Premier Pro 2014 opens Audition CS6 when editing audio clip from Premier

I own Adobe CS6 Master Collection installed (for legacy projects) and I also have the CC subscription. When I am running Premier Pro CC 2014 and then try to edit an audio clip in Audition the CS6 version of Audition loads rather than the CC 2014 version. Any help or thoughts on why this is happening would be appreciated.

I detected this with photoshop--I think its an OS issue--The OS doesn't appear to recognize the two versions are different.  In my case, I had PSP CC loaded, but then loaded the 32 bit version of PSP CS6 (so I could scan directly into the program using "IMPORT")  Windows changed the default to the 32 bit version.  When I tried to change default using windows, windows would not show the CC version as an option--just the 32 bit version.  Without editing the registry, I couldn't find a way to force windows to ignore the 32 bit version and open the CC version.  My workaround was to always open the CC version from the icon and then click on the file I wanted open.  It appears that if any version of the program is already running, the recognized default won't open.  This might work for you on Audition.

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  • Premiere Pro 2014 Application becomes unresponsive when importing a video from iPhoto

    Hello and good morning!
    I shot some sample footage using an iPhone 5. I shot just over a minute of sample footage. I imported the footage via the USB cable and my Macbook Pro 13 (2011).
    Following these steps causes the application to freeze indefinitely at the "Importing Files" dialog box.
    1.) File -> Import
    2.) Select iPhoto under the Media subsection
    3.) Select the movie and click import
    The application just freezes until I go to the activity monitor and force quit. Then I get the "Adobe Premiere Pro has encountered a serious error." Someone should look into this bug.
    Additional Info:
    Specs of the machine this happened on:
    Macbook Pro 13" Early 2011 (i7 2.7 GHz, 16GB, 480 SSD)  
    Specs of the machine at my home workstation that doesn't have this issue:
    Custom Built (4770K 16GB DDR3 256SSD RenderOutput 2TB SSHD Scratch 1TB WD Black) w/ 3 Dell Ultrasharps
    For those of you that are curious. I doing a pilot video project of sorts. A behind the scenes video for a fashion photographer who is a friend. It was my idea since I wanted to try something new. The photographer likes the idea because its something to add to his portfolio about his work. However, for this project I'm basically on my own and I need to produce a viable product before I convince myself to invest in a decent video camera. 

    Thanks for the reply however, this issue is isolated to the use case I mentioned above. The video imports fine once I copy the file and import the file directly; say I copy the file to my desktop then add the file. I know about the variable frame rate issue however this isn't the case for the iPhone 5. I have encountered that issue with the NVIDIA DVR feature for capturing 3D graphics. (DAWN Demo.)
    It seems this may be some kind of permissions issue since when selecting a media file through the iPhoto link in OSX finder dialog the file is located in a library package. The issue does not affect Photoshop, Lightroom, nor Illustrator (CC 2014) when importing media using the same method.
    It seems like just a bug that was missed.
    I apologize if I may have posted this in the wrong forum. Perhaps there is a technical or bug reporting forum? (I also am encountering another bug with AE linked clips in Premere Pro in OSX that wasn't there before.)

  • Adobe Premier Pro CC won't write tracks in Audio Clip Mixer

    For some reason the Audio Clip Mixer controls aren't functioning after I "write" the track in mix down.  The track reverts to "touch" upon play back, but nothing took hold.  Any suggestions?  Is there something I need to enable first to make the "Write" function...function?
    thank you!

    You probably mean the Audio Track Mixer.
    If after writing it reverts to Latch that is a setting you can turn off in the panel menu.
    Did you add a keyframe to start writing.

  • How to send FCP edited audio clips for processing in Soundtrack?

    How do I send just the edited audio clips from hour long files to be processed in Soundtrack from Final Cut?
    I need help as I'm trying to adjust some edited audio clips in Soundtrack Pro but when I send them from FCP to Soundtrack - it opens the whole original audio file and then any adjustments I apply in Soundtrack are being processed over the whole audio file not just the short edited audio clip that I want to adjust.
    Normally I don't mind as my scenes are usually short and Soundtrack analysis over the whole scenes audio is usually desirable, but this projects files have been transfered from tapes as hour long AVI files (all the tapes clips transfered into one hour long files) and every FCP edited audio clip I send is being treated as an hour long audio file in Soundtrack.
    I'm sure there's a simple answer for settings but I haven't been able to find it.  Any advice appreciated.

    Thanks Javi, my sequence is an hour and half duration so what I'm trying to do is save processing time in Soundtrack by just processing adjustments on the few audio clips that need processing.
    I have set Soundtrack to open referenced audio only and with 5 sec in and out handles, but it still imports the whole original audio file into Soundtrack timeline upto the selected clip, I then double click in Soundtrack on the clip in brackets, and it then selects just the audio clip I want to adjust, then Soundtrack will just process on the edited clip but when I 'render to action' it seems to apply changes to whole original audio file - taking longer than I want.... frustrating
    Also the sound always sounds very different in FCP than Soundtrack even after 'rendering to action' and rendering in FCP... this is not the easy workflow I expect from such expensive software programs, I understood that they work together in a fully integrated way, what's the problem! This is wasting my precious time and preventing me from editing not helping me, this is a common problem and yet I can find no help in the user manual - I'm not impressed!

  • Hello, I am editing my final project at university on Premier Pro CC on mac, but when I try to load my project in Premier Pro CC for windows on my home pc I get  "codec missing or unavailable".

    Hello, I am editing my final project at university on Premier Pro CC on mac, but when I try to load my project in Premier Pro CC for windows on my home pc i get  "codec missing or unavailable". Something to do with Apples' ProRes 422 LT codec. Is there a way round this problem?

    I just went to the Miraizon site, who has been the sole licensee of ProRes for PC, to see if their $150/license download was still at that price.
    This is what I found ...
    They only sell a few of their other products, and the ProRes/DNxHD codec package only generates an email form to "support".
    I'm afraid you'll have to transcode those files to something like DNxHD or an avi codec or something to work them via PC. And I'd thought about purchasing that codec pack from them but kept putting it off. Now, I wish I'd bought it. Ah well.

  • How to import 4k cinema dng on premier pro 2014

    how to import 4k cinema dng on premier pro 2014 ?

    Wow.  Thanks Colin.
    When I follow your approach, I don't get the same "sequence preset" dialog box popping up.    
    FU question, though, the motion is frequently jagged.  Is there a way to smooth out/increase the quality of the rendering?    I have 16gb ram, Mac Pro.   which is able to handle iPhone video rending fine in quicktime.   (I've tried rendering for "performance" and "memory" but both seem to produce, eh results.).

  • Premier Pro 2014 will not launch

    I've downloaded Premier Pro 2014 and tried to launch it, but it freezes every time and won't even force quit. I have to hard crash the whole computer to get out of it.
    I've tried reinstalling, setting the permissions to read/write in the Adobe folder in the library, and tried to reset the preferences on launch as described here. But nothing works.
    Also I'm having basically the same problem with After Effects 2014.
    I think it has something to do with Media Core, but I can't figure out how to remedy. Earlier versions of PP CC and AEP CC are both working fine. Just these new versions will not launch.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    Computer is a MacPro, 2.93 Ghz Quad-Core with 10GB of RAM.

    It's working! Yay!
    Strangely, there is no 8.0 folder in the Plug-ins folder. So I pulled the plugins out of the 7.0>MediaCore folder and then was able to launch PP 2014. After getting it running. I quit PP and dragged the plug-ins back into the 7.0>MediaCore folder and was able to launch PP 2014. And this time it launched with all the plug-ins.
    I was also able now to launch After Effects CC 2014 with all its plug-ins working.
    Is it possible there's a different file structure for PP 2014 Plug-ins?
    Anyway it's working. Thanks for your help.

  • Premier Pro 2014 is very sluggish

    I installed Premier Pro 2014 last week and since then it's been running very slowly with frequent crashes. I have been using Premier Pro CC on a daily basis since it was first released 
    and hardly ever had a problem with it. Very frustrated and disappointed with this latest release - so have now decided to go back to to the more reliable Premier Pro CC.
    I am hoping that this is a teething problem with Premier Pro 2014 - and that soon an update will be released that will make it just as stable as Premier Pro has proven to be.

    So I use the following instructions posted by BobanskyBH and it seems to have worked perfectly!
    In the finder menu click and hold on the GO menu.
    Hold the option button and the User library menu will show up.
    Click the User Library.
    In that folder go to preferences and find the adobe folder.
    Right click on adobe folder and click get info.
    In the Sharing & Permissions section there should be three names. All should say Read & Write next to them.
    Unlock the lock, switch them all to read and write. Then click on the little gear directly under the names or to to the left of the lock and in the pulldown click on "apply to enclosed items. Then lock the lock again.
    Now go to your OS Hardrive and click on Users, your user name, Documents.
    Find the adobe folder there. Right click on adobe folder and click get info. In the Sharing & Permissions section there should be three names. All should say Read & Write next to them.
    Unlock the lock, switch them all to read and write. Then click on the little gear directly under the names or to to the left of the lock and in the pulldown click on "apply to enclosed items.
    The lock the lock again.
    Wait 1 minute.

  • Premier pro vs premier pro (2014)

    What is the difference between the PREMIER PRO vs PREMIER PRO (2014).    I try to stay updated on my Mac with CC and now have what appears to be duplicate applications, i.e. a regular CC version of the apps and a (2014) version.   I don't understand.

    Premiere CC and Premiere 2014 are two seperate programs. They are not duplicates.
    Premiere 2014 is and update or upgrade whatever you want to call it of Premiere CC with all new features.
    Below a link to all those new features.
    Adobe Premiere Pro Help | New features summary

  • Editing Multiple Audio Clips From Premiere in Audition

    Hi there,
    I am working with video/audio in Premiere that has frequent cuts (although the audio is derived from two files) and I need to edit all the audio files at once, rather than one by one, in Audition. I was hoping to this by nesting the audio in Premiere but I am not able to edit the nested file in Audition after this.
    If anyone has any ideas of how to work with and apply the same properties to multiple audio clips from Premiere in Audition I would greatly appreciate it.

    Hi everyone, I also have a trouble with cs6. I just record 3 tracks in the early today, then when I got home, I saved as sexs file ( wrong decision). After that, I went back and try to open the file, it can't file the recording tracks. The only one thing still exist is my beat, what should I do to recovered it? thanks for helping me out of this.

  • How to save an edited viceo clip in premier elements 11 to my organizer (windows 07)?

    How to save an edited video clip in premier elements to my organizer so that I can add teh edited video clip to my slide show on windows 7 operating system?

    This is not Adobe. We are Premiere Elements users trying to help other Premiere Elements users with their Premiere Elements workflows. Under those conditions, only Adobe may have the opportunity to access your computer in troubleshooting session between you and them. You can use the following link to contact Adobe via its Adobe Chat. rvice
    When the link opens, click on the statement "I still need help" to bring up Adobe Chat.
    I have no idea if they will charge you a fee for the service ($40 US dollar/hour). It might not even help you (fee or no fee) because you do not have the latest version of Premiere Elements.
    What you ask is easy enough. Let me try again with a step by step to see if we can get this working for you in principle and then fine tune the details.
    1. Export your Timeline to a file, using Publish+Share/Computer and then one of the choices
    Adobe Flash Video, MPEG, AVCHD, AVI, Windows Media, QuickTime, Image, Audio. I do not know what your project settings are, but I am going to guess at NTSC/AVCHD/Full HD1080i30. That would represent 1920 x 1080 @ 29.97 interlaced frames per second.
    The following is going to be a mini test run in principle so we will cut to the core and overlook some things.
    Go to Publish + Share/Computer/AVCHD/ and set Presets = MP4 - H.264 1920 x 1080p30.
    Note that there is a field for Save In: near where you set Presets. Set the Save In for Libraries/Documents not C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe  Premiere Elements 11. Keep out of the Program Files for matters such as these.
    Go to the Elements Organizer 12 File Menu/Get Photos and Videos/From Files and Folders and then browse to and select your MP4 file that you have saved in Libraries/Documents.
    You now should have your video represented in the Elements Organizer 12 with a thumbnail.
    Please let us know if that works for you. If not, then please let us know where you need supplemental help to get the task completed. I will re-write if necessary.
    We will be watching for your results.
    Thank you.
    Add On...A little side note for later...If you took your file saved to the computer hard drive and imported that back into Premiere Elements with Premiere Elements' Add Media/Files and Folders, you would get
    a. the file imported into a new project
    but also
    b. a copy of the file automatically placed in the Elements Organizer 12.
    If the ideas seem overwhelming, please take the steps on one at a time and follow exactly what is written. You should do fine.

  • "Insert silence" won't work when editing audio

    Greetings. Forgive me if this topic has been addressed
    before. If anybody has experienced this issue and has a suggestion,
    I'd be very grateful.
    I'm relatively new to Captivate 2.0, as are my colleagues.
    When editing audio in a .cp file, I often cannot insert silence at
    the beginning or end of a clip. The flat silence appears on the
    waveform, I click OK, I exit the editor as usual -- and the clip
    plays back at its original length, with no silence. If I attempt to
    insert silence in the middle of a clip -- no problem!
    I hope I'm simply missing something obvious. Thanks in
    advance for any help!

    Well Jeannine8, you are close, but the reason your "fix"
    works is because your recorded "silence" is probably white-noise,
    not total silence. Allow me to explain please ...
    Captivate does want to truncate (clip off) real (complete and
    total) silence from the beginning or end of any waveform. So the
    trick to adding silence to the beginning or end is to make sure the
    silence actually contains *some* blip in the waveform (however
    tiny). How to do that? Glad you asked!
    1) In the Captivate WAV editor, insert your silence.
    2) Now grab
    any tiny, tiny piece of the audible waveform and copy it.
    3) Then paste it to the very beginning of the waveform.
    4) Last, use the "Volume" editor to reduce the volume below
    human hearing level.
    Note, if the "clip" you copied was extremely loud, you may
    have to reduce the volume, close the volume control, then reopen it
    and reduce it a 2nd time. This is because Captivate only allows you
    to reduce volume to a minimum of 10% of the original.
    All that said, I want to emphasize that "Jeannine8"'s fix
    will normally work, and shows a lot of moxie ... so thanks,
    "Jeannine8". And if opening the microphone and hitting the "Record"
    button for a second or two in a semi-quiet room seems easier to
    you, go for it. But if you know the reason
    why it works, I think you will be happier in the long term.
    Have a great day folks!

  • Hi, I got iMac and I can not open file "doc" when I have downloaded from distance learning internet page. I have office program, but when I try to open file it shows: u1-assesment.doc uses a file type that is  blocked from opening in this version.?

    Hi, I got iMac and I can not open file "doc" when I have downloaded from distance learning internet page. I have office program, but when I try to open file it shows: u1-assesment.doc uses a file type that is  blocked from opening in this version.?
    I have tryed to change just extension from doc to docx, but it doesn't work. I am new user, please help

    Consider the Mcrosoft Office:Mac forums as well:
    Office for Mac forums
    Here is an MS page that deals with that error message: s-a-file-type-that-is-blocked-from/548ce159-8157-419e-9552-1789594fafe9

  • There are error message "No such interface supported" when play Audio/Media from USB thumb disk with Metro APP like Xbox.

     There are error message "No such interface supported" when play Audio/Media from USB thumb disk with Metro APP like Xbox in windows. how can I solve this problem?   if I use destop player like windows media player, no such error.
    would you please give some solution for this error? thanks!

    OS is window10, Metro APP is Xbox or MultiMedia 8; any video format will occur error only by following steps:  
    a. Put Audio / Media / Photo files into USB thumb disk or Micro SD card.
    b. Connect USB thumb disk / Micro SD Card  to Platform.
    c. Open 'File Explorer', click USB thumb disk.
    d. Open audio file with metro app: Music. / Open Media file with metro app: Video./Open Photo file with metro app.

  • Titles or Music in Project Shift when deleting unused clips from Event

    When deleting unused clips from an Event ("Move Event to Trash | Delete Unused") the Titles and/or the Music / Voiceover shifts in time within the project built from clips in that Event. Sometimes, the music slides later, so instead of starting at the beginning of the project, it's slid over by 20 or so. Other times, the music stayed anchored, but the titles moved to later times. In some cases, the titles not only moved, but streched in time, so that a 5 second title placed at 10 seconds into the project, became a 47 second title, starting 35 seconds into the project! This has happened to four projects and I just verified again as part of this posting that it is still an issue. Easy enough to slide the clips and music back where they belong but now it says "Itunes" and "YouTube" is out of date; they are not - it's iMovie that got confused.

    You're performing a 'Ripple delete' by using the DEL key. Use the DELETE key to perform a 'Lift delete'. The DELETE key is located just above the backslash key.

Maybe you are looking for

  • Pc Will Not Turn On.

    If someone could help me with this issue on my HP Pavalion 500-314, I would really appreciate it. Basically, what is happening is that my PC won't turn on. Even after I turn it off and on multiple times, nothing will happen. I tried plugging out the

  • A way to modify the ResultProcessing.cfg file outside of TestStand?

    All, I'm looking for a way to change the style sheet path one time (not hard code it in NI_ReportGenerator.seq), would anyone know of a way how to do it with a vi or something to that affect?  The goal is to initially setup a tester (remotely, I will

  • Exporting B/W jpg Problem

    I have a wierd problem with InDesign CS4.  I have a blank document and I put a black frame on the page and then export the page as a jpg file.  When I open the jpg with Photoshop it opens in RPG mode, with the black frame having K = 91. 1.  Why isn't

  • CCMS job monitoring -- RZ20 job history node get duplicated record

    Hi, I configured CCMS/Solution Manager auto monitoring job failure. When a job failed on my satellite system, it created a alert and send notification to my CEN, which is my solution manager. Then solution manager send e-mail to a distribution group.

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