Posting for payroll-Mid Year Go Live

Dear Friends,
We are going live in Payroll on August.I have some clarifications regarding the leagacy data upload, kindly calrify
1.After uploading Data from April 2008 to July 2008 , if i run payroll thru INLK schema, do i need to do Payroll FI posting for each month from april to July, is it necessary.
2.when running past payroll , should i need to run payroll separately for April, May , June, July or can i run all the 4 months payroll at once after updating table T558B & T558c.
3.Any other prerquisites to be considered before or uploading legacy data.
Experts plz advice.

Hi Shekar,
After uploding those two tables u have to run the payroll for all the months seperatly by using INLK schema.
But make sure that u have uploaded the technical wage types also like PF, ESI, PT, IT etc.
Payroll posting not required.

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  • Repercussion for a mid year go-live

    Hello All
    Can any one, through your experiences, throw some light on repercussions on mid year go live for US Payroll? Or may be list the pros and cons of mid year and beginning year go live?

    I understand that I need to make sure the wage types get transferred from legacy to SAP system, most importantly tax wage types for the complete financial and calendar year. We are going live on Oct 2010. I want to understand what points do we need to consider on business front as well as sap, for mid year go live?

  • US Payroll Mid year Go-live

    Hi All
    I am Abinas working at TCS India as SAP functional and on a project of US, wondering if could get some help and guidance on US payroll midyear go live wage types and data take-on strategy.

    For doing successful Mid year Go-live for US Payroll. You have to use Schema "U250" and the following wage type we have to maintain in respctive tables.  T558D. The below wage type you should have to maintain.
    /101     Total gross amount
    /102     Current remuneration SI
    /103     One-time SI payment
    /106     Regular gross tax amount
    /111     Other gross tax amount
    /113     Sev.yr gross tax amount
    /118     Current ins.ind.
    /120     Other insurance ind.
    /124 ind.
    /126     Tax-free DBA
    /127     Tax-free ATE
    /154     Progression clause
    /159     Gross trade tax
    /160     Mutual indem.soc. - gross
    /175     Onetime payment SI CrPrp
    /176     Other tax gross crtn prp
    /201     Average bases
    /202     Average bases
    /261     Employee SI shares
    /264     Tax-free ER HI allowance
    /265     taxable EE SI shares
    /310     HI est.gross curr.remun.
    /311     PI est.gross curr.remun.
    /312     UI est.gross curr.remun.
    /313     HI est.gross
    /314     PI est.gross
    /316     PI GrAssessAmtIncrease ER
    /317     PIGrAssessAmtIncrease  EE
    /318     PI increase    ER
    /319     SR stat.PI supp. OP ER
    /31A     RWH PI day(cur)
    /31B     BWP HI day(cur)
    /31C     RWH HI est.gross (curr)
    /31D     BWP HI est.gross (curr)
    /31E     RWH PI day(cur)
    /31F     BWP PI day(cur)
    /31I     RWH UI day(cur)
    /31J     BWP UI day(cur)
    /31M     RHC PI est.gross DUEVO
    /31N     BWP PI est.gross DUEVO
    /31O     RWH UI est.gross DUEVO
    /31P     BWP UI est.gross DUEVO
    /320     HI est.gross 1-time paym.
    /321     PI est.gross 1-time paym.
    /322     UI est.gross 1-time paym.
    /323     HI est.gross 1-time total
    /324     PI est.gross 1-time total
    /329     SR stan. PI ***.gr.OO ER
    /32E     HI gross curr. PT EE
    /32F     HI gross OP part-time EE
    /32G     PI gross reg. PT EE
    /32H     PI gross OP PT EE
    /32I     PI gross reg. PT EE liab
    /32J     PI gross OP PT EE liable
    /32K     PI supp. PT EE liable
    /32L     PI supp. part-time EE
    /333     HI est.gross total pre.yr
    /334     PI est.gross total pre.yr
    /339     SR stand.PI asGr.suppl.
    /340     PR diff. AAT HI curr.year
    /341     PR diff. AAT PI curr.year
    /342     PR diff. AAT UI curr.year
    /346     PR diff. AAT HI prev.year
    /347     PR diff. AAT PI prev.year
    /348     PR diff. AAT UI prev.year
    /349     SR standard OP correction
    /350     HI EE share, curr.remun.
    /351     HI ER share, curr.remun.
    /352     HI EE share, 1-time paym.
    /353     HI ER share, 1-time paym.
    /356     HI EE share, prev.year
    /357     HI ER share, prev.year
    /358     ER HI allowance
    /359     ER allow.HI private supp.
    /35A     RWH HI ER share pub.hol.
    /35B     BWP HI ER share pub.hol.
    /35C     RWH HI ER share (curr.)
    /35D     BWP HI ER share (curr.)
    /35E     RHC ER HI allowance
    /35F     BWP ER HI allowance
    /35J     ded.contrib.HI addit. 1
    /35K     ded.contrib.HI addit. 2
    /35L     ded.contrib.HI addit. 3
    /35M     ded.contrib.HI addit. 4
    /35N     ded.contrib.HI addit. 5
    /35R     WCC HI ER share (curr.)
    /35S     WCC ER HI allowance
    /35V     WCC ES ER HI share
    /35W     HI ER cont. reg. PT EE
    /35X     HI ER cont. OP PT EE
    /360     PI EE share curr.remun.
    /361     PI ER share curr.remun.
    /362     PI EE share 1-time paym.
    /363     PI ER share 1-time paym.
    /366     PI EE share prev.year
    /367     PI ER share prev.year
    /368     ER PI allowance
    /369     ER allowance, limited PI
    /36A     RWH PI ER share pub.hol.
    /36B     BWP PI ER share pub.hol.
    /36C     RWH PI ER share (curr)
    /36D     BWP PI ER share (curr)
    /36E     RHC ER PI allowance
    /36F     WC ER PI allowance
    /36J     ded.contrib. PI supp. 1
    /36K     ded.contrib. PI supp. 2
    /36L     ded.contrib. PI supp. 3
    /36M     ded.contrib. PI supp. 4
    /36N     ded.contrib.PI supp. 5
    /36P     PI increase share      ER
    /36Q     Increase supplement ER
    /36R     BWP allow.PI ER share
    /36S     WC allow.PI ER share
    /36T     SR stan.PI ER sh.supp.OP
    /36U     SR stan.PI ER sh.supp.
    /36V     WCC ES PI ER share
    /36W     PI ER cont. reg. PT EE
    /36X     PI ER cont.reg.PT EE liab
    /36Y     PI ER cont.reg.PT EE liab
    /36Z     PI EE supp. PT EE liable
    /370     UI EE share curr.remun.
    /371     UI ER share curr.remun.
    /372     UI EE share 1-time paym.
    /373     UI ER share 1-time paym.
    /376     UI EE share prev.year
    /377     UI ER share prev.year
    /378     ER UI allowance
    /37A     RHC UI ER share pub.hol.
    /37B     WC UI ER share pub.hol.
    /37W     PI ER cont. OP PT EE
    /37X     PI EE cont.OP PT EE liab
    /37Y     PI ER cont.OP PT EE liab
    /381     Ded.contrib.voluntary HI
    /389     EE expenses for PI
    /399     PI ER liable share limit.
    /3A0 supp.
    /3A1     SR stan. free suppl.PYr
    /3A2     SR stan.suppl.prev.year
    /3AA     PI semiret.supp.ER
    /3AB     PI SR gr.***.amt.supp.ER
    /3DA     SR stat. PI suppl. ER
    /3DB     SR stat. PI gross supp.ER
    /3DC     SR stat.PI suppl.OP ER
    /3DD     SR stat.PI gross.OPsuppER
    /3DE diff.AAT PI y-0
    /3DF     SR stat. pr diff. AAT y-1
    /3DG     SR stat. free supplement
    /3DH     SR stat. free supp. PY
    /3DI     SR stat.supp.prev.year
    /3DJ     SR stat. PI ER sh. supp.
    /3DK     SR stat. PI ER sh.supp OP
    /3DL     SR stat.PI ER sh.suppOPPY
    /3DM     SR stat. OP correction
    /3DN     SR stat. ER bonus suppl.
    /3DP     SR stat.PI gr.supp.OP PY
    /3KA     HI RHC
    /3KB     PI RHC
    /3KC     NI RHC
    /3KD     HI BWP
    /3KE     PI BWP
    /3KF     NI BWP
    /3KG     HI BWP
    /3KH     PI BWP
    /3KI     NI BWP
    /3KJ     BWP HI gr.***.amt.(curr)
    /3KK     BWP PI gr.***.amt.(curr)
    /3KL     BWP NI gr.***.amt.(curr)
    /3P8     PR diff.AAT NI curr.year
    /3P9     PR diff.AAT NI prev.year
    /3PA     NI est.gross curr.remun.
    /3PB     NI est.gross
    /3PC     NI est.gross 1-time paym.
    /3PD     NI est.gross 1-time total
    /3Q0     NI EE share curr.remun.
    /3Q1     NI ER share curr.remun.
    /3Q2     NI EE share one-time pay.
    /3Q3     NI ER share one-time pay.
    /3Q6     NI EE share prev.year
    /3Q7     NI ER share prev.year
    /3Q8     ER NI allowance
    /3Q9     ER NI allow.private supp.
    /3QA     RHC NI ER share pub.hol.
    /3QB     BWP NI ER share pub.hol.
    /3QC     RHC NI ER share (curr.)
    /3QD     BWP NI ER share (curr.)
    /3QE     RHC ER NI allowance
    /3QF     WC ER NI allowance
    /3QR     Ded.contrib./voluntary NI
    /3QT     WCC NI ER contrib. (reg.)
    /3QU     WCC ER NI allowance
    /3QV     WCC AA ER NI contrib.
    /401     current employment tax
    /402     other employment tax
    /404     m.employment tax
    /408     Lump-sum employ tax/ER
    /409     Lump-sum employ tax/EE
    /40B     curr.reunification tax
    /40C     m.reunification tax
    /40D     Lump-sum
    /40E     Lump-sum
    /40F     other reunification tax
    /411     Compensation lock
    /412     Number of interruptions
    /41C     BMG §40(2) S.2
    /431     ***. exemption comp.
    /441     tax-free transport allow.
    /447     ***.EE discounts
    /448     ***.exemption/car
    /449     ***.exemption/cap.form.
    /44G     Tax-ex. §3 Nr39 PT EE
    /491     CTax EE (current+other)
    /492     CT/spouse (current+other)
    /493     CTax EE (m.+half)
    /494     CT/spouse (m.+half)
    /4KG     Child allowance
    /521     current church tax
    /522     other church tax
    /524 tax
    /528     CTax lump-sum ER
    /529     CTax lump-sum EE
    /611     Supp. 1 sem.ret.
    /612     Supp. 2 sem.ret.
    /61A     SR stat. supplement 1
    /61B     R stat. supplement 2
    /692     RHC payment effected
    /693     BWP payment effected
    /69Z     RHC/BWP legal Payment
    /329     SR stan. PI ***.gr.OO ER
    /340     PR diff. AAT HI curr.year
    /341     PR diff. AAT PI curr.year
    /342     PR diff. AAT UI curr.year
    /3A0 supp.
    /3AB     PI SR gr.***.amt.supp.ER
    /3DB     SR stat. PI gross supp.ER
    /3DD     SR stat.PI gross.OPsuppER
    /3DE diff.AAT PI y-0
    /3P8     PR diff.AAT NI curr.year
    /431     ***. exemption comp.
    After maintaining the these wage type you have to run the payroll which i have specified schema "U250"
    Any further clarifications please revert back me.
    Warm Regards,

  • Mid year Go-Live (India Payroll)

    My client's business is now in ECC 5.0,
    Now we are going live on 01.01.2010 in ECC 6.0, this is not upgradation project, its a fress implementation so please tell me what all are precautions i need to take before going live on 01.01.2010. as this is a mid year Go-Live.
    And is there any problem for legal forms like Form 16, form 24 Q, pension and PF, because first 9 months results are in ECC 5.0 and next 3 months means 01.01.2010. 01.02.2010 and 01.03.2010 will be in ECC 6.0.
    Help me
    Chaithanya Reddy

    Using the Mid Year Go Live functionality, you can upload the final payroll results from your legacy data
    systems into the SAP system. The final payroll results are the actual payments and deductions of an
    employee salary. They must include statutory, non-statutory deductions (including third party deductions),
    arrears and the contributions of the employer.
    Data transfer INLK Payroll Tables T558B and T558C Upload program (HINUULK0), which reads the
    payroll results information from the spreadsheet template, and uploads it into the Payroll Account
    Transfer: Payroll Periods table (T558B) and Payroll Account Transfer: Old Wage Types table (T558C).
    The system reads these tables for the purpose of payroll conversion.
    Transfer of payroll account from Table 5558B,C - India schema (INLK), which when run as a part of
    the payroll program, HINCALCO,
    For transferring your legacy data and uploading the same into the SAP system, you are provided with the:
    HR Template - Payroll.xls (Microsoft Excel) file, containing templates that drive the data load
    programs, for converting the legacy data.
    Data load program(HINUULK0 ) that facilitates the transfer of data into the SAP system. It loads the
    data saved in the spreadsheet into the Payroll Account Transfer: Payroll Periods table (T558B) and
    Payroll Account Transfer: Old Wage Types table (T558C) in the SAP system. These are the data
    conversion tables for the Mid Year Go Live functionality.
    Standard executable schema (INLK) that formats the uploaded legacy data, into SAP Payroll Period results and stores the result in relevant payroll cluster tables
    You need to consider all the relevant Primary and secondary wage types for respective accurate tax calculation while uploading in the table  for the individual period
    All wage components that has been paid to the employees
    like Basic , HRA, conveyance need to upload with respective wage type code which you define
    You have to take all deductions that has deducted to the employee
    Transport, Canteen etc
    You have to use the system generated wage types to update the tax and statutory data
    ex - Income tax - /460
           PF - /3f1
    You have to take the exemption wage type for HRA , Conveyance
    /3R1 etc....
    Hope you got some idea

  • Mid Year Go Live  us Payroll

    Dear All,
    Could you give me step for going MID YEAR GO LIVE US PAYROLL ? What are the things to be taken care for going mid year go live us payroll ?

    you have to upload the YTD data of WT like /101, /401, /403, /405, etc into tables T558B, T558C and
    T5U8C against the last payroll period before the go live payroll period. then you have to run the the payroll driver with schema ULK9 to upload the data to the cluster and then setting the earliest retro accounting date to the go live date or the date given by the client.
    this is a high level picture of mid year go-live for US payroll.
    hope this helps.
    reward points if helpful.

  • Upload  in Excel Sheet for Mid Year Go Live

    Hi Friends,
    How to upload T558 B & C tables in Excel Sheet for  Mid Year Go Live.
    Awaiting for your reply
    Praveen P

    t558c template here between postingdate and amount two blank tab is there
    client     pernr     period     country     wagetype     postingdate               amount
    t558b template here between period and posting date two blank tab is there
    client     pernr     period               postingdate     periodparameter     year     period     monthstartrdate     enddate month
    and the date format is YYYYMMDD
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  • List of wage type for mid year go live

    Dear All,
    I need your help we are going for mid year go live and we are planning to uploaded payroll results .so here iam confissued with the wage types which should be uploaded so kinldy send me any list of wage types for statutory and income tax to be uploaded in results so that they can get statutory forms and form16.

    Dear Laxman,
    refer the links its use full to you and directs you towards solution
    [Mid year Go-Live (India Payroll);
    [regarding mid year go-live;

  • Reasons for/against starting a new Payroll mid-year verses year-end?

    We'd appreciate feedback please on your experience, pros/cons of the Timeframe to start/migrate a newly acquired company's Payroll into our current Oracle Payroll processing. Our year-end is 12/31.
    Our internal teams are split on whether to start processing at a Year End? verses sometime during the year - at any Month End?
    thank you

    If you are talking about a North American company, the easiest and less time consuming way is to start on 01-Jan-2013 or any year beggining or quarter beginning. The reason is, if you are planning for a year end go live, there will be the balance conversion process which becomes very complex if you do not plan properly. Also, you need to run the year end process to issue W-2s or T-4s from Oracle system. Instead, continue using the legacy system for Payroll till year end and turn on the Payroll for the newly acquired company on 01-Jan-2013.
    Hope this helps..

  • Mid year go live issue

    its mid year go live i uploaded april to nov. legacy payroll, then run inlk schema . then set the  with each month payroll with releasing and exiting the controll record. then i run December month payroll  with regular schema . now system is not calculating
    annual gross and annual regular income for 12 month, in log tree  for tax calculation.
    it calculating for dec. to march 4 month as annual salary . with is much amount its calculating all tax declaration, so tax calculation is coming wrong.
    exemption /130  tech wage type also its ignoring last 9 month . its calculating from December only.
    help me to solve this issue.

    Hello Suprita
    Kindly refer to the notes which would assist you further in your query.
    Please check if you have carried out the changes as required for mid-year golive as per the notes.
    506128: Legacy data transfer
    590725: Documentation for rules in INLK Schema
    563491: Legacy data transfer - FAQ-
    Thanks and Kind Regards

  • Problem with arrears in case of Mid year go live

    Hi All,
    I have a problem in case of arrears for Mid year go live
    1. We have uploaded the data through t558b and t558c success fully and executed Midyear golive  from April 2009 to December 2009.
    2. In the month of January we have executed regular payroll through IN00 schema sucessfully so every thing went on smooth but the problem is with arrears like my employer wants to give Arrears with effect from October 2009 we have changed the basic pay amount and executed the payroll but the difference of amt is not showing i am getting wrong values
    Let me know what and all should i configure.....

    We have uploaded Earnings wage types(IT0008, 15) and Tax wage types
    while Uploading the wage types which is regular and irregular you have upload the arrear also right
    A an employee is getting 10000  Salary so he joined on 01.04.2009 so his Gross income yearly is 10000*12 that is 1 20 000
    where as in June he has got promorion for 2000 rs and that been paid in October so, from June is Gross income will be 12000 means 1,22.000 as his arrear is getting added so the same thing shd get added up to October right
    other wise the form 16 is displays the income without Arrears right please try to upload the arrear wage type and than check
    please let me know in case of any issue

  • Upload of GL balances in mid year go live

    Hi gurus,
    appreciate if you can please tell me things to keep in mind and steps to upload balance sheet and p&l accounts in mid year go live in May and also client wants to see p&l from January in sap?????????
    waiting for your reply.

    I am making an assumption that the fiscal year is a calendar based year for my answer. If it is not, adjust acccordingly, but the principles remain the same.
    1. You must load in the ending (final)balance sheet amounts) in SAP as of December 31. No P&L accounts are included. Once you have loaded the amounts, then you can do the standard balance carry forward process in SAP so you have the starting balances of your current fiscal year.
    2. Load the monthly activity month-by-month for January through April (assumption: April is the last month for processing financials in the legacy system. Avoid trying to load in every transaction processed this year in teh legacy system into SAP. It is difficult and time consuming and, depending on the number of company codes/accounts, the reconcilation process can take a very long time.
    3. When reconciling the financial statement balances in SAP against legacy financial statements, I like to balance the monthly activity first and then the YTD.
    4. Dealing with sub-ledgers, such as A/P, A/R and Fixed Assets: For A/P, whenever possible, try to have A/P cut as many checks for the final cutover (this would be for April data conversion) to minimize the number of A/P open items you must convert. For all of the subledgers, you will need a conversion account. Remember in SAP, the A/R, A/P reconcilation accounts cannot be posted  to direclty, so you will need conversion accounts. These are one time use accounts for the conversion only and once conversion is finished, they should be blocked for posting an never used again. For Fixed Assets, you need to work with your Fixed Asset person as FA has a unique way of loading Asset Masters/Historical values/Accumulated Depreciation
    This is just a short list of items to consider just focusing on FI area. For P&L accounts, your conversion in the current year will be a bit difficult as you also want to populate the related CO object (like cost center) or if you are using project systems, dealing with projects in flight, wehre part of the costs is is the legacy system and new costs in SAP.

  • PY-IN: Mid Year Go Live

    I wish to know the steps for mid-year go-live for Indian Payroll.
    Do we need to upload all IT0008, IT0014 and IT0015 wage-types in T558C?
    Thanks in advance.

    Dear Ramana,
    The mentioned tables are related schema INLK, we are not going for INLK.
    I am looking for injecting the above WTs directly in Payroll Income Tax calculation in current financial year.
    If you know it, please let me know.
    ~ Milind

  • Regarding mid year go-live

    Dear Gurus,
    i am new to midyear glive. i have gone through the threads on it n i got some idea..
    but i have the following doubts:
    1. when should i upload the data n run inlk schema? before golive or after go live??
    2. if after golive, whether it should be before first live run or after payroll run??
    3. what should be the control record status at the time of uploading the tables?
    4.we give all the wagetype with payments n deductions data, but what about p.f,esi,lwf and lwf...?
    5.what wagetypes should i give for statutory deductions.
    if i am not wrong then,p.f=/3f1,esi=/3e1,, lwf=/3w1 . correct me if im wrong.
    5. do i need to update it deductions also, or system will calculate???
    if yes is it enough to add /460=income tax deducted every time???
    6. how about the exemptions part?? do i need to maintain some data related to that??
    thanks in advance.....
    Edited by: Sikindar on Jan 25, 2010 2:23 PM

    In this IMG node a link has been given to table T558B.In this table the pre go live periods has to be entered with the personnel number and start date and the end date for a particular period.
    In this IMG node the link has been given to table T558C . In this table the data for each personnel number entered in table T558B for every period has to be entered. All the payments and deductions for an employee needs to be entered in this table.
    the schema INLK which is the schema used for Mid Year Go Live purpose. It also shows the selection screen of the payroll driver HINCALC0 which needs to be executed with schema INLK.
    Check The documentation on how to use the schema INLK  The two file existing in this location relevant for INLK are :
       1) Legacy Data Transfer and
       2) An excel sheet named HR Template u2013 Payroll u2013 This excel sheet contains two tabs 558B and 558C . Data can be entered   in  tables T558B and T558C with the use of this excel sheet and SAP provided programs HINUULK0
    mean apart from /3f1,/3e1,/3w1 n /3p1 i also need to maintain er contributions like /3f3-pf er contribution, /3f2-vpf ee contribution,
    /3f4-vpf er contribution, /3e2-esi er contribution, /3w2-lwf er contribution.
    Yes as form 16  requires those wage types also
    n i also have to maintain /560 for net pay n /460 for income tax???
    i dont think so for /560  but income tax we have to modify (iam not Sure abt This ) Wait for other expert views
    hw about exemptions what wagetpes do i give for exemptions????
    yes we have to give the Exemptions as in Form 16  your Gorss income -  Exemptions is the Total Taxable income right
    have a look at this one alo
    Please check

  • Mid Year Go-Live Process

    Hi All,
    We are using internation payroll driver for payroll process. We are planning upload data from SAP 4.5 B to SAP ECC 6.0 ( Fresh Implementation).
    What will be the best option to upload the Payroll Data.
    Mid Year Go-Live Process. If Yes then I saw DIfferent tables for the same like T558 A, T558B , T558 C and T558 D.
    In Internation schema XLKO they are using 558D. in India it is T558 B and T558C.
    What are the differences using diff tables.
    What is the best option to transfer data from SAP 4.5 B to SAP ECC 6.0.

    It depends on requirements to level of complexity of historical payroll results. As a rule T558A is enough, but it is not guaranteed.
    So you should discuss with customer the requirements and decide what level of comlpexity is needed. First of all where it will be used, what fields, etc., and then chose the best approach.
    In general tables T558A, T558C, T558D are containing similar information, but details are different.
    Table T558B contains information about periods. It is especially required if there were many retrocalculations.
    These are table names:
    T558A Old Payroll Account Transfer
    T558B Payroll Account Transfer: Payroll Periods
    T558C Payroll Account Transfer: Old Wage Types
    T558D Transfer Wage Types with Split Indicator

  • Mid Year Go Live - Process & Steps

    We have an Implementation project which is going live in November 1st (Mid Year Go Live)
    I have never done Mid Year Golive before. Can anyone let me know the steps on what to do for Mid Year Golive.
    Thanks in advance..

    The concept of mid year go live will be used mainly for the purpose to get the all statutory reports from SAP like form 16,form 3a,6a etc.
    In order to get these thing we need to have payroll results should be there in the system.So we need to upload the legacy payroll results in to SAP.
    For mid year go live follow these steps
    1.Study this following OSS note : 506128
    2.Down load HR payroll.xls template from service market place
    3.Fill the data in excel file
    4.Upload that into SAP through program HINUULK0
    5.It will update the tables T588B & T588C
    6.Then run the payroll driver with INLK schema
    7.It will convert the data into payroll results.

Maybe you are looking for

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