Pricing procedure for service PO

Why there is a seperate pricing procedure in service tab of the service POs?
Where we need to assign it?

hi Rajan,
As services are placed differently in the SAP, for eg you make different service master record etc for procuring services, so only the conditions are also placed differently for the external service procurements...
You have to maintain the condition types, schema for while the conditions will be taken into account, and the condition table with the fields in it...
Do define all this at : SPRO >> MM >> External service management >> Maintain conditions for services >> Conditions:condition types, condition table, schema etc...

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  • Pricing procedure for service pos

    Hi guys,
    WE have defined two pricing procedures i.e. for domestic and for import.  When we create a service PO, domestic pricing procedure is being populated.  Is this the standard functionality or do we need to use a separate pricing procedure for service POs?  If that is the case, how to do it?
    We are using the same document type and same purchase organisation for purchase order for services and materials
    thanks in advance

    Normaly the std domestic price will work for the service but you have service pricing also,
    for the std service pricing
    SPRO-MM-External service management-Maintain conditon for services
    here you will find the service schema and which will defualt in the service PO
    If want to see the service condtion
    go to PO service tab and click on condition icon at the bottom of the screen and it will show you the service conditon with schema

  • Pricing procedure for Service PO and Service Entry Sheet

    Can the same pricing procedure be used for Service PO and Service Entry Sheet? What is the purpose of creating a seperate pricing procedure for service entry sheet?

    There is no separate pricing procedure for Service Entry Sheet.  Whatever the schema is determined in Service PO, the price is calcuated during service entry sheet.  However you can maintain separate calculation schema for service purchase orders. 
    This schema will be determined based on the schema group assigned in Vendor Master.

  • Pricing procedure in service

    Can the same pricing procedure be used for standard PO and Service PO? What is the purpose of creating a seperate pricing procedure for service?

    The conditions as required in the pricing procedure are not all applicable to the service PO. Hence the same procedure canot be utilised by the service p[o's too.
    If only few conditions are there in the pricing then the same can be used for service PO too with an item category 'D'.
    But ideally we have to configure a new service pricing proc similar to that of a calculation schema.
    Hope this helps,
    Award pls if helpful

  • Pricing procedure for the calculation of VAT

    Dear all,
    We require one new tax structure.
    Assessable value + service tax & VAT for the sum of Assessable value + service tax.
    Kindly give us the pricing procedure for the above requirement.
    Mahalingam sarathi

    Mahalingam Sarathi wrote:
    > Dear all,
    > We require one new tax structure.
    > Assessable value + service tax & VAT for the sum of Assessable value + service tax.
    > Kindly give us the pricing procedure for the above requirement.
    > Regards
    > Mahalingam sarathi
    Let me try to fit in this requirement for you (with a small demonstration, you will also have to use the appropriate accounting keys)
    400           assessable value  350 390 
    410 JSRT  Service tax            400
    420 JEC3  ECEss on Srv tax   410
    430 JSE3  Secess on SrvTax 410
    440           ***. val + Srv Tax 400  430
    450 JIVP   VAT                        440

  • Pricing Procedure for India

    Hi SD Gurus,
    I am in US working for MNC having offices in India and other countries. I have to create a pricing procedure for India.
    My company does have CIN ( country India) as Add-on to our SAP 4.6C but I donu2019t see any standard pricing procedure for India in there.
    Now how to create pricing procedure for India ?
    And which latest Service pack SAP 4.6C should be on for Indian Pricing procedure to work properly ? Currently we are on SP # 41.

    Dear Manish
    Copy the Std procedures mentioned above,rename it & then map/modify it to fit your requirement.
    Also, the relevant CIN Configuration & customization settings are to be done for the company code.

  • Pricing Procedure for Imported Material purchased from local vendor

    Dear SAP Experts,
    I have a scenario, where the Imported material is purchased from a local vendor.
    The local vendor passes on all the customs duty, CVD and all the related duties to the customer (us).
    All the duties including CVD in the form of Excise duty etc. have to be inventorized.
    How to map this in SAP?
    Thanks In Advance.

    I have given the pricing procedure for TAXINN
    100     0     BASB     Base Amount                                         362
    110     0          Calculated Call     100       
    120     0          Sub total               
    250     0     JSRT     Service tax set off     100                                      VS7
    251     0     JEC3     A/P Ecs for Serv tax     250                                      VS8
    253     0     JES3     A/P SE cess serv tax     250                                      VSE
    258     0          Total Sevice Tax     250     253
    260     0     JSVD     IN:Service tax debit     250                                      ESE
    560     0     JMOP     IN: BED setoff %     120             X                         VS1
    561     0     JMOQ     IN: BED setoff Qty     120                                      JI2
    564     0     JSOP     IN: SED setoff %     120                                      VS1
    565     0     JSOQ     IN: SED setoff Qty     120                                      JI2
    570     0     JMIP     IN: BED inventory %     120             X
    571     0     JMIQ     IN: BED inventory Qt     120                                      NVV
    574     0     JSIP     IN SED inventory %     120                                      NVV
    575     0     JSIQ     IN SED inventory Qty     120
    578     0     JMX1     IN: A/P BED setoff     560     561
    580     0     JSX1     IN: A/P SED setoff     564     565
    581     0     JMX2     IN: A/P BED inventor     570     571
    583     0     JSX2     IN: A/P SED inventor     574     575
    584     0          Total excise duty setoff     578     580
    585     0          Total excise duty Inventory     581     583
    586     0          Total Excise Duty W/O ECess     584     585
    587     0     JECP     A/P Ecess set off %     584                                      VS2
    588     0     JECI     ECS inventory %     585                                      NVV
    589     0     JSEP     IN:A/P SEcess setoff     584                                      JI6
    590     0     JSEI     IN:A/P SEcess inv     585       
    591     0          Price     120     120
    600     0     JAOQ     IN: AED setoff Qty     120                                      VS2
    601     0     JAOP     IN: AED setoff %     120                                      VS2
    605     0     JAIQ     IN AED inventory Qty     120                                      NVV
    606     0     JAIP     IN AED inventory %     120                                      NVV
    U have to setup ur taxprocedure like this.In this the acct key is the main.IN OBCN ucreate the acct key & give them as non cenvatable.Then assign this acct key against the condition type in the TAXIIN.
    Then in FV11 create the condition records for the cond type.For the cond type the access sequence should be JTAX

  • Diff pricing procedures for contract and invoice

    Hi all,
    My client is into service industry.He is using two pricing procedures for contracts and invoice. Now the requirement is they want to use a single pricing procedure for both contracts and invoice. Now i need club them into one and i need to delete some condition types which are not in use.What are all the factors do i need to consider before clubing them into one??
    Can anybody guide me in this regard?/

    You need to foreclose all your existing contracts and create a new one with the new pricing procedure
    G. Lakshmipathi

  • Excise duty in the Pricing Procedure for Local Purchase / Importation

    I'd like to know how to set up the pricing procedure for the purchase of an IS Oil Material; for local purchase and importation, especially with regards to the excise duty posting.
    Local purchase:  the vendor will bill us inclusive of the ED tax he previously paid, so the tax is just passed on to us..  My receiving location has ED paid status. In the PO item, we need to see this price (inclusive of tax) in the net price field.
    Importation:  the vendor only bills us the cost of the material.  When we received the fuel, we paid ED tax to local tax authorities.
    I know that both in these scenarios, the system has to determine the excise duty.
    My questions are (1) how do you set up the excise duty condition type  in the pricing procedure(or do they have to be maintained in the pricing procedure?) ?   and (2)  how do you set up this condition type in the config?
    Thank you and hoping for your immediate feedback.

    You can use same pricing procedure
    put 4 in subtotal in pricing procedure against the Discounr or freight cond
    and in taxinn
    BASb ALTCBV 362 and for jmop 363
    But this will work only if same  discount or freight value is in IV as that given in PO
    if freing value changes in IV then its a problem
    This is SAP bug, and SAP workes in that way only, freight value should be same in PO and IV
    other solution
    in taxinn create tax code like v8 vat 4% for 003 tax clasification
    in ftxp create tax code V8 desc vat 4%
    in fv11 for jvrd put 4
    and at the time of IV put this tax code for freight amount
    and for regular material value V1 tax code
    this will work only if u have used acess seq MWST instead of JTAX pr JST1
    hope this helps

  • Different Tax base in pricing procedure for a single sales order for different line item material.

    I have a scenario wherein in a sales order, for two different material, the tax base of pricing should get triggered on the basis of sold to party and the material entered at line item level.
    Logic triggers on the basis of Region of Customer & a unique field in the Material Master but problem comes in the calculation of Tax base as the sequence of condition type (from – to)  is already defined in the pricing procedure to pick from a particular step but in second line item the base is different i.e. the sequence of condition types that are maintained in pricing procedure should be different for Tax to calculate differently.
    Kindly suggest if the same can be handled in a single pricing procedure and dynamically taking care of condition type sequence through Alt Cal Base Formula, so far I’ve tried both Alt Cal Formula & Base but it is not working
    Client doesn’t want to go ahead by creating two different orders (through separate Pricing Procedure) for that. They want to have both materials in same order.
    Kindly suggest a suitable way to handle this scenario.
    Aashika Agarwal

    Click on the ''check availability'' button at item overview and then click on ''One-time delivery'' on the top. This will ensure that you will have only one delivery for whatever quantity is confirmed on that date.
    If you want to apply this rule for all orders across a sales area, then you can do the below configuration step :
    SPRO->sales and distribution->basic functions->availability check with ATP logic->Define default settings-> Here in avail. checking rule select A (one time delivery). This will ensure that all orders created for a particular sales area will have only one delivery.
    Hope this helps.

  • Pricing procedure for order with reference from order

    Dear Friends,
    If I create a sales order with reference to another sales order of different type, the pricing procedure is copied too.
    But I would to use another pricing procedure for second document
    I found the oss note 14136 but this is for reference from invoce
    I tried to create new data transfer routine for orders in copy from 51, but does not work
    Can you help me??
    best regards

    > If I create a sales order with reference to another sales order of different type, the pricing procedure is copied too. But I would to use another pricing procedure for second document,
    Based on my understanding of query.
    You are looking for a different pricing procedure in second doc.
    For instance, the PricProc for SalesDoc1 is ZPR001 and  the PricProc for SalesDoc2 is ZPR002, in addition to that, you want SalesDoc1 to become reference doc for SalesDoc2.
    For this, ZPR002 & ZPR001 should have common base price condition type and rest pricing can change.
    And for maintaining different Pricing Procedure with similar combination of sales area for SalesDoc1 & SalesDoc2, maintain different document pricing procedure for both docs and maintain Pricing procedure accordingly..
    Thanks & Regards
    J Prakash

  • Pricing procedure for Credit Memo request WITHOUT reference

    Dear friends,
    I have come across a requirement where credit memo request has to be created without reference to preceding document. i.e. for just giving some credit to customer may be for over pricing or giving some credit to customer (as to maintain good relation).
    So generally we have different pricing procedure for Cr/Dr process.
    thus i have different pricing procedure for Cr/Dr process than normal sales process.
    here i have copied pricing procedure of normal sales and added extra condition type for manual pricing, which overrides basic pricing condition type.
    but calculate the discount and taxes on the manual price.
    I would like to know whether discounts and taxes condition type's should be used
    in the cr/dr process without reference to preceding document. and suggest me the right condition types to be used in cr/dr pricing procedure without reference.

    Remove all the other condition types from the procedure and keep only those which you need.

  • How to create the pricing procedure for domestic & import.

        Pls any body let me know how to create the pricing procedure for domestic & import.
    what is the use of the keys
    step condiiton condition type from   to  manual required statistic   subtotal requirement caltype basetype.
    how system will work based on this.

    Please see below WIKI for your reference:
    Ninad Kshirsagar

  • 2 pricing procedures for the same sales area

    Hi Gurus.,
                  My client requirement is the client requires 2 pricing procedures for the combination of Same sales areaDEocument Pricing procedurecustomer pricing procedure in OVKK
    He doesnt want to use new sales area or new document pricing procedure or new customer pricing procedure,I know that in standard SAP it is not possible.
    Can any of the gurus throw some light on this.Some work around is required here,So can u please say the required changes in Standard functionality.
    Thanks & Regards
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    Hi Gurus.,
                   First of all thank you very much for giving me so tremendous response, But my client requirement is,
                  He has one customer and for that customer when raising an order ,for some orders Tax shouldnot caliculate and for some orders Tax should be caliculated,
            For example :  If he gives price 100,Then the base price should be 100,For some orders he  gives price as 130 rs which is inclusive of tax like 110 should be the base price and 20 rs tax should get caliculated
               So i have tried in the pricing procedures and we have standard pricing procedure RVAA01 & RVAB01 ,In which RVAB01 is the price inclusive of tax procedure,We can assighn different pricing procedures if any of the combination in OVKK is changed,But he dont want to change the combination in OVKK.
            So client asks now when he raise an order he decides how the price should be caliculated, i.e the price may be he give price or price inclusive tax,of which the pricing procedure should automatically split the tax and price accordingly,He is asking in the way like when we raise a sales order we should do like a pop up box should appear asking which pricing procedure should be selected,So on selecting the pricing procedure the order should caliculate based on the selected pricing procedure
    Thanks & Regards

  • How to extract values from pricing procedure for conditions in CRM Billing?

    I have a number of conditions in the pricing procedure in CRM Billing that I would like to extract to SAP BW. How can this be done?
    Is there a standard extractor for CRM Billing similar to the SD Billing extractor "Extraction of SD Billing Conditions" (2LIS_13_VDKON)?
    If there is no standard extractor, is there another way to extract the conditions and the related values?
    I am using the standard CRM Billing Extractor 0BEA_CRMB already, so maybe an append could solve my problem. How can this be done? In what CRM-tables can I find the values from pricing procedure for conditions in CRM Billing?

    you may want to post that last question in a CRM forum... in ECC it would be table KONV

Maybe you are looking for

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