Premiere PRO CS4 really slow when playing back AVCHD

I'm trying to edit some AVCHD (full HD 1920x1080p) but the playback in Premiere PRO CS4 is really really slow. The quality is set to Draft and even resizing the window to 25% keeps it slow.
So I decided to give it a try upgrading my computer. But... what should I upgrade to improve playback and edit my videos smoothly?
I have this PC specifications
- DualCore AMD Athlon 64X2 6000+ (3.0 GHz)
- 2 GB RAM DDR2-800 (Kingston)
- 1 TB WesternDigital 7200 rpm Hard Drive
- nVidia GeForce 9800 GT (1 GB Ram)
Any recommendations would be appreciated.

I need to admint that I made a huge mistake when I got the HD camera in my hands and I started shooting and watching it on a HDTV and it was nicely recorded. But oh surprise!, when I tried to watch it and edit it on my computer it was a nightmare.
Yes, that was what I was alluding to earlier on. It seems to be a good format, but requires an investment in gear to smoothly edit it. I almost feel that there should be a warning label on all cameras, that use it. At least it IS editable, unlike some other formats.
what a nice I/O sub-system article there, thanks for that
I agree, and that is why I try to tell Harm "thank you," whenever I can. He actually did three along the same lines. This was #1, IIRC, with a more generalized followup on the hardware beyond the I/O, and #3 was his setup details for 64-bit OS. All three are well worth reading. He put a lot of time, thought and effort into those. First thing that I did was publish links to each on several Video production fora.
Good luck, and please let us know how your new rig handles the AVCHD material. Before you get too far into things, Harm's other two articles might be of use too.

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  • Premiere Pro CC 2014 crashing when playing back especially when playing back graphics.

    I updated Premiere Pro to CC 2014 last week and found it crashing a lot when playing back especially when playing back graphics. Has anyone else had this problem?

    More information needed for someone to help... please click below and provide the requested information
    -Premiere Pro Video Editing Information FAQ
    What is your exact brand/model graphics adapter (ATI or nVidia or ???)
    What is your exact graphics adapter driver version?
    Have you gone to the vendor web site to check for a newer driver?
    For Windows, do NOT rely on Windows Update to have current driver information
    -you need to go direct to the vendor web site and check updates for yourself
    ATI Driver Autodetect
    nVidia Driver Downloads

  • Premiere Pro 2.0 slows when dealing with larger video files

    I'm having issues with Premiere Pro 2.0 slowing to a crawl and taking 60-90 seconds to come back to life when dealing with larger .avi's (8+ mins). When I try to play a clip on the timeline, drag the slider over said clip, or play from a title into said clip on the timeline, Premiere hangs. The clips on question are all rendered, and the peak file has been generated for each different clip has well. This is a new problem; the last time I was working with a larger clip (45+ mins, captured from a Hi-8 cam), I had no problems. Now, I experience this slow down with all longer clips, although I've only dealt with footage captured from a Hi-8 cam and also a mini-DV cam. This problem has made Premiere nearly unusable. I'm desperate at this point.
    CPU: P4 HT 2.4ghz
    Ram: 2x 1gb DDR
    Video: ATI Radeon 9000 Series
    Scratch Disk: 250gb WD My Book - USB 2.0 (I suspect this might be part of the problem)
    OS: XP Pro SP2
    I'm not on my machine right now, and I can definitely provide more information if needed.
    Thanks in advance.

    Aside from some other issues, I found that USB was just not suited for editing to/from, and on a much faster machine, that you list.
    FW-400 was only slightly better. It took FW-800, before I could actually use the externals for anything more than storage, i.e. no editing, just archiving.
    eSATA would be even better/faster.
    Please see Harm's ARTICLES on hardware, before you begin investing.
    Good luck,
    [Edit] Oops, I see that Harm DID link to his articles. Missed that. Still, it is worth mentioning again.
    Also, as an aside, PrPro 2.0 has no problem on my workstation when working with several 2 hour DV-AVI's, even when these are edited to/from FW-800 externals.
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  • Does Premiere Pro CS4 really support Vista 64-bit?

    I have installed Premiere Pro CS4 on my Vista 64-bit server and recognized in the task manager that Premiere is listed as a 32-bit application "Adobe Premiere Pro.exe *32" which makes me wonder if Adobe's statement given in the FAQ is correct, where they say "Adobe Premiere Pro is optimized to run on 64-bit systems. The key advantage of 64-bit systems is that they can use up to 64GB of RAM. Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 can use large amounts of this memory because it splits different tasks into separate processes."
    Am I executing the correct Premiere Pro EXE-file (the application itself works fine) and is that 32-bit application able to make use of the fully available RAM space (which is 8 GB on my system)?

    Well great for you Harm, but this problem has me stumped.  I've been troubleshooting NLE systems since my Pinnacle DC30 Premiere 4.2 system.
    I'm looking for a solution not to start a fight so if anyone has confronted similar problems and found a fix, please reply.
    FYI, Adobe has made it clear that Premiere CS4 does not support daisy chaining decks or any other 1394 devices, but this is not my problem.
    "Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 doesn't support multiple devices on a FireWire chain or multiple devices on a FireWire card."
    Above quote copied from this Adobe support document
    I'm not working with DV I have been shooting in 720P on a Sony PVW EX1 if that even matters.
    Can you explain why my external array works well with XP fairly well with 32 bit Vista?  It's an ASUS P5E Deluxe motherboard.  This is not BS, I have a long list of Microsoft case numbers and it is REAL pain having to explain to someone in India the problem over and over again. I've been told by the array manufacturer SimpleTech ProDuo that it should work with the OS drivers.  The Internet forums for other 1394 devices have many instances of 64 bit Vista incompatibility. The same problems I'm having with the same OS just different devices.  What's really weird is how it will work fine like today, it's back to normal. I have had this system working perfectly then overnight the array vanishes in my computer but shows up in device manager with an error. Then a few hours later without changing anything, it starts working again, very intermittent.  As usual, it will fail when there's a deadline.
    I've run Avast antivirus, Malwarebytes and Spybot.  Swapped cables,defragged drives, updated MB bios and software looked everywhere for solutions.
    The MB Manual is found at
    I can transfer content to my internal array but I'm trying to optimize a workflow that starts by shooting on SxS cards on the PVW EX1 and transferring them to the array in the field with the 32 bit Vista laptop and making rough cuts.  I keep the project files on a USB drive.  Then transfer the array and USB drive to the 9450 quad desktop system in the studio for final editing.  When I get this to work, it's a real time saver.  But transferring files to the internal array is possibly the only dependable solution for now.

  • Premiere Pro running so slow when Lumetri look applied to clips

    Hi all, When i add any of the  lumetri looks to a clip on my timeline Premiere pretty much grinds to a halt and i cant do anything.
    If i try to render the clip its says it will takes hours just to render a few seconds.
    I have tried both adding the lumetri looks to the clip and to an adjustment layer and still have the same problem.
    Im running Premiere Pro CC vers. 7.2.1
    System : Macbook pro late 2011
    Processor -  2.5 GHz Intel Core i7
    Memory  - 16 GB 1333 MHz DDR3
    Graphics  - AMD Radeon HD 6770M 1024 MB
    Software  - OS X 10.9.1 (13B42)
    Any help would be greatly apprecited, as this is driving me mad...

    Hi Peter,
    I'm sorry for the trouble this is causing. We are aware of the performance issues that were introduced in version 7.2 with certain AMD GPU cards.
    We're investigating the problem now.
    I know this is not ideal but in the mean time here's a few workarounds:
    - Revert back to 7.1
    - Disable GPU acceleration when using those effects
    Here's a list of effects that seem most problematic:
    *Fast Color Corrector
    *RGB Curves
    *Edge Feather
    *Lumetri Looks effects
    These effects do not appear hinder the performance in my testing:
    *All Blurs Effects
    *Three Way Color
    *Garbage Mattes
    Again, I apologies the the inconvenience.
    Peter Garaway
    Premiere Pro

  • Premiere Pro CS6 opening slow when connected to slow network.

    I recently setup a user with his computer running behind a VPN router so that he could work from home. The VPN router is used to give him access to local resources.
    A strange thing started to happen with Premiere where it would be very slow to open. Either it hangs on the splash screen for a few seconds to a few minutes or the splash screen loads normally but when the program opens, it is just white for a few minutes until it finally opens. If I try to click on the program Windows tells me that the program is not responding. Being that the premiere was working fine before putting the PC behind the VPN router, I feel like it had to be a network thing. I had the user momentarily unplug the Ethernet cable from the router and Premiere loaded up quick like it normally does. So when Premiere opens, it must be trying to access some local resources.
    The problem is I cannot figure out what that is. I went through all of the preferences and nothing is set to use a network resource. Media cache is set to us a local SSD. What else could Premeire be trying to access to launch?

    Premiere communicates with Adobe as it opens. I'm assuming it is verifying that you have an active account/aren't pirating the software. On my computer the maximum bandwidth usage is 1Mbps (that's bit not byte), so unless your VPN is incredibly slow, this probably isn't the issue. Maybe there's some firewall interaction that is limiting Premiere's ability to talk to Adobe as it launches?

  • Premiere Pro CS4, Timeline distorts when editing

    I recently installed my version of PPro CS4 on a new Macbook, and everything runs fine except for one issu
    Whenever I try to drop something into the timeline, the entire timeline distorts and won't let me see what's on it other than the specific clip I just moved.
    I have some screen shots if that helps.
    What it looks like normally.
    What it looks like after I move something on the timeline or drop something in there.
    The only way I can get it to look correct again is by maximizing the panel with the ~ key, then shrinking it down again.
    I'm using AVCHD files, if that matters.
    I've tried just about everything, including updating it to the 2.4 version of CS4, and nothing. @AdobeCare and @AdobePremiere were no help and just refered me to the live chat agent who basically told me he can't help me since it's CS4.
    Does anyone have any idea why it's doing this?

    HI rxa081,
    Have you tried:
    Resetting preferences
    Delete Media Cache Files and the Media Cache Database
    Reinstalling the application
    Use OS X 10.8, not OS X 10.9
    Use different media

  • Premiere Pro CS4 "Export Settings" window does not show up.

    I've run into a new problem with Premiere Pro CS4. Basically, when I select "File > Export > Media" my Export Settings window doesn't show up. If I click on the Premiere window I hear the beeping sound and nothing happens, if I hit Enter the Export Data window pops up and then Media Encoder opens. So, it seems that my Export Settings window is still open but I can't see it and make the necessary setting changes. It does not appear to be minimized and I can not locate it on my desktop anywhere. This is really frustrating because I was able to see the Export Settings window just a few weeks ago when I was exporting my last project. I've tried changing my screen resolutions but that didnt reveal the Export Settings window.
    Does anyone know what is going on here and, more importantly, how I can fix it? I am really stuck here and am working against a deadline. Any and all help is greatly appreciated!

    THANK YOU!!!! For two days I have been struggling with the exact same issue. And of course it was simple to fix, if I had just thought about it. Thank you for taking the time to post your experience. I had tried all sorts of stuff trying to get everything onto my #1 monitor, with desktop & workspace resets, resizing my display, etc. After reading and printing your post,
    Hitting ALT+Space,
    Down Arrow,
    and then pressing the left arrow and watching my Export window slide into view, I was laughing so hard, that I was tearing up. It would have been a month waiting for my second monitor to get repaired to get to see what was still being displayed on this ghost monitor. Each week, I video and edit our church's service and then post three versions (Windows Media Player, Ipod-MP4, MP3 Audio) of it to our web site. I would have been four weeks behind were it not for your post.
    Again, a BIG Thank You!!!
    Tony Salso
    [email protected]
    Cedar City, UT 84720
    Tony—Professional Digital Pictures
    --Videographer and Webmaster
    Red Hills Southern Baptist Church
    Serving Jesus in Southern Utah
    [email protected]

  • Importing .AVI to Premiere Pro CS4

    I'm trying to edit a video that I got from my DSLR. It's in .AVI format.
    When I import it to Premiere Pro CS4 and tried to play it. I can only hear the audio but the video doesn't play.
    I already tried installing K-Lite Codec Pack but still the same.
    I used Gspot and it says Codecs are installed.
    Hope someone can help me out.

    Having a CODEC installed is no guarantee that an NLE program can use it to edit. This ARTICLE goes into more detail.
    As John T. points out, two very popular versions of the MJPEG CODEC are the Morgan, or the MainConcept, but your DSLR might have come with exactly what you need - but you might need to look on the included DVD for it. Camera mfgrs. often tweak their particular CODEC's, and especially with the MJPEG CODEC. That should be included, but it might be a separate installation, it might install with the camera's driver, or it might install with editing/organizing software. See this ARTICLE for a bit more detail.
    Good luck,

  • I need a definitive answer for using Premiere Pro CS4 to work with .m2ts and .mts files

    I have a Canon Vixia HF20 and a Sony HDR-XR350V.  The Canon gives me .MTS files and the Sony produces .M2TS files.  What do I need to do to be able to work with these files in Premiere Pro?  I've searched and gotten that I'll need to purchase a codec.  But are both file types going to be good with one codec?
    Also, what are the steps to getting started?  Purchase the codec, load the codec...Will there be any other steps to working with the files in Premiere?
    I'm sorry for the basic questions, I'm a photographer!  I've never worked with video before, and this is HARD!
    Thank you for your help,

    Hi, Michelle.
    I'm nowhere near the authority on this stuff that many of the others are here, but I have Premiere Pro CS4 and I work directly with AVCHD .mts files from my Panasonic camera. I simply browse to the directory where the .mts files are located and drag them into the project. I didn't need to purchase any additional codec, this is natively supported in Premiere CS4.
    I can't speak to m2ts files as I don't have any gear that generates them.
    One thing you do need to know, however, and this is important. Whether you're running a Mac or a PC, if you're going to work with high def footage such as AVCHD, you're going to need a fairly high performance computer with sufficient RAM, good performing hard drives and a fast CPU.
    I tried this on a PC that was fine for my recording studio (audio), fine for professional software development, but choked and stuttered working with HD material. That's not a problem with the Adobe software, it's just the nature of the beast. HD is extremely demanding stuff, so you need top flight gear to work with it. I bought a higher performance PC and now it runs just fine.
    Hope this helps,

  • Repeated Delays when Alt-Tabbing Back to Premiere Pro CS4

    I'm experiencing a lengthy delay every time I switch away from Premiere Pro CS4 to another app and then switch back. Every time I Alt-tab back I get the hourglass cursor for 35 sec. Then, it goes through a generating peak file phase for each of the clips in the project. This goes more quickly, maybe 5-15 sec. But it does this EVERY SINGLE TIME I return to PP from another app.
    This is on a newly built Windows XP 64 system based on the brand new Core i7 940 with 12 GB of RAM and four 500 GB+ hard disks. I've set the two media caches to each be on different disks. The system disk is a third disk and the project is on the fourth disk. There's no way this system should be slow with this material. The project is a beginner's tutorial; we're talking half a dozen 15-second sequences.
    How can I stop PP from going through this lengthy delay each and every time I switch back to it?
    David Salahi

    >brand new Core i7 940

  • Premiere Pro CS4 over remote desktop does not play sequence

    Hi all,
    I have been researching this issue over the internet but I have found absolutely no references to it:
    I am running Premiere Pro CS4 on my high-resource PC but would like to work from a different room so I am remoting form my laptop to my "good" PC.
    The system lets me do everything I could normally do when working directly on the main PC with the exception of playing back my edited files (before rendering). This is an obvious handicap since I can not watch my edited sequence and am, therefore, working in the blind. I am able to step through it frame by frame, but when I click the play button, it changes to a pause symbol (as usual) but nothing is shown in the video window. This does not just happen when previewing my edited sequence but also when previewing any imported resource.
    Essentially, Premiere Pro CS4 is not playing any video content over a Remote Desktop.
    Other normal playback software (such as VLC, Windows Media Player etc...) works though, so it is not an issue of no video playback at all. This just happens when I'm using Premiere Pro.
    Any suggestions as to what this may be? Any help will be greatly appreciated!

    I was able to edit a full 1080p HD video in Premiere Pro CS5 remotely using HPs RGS (Remote Graphics Software).  I had a Workstation at work with Premiere Pro installed on it and all the source footage on it.  I was then able to log on remotely from home with my old weak-sauce desktop and successfully edit and play back the HD footage remotely.  You just do a google search for HP RGS or go to this link.
    There is a free trial available too. I don't know why there is not more information about RGS on the web, but it seems to me to be the only solution to work on Premiere or After Effects remotely.
    I hope this helps

  • Premiere Pro CS4 on Mac: Can't play media anymore

    Hi experts,
    I'm in huge trouble with my Premiere Pro CS4 (latest version, all updates installed) on the Mac platform:
    Until I tried to record an audio track with the built-in microphone, everything worked fine. But since then, Premiere Pro is unsuable . It won't play  any media file (video or audio) anymore: whenever I try to start the playback (no matter what media and no matter in which monitor) Premiere just does nothing at all.
    The problem exists since Premiere Pro crashed when I tried to record audio with the built in mic. I can reproduce the crash when ever I try to capture audio again: the error message points to line 2329 in the module "CoreAudioHost.cpp" (to be precise: /Ironside/4.0/MediaCore/MediaLayer/AudioSupport/Macke/Mac/../../Src/Mac/CoreAudioHost.cpp -2329)
    I reinstalled the application but the problem still exists. And I checked all the settings in the preferences panel -- but they seem to be alright.
    I really have no idea what to do. Hopefully, anybody of you has?
    Any help would be gladly appreciated.

    Hi Bob,
    no, it's not a Beta, it's the full version of PPro as it comes bundled within my Master's Collection of CS4. And I'm not using any 3rd party plugins either.
    I don't think that the file is present on our machines, Bob. The file extension ".cpp" seems to me like a reference to the source code file (written in the programming language C++, since this is what "cpp" stands for). I have a programming background, and therefore I think, the error message isn't meant to be useful for the end user (like us) but for the engineers while they're developing.
    But today, I could narrow down my problem a bit. The playback is working again: the problems were caused by some messed up audio *output* settings. I think, PPro messed them up when it crashed several times. I reset them all and now the playback works fine again.
    However, I still can't record: neither with Soundbooth CS4 nor with PPro. The software won't recognize my *input* settings. The error message I gave in my previous post still occurs as soon as I press the little microphone button in PPro's Audio Mixer. And Soundbooth just does *nothing* at all when I try to record. But every other tool (iMovie, Audacity) works fine with my Mac.
    As a workaround, I record my audio with Audacity, import the file to PPro and be up and running. But if somebody of you has faced similar problems, I would appreciate your solutions.
    Regards and Thank you

  • Slow Playback in Premiere Pro CS4 (how do you lower preview res?)

    Hi everyone, I was just wondering how to lower the playback/preview resolution while3 editing in Premiere Pro CS4? I'm editing 720p video (.mov format, that's what my camera shoots in, so I don't think I can change that). All I can see when I right click the source monitor is "Quality > High, Draft, Automatic". Is there anything else I can select? (kind of like in after effects, where you can set it to 1/2, 1/4, etc.). I've been searching the internet for the better part of the day and all I've found is that 'quality' menu I mentioned earlier.
    It's still painfully slow to watch on 'draft', and it doesn't look like it makes that much of a difference in quality. Now, my laptop isn't exactly the rendering beast I'd like it to be, but it can handle 720p [slowly] in after effects so I think it should work in premiere too.
    PS: Any of you experts think this would be a good computer for NLE / rendering effects? 1277

    Thanks for clearing that up!
    New desktop it is... I'll probably be swapping out the low power drive for a faster one, since Harm mentioned that in his 'building for NLE' thread.
    Oh yeah, one more thing: How can I force it to render? For example, I put an HD clip into the timeline, it has a yellow bar along the top of the timeline in it's location, yet when I hit enter it just plays (with annoyingly low fps)?? Going to sequence > render effects in work area doesn't work either.

  • Slow render time in Premiere Pro CS4 (with fast computer?)

    Hello people on the Adobe Forums,
    I hope someone can help me with this question, it's been bothering me a long long time now and this week i have to make a decision, or fix the problem and keep this configuration, or spend money for a new cpu (i5 750) and a new motherboard. But i think this computer should do better then it does. I have the following configuration:
    AMD Athlon X2 4600+
    Nvidia GeForce 7800GTX
    2× 1Gb OCZ memory (DDR, PC2400, 250mhz)
    Storage Disks:
    Seagate 320GB SATA (7200, i think)
    WD 74GB SATA (10.000RPM, OS)
    Hitachi 500GB SATA (also 7200, i think)
    WD 1TB USB (SATA) (extern hdd)
    WD 250GB SATA (7200, i think)
    So, i don't understand the problem, Premiere is running very slow on my computer.. The rendering of a 5min piece of just a random movie takes like 3 hours! Just right now i am rendering some things I filmed with my mobile, it does like 1 frame in 10sec!! On most pc's with this vice versa!
    So the cpu is not that old, and neither is the videocard, meaby the memory is a little bit low.. Could that be the problem?
    Hope you people can help me out, i searched Google and everywhere but can't find anyone with this problem..
    List of software:
    - Windows 7 Ultimate
    - Adobe Premiere Pro CS4
    Drivers are, as far as i know, all up to date, i updated the Adobe programs too..
    Describe source material, Codec: XDCAM-EX Movie (mp4)
    But like i said, it happens too avi too, it think that was DivX..
    I bought this pc second-hand, so it could be that something in the processor is already broken and i didn't notice it at all.. i searched like everywhere and also tried too reinstall the program but that doesn't work either..
    Some more info:
    Ohye, and the PPBM:
    With friendly regards,

    Well, I'm helping other people too here on some dutch foras and i hate how people say things like "Doesn't work. Help" and just wait and wait for someone to answer. Plus i want to order my new hardware this evening (10:27pm now here), so meaby that's a 'cause' too, to make you people answer fast! (and it worked! hehe)
    So, what i am thinking of right now is to upgrade the motherboard, cpu and ram.. The videocard can wait a little more:
    - Motherboard: MSI P55-GD65 (not sure of this one, good reviews&tests, Asrock P55 Extreme is an option too.. be my guest to do another recommendation) (Asus P7P55D seems like a good option)
    - CPU: Probably an I5 750 from Intel, heard good things about this one.. Although i've always used AMD..
    - RAM: I really don't know, don't see many differences between the RAM sticks.. But yeh: OCZ Gold OCZ3G2000LV4GK
    Sorry for no links to product pages, you have to do a little search, i only got some dutch websites, and i know for sure that you all having you're own comparing/specs websites (which i don't know) .
    Thank you very much untill now, meaby i get another reply tonight.. Ohye, plans changed, i'm not ordering tonight anymore.. I'll do that tomorrow morning (I'll do a few calls to a view webshops and see if they got in stock, if so, i'm gonna drive (or go with bus) to one of them.. I need it really really quick, need to submit a project from school August 30
    Thanks everyone!
    Just took a look at the links you gave me, the Asus P7P55D is an option too!
    Took a look at the links, added the "Asus P7P55D".
    What i forgot to mention: I got a budget with a max of like €400,- (That's like 510usd, I don't even really have the money) so I can't buy a whole new pc..

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