with Bug 3681788 which has been fixed in Beta version We checked the issue again with th

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