Pre Sales Questions CS4

I want to ask a pre-sales question on Premier CS4. How do I do that. I cant
see anything on the web, technical support only allows registered software.
Also, does the student version of the above include watermarks on the image output? I am a teacher and have as student son at unversity. What is the cheapest option for Premier CS4 WITHOUT watermarks

education version does not watermark output.
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  • Pre-Sales Questions: RV220W & SRP 547W

    Couple of pre-sales questions if you don't mind:
    1. Does the RV220W Wireless-N Network Security Firewall allow RADIUS authentication of wireless clients on the WLAN?
    2.  Does the Cisco SRP 547W Wireless Router allow wireless clients to tunnel into the WLAN using VPN?
    Thanks very much.

    Yes it supports all the functionality. For more detail you can see the below link

  • Pre-sales Questions

    What is the best way to contact Apple and get answers to pre-sale questions? Sometimes these forums work well, other times there is no response. When there is a response, is there a way one can determine it the responder is a representative from Apple?
    Is there an 800 number that one can call for pre-sales questions? Unfortunately the closest AppleStore is 60 miles from my home.

    Hi jbmth,
    Responses you get here are from other users that volunteer to share their Apple knowledge.
    The quality is probably the best possible, since every time something goes wrong in one's advice, someone else would quickly jump in and offer corrections/additions.
    Determine representatives from Apple:
    They have a white apple in front of their names. You won't see an answer from an Apple employee more than once or twice a year here really.
    This is most a user-to-user forum.
    What kind of info do you need?
    Generally speaking, speculation about new products is quite very unwelcome by Apple standards.
    Here in the Discussions, it is simply forbidden by the Terms of Use.
    I hope this helps.

  • Pre-sale questions?

    since it seems impossible to contact Adobe in any way to get information BEFORE
    buying a product...
    I need to know whether Premiere Elements 8 allows you to add subtitles to your
    I mean REAL subtitles that the user can enable or disable. I'm not at all talking about
    free text titles that are imprinted in the video itself.
    Thanks for any help.
    P.S. if anyone has a pre-sale email address, thanks to let me know.

    No, you can not add optional captioning to videos in Premiere Elements.
    That's a function of more professional apps, like Encore and DVD Architect Pro.

  • A newbie pre-sales question

    I have hours of music on DAT tapes. Track numbers are already correct. Is it possible to record into Logic Express (or any program?) and have the tracks recognized? (My CD Recorder does that)
    Also, is it possible to record into Logic Ex from the direct digital input of the Mac without an audio interface box in between?
    Thank you

    Not sure about the 1st question but YES to the 2nd one - I record my electric guitar directly into LE using a standard guitar cable and a 1/4" -> 1/8" adapter - I use Amplitube and Guitar Rig plugins - sounds great. I also bought an M-Audio Audio Buddy (small 2 channel pre-amp) as it also has gain controls, etc and it seem to give me a fatter sound - it was only $59 at the Guitar Center - guitar plugs into it and the cable and adapter from it into my Imac...

  • Pre sales question about Mac Pro

    Yes, I know I should ask this to Apple's sales department, but I'd rather ask users of this computer first.
    I am aware that all MP come with the Intel Xeon 64-bit chip, but what I need to know is, does that mean I could run the 64-bit version of Windows Vista then too?
    Also, any 'hidden problems' with this computer, such as graphic card lockups (like in the iMac) or any other problems that I should be aware of?

    The 64-bit version of Vista requires the drivers to be authorized and approved by Microsoft before Vista will allow you to install them. If the drivers you are trying to install have not been OK'd by Microsoft (and are on their trusted list), you can not install them. Vista will point blank refuse.
    I tried a Vista 64-bit install (not on my Macs). The motherboard & graphics card came with 64-bit drivers etc so all worked fine, until I wanted my peripherals to install, some manufacturers did have 64-bit drivers, the majority however didn't, so reformat and back to 32-bit Vista on that machine. That is why it is the 32-bit OEM version of Vista that is pre-installed on computers out there than the 64-bit version. (Only the Ultimate* version of Vista comes pre-packaged with both the 32 & 64-bit discs you need, all other versions are 32-bit with a link to a web site address to order the 64-bit disc from Microsoft for the cost of postage).
    * I think that in itself says everything, when most people will be buying a non Ultimate version.
    Now that I have installed Leopard on a stand alone machine I have a side by side comparison between both OS's and Leopard wins, hands down. Vista looks so, well. . . antiquated by comparison.
    As for Mac Pro's, I have the nVidia Quadro FX 4500 in my Mac Pro and it runs beautifully. Combine that with Leopard and I am one happy bunny :o) boing boing

  • Nokia N9 Pre-Sales Questions

    I am interested in purchasing the N9 as the price now is attractive. I have some questions.
    1: Only the International Version is for sale. I am in the US. Other than no Warranty, is there anything I should know?
    2: I am on T-Mobile. I believe the N9 supports the 1700/2100 spectrum, correct? I should get 3.5G right?
    3: Has Nokia been pushing any OS updates? If so, I am in the US, will I get them?
    4: Any difference between 16 and 64G versions (other than ram)?
    5: Does N9 accept data card?
    6: Is Nokia Maps supported?
    7: Most Important: How is the Music Player?
    This will probably be my last Nokia: 5300, 5800, X6, C6-01, ???
    Thanks for your feedback!
    Go to Solution.

    Adding my $ 0.02 as an N9 owner since February:
    1: Only the International Version is for sale. I am in the US. Other than no Warranty, is there anything I should know?
    Reading the Maemo and Meego Devices forum, some people have had problems iwth scratches in the screen. Since the latest update, using the video player that comes with the N9, it has become choppy. Other than that, I haven't had many problems with mine.
    2: I am on T-Mobile. I believe the N9 supports the 1700/2100 spectrum, correct? I should get 3.5G right?
    Yes. I'm on T-Mobile. I've had no problems, and as aspergerguy said, it's pentaband, so if AT&T ever does buy T-Mobile, or you switched to AT&T, it would still be useable.
    3: Has Nokia been pushing any OS updates? If so, I am in the US, will I get them?
    Yep. I got my first update (the second one since the N9 was released), about a week after I got my phone.
    4: Any difference between 16 and 64G versions (other than ram)?
    None that I have heard about.
    5: Does N9 accept data card?
    Nope. Completely closed phone. 64 GB though is alot of memory.
    6: Is Nokia Maps supported?
    Thankfully, yes. Along with Drive. Although, I don't think it's updated as often as Symbian or Windows phones.
    7: Most Important: How is the Music Player?
    The music player is great. You can actually choose by album title. Sound coming from it is good, but the speaker is on the bottom of the phone, so make sure you position the phone so you can hear the sound coming out of it!

  • Pre-sales question for IPOD (file extensions)

    I would like to buy my mother a IPOD Nano 2gb for her upcoming birthday, but have a quick question on the way it formats the files on my PC.
    Do I HAVE to have Itunes or any other software on my pc in order to place .mp3's on the IPOD?
    If I have to have software in order to place songs on the IPOD, will it change anything on my PC, for an example, will it change any of my file extensions or file names of any of my music from .mp3 to .???
    I have a DELL mp3 player and I love how I can just throw any song at it from Microsoft Window's File Explorer, and it'll play it.. I've never used or messed around with an ipod.
    Thanks in advanced,

    Do I HAVE to have Itunes or any other software on my pc in order to place .mp3's on the IPOD?
    If I have to have software in order to place songs on the IPOD, will it change anything on my PC, for an example, will it change any of my file extensions or file names of any of my music from .mp3 to .???
    iTunes will not change the format of your music unless you explictly tell it to do so, or import unprotected WMA files into iTunes under Windows, in which case duplicates will be created in a format which is directly usable in iTunes. The Mac OS X version of iTunes will not handle WMA songs.

  • Pre-Sales Question: Passport Deploy

    Hello, I work with a company that is considering transitioning to Passports. The current holdup is the 17MB size limitation for outbound messages (kb34189). Our team tends to e-mail 30-50MB at a time and needs to do so very quickly thus does not have to time to split into multiple messages.
    Does anyone who views this forum know if there is a timeline to impliment the 17MB limit as a user selectable toggle or to remove that limit and have limits only imposed by BES?
    Thank you.

    Hi and Welcome to the Community!
    Well, I'll start at the beginning...emailing huge files is something that every email administrator will cringe at. You see, when you email such things, especially to "outsiders", you wind up bogging down many many systems along the way (all of the gateways that have to process the huge emails). And everyone is impacted by such activities. And you also will be limited by those various gateways, each of which could have their own limitations placed by their admins (and, some of them may even just drop the email away without so much as a kindly rejection notice!).
    So, in reality, the best thing to do is to not send large emails...instead, place the large document onto some server somewhere, and send via email only the link to the document. All email admins will bless you greatly if you can make such a change in behavior happen.
    All of that said, if you cannot make such a change, then the answer to your questions is thus -- no one here, in this user-to-user community, has any access to information necessary to provide you with answers to questions that require forward looking information.
    Good luck!
    Occam's Razor nearly always applies when troubleshooting technology issues!
    If anyone has been helpful to you, please show your appreciation by clicking the button inside of their post. Please click here and read, along with the threads to which it links, for helpful information to guide you as you proceed. I always recommend that you treat your BlackBerry like any other computing device, including using a regular backup here for an article with instructions.
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  • IPhone 6 and apple pay pre-sale question

    When will Apple Pay be rolled out to the UK?
    Will I be able to get rid of all my Loyalty cards and store them on Apple Pay?
    I have absolutely loads of cards and they drive me mad.
    Will I be able to put my Boots Advantage Card onto it and collect and spend points with an iPhone 6 at checkout in store? Will I be able to do likewise with the Nectar card, Morrisons Card, Shell Card, plus any other loyalty and discount cards as well as my debit and credit card?
    On an iPhone can you only store MP3's or can you store and play other formats like wav and ogg vorbis?
    Do you have to buy all your music through iTunes or can you add your own music including mix CDs etc? I have noticed in the past not all mixed music transitions flawlessly from one track to the next in MP3 format. One of the many faults with this lossy music format.
    Thanks for help answering any of these questions. I have an aging android at the moment. May consider switching to Apple.

    Apple Pay participating issuers - Apple Support

  • A few pre-sale questions about NSS322

    /* Style Definitions */
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    mso-padding-alt:0in 5.4pt 0in 5.4pt;
    First of all I know the NSS322 is a small business solution, but I was planning to purchase it for home use as I'm a big fan of CISCO hardware and my entire network and cable equipment is made by CISCO anyway. I hope it is suitable for home use, after all... So I was going to use it as a storage/streamer for video files, photos and backup in Raid 1 configuration with 2x2TB WD Black discs, connected to a Cisco 4200 wireless router. Thus, I've got a few question, hopefully someone here would be able to help me out with them.
    1.      Is it DLNA capable with wirelessly streaming content to, say, DLNA enabled devises such as TVs, BD players (PS3), etc?
    2.      Does it accept 3TB drives and the 7200rpm drives? And in this regard, would a 2TB WD Black series drives be sufficient for it to operate a solid Raid 1?
    3.      Could it be wirelessly shared with several computers when used with a CISCO 4200 router primarily for storing downloaded files directly to the NAS without storing it to a local PC's HDD first?
    4.      Probably the most important question I’ve seen a number of pictures of  NSS322 and I’m very confused as of the actual color of the side and top panels. Some pictures show it to be grey side panels, almost white. Others pictures show it to be much darker, like charcoal black. I mean since I’m not going to put it into a server shelf and use it at home - it’s rather important for the “wife’s approval” factor
    Thanks in advance for any input on this!

    Hi Chris,
    Thanks for the feedback!
    1. Is there a list of video/audio file formats that it is capable of streaming/transcoding? I assume the actual media server software is not WMP12, and then what is it? And I know you posted the link to the data sheet, but it gives me: Forbidden File or Application
    Sorry about the Datasheet. Apparently it is for Cisco Partners. Here's a quote:
    Twonky UPnP Media Server
    • DLNA 1.5 Certified
    • Real-time and background photo transcoding
    • Supports UPnP and DLNA Media players such as Game Consoles (PlayStation 3, PSP, Xbox 360), Media Adapters, Mobile Devices (e.g. iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad with UPnP/DLNA Application)
    • Supports formats: video (asf, flv, f1v, f4v, mp4, mpeg), audio (mp3, wave), picture (bmp, gif, jpg, png)
    2. Do you think we could expect 3TB support in future firmware updates? Do you know if CISCO is planning to release them at a similar pace as say, QNAP?
    I do not have any "official" word on this. I am sure that we will see official 3TB support in the near future. As I stated earlier, 3TB drives may work on the current firmware even though they are not on the approved list yet.
    3. Can this NAS warn me in case of a drive failure (reallocated sectors, etc) with SMART warning that can be detected with diagnostic software on PC? I mean is it capable of detecting those warning and alarm me, or will it just wait until the drive finally dies and can not be accessed?
    Absolutely! The NSS 300 series can be configured to send email alerts whenever there is an "event". It also has syslog support: "You can enable this option to save the event logs and connection logs to a remote syslog server." (From the GUI) It can also act as a syslog server if you wish so your other network devices can send their logs to the NAS for future use.
    4. Here comes the deal-breaker What I meant is there are several variations of color even here at cisco.comone is really dark - the other image shows it rather light of course there are other websites that have it even whiter (and kinda ugly if you ask me)! you know if color changed to a darker shade with newer revisions (like shown on
    I see your point and I certainly understand the confusion. Your second link is the most accurate depiction of the color. The surface is metal so you could send it to any body shop for some sandblasting and a fresh new coat of paint. Warning: Sandblasting and/or painting your NAS will void the warranty!

  • I have a few pre-sales questions.  Can you help?

    Here are some things I need answers to before I decide to buy a Nano.
    1. Can this be used as a storage device for documents? I would like to transfer data between work and home computers easily.
    2. If I'm listening to a podcast and need to stop, is it easy to setup a bookmark so I can resume later? I know that it remembers where you are when you turn it off, but what if I want to stop a podcast and go listen to a song? How can I easily resume the podcast?
    3. Many of my podcasts are just a few minutes long and I need an easy way to delete them when I'm done as I drive down the freeway at 70+ MPH. Is it easy to delete a podcast or song while driving?
    4. I see that it syncs the "To Do" list that I have on iCal. Can I add a "to do" with my Nano? Or do I need to wait until I am home on my computer to do this and sync it over?

    1).Someone already mentioned this but your number one is incorrect. Your nano can be used as an external disk up to the available capacity on it as long as you have it set in disk mode. You won't be able to view items on it directly that you store in such manner but you will be able to use it to store and move data.
    2). You're correct about the video podcasts but the original poster mentioned nothing about video podcasts so that was an irrelevant note.
    3). This is only part true....if you use your iPod in autosync mode. If you are a manual mode user you do not have to delete things off of your iTunes in order to delete it from your iPod. You can delete whatever you want from your iPod and have it remain in your iTunes untouched. You do have to do so with it connected to iTunes of course, but other than that your iTunes can keep everything in it that you put without affecting what you take off of your iPod.
    And your sidenote...ABSOLUTELY CORRECT! Just the mention of 70mph and messing with the iPod disturbed me lol.

  • Pre Sales Question Unlimited Subscription Plan

    I'm from India and I would like to buy Unlimited Subscription Plan for India.
    Please clarify on this points:-
    1. Can I call to any number (including mobile) to all the Indian numbers.
    2. Is there any government policy which doesn't allows Indian to use Skype for calling Indian numbers.
    3. Unlimited Indian calls cost $19.99 per month, is there any Fair Usage Policy of how many hours a day I can call.
    4. Can I use my android phone to access skype and call from my mobile.
    Please clarify on these points before I go with the purchase of subscription.

    I haven't been following Creative so I can't say what their standard MO is, but I am huge believer in keeping people informed. If you said you were going to do X by Y and you can't, then be up front about it. Say, We have slipped by 2 months or we hit problems which we are still trying to find the solution.
    I work in software development and I know that annoucing slip-dates is a huge thing that has PR implications and it all comes down to exactly how you say it, but there should be a middle groud where you can keep your cusomters (and potential) customers informed. Now that Nov has pretty much come and gone, I think most of know they slipped so just let us know what your future plans are. I don't mind buying the device if I knew for sure they would release a firmware in the next couple of months, but I don't feel comfortable doint it now since it has come and gone with no update.
    As for devices, I think there are a few. The ones you mentioned plus or 2 from iRi'ver. The interesting fact is that Creative's Portable Media Center supports it so they have first hand experience implementing it. That's not to say there might not be unforseen problems trying to implement it into an existing device.
    Anywya, we don't need to beat a deadhorse, I was just really excited to discover the Zen Touch as it had everything I was looking for at the perfect price, but the Janus stuff is pretty much a deal-breaker for me.
    Thanks for all your replies

  • Pre-Sales Question

    This message moved to HTML discussion forum.

    Dreamweaver is DEFINITELY NOT your program of choice.
    If you have a Photoshop layout, then Google a program called
    Grinder" - that might do what you want.
    Murray --- ICQ 71997575
    Adobe Community Expert
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    "simplexs" <[email protected]> wrote in
    news:f18at8$34g$[email protected]..
    >I have a client who has designed his website in FP 2002
    using only the
    > end. He displays animation graphics in an overlay manner
    using span with
    > absolute positioning. Some of the pages he builds
    obviously won't work in
    > any
    > other browser than IE which creates a problem. We are
    looking for page
    > creation
    > software which is NOT FP but can automatically do the
    absolute positioning
    > from
    > the front-end WYSIWYG to accomplish the same results.
    > Before purchasing it I was wondering if anyone using
    Dreamweaver has done
    > anything like this with the program using only the
    "design" or WYSIWYG
    > mode?
    > Thanks in advance

  • Pre-sales question (connecting iPod to vehicle)

    In 2002, I bought a refurbished first-generation 5-gigabyte hard-drive iPod. It still plays, but I'm concerned about the longevity of the battery. I would also like to carry something more compact, so I'm thinking about an iPod Nano.
    I just bought a used 2001 Chevy Astro LS AWD minivan from the U.S. gov't auction. It was a deal, and it has nice features and appointments. I am concerned about how I would connect my current iPod to the van's stereo-radio, as the Astro has no tape deck. (I have been using a cassette deck adaptor to plug my current iPod into car stereos since '02.)
    Are there kits available on the market for connecting an iPod Nano to a van like this, and keeping the Nano charged as well?

    Hi Xanadi,
    If your sound system has an "AUX IN" port on it then you can connect the iPod directly to it using an audio cable (same size as the headphones). This gives the best sound quality, I've found.
    If it doesn't then you may be stuck with an iTrip, or (if your new car has a tape deck), you can use the casette adaptor.
    Hope this helps,

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    Hello, I"ve a <mx:text control which takes html text, it is a chat application, so, the client will simply concatinate the text comming through the network. But if the html text has invalid tags, it does not show the rest of the chat messages. I get

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    I am getting the following message: "WARNING: /[email protected],0/[email protected],1/[email protected]/[email protected],0 (Disk 0): Error for command 'read sector' Error Level: Informational Sense Key: aborted command Vendor 'GEN-ATA 'error code: 0X3" when I try to install solaris 9.0 I ha