PowerMac vs iMac - Speed

I've been offered an 800 mhz PowerMac. I currently have an 800 mhz iMac.
Presuming they both have the same amount of RAM and the same version of OSX installed, is the PowerMac likely to be any quicker?

Mark, welcome to  Discussions.
There are several 800MHz model G4s & iMacs. You can compare the specs here.
One of the G4 800MHz models has a 133MHz Bus Speed, whereas one iMac 800MHz has a bus speed of 100MHz. Other speed specs are identical. So the PM may be slightly faster, but I doubt you will notice any difference.
 Cheers, Tom

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    I was wondering what kind of computer does the Graphic Design industry uses? iMac G5 or the Powermac? What do you recommend?
    I heard that the Powermac is usually used by professionals. Is this true? How does the iMac G5 compare to it?

    Hi Angela...
    As a design professional I can definitively say if you're working in the design industry with profesional applications such as Quark, Photoshop, etc., your only choice is a PowerMac. iMac's are consumer grade computers, and while quite elegant, and powerful, they are not up to the rigors needed in a professional work situation. Any of the newer PowerMacs will work, but IMO it's always best to buy the best you can afford. If you're working for a company, they should be able to buy top end for you, as it's a depreciable item that can be written-off as a company expense. Anything less and you're literally wasting your time, and the companies time, waiting for the computer to re-draw your screen or finish the task.
    good luck...

  • MacBook Pro vs iMac - speed improvement for Parallels Windows 8.1

    Will there be a noticeable increase in speed and performance in switching from an iMac 2.9GHz quad-core Intel Core i5 with 1TB HardDrive to a MacBook Pro - Retina Display 13-inch 2.6GHz dual-core Intel Core i5 with 512 SSD.??? Both being brand new iMac and MacBook Pro.
    I am not sure if the SSD drive will make a noticeable difference in this scenario. I am trying to investigate if doing the switch will make the use of Parallels with Windows 8.1 better; the iMac seems to be dragging a bit while running Windows through Parallels.

    I would be looking at the Quad core MBP for Parallels. A Quad-core vs Dual-Core is not a fair comparison.
    For the same CPU, the two bottlenecks for Parallels are RAM and disk speed.
    You will see an improvement if you max out the RAM and the disk speed. The SSD in the MBP will be much faster than the HDD in the iMac.

  • New iMacs speed difference with ProTools & Logic Pro

    Hi, I am considering upgrading to a new iMac with the 2.93 processor as mine is the white 2.16. Has anyone done so and what speed increases have you noticed with either Protools or Logic Pro? Between the ram upgrade and speed, I would hope for much greater performance. Thanks

    Try posting in the Logic Pro forum. http://discussions.apple.com/forum.jspa?forumID=1201
    You could try searching that forum also.

  • Migrated from PowerMac to iMac but iTunes library did not come over

    How do I get my iTunes Library over from my PowerMac to my iMac?

    Is it only the iTunes library that didn't transfer? It is possible that it transferred but into a new account.
    When you run a migration it will transfer even the user accounts.
    So go to  menu -> System Preferences -> Accounts and check how many accounts you have there. If you only have the one (your current one) then you can run the transfer again, or just transfer the Music library with FireWire, ethernet or airport (or a USB stick etc)
    If there is another account there, then logout of the one you are in, and login to the other account to see if things are as they should be

  • IMAC Speed

    How do I empty the Cache Folder on my iMAC?  My system is running slow and I was told by doing this, it should speed things up.

    Generally emptying cache will only cause it to go slower. Whoever told you that doesn't know what they are talking about.
    How much free space do you have on your system drive?
    Lack of free space is a more likely cause for a slow down.
    In addition since you say you have an iMac, you are posting in the wrong forum. This forum is where problems with the Mac Pro are discussed and not the iMac.

  • New iMacs speed difference with ProTools

    Hi, I am wondering if anyone has purchased a new iMac with 2.66 speed or greater and notices much of a difference in performance with audio mixing programs such as Protools or Logic. I am considering upgrading from my 24" 2.16 imac to a new one for the ram, speed and graphics. Any help would be appreciated.

    Try posting in the Logic Pro forum. http://discussions.apple.com/forum.jspa?forumID=1201
    You could try searching that forum also.

  • Powermac G5/iMac 2.4ghz Intel

    I just upgraded my PowerMac G5 2.0ghz to the iMac Intel 2.4ghz. Did I do the right thing? I still have my PowerMac up and going and haven't even opened the iMac yet.

    I don't know where you're going with this. The answer is likely, "sure…" but it depends upon what you expect to do with your intel-processor based iMac, as opposed to your PowerPC based Power Macintosh.
    Just us the Migration Assistant on board the iMac to migrate your data and settings, and you'll be fine in terms of replicating your initial configuration in the new environment.

  • Clone from Powermac To Imac?

    We have a Dual G5 which has been our main computer. All email, most applications on it, etc. We also have a 20" imac that we bought for the kids, but they keep wanting to use the powermac. I actually love the Imac and would not mind using it for my main computer. The problem is I have a lot of applications and unfinished projects on the PM. Is it possible to take complete clones of each computer, which I have on external drives, and clone them back to the other computer? Switch identities without having to go through all the installs and reactivations? Does anyone have any experience doing this or have any thoughts on possible problems?

    Thanks Rich, I thought that was going to be the answer. What about just applications? I know some can just be copied over but others such as Quarkexpress require online activation and can't be installed on two computers. I don't want or need them on two computers just a different one than they are now on.

  • PowerMac G5 Fan Speed on Overdrive - Always

    I have a PowerMac G5 Dual 2.0 GHz (PPC) that has recently started to kick all the fans into overdrive upon boot. They continue to run at high speed for a long period of time (maybe 30 minutes) and then settle down. It did it once last week, and then once again this morning. The issue last week just cleared itself up (I was not present during the issue, so I have very little information on that incident). This morning, I ran the extended AHT, and it came back clean. The fans still were at high speed. Reset the PMU, fans were still at high speed. Unplugged machine for 30 minutes, fans still at high speed. Reset nvram, cleared up the problem.
    The question is if this is symptomatic of a larger issue, or just something that wigged out in the nvram. I work support on a customer site, and we have approximately 25 PPC G5's; this is the first time I have seen this issue with any of them. Searching the forums have yeilded very little good information.
    All covers were on correctly, the interior of the machine is dustless. I see no signs of anything out of the ordinary. It is running Mac OS 10.4.10 and has maintenance run each night.
    Any ideas?
    Thanks, Chris

    Best bet is to take the machine to an AASP and have them run a thermal calibration for the processors.

  • Ethernet Port Speeds on PowerMac G5

    I just recently upgraded my cable modem and have it connected via a new ethernet cable to my Time Capsule.
    My Mac Book Pro (2.4 GHz) and my 2004 PowerMac G5 (2.0 Ghz) are both connected to my Time Capsule via new ethernet cables.
    I have been running SpeedTest.net on both computers and on my MBP I can achieve 32MB/s Down and 5 MB/s up. When I try the same test on my PowerMac G5 the speeds are 5-15 MB/s Down and 1 - 3 MB/s Up.
    Since the Modem and Cables are new, both machines have Giga Ethernet Ports, and are connected to the the same Apple Router the I would think the problem is with my PowerMac. I am tempted to buy another ethernet card to fix this but I have a couple of questions before I do.
    1) Any suggestions on really fast/dependable ethernet cards?'
    2) I downgraded the Ethernet ports speeds to 100MB/s, saw some improvement, but not enough, is there anything else that can be adjusted with software (already have the latest firmware)
    3) Any software to measure or test the port speeds other then Network Utility ?

    UPDATE -
    I readjusted the Ethernet Port Speeds to 100mbs and rebooted the PMG5 and now I am getting much higher download and upload speeds from the net/router
    Its seems the reboot made the difference - When in Doubt - REBOOT !

  • 2011 iMac, Lion, iPod 3G, FireWire - charge yes, sync no

    I'm posting this in both the iPod community and in the iMac community. My appologies to any who are bother by this...
    I just bought a 2011 iMac (21.5 w/ 2.5GHz i5) and it came w/ Mac OS X Lion (currently at 10.7.2). I have a WD MyBook Studio connected to the single FireWire 800 port w/ an appropriate cable. The MyBook works just fine all the time. I have an old 3rd generation iPod (3G, 10GB) that I have been using for years via FireWire 400 on various PowerMacs, older iMacs, a couple of eMacs and even a Dell running XP Pro. I just picked up a FireWire 800 to 400 adapter that I plugged into the second FireWire 800 port on the back of the MyBook external HD. My iPod started charging as soon as I plugged in my genuine Apple iPod-FireWire cable that came w/ the iPod. To my dismay, the iPod makes no indication that it is connected to a computer and the computer makes no indication that it is connected to and iPod. I unmounted my MyBook drive and disconnected the cable from the back of the iMac. I then plugged the FW800-400 adapter directly into the back of the iMac and plugged in my iPod. No change. The iPod charges just fine but won't connect in any way. To be certain that my iPod and cable are OK, I fired up my old eMac (I'm glad I haven't put it on eBay yet) and the iPod works great. I can sync w/ iTunes and use disk access to move files on and off the iPod from the Finder. My eMac is running 10.4.11.
    My next attempt was to check if the iPod is compatible w/ Lion and the latest iTunes (10.5.3) so I used a USB cable that came w/ my much newer iPod Classic 120GB. The old iPod 3G connected right away, synced and everything is fine. I tried turning off disk use as a post online mentioned this as a possible solution. I ejected the iPod and moved over to the FireWire cable. No change, charges fine but no connection. I tried the cable yet again w/ the eMac and everything is fine. I even tried my iPod Mini. That too works great via the FireWire cable on the eMac but only charges via FireWire on the iMac. The iPod Mini works fine via USB as well. I also tried both the iPod 3G and Mini w/ the FireWire cable on my Dell w/ an off-brand FireWire PCI card. Works perfectly. Both iPods are up to date according to iTunes. Even iTunes 10.5.2 on the Dell under Win XP Pro says it's all up to date. Yes, they are "Windows" iPods so I can connect them to any computer in a pinch.
    If I can use USB for all of my iPods, then why am I worrying about FireWire? It's all about convenience. The battery in my iPod 3G doesn't last all that long. When connecting via USB, it communicates but doesn't charge (it needs the 12V of FireWire to charge even though it has USB capability). Bad things can happen if the iPod's battery dies during syncing. Connecting via FireWire not only takes care of the battery issue but it is also noticeably and measurably faster syncing files over FireWire than USB (I've done an apples to apples comparison of this in the past). I also paid $1200 for this iMac and another $10+ for the FW800-400 adapter. It should work. Apple has a number of articles that say FW800 is 100% backwards compatible w/ FW400. I can't find anything out there that tells me it shouldn't work and lots of things telling me it should work fine.
    Can anyone shed light on why my iPod won't connect via FireWire to my new iMac.

    It sounds like your talking about iPod (dock connector) from 2003, And a Mini from 2004?

  • Differentiation in networking speeds

    While connecting to my AEBS, my MBA is not achieving download speeds nearly comparable to my desktop iMac (connecting my iMac wirelessly to the AEBS).
    The networking settings are the same for both machines, but my MBA is slogging with download speeds, which are reporting to be slower (by a factor of 2x) than my upload speeds (my iMac speeds are much faster and near parity on the up-and down-load rates).
    I'm connecting to the internet via Comcast 50 service, which is connecting to a Linksys WRT610n router. The AEBS is connected via ethernet.
    Any thoughts??

    i was using the daq assistant but am now using daqmx vi's . do i connect dt to the clock? at the moment i have it connected to 1000 to be the same rate as the clock
    example.vi ‏169 KB

  • HELP!!! iMac drive slot jammed.

    The CD drive slot on my G3 imac is not the only thing stuck. I am, too.
    Where the heck is the emergency paper clip hole for forcing the drive to eject my disk?
    I've been sitting in front of my computer . . . off and on for hours . . . paper clip in hand, but still can't figure out where it has gone or what else I can do to retrieve the disk, which unfortunately, does not belong to me.
    I probably have enough vacant space on my hard drive to copy and save the data if necesssary, but still won't be able to burn it onto a new disk unless I can get the drive to eject the disk that's in there now.
    By the way, although I'll confess I'm a packrat, the original manual (if there was one) has disappeared — which leads me to believe hard copy never existed and probably was only available online. But the one illustration I found that showed the front of the computer with a hole did not match my iMac, which must be at least 4-5 years old, and according to the Apple Profiler is machine model 33.11.
    Can anyone help me? . . . PLEASE?
    PowerMac G4/IMac G3   Mac OS X (10.2.x)  

    Thanks, Grant . . .
    You've raised some interesting points, which, frankly I had never given any thought to before.
    For one thing, it's possible that my husband COULD still access the net if my computer were in for service. That he would not be able to was just an assumption on my part; but thinking about it now, his reception seems to depend mainly on the position of the router's antenna. Perhaps because of the distance and other interference . . . even slight movement of the router sometimes causes problems for him. But even when I can't access the net, he usually is still able to. Anyway, checking that should be easy enough. While I'm sure he wouldn't care, I don't like messing with his computer in his absence, but when he returns, I'll shut down mine and see if he can still access the net. If so, it will not only rule out any any interruption of service if I send the iMac in for repair, but perhaps also my excuse for treating myself to a new one. (Even so, now that I'm revved up, upgrading my equipment immediately (instead of waiting for a more serious emergency) still makes sense.)
    As for the initial hook-up, either I misunderstood the installation procedure or did not explain it correctly. The installation was done by Time/Warner, which also provided the router. As I recall, because of the layout of our home and the possibility of stuctrual interference, they felt a wireless network was the best solution. As I understood it, that would have required an ethernet card for my husband's PC. Since all my equipment (multiple computers, printers, etc.) were already networked via ethernet, it probably made sense to set things up the way they did. For that reason, my computer is hard-wired to the router, which also sends a wireless signal to my husband's PC.
    My thought re: AOL was based on my assumption that the disk they sent me was just for dial-up service, since that's all they were offering in our area before their recent hook-up with Time/Warner. I've never opened the package, so really don't know what the promotion consists of.
    As for re-establishing the PCs connection, that's the one area where my husband and I run out of steam. I guess my fascination with understanding WHY things go wrong has made me a reasonably good troubleshooter with respect to my Mac, but I know zip about PCs. He, on the other hand, has no patience and would rather pick-up the phone and call the nearest freelance technician to solve even the smallest problem.
    As for the airport card, unfortunately I don't have that . . . although I believe the iBook I bought a couple of years ago (but have only used once or twice) either came with one or was ready to have one installed. I suppse I should at least pull it out and find out what other goodies it has. I know they definitely include a CD drive.
    Hmmm . . . if I can connect it to my network, it might be useful.

  • 2.8 GHz Intel iMac arrived OK and its absolutely gorgeous !

    Picked up by FedEx in Shanghai, China early on August 13th and delivered to Ontario Canada by lunch time on the 15th ! And its absolutely gorgeous. Glare is not an issue. The absence of the Apple on the Command key is not an issue. The mighty mouse being WHITE is not an issue. Getting my wife off it MAY be an issue.

    are these new imacs fast?
    im trying to compare this new 24 inch ( 2.8 GHZ) beast with all the RAM in it to a G5 desktop quad or DP 2.5 all with plenty of RAM.
    Does the new IMAC speed through Garageband ( 20 tracks of data ) or Photoshop CS3 with 50 MB files?
    is it a new beast to contend with or just a little prettier and more featured? or is this now a computer that will tolerate lots of data without slowing down or choking on big size files?
    I would love a mobile ( in the car out of the car perse ) unit that will step up to the task.
    anyone who has pushed it pretty far would appreciate any responses.....

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