Power replacement on 1st generation G5 (100-120V)

I'd like to replace the power supply on my 1st generation EMC 2008 Imac 20".
Is it possible to replace it with the 2nd generation EMC 2056?
Will this allow my imac to work on a power range of 100-220v?

I did not get a definite answer from welovemac.com and I'm waiting for over a week for a reply from dvwarehouse.com
Anyone else has any information if a generation 2 imac power supply will work on a generation 1 imac. Also, will the computer then we able to work on voltage range of 110-240 instead of only 110v.

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  • What do they replace a 1st generation ipod nano with now?

    What do they replace a 1st generation ipod nano with now? from the recall.

    Glad you were able to sort it out - iPod cables and USB ports can sometimes by mysterious in their variability - though in your case the symptoms suggest that a conductor may have failed inside the cable you were using.  I've found that, using a selection of cables:
    my 2G nano will occasionally be detected as being connected via USB 1.0 (even when connected to 2.0 ports)
    my 3G nano syncs fine but steadfastly refuses to charge when connected to any of the USB ports on my main computer, though using the same cable charges happily when connected to a USB AC adapter
    Such things are just sent to annoy us
    On your other question, it is possible to completely replicate your library across two or more PCs.  As long as the iTunes database (iTunes Library.itl) is duplicated as well as all your media you then have two physical copies of one logical library, with which iDevices will sync on either computer.  See turingtest2's notes on  Make a split library portable to see how to verify that your library is in a consistent structure to make replication easier, and Backup your iTunes for Windows library with SyncToy on one method for replication (typically using an external hard drive that also serves as a regular backup).  My configuration looks like this:
    where the library on my "master" system is replicated, using MS SyncToy and an external HDD, to two other systems - a secondary one at home and one in my office at work.  My iDevices will sync to any of these without the "threat" of wiping their content because iTunes detects that they've been previously synced to a different library - because of the replication method used the "unique" library identifier that iTunes uses in the sync process is actually the same on all three systems.

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    What use would there be for the 1st generation time capsule if I bought a new ac time capsule?

    I just bought hte new ac time capsule (TC), and was using the 1st generation one at home.
    => I use now the old TC as an wifi extender and as a shared hard disk for family
    => the new TC is used with Time Machine for encrypted backup and first high speed network

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    I have one set of contacts on my iPhone and a different set on the first iPad. How do I combine them both in iCloud so that I can get it on the newest iPad without losing any? I assume that once I get them combined, iCloud will keep them all in sync.

    To make the itunes 11 more acceptable
    View > Show Sidebar
    View > Show Status Bar
    click on the black arrow in the search box and untick Search Entire Library.
    See how it looks
    If you still want to revert then
    http://www.pcadvisor.co.uk/news/audio/3415214/how-downgrade-itunes-11-itunes-10- in-mac-os-x/

  • Hi I've just seen the replacement program for ipod nano 1st generation. Would i be able to get a 7th generation ipod?

    Hi I am waiting to send my ipod nano 1st generation of however what ipod will i recieve in return, would it bee a 7th generation. The reason for this is becasue most of the forums ive seen, the ipod has been sent off either before the 7th gen was realeased or at the beginning however it has been out for a long time now and could it be possible that i would recieve that, THanks

    They are now replacing the 1st Generation Nano with the 7th Generation Nano.

  • Ipod shuffle 1st generation, itunes 7.0

    My son just got a nano to replace shuffle 1st generation. Itunes recommended upgrading to 7.0 which we did, then the nano worked great. Grandma wants the shuffle and her songs on it, so I put it in 3 different usb ports and itunes and my computer still won't recognize it. I have restarted computer several times, and all usb ports I tried worked with the nano. What do I need to do? I searched the forums and all I found was to remove itunes and replace with older version of itunes. Won't that cause my son's nano to have issues with itunes again?
      Windows XP  

    iTunes locks when I attempt to load music from any
    music folder. iTunes will recognize my iPod after
    resetting it using the "iPod reset utility", but will
    lock if I try to drag and drop, or Autofill.
    However, iTunes will AUTOFILL from MUSIC folder at
    startup following use of "iPod reset utility". If I
    try to change the music or load a PODCAST, iPod
    locks and will not sync. I have tried the five r's,
    but no luck.
    What's wrong with upgrading iTunes to 7.1.1(5)?

  • 1st Generation 2 Gbyte Motherboard Replacement for Model No.A1137 needed, please...

    1st Generation 2 Gbyte Motherboard Replacement for Model No.A1137 needed, please...

    Quote from: vernonion on 27-August-08, 09:51:53
    Everything is not working fine, and a pop with sparks is not a normal result from turning on a power supply. If you got it from Tiger send it back and get this one.
    I talked to the rep earlier, but I had to go to a meeting. When I called him back he said he was on the phone with Intel to make sure my CPU would work with that board. I know it will work so I have no clue why he called them. He didn't seem to concerned about the PSU though. I told him that the PSU popped and made sparks and it didn't phase him at all. I already told him I wanted to exchange the RAM with different kind and I wanted a new PSU. When I give him the new RAM and the PSU I want I will give this one a try.
    Thank you for your help.

  • 1st Generation Nano Replacement

    Does anyone know what generation nano Apple will be giving to people who send their old 1st gens back in through the replacement program due to the overheating problems?

    I just completed the recall paperwork on the apple site, so here are a few answers to the posts on this discussion:
    (1) It is not clear which model iPod Apple will provide as a replacement.  Apple is not specifying this, so it appears we will not find out until someone who receives a replacement posts to this forum.
    (2) You do not have unlimited time to take advantage of this exchange.  Once you complete the recall info online, Apple will send you a return box to send back your iPod, which they say you will receive within 2 business days.  You then have 10 business days to get your iPod back to them, or the exchange is canceled.
    And here is some very ambiguous language from the email received from Apple after completing the recall info online:
    Apple may charge you a diagnostic fee, including shipping charges, of no more than one hundred ($100) dollars US, plus applicable tax, if Apple inspects your product and determines based on the inspection that the product does not require service. If Apple determines, while inspecting your product, that service is needed due to the failure of parts that are neither supplied by Apple nor Apple-branded, Apple may return the product to you without servicing it, and may charge you the diagnostic fee plus applicable sales tax.
    You are entitled to a written estimate of the cost of repairs. The estimate must include all costs for parts and labor. Apple will not charge for work done or parts supplied in excess of the estimate unless you, the customer, approve the additional charge. This estimate of repair charges is valid for 30 days from the date of estimate. You must notify Apple if you claim a tax exemption and provide Apple with a tax exemption number at the time you receive this estimate. The cost of shipping is included in the estimate.
    This makes it sound like you could be on the hook for $$ if they receive your iPod and find nothing to be wrong.  Obviously, under a recall program this shouldn't apply, but why Apple has to include convoluted messages like this is a mystery, and bad form.
    Overall, they're not doing a great job being very clear about what to expect once you send back your iPod, which is a drag because if you're like me you might want to keep that 1st generation iPod as a memento to a true innovation.  I sure do not want to be surprised by finding a new generation iPod in the box when I receive it back.

  • I have just requested my ipod nano 1st generation to be replaced using the scheme, i have entered the wrong postcode on the shipping of the replacement box, will it still come to my address? or how can i change it?

    I have just requested my ipod nano 1st generation to be replaced using the scheme, i have entered the wrong postcode on the shipping of the replacement box, will it still come to my address? or how can i change it?

    Call up apple care,  (08000480408 if you are in the UK) and ask them to change the postcode and request another replacement packet

  • I had a new hard drive replaced in my imac. Now my 1st generation apple TV does not appear under devices in itunes. How do I get my apple tv to connect to my computer? My OS is 10.6.8

    I had a new hard drive replaced in my imac. Now my 1st generation apple TV does not appear under devices in itunes. How do I get my apple tv to connect to my computer? My OS is 10.6.8

    Welcome to the Apple Community.
    Navigate to Settings > Computers > Your Library on the Apple TV, you may be told you will lose all synced content, but you can't doing anything abouty this, you won't lose any purchased content that has yet to be transferred. Then select Settings > Computers > Connect To iTunes, note the passcode that appears on screen, click on the device in iTunes and enter the passcode when prompted.

  • Where is my 1st generation ipod nano replacement?

    I sent in two 1st generation ipod nanos that qualified for the replacement program. I received one two weeks after I sent both in, through fedex. I'm still waiting for the second one, and it's been 3 months already. The website said it takes up to 6 weeks. I haven't received any emails or messages relate to this problem. Fedex received both ipods and I still have the receipt to prove it. What's going on?

    I called apple and tried to find out what happened. Turns out everything was going smoothly until it reached their end. I tracked it with fedex and it said it was delivered to a city in california. The guy I was talking to said apple would get back to me in a couple of days, because they, "have to set up an investigation". It's been a week and 3 days. I'm a big apple fan, but this whole situation is really disappointing.

  • 1st generation iPod Nano replacement program not working

    On the support page from apple i can fill in the serial number, but it won't direct me to the next page to fill in my adres
    Apple - Support - iPod nano (1st generation) Replacement Program

    Rkid001 wrote:
    I called AppleCare and they weren't much help.
    Instead of calling Apple Care, call Apple Customer Relations (1-800) 275-2273.  Wait for a human to come on the line and ask politely and firmly that you want to be transferred over to the Customer Relations department.

  • Ipod nano 1st generation replacement

    Anyone has successfully got a replacement of a new 1st generation iPod nano?
    It seems to me it's a pathetic joke, after all the hassle of Genius reservation and registering, I was told to wait for notification in 6-8 weeks.
    Of course nobody called or emailed me.  I then made Genius bar reservation once again and it's said the original model were all gone, just would give me a 5th generation model...
    What a bad joke!
    I did once appreciate this replacement program, but now I swear not to buy any Apple products again.
    Apple is rotting so quickly.

    Apple did not anticipate there were that many 1st Generation Nano's out there still in service and way underestimated how many replacements they would need and quickly ran out of 1st Generation service replacement units. It was not feasible to retool a manufacturing plant to make the 1st Generation Nano so they switched to the current generation, with twice as much memory.
    They could have just issued Apple Store gift cards for $47 USD (the going price for 1st Generation Nanos at the time on sites with used ones) since the one's coming back were well used. Instead they opted to go with the much more expensive 6th Generation Nano. That was really bad of them.
    What would you have them do?

  • IPod Touch 1st Generation Replacement

    If I have a first generation iPod Touch still under applecare warranty, and I exchange it for a new one, (odds are they wont fix my stuck pixel) will i get another iPod Touch First Gen, or will it be upgraded to the 2nd Generation?
    Thanks, Kevin

    This is a question you would have to direct towards Apple, but I am almost positive they would replace it with another 1st generation.

  • Ipod Touch 1st Generation Power On Problem?

    I own a 1st generation ipod touch which l cannot access. I was updating an app then my ipod froze which led to a full power-off. I turned the ipod back on. The apple logo will come up after holding the power on button, but my ipod touch was turning off after a few seconds once the apple logo is on the screen. I have tried holding the home button and power button for an ipod reboot sadly this still had no positive effect with the ipod touch problem. I also attempt to reset my ipod, but because it remains on for about 15 seconds and shut back down my computer will not completely finish recognizing my ipod. IS THERE A WAY TO FIX THIS PROBLEM & MY IPOD?

    I'd at least take it in to be looked at--exams are free, if I am not mistaken.
    I don't think it's a software issue...though you could try a reset and a synch.
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