Posting problem using safari or firefox with IMAC

Can anybody help with the following issue. I can access the labs.macromedia website, I can access the Light room posting board. But signing in using safari or firefox on a imac is troublesome and takes several minutes and is half of the time unsuccesful. When trying to post, the signing in screen shows up and asks for e-mail address and password, no problem after pressing the button "continue" the system hangs for so long that safari reports a time out. I have no problems with other websites on the same imac machine I have tried this whole routine on a windows machines from the same location and internet connection set up and no problems at all. A report from another safari user shows also no problem at all. I assume that it is a combination of safari/firefox, this website and my machine settings. Probably I have to change something on the settings for safari or firefox or Imac, but I don't know what. Is there any experience with same problems and a solution out there?

Got to be honest and say this is really, really frustrating!
Am I the only person who cannot view trailers at Apple's website, even with their browser?
Cheers, MP

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    When ever I try to watch any video, from a link or YouTube say, using Firefox, I get a message ‘An error as occurred. Please try again later’. It has been this way for some weeks. I don’t have this problem using Safari or Opera.

    I believe that our “Werbung problem” adds an additional second hyperlink to the pop-up window. This second link is activated whenever you trigger a saved hyperlink to a site.
    I had the same problem and eliminated it by deleting all bookmarks, hyperlinks and automatic links that take firefox to a address. So I just deleted all bookmarks I had saved for I also changed my home page link because it also went to my email at I then did a warm boot, opened firefox and re-saved my bookmarks and homepage to the desired addresses. Good luck.

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    Is that a right choice not to install 32-bit java plugin?
    Will these cause problem?
    Thanks in advance.

    Nope - you need the 32bit Java to go with the 32bit Firefox if you want Java to run

  • HT4759 I resurrected a iBook G4 running 10.11. How do I configure it and what APP and server incoming out going server do I use. Can I use Safari or FireFox?

    I have resurrected an old iBook G4 running MAC OS 10.4.11.
    I realize MobileMe has gone away and I get iCloud "is not supported". I can open MAIL but what SERVER address do I use? Can I use Safari or FireFox browsers with my current address?

    You can try using the settings described in this webpage: iCloud Mail settings in Tiger

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    Then correct the name of the song or point iTunes to the new file.
    Issues with restoring should be directed to the manufacturer of the backup software/device... this is not an Apple or iTunes issue.

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    Videos won't load on specific sites using Safari and FireFox. I've cleared the caches, reset Safari, removed and reinstalled Flash player, downloaded newest update.

    Videos won't load on specific sites using Safari and FireFox. I've cleared the caches, reset Safari, removed and reinstalled Flash player, downloaded newest update.

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    I have a feeling there is a Safari 1.3 update out there that I need to download first, but for the life of me I can't find it anywhere on the Apple site.
    My questions:
    What is the most up-to-date version of Safari for 10.3.9?
    If I'm using Safari 1.2 currently, what steps to I go through to get to the latest version?
    And most importantly: Where do I download these versions? (Link or URL please).

    Safari 1.3 is available as part of the Mac OS X 10.3.9 Update. Your best bet at this stage is to download and reapply the 10.3.9 Combo Update. That should get you started. The latest Safari version for Panther is 1.3.2.

  • I have a US Mac living in the UK. I tried to download both the British and American version. Both state "You cannot use the application Firefox with this version of MAC OSX". Any suggestions how to proceed?

    I have a US Mac living in the UK. I tried to download both the British and American version. Both state "You cannot use the application Firefox with this version of MAC OSX". Any suggestions how to proceed?

    Firefox 4 requires at least OS X 10.5 and an Intel Mac. You can get the latest version of Firefox 3.6 which works on OS X 10.4 from

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    if somebody can help me....pls email to...
    [email protected]

    Welcome to Apple Discussions
    Adding to Klaus' comment, have a look at this article for browser options for OS 9.2.

  • Hotmail redirect my page if I use safari but not with Firefox

    Once I login into Hotmail using safari I am redirected to a hotmail black page. This started after opening an e-mail from a trustable source. If I use firefox I do not have any problem.
    I reset safari, cancelled all the cookies, deleted all the cache from Safari,. I deleted from the library extension of finder and mine the documents from the following folder: cookies, LaunchAgents, LaunchDaemons with no lack.
    Any solution?
    Apple support wanted 35 pounds and I was on a 0845 number as well!!!
    I found the solution: I ditched Safari and started to use Firefox. I can now read my e-mails

    Did you check the volume setting in the player to make sure that the sound isn't muted?
    You can try to clear the Flash local storage.
    Flash Website Storage Settings panel:
    Flash Local storage settings Help:

  • Problems using OS10.9.2 with migration assistant to transfer files from imac with OS10.6.8

    Having problems using the Migration assistant on a new imac with OS10.9.2 to transfer files from an old imac with OS 10.6.8.

    The Migration Assistant can transfer files from a computer running Mac OS X 10.1 or newer, but shouldn't be used to migrate applications from a PowerPC Mac to an Intel Mac.

  • FB05 posting problem using POSTING_INTERFACE_CLEARING

    Hi All,
      I have a problem posting FB05 using POSTING_INTERFACE_CLEARING.My requirement is to select open item based on document number and then create another leg for that open item using GL account,posting key and amount that matches the selected open item amount.
    I am not sure whether I am not doing the right thing because I get an error 'Difference is too large for  clearing'. If I actually go to FB05 and 'choose open item' for document number and try to hit 'Save' on the list of open items screen,I get the same error. I then  select 'Charge off difference' and it takes me to screen that is quite similar to FB01 and I enter the other leg of the entry i.e posting key,acct no,amount etc.I want to replicate the same process using funtion module.I am sending you the code,please help me.
      i_splitinput-compcode = '0410'.
      i_splitinput-currency = 'USD'.
      i_splitinput-amount = '299'.
      i_splitinput-reference = '90286483'.
      i_splitinput-date = '20090320'.
      i_splitinput-type = 'D'.
      i_splitinput-clearingacct = '101002'.
      append i_splitinput.
      loop at i_splitinput.
        at first.
          perform posting_interface_start using 'C'.
        at new currency.
          perform f_create_document_header using i_splitinput-compcode
        perform f_create_document_items .
        at end of currency.
          perform f_post_gl_document.
        at last.
          perform f_posting_interface_end.
    *&      Form  posting_interface_start
         -->P_P_TYPE  text
    form posting_interface_start  using    p_type.
      data lv_mode type c value 'N'.
      if p_type = 'C'.
        call function 'POSTING_INTERFACE_START'
            i_function         = 'C'
            i_mode             = lv_mode
            i_update           = 'S'
            client_incorrect   = 1
            function_invalid   = 2
            group_name_missing = 3
            mode_invalid       = 4
            update_invalid     = 5
            others             = 6.
        if sy-subrc <> 0.
          message 'Error initializing posting interface'(e05) type 'I'.
    endform.                    " posting_interface_start
    *&      Form  f_create_document_header
    -->  p1        text
    <--  p2        text
    form f_create_document_header using p_compcode p_currency.
      data: l_waers type waers,
    l_postdate(10) type c,
    l_bktxt type bktxt,
    l_blart type blart.
    *---Convert dates to proper format MM/DD/YYYY
      write p_pstdat to l_postdate mm/dd/yyyy.
      write p_docdat to l_docdate  mm/dd/yyyy.
      i_ftpost-stype = 'K'.   "Header
      i_ftpost-count = 1.
      perform ftpost_field using: 'BKPF-BUKRS' p_compcode,  "Company Cd
                                  'BKPF-WAERS' p_currency,  "Doc Currency
                                  'BKPF-BLART' p_doctyp,  "Doc Type
                                  'BKPF-BLDAT' l_docdate,   "Doc Date
                                  'BKPF-BUDAT' l_postdate,   "Posting Dt
                                  'BKPF-BKTXT' p_doctxt,  "Header Text
                                  'BKPF-XBLNR' p_ref,     "Ref Doc
                                  'RF05A-AUGTX' 'Test'.  "Clearing item text
    *creditnote to your own
    *debit to customer but sometimes you post credit
    *payor-vendor +ve    payee-customer  -ve
      i_ftpost-count = 0.
    endform.                    " f_create_document_header
    *&      Form  ftpost_field
         -->P_1045   text
         -->P_PA_BUKRS  text
    form ftpost_field using field_name type any
                            field_value type any.
      i_ftpost-fnam = field_name.
      i_ftpost-fval = field_value.
      append i_ftpost.
    endform.                    " ftpost_field
    *&      Form  f_create_document_items
    -->  p1        text
    <--  p2        text
    form f_create_document_items .
    *concatenate i_splitinput
      i_ftclear-agkoa  = 'D'."D-cust, v-vend
      i_ftclear-agkon  = '1041048'."cust/ven acct
      i_ftclear-agbuk  = i_splitinput-compcode.
      i_ftclear-xnops  = 'X'.
      i_ftclear-xfifo  = space.
      i_ftclear-agums  = space.
      i_ftclear-avsid  = space.
      i_ftclear-selfd  = 'BELNR'.
      i_ftclear-selvon = i_splitinput-reference.
      i_ftclear-selbis = 'Test'.                              
      collect i_ftclear.clear i_ftclear.
    i_ftclear-selvon = '101002'.
    i_ftclear-selbis = '101002'.                           
    append i_ftclear.
      i_ftpost-stype = 'P'.  "Details
      i_ftpost-count = i_ftpost-count + 1.
      perform ftpost_field using: 'RF05A-NEWBS' '15',      "Post Key
                                  'RF05A-NEWKO' '1071990',   "GL Account
                                  'BSEG-WRBTR'  '299',     "DC Amount
                                  'BSEG-SGTXT'  'SAN'.      "Item Text
                                 'BSEG-ZUONR'  i_post-merchant_id.
    *lt_ftclear-selvon = p_doc2.
    *lt_ftclear-selbis = p_doc2.
    *APPEND lt_ftclear.
    endform.                    " f_create_document_items
    *&      Form  f_post_gl_document
    -->  p1        text
    <--  p2        text
    form f_post_gl_document .
      refresh i_blntab.
      clear i_blntab.
      call function 'POSTING_INTERFACE_CLEARING'
          i_auglv                          = 'UMBUCHNG'
          i_tcode                          = 'FB05'
        I_SGFUNCT                        = ' '
        I_NO_AUTH                        = ' '
          e_msgid                          = v_msgid
          e_msgno                          = v_msgno
          e_msgty                          = v_msgty
          e_msgv1                          = v_msgv1
          e_msgv2                          = v_msgv2
          e_msgv3                          = v_msgv3
          e_msgv4                          = v_msgv4
          e_subrc                          = g_subrc
          t_blntab                         = i_blntab
          t_ftclear                        = i_ftclear
          t_ftpost                         = i_ftpost
          t_fttax                          = i_fttax
         clearing_procedure_invalid       = 1
         clearing_procedure_missing       = 2
         table_t041a_empty                = 3
         transaction_code_invalid         = 4
         amount_format_error              = 5
         too_many_line_items              = 6
         company_code_invalid             = 7
         screen_not_found                 = 8
         no_authorization                 = 9
         others                           = 10
      if sy-subrc <> 0.
        v_message = 'Posting Interface Error.'.
            id        = v_msgid
            lang      = sy-langu
            no        = v_msgno
            v1        = v_msgv1
            v2        = v_msgv2
            v3        = v_msgv3
            v4        = v_msgv4
            msg       = v_message
            not_found = 1
            OTHERS    = 2.
    endform.                    " f_post_gl_document
    *&      Form  f_posting_interface_end
    -->  p1        text
    <--  p2        text
    form f_posting_interface_end .
      call function 'POSTING_INTERFACE_END'
          i_bdcimmed              = ' '
          session_not_processable = 1
          others                  = 2.
      if sy-subrc <> 0.
    endform.                    " f_posting_interface_end
    Thanks in advance.

    Hi Abaper,
      This is in continuation of my previous email,I am sending you my code.Please take a look and let me know your suggestions.Also can you please share with me your code if you have ever worked with FB05.
    Also I have debugged and found that at the end on program SAFM05A screen 0733 ,the code enters document number BELNR and does okcode - /11. This takes to the screen SAPDF05X  screen 3100 where it does try to save.I believe 3100 is a final screen according to the FM code but there is something I may not be passing which is not allowing it to save.
    *Session header
          perform populate_xbgr00.
          append xbgr00 to dataset.
        write p_docdat to p_docdat mm/dd/yy.
        write p_pstdat to p_pstdat mm/dd/yy.
    *Document header
              perform populate_xbbkpf using
              append xbbkpf to dataset.
    *bbseg bselk and bselp
            perform populate_xbbseg .
    form populate_xbgr00 .
      move '0' to xbgr00-stype.
      move 'zsan' to xbgr00-group.
      move sy-mandt to xbgr00-mandt.
      move sy-uname to xbgr00-usnam.
      move 'X' to xbgr00-xkeep.
    move space to xbgr00-xkeep.
      move '/' to xbgr00-nodata.
    endform.                    " populate_xbgr00
    form populate_xbbkpf  using  p1 p2 p3 p4 p5  p7.
      move '1' to xbbkpf-stype.
      move 'FB05' to xbbkpf-tcode.
      move p2 to xbbkpf-bldat.
      move p4 to xbbkpf-blart.
      move p1 to xbbkpf-bukrs.
      move p3 to xbbkpf-budat.
      move '/' to xbbkpf-monat.
      move p5 to xbbkpf-waers.
      move '/' to xbbkpf-kursf.
      move '/' to xbbkpf-belnr.
      move '/' to xbbkpf-wwert.
    move p6 to xbbkpf-xblnr.
      move '/' to xbbkpf-bvorg.
      move p7 to xbbkpf-bktxt.
      move '/' to xbbkpf-pargb.
      move 'UMBUCHNG' to xbbkpf-auglv.
    form populate_xbbseg  .
      move '2' to xbbseg-stype.
      move 'BBSEG' to xbbseg-tbnam.
      move '15'  to xbbseg-newbs.
      move '100'  to xbbseg-wrbtr.
      move 'Assign'  to xbbseg-zuonr.
      move 'Itemtext'  to xbbseg-sgtxt.
      move I_SPLITINPUT-CLEARINGACCT to xbbseg-newko.        "G/L
      append xbbseg to dataset.
    xbselk-stype = '2'.
    xbselk-agkon = 'CUST0010'.
    xbselk-agbuk = i_splitinput-compcode.
    xbselk-agkoa = 'K'.
    xbselk-sende = '/'.
    xbselk-tbnam = 'BSELK'.
    append xbselk to dataset.
    xbselp-stype = '2'.
    xbselp-feldn_1 = 'BELNR'.
    xbselp-slvon_1 = i_splitinput-reference.
    xbselp-slbis_1 = 'Test'.
    xbselp-tbnam = 'BSELP'.
    append xbselp to dataset.
    Edited by: abap78 on Mar 23, 2009 5:10 AM

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    I've experienced the same thing. Thought it was my DSL ISP and complained numerous times. Went from avg. 2600 kbps down/ 768kbps up to 860 kbps down and 13 kbps up. This range is consistent on all machines on my network, and with both Firefox and Safari. Last night, I hooked up my IBM lap top and re-ran the test: got 2586 kbps down and 457 kbps up on the PC. Now I think my ISP may be correct -- they don't see a problem with the lines. Looking back, the slow down for the Macs coincides with 10.4.11 updates. Tonight I'll begin looking at the Macs to see why they can't connect at the same rate as before the update, and at the same rate as the PC. Any suggestions on how to restore Mac performance?

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