"Previous Version" analogue rollback software

Hello there,
I was wondering if anyone here has experience with tools that work in the same way "Previous Versions" work in "M$ Window$".
This tool gives the user the possibilitie to "roll back" changes or recover deleted documents from a file share.
My server is fully backed up, but it would be handy if there was a tool that the users could use themselves. Or a tool that's quicker for us, the admins, to use than the tape robot .
Any suggestions are welcome, please tell me why you think this is a good tool you propose.
Thanks in advance!

You're not on Windows, so things are going to be different.  Both the problems, as well as the solutions. 
For starters, there are the expectations.  Microsoft implemented their rollbacks mechanism in Windows because their patches blew up.  Frequently.  OS X patches do occasionally fail, but rather less often. 
To their credit, Microsoft has gotten vastly better here with their patch quality and their test coverage in recent years, though they still have a wildly more varied hardware base and a massively larger regression matrix to run; they've got a gazillion variations their software must function on, and that means far more corner cases than exist with the more constrained systems and hardware that Apple supports.
As for your questions, with Mountain Lion 10.8, you can roll back changes within a document with autosave.  (The "Save" mental model has changed, too, starting at 10.7.)
With Time Machine, you can roll back files to any arbitratry point.  That works with a local disk, and can save files to OS X Server or to Time Capsule.  The clients can self-manage that, too.
There are other approaches to the general problem, too, ranging from git or mercurial to Dropbox.com or Box.com, for instance.
Your reference to a tape robot implies this might be a rather larger site, so you may want to avail yourself of the Mac Enterprise mailing list; that's where the folks with the bigger configurations tend to lurk, so you'll find discussions of OD, Sharepoint-like solutions, backups and other such in the archives over there.

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    (1) Download the Windows Installer CleanUp utility installer file (msicuu2.exe) from the following Major Geeks page (use one of the links under the "DOWNLOAD LOCATIONS" thingy on the Major Geeks page):
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    That solution corrected the problem. 
    FYI, my display settings are 1900X1200 on a 24 inch monitor, and I had a custom size of 110%.  Setting it to 100% worked perfectly.

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    I have been using Creative Cloud for a couple of years now and have always wondered why I would need an older version of the software. Considering these unused versions of software are just sitting on my hard drive and taking up space.... can anyone think of any good reason why I shouldn't uninstall these old software versions of Photoshop, Illustrator, etc.?
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    It can depend on which versions these older versions are.  If they are Cloud versions then I wouldn't think twice about getting rid of the older ones.  But if they are from a Creative Suite you might find that they have functionality that the newer versions had stripped out of them  Flash, for instance, had a number of useful functional elements ripped out of it when they came out with the Cloud version.

  • How do I get a previous version of Apple software? specifically ios, iworks apps

    Hi all,
    I have an iPad 1 that still has the original ios loaded. I don't want to load ios5 or greater due to excessive processor demand on iPad 1, slowing it significantly. However Apple genius bar tells me that the only upgrade available is the current version of the ios. Is there a way to get a previous version, like 4.3?
    Also, on the iPad iWorks apps - Pages, Numbers, and Keynote - the current offerings in the App store require ios5. Is there a way to get previous versions that will run on 4.3?
    thanks in advance for any guidance!

    If you do a web search for "iOS direct download", you'll find sites that have links to a direct download from Apple's servers. Make sure of two things:
    1) The URL for the download begins with "appldnld.apple.com". If you see any other server listed, that would be some unauthorized site and downloading from that site will be extremely risky;
    2) You get the correct installer file for your model of device. If you get the wrong installer, you risk permanently disabling your device.
    Once downloaded, install it by Option-clicking the Update button (Shift-click in Windows) in iTunes and choosing the downloaded file.
    As to earlier versions of the iWork apps, no, if you didn't get the older versions from the iTunes Store before the upgrade required iOS 5, then there's no way to get them now.

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    simongg, welcome to the forum,
    if you have a factory installation you will find all the original drivers and utilities in the folder C:\IBMTOLS. These were installed from the factory at the time of production.
    Andy  ______________________________________
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    No you can't. Once you connect your ipod to iTunes, the only option available is to update the software to current available version.

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    It is possible but depends on the platform (PC vs Mac).  If you have a PC then you should be able to download the trial version from
    http://prodesigntools.com/adobe-acrobat-x-10-pro-reader-suite-direct-download-links-ddl.ht ml
    and use your serial number from the dsk to activate it.  Be sure to follow the steps outlined in the Note: Very Important Instructions section on the download pages at this site and have cookies enabled in your browser or else the download will not work properly.

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    Yes - there was an interval of days between the unsinstallation of the original BBL, when I was not using the Z10. I had resorted to using my 9810 and had re-established my BIS Account. Originally I was not aware that the Z10 caused my BIS Account to go away, so I returned to using the 9810,
    Recently, I went back to reinstall the BBL and considered activating the Z10 again, however now I am unable to install BBL.
    Do you know where I can find the Launch version of BBL? Perhaps reinstalling that will work?
    Incidentally, I had unistalled BB Desktop 7 one time including all recommendations for a clean uninstall and did perform a system scan.
    It may help to mention that I am running VISTA32 business in case that is germain.

  • New iPod wants me to uninstall previous version.  Will I lose my music?

    I lost my 2 G nano, just got a 30 G to replace it. My library on my computer is full of good stuff, subscriptions to podcasts, etc. When I try to install the software from the disk that came with my new unit, it tells me to uninstall the previous version of the software before I can load the software for the new unit. Is there a chance that my library, etc will be erased when I uninstall the old software?
    Any help would be appreciated. Please also reply to [email protected]

    There is not a such 100% sure in this world, so I suggest that you have all the back up for your music files, if you do not want to run any risk before upgrade.
    It may have a chance that some unexpected thing happen during the upgrade such as power being cut off, the iPod cable get accidently plug off etc.
    Normally, the update of iTunes and iPod updater to the latest version, would not erase your music files, unless you do the Restore on iPod updater for your iPod. The software will give you the warning !!

  • Downloading OLDER version of ipod software

    Does anyone know how to safely change back to a previous version of IPOD software? I allowed my itunes version and ipod software to update a couple of weeks ago and have had trouble since. Someone told me to go back a version, but the problem is my ipod, not itunes. At least, I believe this b/c the files play fine in Itunes, but mess up on my Ipod. So, if anyone knows how to safely revert ipod software, please let me know. Thank you!
    PS -- my IPOD is the 80 gig video, if that helps. Thanks.

    The process for changing it back to an older version of software would be the Restore process. The only difference is that an older version of the iPod software would get installed after the iPod is erased. If you have not tried using Restore with the most current iTunes, you should definitely try that first.
    If you read about people having problems after a Restore, it is likely because they are having hardware problems with their iPod. In those cases (hardware issue), doing a Restore is not going to resolve the problem. However, in most cases, it is a software issue and doing a Restore will resolve the problem. When it works, almost no one bothers to post in the forum that +they did a Restore and it worked+, so you don't read about the times when it worked, only about the times when it did not work. And when it does not work, it's probably due to a hardware problem.
    The other problem reported often is with the 4th gen iPod (click wheel). That model needs to be plugged into the power adapter as the last step of the Restore process. Some second-hand owners don't have a power adapter (it comes with that iPod model), so the first time they need to do a Restore, they are stuck and their iPod is bricked.

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    Is it possible to install a trial version of any of the Adobe Creative Cloud software in a previous version?  By that, I am referring to the following:
    I want to install a trial version of Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2014; NOT Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2014.1.  If you notice, I want to reinstall a trial version of the previous release.  Don't ask why, you'll just laugh for my stupid reason, but I'm merely wondering if it is possible.  Creative Cloud now only offers trials of the newest versions, and I want to install trails of previous versions for my own, personal reasons.  Is this possible to do with creative cloud, or must I do it some other way?
    Is it also possible to obtain the physical installation files so that I won't have to always go through creative cloud to download them again (and then I can just set it up without being connected to the internet)?

    The previous version option is only available to individuals which have a membership.  The availability of previous version titles available is dictated by the computer meeting the minimum system requirements and the entitlement of the membership to access the requested applications.  To future viewers of this discussion if you are unsure what software titles your membership is entitled to please contact our support team directly at Contact Customer Care.
    Wastingyourlifeaway you can download the installers for the CC version of the applications from Download New Adobe CC Trials: Direct Links (no Assistant/Manager) | ProDesignTools.  Please make sure to complete the Very Important Instructions prior to scrolling down the page and clicking on the download link.

  • I am trying to update to iTunes 10 to us my new iPad, but I can not remove a corrupted "apple software update" program... I can get everything else off, but due to "previous version" of software update it will not continue.

    I am trying to update to iTunes 10 to us my new iPad, but I can not remove a corrupted? "apple software update" program... I can get everything else off, but due to "previous version" of software update it will not continue.
    I stopped in to see one of the genius at the local store who referred me to "Windows Installer 4.5 Redistributable" (I am trying to install it on a Windows XP System)
    The last version on iTunes on my PC was iTunes 7.
    Thanks for your help,
    Julia from Woodridge

    Unfortunately, this sort of trouble has gotten more complicated to deal with ever since Microsoft pulled the Windows Installer CleanUp utility from their Download Center on June 25. First we have to find a copy of the utility.
    Let's try Googling. (Best not to use Bing, I think.) Look for a working download site for at least version 3.0 of the Windows Installer CleanUp utility. After downloading the utility installer file (msicuu2.exe), scan the file for malware, just in case. (I use the free version of Malwarebytes AntiMalware to do single-file scans for that.)
    If the file is clean, to install the utility, doubleclick the msicuu2.exe file you've downloaded.
    Now run the utility ("Start > All Programs > Windows Install Clean Up"). In the list of programs that appears in CleanUp, select any Apple Software Update entries and click "Remove".
    Quit out of CleanUp, restart the PC and try installing iTunes again. Does the install go through properly now?
    (If you do find a clean download site for the correct version of CleanUp, please don't tell me where it is. Without wishing to sound paranoid (although I grant it does sound paranoid), there is a non-zero chance that posting links to download locations for the utility here at Discussions leads to that download location being shut down.)

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