Pricing Procedure in Sales Order

Hi everyone,
I realize this question has been posted a couple of times before but I am posting the question really after doing all my research and trying all my options.
Order Type: ZOR has Doc. Pricing Proc: A while Billing Type: ZF2 has Doc. Pricing Proc.: Z. Cust Pricing Proc is 1 in all cases. In Pricing Proc (PP) determinations I have
Sales Area + A (Doc. Pricing Proc) + 1 (Cust Pricing Proc) = ZRVA01
Sales Area + Z (Doc. Pricing Proc) + 1 (Cust Pricing Proc) = ZRVZ01
Now when I create my order ZOR from scratch, the PP is ZRVA01 but when I create ZOR w.r.t a ZF2, the PP determined is ZRVZ01. Whereas I want it to be ZRVA01 (based on Doc. Pricing Proc of ZOR). Is this possible? I doubt if this has anything to do with copy controls.
Any help is appreciated.

If i have understood your requirement correctly now
You are creating sales order ZOR with mandatory reference of billing type ZF2
Your billing type or billing doc has already a pricing procedure of Z RVZ 01
But now your sales order is also picking Z RVZ 01which you dont want
You want your sales order to have PP of ZRVA01 and you have done necessary settings in OVKK and still it is not getting picked
If this is the issue
I feel because of two reasons your requirement is not possible
1.your sales order is created with mandatory reference to billing doc and hence the price of billing doc is getting copied in sales order
2.Pricing type is mainly for sales order to billing and not in the reverse like your scenario that is billing to sales
That is why pricing type B is not working for you
Others elite members correct me if i am wrong
For your requirement i think you need to develop a new routine or program thro ABAP so that when you create a sales order referring billing doc the PP is not getting copied and to be determined new

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  • Different  Pricing Procedure for Sale order and Billing Document

    Hello Experts
    As per scenario,we create Excise Invoice (T-Code J1IIN) on Basis of Proforma Invoice.Proforma Invoice and Excise Invoice follow Pricing from Sale Order.AS per pricing Some excise condition types are get update in Proforma and excise Invoice.
    AS Per Customer Payment Confirmation we Create Export Billing Invoice (T-code VF01) on basis of Outbound delivery.
    Issue -: AS per export Billing Rule we don't want to update Excise Condition type in Export Billing Document,and at same time it should not create any accounting entries for same condition type. we Dont want excise Duity in Export Billing Document as Export Billing Doccumnet aslo Follow Pricing procedure of Sale order
    Should i create new Pricing procedure or what other things to solve above issue.
    Please help me out
    Thanks and Regards
    [email protected]

    The key to your requirement can be maintenance of Excise condition type with proper access sequence and accordingly maintain condition record for them.
    You create an access sequence with following access:
    - Country / Plant / PlntRegion / Region / Price grp / / Materia
    - Country / Plant / PlntRegion / Region / Price grp /
    - Country / Plant / PlntRegion / Region / TaxCl1Cust /
    - Country / Plant / PlntRegion / TaxCl1Cust /
    For export maintain condition record based on any key combination, say for
    Country / Plant / PlntRegion / TaxCl1Cust / - Tax % - Tax Code
    FR / 1000 / KR / 03 (EXPORT) / 04 / 0% / V1
    I hope this can assist you.
    Thanks & Regards

  • The pricing procedure in Sales order is not getting copied into invoice

    The pricing procedure in Sales order is not getting copied into invoice.
    I have created a document type (pricing procedure),based on the document type ,pricing procedure determination is done.
    So while creating sales order the pricing procedure is determined but when invoice is created the pricing doesnt refelect in the invoice.How to over come this problem

    Please check the in OVKK, weather you have maintained correctly or not.Also check in the Billing document type details what is the Document pricing procedure that has been maintained.

  • How to configured pricing procedure to sales order type

    Dear Sir,
    Please tale me how to configure / change pricing procedure to sales order type. we have required to change pricing procedure from a to b for particular sales document type.

    Create a new document pricing pricedure
    SPRO>sales & distribution>basic functions>Pricing>Pricing Control-->Define And Assign Pricing Procedures
    and in the same path assign to your document
    and assign it to your document and also then to your Pricing procedure determination in OVKK
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  • New condition in pricing procedure in Sales Order

    Dear SAP Gurus,
    I want to add one new condition in pricing procedure in Sales Order.
    Earlier we were having following conditions.
    PR00   (price)                           1000 Rs     (say)
    MWST                                     100%    sub cond.
    ZSER  (service tax)                   12%
    ZSRT                                       100%  sub cond on ZSER
    ZEDU    (Education tax)             3%(on ZSER)
    ZEDT                                        100% sub cond on ZEDU
    Now I want the structure to be
    PR00   (price)                           1000 Rs     (say)
    MWST                                     100%    sub cond.
    ZSER  (service tax)                   12%
    ZSRT                                       100%  sub cond on ZSER
    ZEDU  (Education tax)               2%  (on ZSER)
    ZEDT                                        100% sub cond on ZEDU
    ZHED (Higher Edu. Tax)             1% (on ZSER)
    ZHET                                        100% sub cond on ZHED
    For this I have Done following Customizings
    Created new Condition Types (ZHED & ZHET ) by Coping from ZEDU and ZHET respectively.
    Maintained pricing procedure with these conditions.
    Made condition Record for ZHET through VK11.
    But I am not able to set ZHED as 1 %
    Please guide where to configure this and how ?
    Thanks & Regards

    Have you maintined the calculation type of the condition type ZHED as A - Percentage ? If no, then maintain the same. If it is already maintained, then let us the error when you are trying to maintain the condition record as 1%.

  • Different pricing procedures on Sales order and billing documents

    Hello All,
    I have come across a situation where I will have to maintain seperate pricing procedures for Sales order and the corresponding billing document.
    I was just wondering if this is normal. In my previous projects I always had same pricing procedure for the order and the billing.
    Please share your experience.
    Appreciate your help.

    Hello Friend
    This is a very common requirement in many implementations depending on the scenario
    Sales order with one pricing procedure The same sales order when goes for billing
    Billing document with another pricing procedure
    Settings needed
    Order type VOV8 has a document pricing procedure  Say A
    Billing type VOFA has a document pricing procedure  Say B
    Sales area 1000,10,00 and CPP is 1
    OVKK settings is like this
    1000,10,00 DPP A, CPP1 Pricing procedure is  RVAA01
    1000,10,00 DPP B,  CPP1 Pricing procedure is RVAA02
    The control data in both  RVAA01 and RVAA02 is different
    In VTFL between your del type to billing type aunder the header that item level The pricing type should be B (carry out new pricing) if delivery related billing
    In VTFA betwen your ord type to billing type aunder the header that item level The pricing type should be B (carry out new pricing) if ordery related billing
    Now the same sales order will carry PP RVAA01at order level and RVAA02 at the billing document
    There can be some business scenarios you want to add some extra discount at the time of billing
    That time you have a discount type added in the billing PP so that it is reflected in the billing
    This is scenario dependent
    Hence SAP has given the option of DPP in VOFA so that by billing documentwise we can differentiate
    To achieve this Copy control settings and DPP should be different both in VOV8 and VOFa

  • Is it possible to have different pricing procedure at sales order level and

    Hi SD Gurus,
    Is it possible to have different pricing procedure at sales order level and invoice level?
    if is it possible to have different pricing procedures at sales order level and invoice level could you please tell me the steps how i have to do?
    Thanks & Regards,

    Yes you can able to map two different pricing procedure for order and invoice level
    You can achieve it through by document pricing procedure and assign it in document type
    In VOV8  assign document pricing procedure A for order type
    in VOFA assign document pricing procedure B for billing type
    Keep customer pricing procedure common
    Then in OVKK assign pricing procdures

  • Is it possible to change pricing procedure in sales order VA02

    My client need to change the pricing procedure in their RETURN order because they implemented a new pricing procedure for the specific distribution channel.  However, since the return order was created with reference to invoice, the old pricing procedure was copied instead of the new that was implemented.  Is there a way that they can still change the pricing procedure in the return order?  Here is the scenario for better understanding.
    1. Sub-distributor sales order created (distribution channel = 60) on 5/24/2014.  The pricing procedure maintained was ZRVB01.
    2. Delivery and Billing was created on the same date with pricing procedure ZRVB01.
    3. A new pricing procedure ZRVB12 was created for distribution channel 60 on 6/2/2014.
    3. Return order was created with reference to the billing document in step 2 on 6/24/2014.  The pricing procedure of the return order was still ZRVB01, instead of ZRVB12.
    4. In VA02, the field pricing procedure is not modifiable.
    Need advice how my client can proceed in correcting the pricing procedure on their return order.
    Appreciate your response.
    Thank you.

    Since your requirement is to calculate the different price for the returned qty, please check for the return order if you can make any manually change the price as required.
    Please note you can not change the pricing procedure in document, but you can change the price of the material as suggested above.
    I assume you already knew the pricing procedure determination, how it is determined.(Sales area+DPP+CPP).
    If you want to have different pricing procedure to be determined for the same customer in return sales , you must have the following determination so that it would be determined the 2nd pricing procedure during return order.
    Example :
    For standard sales : Sales area + DPP in OR(A- standard)+ CPP( 1 standard) =ZRVB01
    For return Sales : Sales area + Dpp in RE (B- return)+CPP(1 standard) =ZRVB12.

  • Different pricing procedure in sales order and invoice

    Hi All,
    I have created a new pricing procedure .When i processed it,in sales order its picking the correct PP. but when I check it in excise invoice,its taking other pricing procedure. Where have i missed the settings.Please help

    We have document pricing procedure maintained at two levels for Sales order or Billing type.
    The pricing procedure is determined based on SAles Area Customer pricing procedureDocument Pricing procedure+pricing procedure.
    Example :For Sales Document type the document pricing rpocedure will be A and for billing type 'B"
    Sales Area1A+Pricing procedure A
    Sales Area1B+Pricing procedure B
    Now A will be maintained in VOV8 and B will be maintained in VOFA.So two pricing procedures.

  • Change Pricing procedure in sales order create

    Hi,i need to create a return with reference to an billing document by using FM BAPI_CUSTOMERRETURN_CREATE. I can able to create Return sales order with reference to billing document. But i am not able to copy pricing as per billing document item. It is getting created correctly when i do manual.
    Or Can i change Pricing procedure when i create sales order by using any enhancement ?
    Kindly help.

    Please try using the below EXITS:
    USEREXIT_PRICING_RULE (module pool SAPLV61A, program RV61AFZA)
    In the standard SAP system, it is predefined which condition categories and classes can be copied or recalculated per pricing type. You can change the predefined standard procedure for each pricing type.
    You can use this user exit to change the pricing type that has been predefined in the copying control table in billing.
    Hope this might be helpful.

  • Change pricing procedure in Sales order based on SHIP-TO Location..

    HI SAP Friends,
    Based on the SHIP-TO location of the sales order, we want to have tax calculated including Freight Amt. I was thinking to come up with 2 pricing procedure; one that calculates tax including Freight amt AND the other procedure that does not calculate tax including freight amt. Hence, We want to dynamically change 'Pricing procedure' based on Ship-To location. DO we have any user exits for this ?

    Tax calculation is based on the simple logic:
    Region of Shipping Plant - region of Ship to Customer location.
    In case of freight  apply the acces sequence using the ship to party location field as part of condition type aqccess.

  • Change Pricing procedure at Sales Order

    Hi. we have a lot of sales order without fill the field Pricing procedure due to wrong convert process.
    I think that, once the SO is generated, it is not possible change the field Pricing procedure (VBAK-KALSM), but i have my hope pinned on you can help me with this problem
    thanks in advanced for your help

    HI Manuel
    Just a thought, please check if works...
    1. VA02 with a sample sales order.
    2. Item->Conditions
    3. From the bottom buttons, select to carry out new pricing.
    Check if it takes the new pricing procedure assigned to the document type or will it still take the old one???
    Am not on SAP to try it myself.
    Kind Regards

  • Redetermine Pricing Procedure in Sales Order

    This is a very unique requirement and I was wondering if standard R/3 can handle this.
    I have new PP which should be redetermined while creating a Sales Order.I am aware that a PP gets determined by Sales area ,Doc PP and Cust PP combination.But in my case I cannot create a new Doc type so that I can assign it a new Doc PP.Niether can I always go to the customer to change the Cust PP so that when I create the sales order the new PP gets determined.
    My requirement is that when I create the sales order it brings in the default PP and using something I change it to a new one.There are no CustPP and DocPP fields available in the sales order catalogue for the same.
    I was wondering if the Pricing procedure field in the Condition type configuration can be of any use?
    Worthy answers would be rewarded with points...

    Understanding the requirement, I have a few queries.
    1. What will be new in the pricing procedure? Is it price condition, Discounts, taxes,etc.?
    If my understanding is correct, then I suggest you to have 2 pricing condition in a pricing procedure (This is not a standard practice, but workaround). Let the default price condition (say PR00) be prior to the one which has to be replaced (say ZP00 - copy of PR00). Keep the Second Price (ZP00) as manual entry.
    You can get a routine written from Abaper that when the second pricing is picked, the methodlogy you the the pricing procedure to work & maintain the same for alternative calcutaion type in pricing procedure.
    You requirement is not an easy one & you have to work on such workaround  & development of routine for alternative calculation type.
    Rajesh Banka
    Reward points if helpful.

  • Update pricing procedure in sales order

    hi gurus!
    in sales order item, the tax condition type MWST is determined as 17% by the indicator 1 in both customer and material master data. but after i change the material master data to 2, which should lead to 13% in MWST, i update the pricing in sales order item, no matter what options i choose, the 17% won't change!
    can i ask that why this is not changing?
    how the system control it?
    and what for?
    thank you so much guys!

    Dear Michael,
    While Updating your Line-Item in Sales Order, What Pricing Type you are selecting?
    Is it Pricing Type: G - Copy pricing elements unchanged and redetermine taxes
    Alternatively, You may check with:
    Select your Line-Item in Sales Order and Double-Click.
    Go to, Tab: Conditions; and Click Tab: Analysis (at bottom of the screen).
    Now, on to next screen,  Select your Condition Type: MWST (from Left-hand of the screen) and Double Click.
    Read the "Overview" (from Right-hand of the screen).
    This will tell your the exact reason. Based up on, take corrective actions; else post the same for our understanding/ working.
    Best Regards,

  • Pricing procedure of sales

    dear friends,
    how to view the pricing procedure of sales

    same like others said you can go to V/08 or VOK0 to see your pricing procedure & you can also view the same Procedure at Header & item Level too.
    If you want to check how & from where the the system is fetching pricing for your Customer & material in the sales order for that go to Header/ Item condition Tab. Page & go for you can check what are the different condition type passing you the Value for your customer/material.

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