PRI + PVDM modems - set IP destination based on DNIS

I have the following setup:
2811 router
PVDM2-12DM modem module on motherboard
NM-1CE1T1-PRI PRI card
The PRI has a range of numbers assigned to it, but I need to be able to direct dial-in traffic to specific backend IP addresses, based on the number the user dials in to reach the router (the DNIS). I am familiar with the autocommand function used in line configs and have used it before with asynch attached modems to trigger telnet sessions, but never with PRI. Is it possible?
Can anyone provide some links to documetnation or advice on how to set this up?
thanks very much.

Thanks for the link, its a great help! However I am unable to configure a modem-pool. In global config mode "modem-pool" is an unrecognised command. There is no problem with the modems as the router recognises the PVDM2 modem bank when I show diagnostics.
When issuing 'sh line' I can also see the 12 modem lines 0/322 - 0/333. They also show up automatically as 12 individual asynch interfaces in the config.
Im running IOS 12.4(9)T4
Could it be there is alternative config required for these types of modems?
Thanks again,

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    Can I have the scripts from you (for a fee or free)?
    I don't sell my scripts: they're free.
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    use the attach code option to display code in this forum.
    otherwise, your code is altered and difficult to read.

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    The code you sent is not clear, could you send your jspx page.

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    - Vasu -

    Hi Vasu,
    use the following :)
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    Hi all,
    We are customizin Basic Data & Tools and when trying to set table based assignments (table TCG11_VAI; program RC1TCG11_02) we are getting no entries in the table. The message shown is always <i>"0 unchanged entries, 0 new entries, 0 entries deleted"</i> independant on the entry criteria
    The problem is that we can create those entries manually but it will be endless
    Has this happened to anyone before? Any idea?
    Many thanks and regards,

    Hi all,
    We have just find the solution.
    Just for your information the problem was that the IMG activity "Adopt
    Standard Specification Database" was executed but not working properly
    because no data can be copied from client 000. Then when executing "Set
    Up table Based Value Assignment" no entries were made in the table. We
    have just change the client, execute "Adopt Standard Specification
    Database" and then "Set Up table Based Value Assignment" and now is
    working properly

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    Simple. Basic Question.
    Trying to use Compressor to change the codec on my flip cam to make it more compatible with FCP X.
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    You didn't say what your settings were. But tif it's not one of the DVD presets, you shouldn't ordinarily be faced with separate audio and video streams with the majority of presets. Here's an example of a batch with one source file, multiple targets and multiple destinations. Only the DVD Preset has separate audio and video…and those do require that destinations be specified. If the destination is not specified, it defaults to Source.
    Good luck.

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    First, sorry for the stupid question. I've read through Apple's WebTechnologies_Adminv10.4/10.5 manuals and still don't feel like I have a clear answer to this question.
    I am trying to set up named based Virtual Hosting on an Xserve running 10.4. I have read a lot of instructions on the web on setting up named based virtual hosting on Mac 10.4/5 Client computers by manually adjusting the host and httpd.conf files and I'm confused as to whether I need to do this in 10.4 Server as well. I have successfully set up virtual hosting on a client computer and it works but I can't get it to work on 10.4 server. I have set up two sites in Server Admin with two site folders in /library/webserver/documents but no luck. Do I need to do what I did in the files above on the server to get it to work or should it work by just creating seperate sites in Server Admin? What am I missing? Thanks in advance for any guidance.

    You can do this entirely in Server Admin - no need to edit the config files directly.
    You just need to create each site in Server Admin -> (server) -> Web -> Sites
    For each set you need to specify the hostname for the site in each site's Domain Name field.
    As long as each site has a unique name (and that name maps to your server's IP address) that's all there is to it.

  • Cycle sets in Performance Based Preventive Maintenance

    Can any one explain what is cycle sets in Performance Based Preventive Maintenance means?
    Thanks in advance.

    Cycle sets are used for multiple counter plan where the unit of measurement is different .For example you have to plan your equipment based on KM it had serviced and also based on Months ,then you have to create cycle set for these 2 measurement like KM and Mon ,then while creating the multiple counter plan you can specify the cycle set and make the scheduling
    Also refer

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    I am unsure of where to start searching for a clue as to how to impement this. Any comments would be much appreciated.
    IDOC   -
    > XI -
    > File adapter -
    > File System
    (DESADV)                                                        (Variable based on info in DESADV. ie Site)
    Essentially I wish to use XI as a router and transformer for certain message types depending on the data within the message itself.
    Is anyone aware of any documentation around this kind of scenario ?
    Additional Notes
    There is the possibilty of have up to 1000 different destinations from the same message, but the message will ONLY be sent to the site addressed within.
    thanks in advance ..

    Hi Richard,
    The scenario requirement is not yet very clear.
    But if you want to route the Idoc to different receiver systems depending the payload value, you may configure it in ID with different business services and then using conditional Receiver Determination using XPath.
    That is one way, and if you want to use the same receiver service and only 100 different target folders on the File System, then you can surely use the Variable Substitution for the Target Directory in NFS File Adapter. You can build the target path with from the payload value in variable substitution table under the advanced tab in File Adapter. Remember to set the "Create Target Directory" indicator under Target tab.
    Hope one of these might be a solution for you. Let me know if you need more detailed information.

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    Recently installed OS 10.4.8 on my friend's upgraded G4 AGP (Sawtooth). Tried to set up his Mac's internal modem for faxing (no internet connection, he has cable modem for that). Got the fax set up to receive without problem. Tested it and it acknowledges incoming calls and will pick up and log the fax.
    The problem is in setting up to send a fax. Although the internal modem shows up in the Apple Profiler and works to receive faxes, it just won't show up in the Fax List under the Printer Setup Utility and therefore isn't selectable under PDF on the Print window to allow sending a fax.
    I've searched Mac Help in vain. The set up of modems isn't really addressed. What am I missing? On my MDD G4, once I had the modem installed and set up to receive, it just showed up in the Fax List. I didn't have to do anything else.
    Any suggestions would be appreciated.
    Carl B.

    So, when you go in to System Preferences > Print & Fax > Set Up fax Modem ..., Internal Modem is NOT showing up in Fax List?
    Does Internal exist in /Users/{shortUserName}/Library/Printers/?

  • Error in setting up destination name in depolyment descriptor

    <b>the error is,</b> <br>
    [EJB:011113]Error: The Message Driven Bean 'MessageAccess(Application: mssp, EJBComponent: mssp-MDB.jar)', does not have a message destination configured. The message destination must be set using a message-destination-link, destination-resource-link, destination-jndi-name or a resource-adapter-jndi-name.
    <br><b>the ejb-jar entry is,</b><br>
    <message-driven >
    <description><![CDATA[Bean to access messages]]></description>
    <br><b>and weblogic-ejb-jar entry is like</b>,<br>
    <!-- <weblogic-version>9.1</weblogic-version> -->
    can you help?

    They should be able to log into their account via and update their name.

  • IPOD NANO 3rd Gen problem Apple Mac set up PC BASED MAIN UNIT

    I have been asked by a friend to help out because they asked to add music to their new IPOD. But the owner is a tech scared person. They gave the unit an IPOD NANO 3rd Gen to my friend who uses Apple MAC they set up the IPOD with their Itunes and added the songs.
    Later they wanted new tracks but have now downloaded ITUNES to their own PC Windows Vista system. The tracks were added to a USB memory stick and transfered and added to the PC Vista ITUNES. But now the IPOD Nano will not register on the Windows Vista ITUNES system but will show up on the "My computer"
    I have reset the nano by holding the on/off and menu etc to get the Apple logo, the unit beeps as does the laptop PC Based ITUNES etc but will still not register on the ITUNES or allow me to sync the music from the ITUNES to the IPOD.
    Can anyone advise how I can reformat the IPOD or reset the IPOD and remove all music currently on it to start again but get it to register/set up and show on the ITUNES on the windows VISTA unit rather than the mac based system.

    Hey, I bought an iPod nano 3rd gen yesterday and I have exactly the same prolem you are describing in your message. Have you found any solution to this?

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    I have a scenario in which I have to show a set of data of a pivot table by restricting data based on a column value. I am creating BIP report whose source is from BIA ie.RPD. Based on a column value I want to restrict the data being displayed in the table. Since I also want the hidden data in the first table to be displayed in another table in the same report I cannot restrict the data at the query level i.e at RPD or at BIA. For this reason I used
    <?xdofx:if saw3_ = 1?>
    the pivot table
    <?end if?>
    But it does not restrict any data.
    Also I tried using the if condition inside the table before the row level looping happens. But no good show even then.
    How can I forgo this problem?
    The MM

    See : regarding column and row.

  • Set Default Value based on Field from another table for a custom object

    I'm trying to set the default value on a custom object field to the value of an account field. I have tried the syntax 50 different ways, and just am getting no where. The account field label displays as DBA, the integration tag is ltDBA_ACCT, and it shows up in reporting fx area as Account.Text_22.
    The custom object field I'm triying to update is also called DBA, which was originally the "NAME" required field. Does the table name, Account, have to be included? Do I need a function in front of the field?
    I have been updating the external ID using the row ID with syntex <ID> (Less than ID greater than) so I know it is possible to set the Default Value, but <DBA>, <ltDBA_ACCT>, "Account"."DBA", and so on just don't not work.
    If anyone knows how to enter this I'd really appreciate the help.

    Ok, so if you want to default a field to the value from another object, you have to use the JoinFieldValue function. I think you understand that, based on your original post, but I want to be sure that you do.
    Next, this will only work as a default if the record is created from the object that you wish to join on because a default works at record creation and the ID needs to be available for it to work properly. It will not work if you choose the related object record after the custom object record is created. You could set the value as a post-default, but that does not seem to meet your requirements.
    The syntax for the Default Value would be as follows: JoinFieldValue(ref_record_type, foreign_key, field_name).
    In your case, ref_record_type is '<Account>', foreign_key is &#91;<AccountId>&#93;, and field_name is '<YourFieldName>'. The best way to determine what the field name is would be to create a new workflow for Account and use the Workflow Rule Condition expression builder to pick your field ("DBA") from the list. The value that is returned by the expression builder should be placed in the field_name variable in the JoinFieldValue function (minus the brackets and in single quotes).
    Give this a shot and let me know how you do.

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    I have a file to file scenario. The incoming file contains Employee Details and I need to validate each record and need to reject them if they are invalid as per the business rules. For this I know I need to create the Adapter Module Processing. I am

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    hi there, we are upgrading from r/3 4.6.c to ECC 6.0. i have the following problem: in many z-ababs we convert spool-files to pdf-files and send them with function SO_NEW_DOCUMENT_ATT_SEND_API1 via email. well, this is working okay, BUT: the ending '

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    Hi, my Dad is on an orange network and so am I. i have an iphone4s but he is not receiving any of my sms texts. I am receiving his ok though. Any suggestions please? Thanks. My Dad has a Samsung X.