Primier trial version download impossible

primier trial version download impossible
What can i do ?
Teach me, how download method !

Hi kkabe ,
Welcome to Adobe Forums.
Please refer to the link below, click on download trial:
Make sure your computer meets the minimum system requirements:
Please reply for any assistance.

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  • RoboHelp 10 Trial Version Download Link Not Working

    I have tried on multiple browers to download the trial version of RoboHelp 10.  Each time, it shows an error message after I select the language and click "Download."
    I called Adobe support and they said they couldn't help me: all I can do is post the problem on this forum.  How stupid is that? I am potentially going to buy this product and I cannot even download it!  Talk about bad sales on their part. (I wonder how the MadCap Flare folks would respond if I had the same problem? I'm just sayin'...)
    But I digress...
    Does anyone have a link that actually works?

    Thanks for the quick response. 
    I have tried I/E 9 and Firefox 17.   In I/E, I get the standard "Page not found" message; in Firefox I get "File not found."
    I don't have the Akami Downloader, and the option was never given to download it before I tried to download the trial.  I searched for it and all the places I found in my Google search require a purchase. 
    Here is the Adobe page for Akami: ere_do_I_download_the_Akamai_Download_Manager_. 
    I then found this page: _Download_the_trial_directly.  I clicked the link to the Adobe downloads page and no where in the list of products does it show Akami.
    [[banging head on desk]]
    Is it just me having a dumb blonde moment or is this really screwed up?
    Cindy :{


    Synching 1/2 hour of audio to 100 powerpoint slides was a
    disaster in the trial version I downloaded. Audio went on its own
    to the rear of the Audacity file and the ppt would lose a slide
    from time to time. We bought 2 licenses and those were being used
    by developers on 2 laptops - but to get more production out we put
    2 people on trial versions. We now think trial versions are
    corrupted. Has anyone else found this to be true? Was it the sheer
    size of the project too large for the trial version - or for
    Captivate for that matter? Is there a size limitation to Captivate
    that we whould know about? Any clues are

    Hi again
    Many software products are issued updates after initial
    release. However, in the case of Captivate, the trial is fully
    functional and you aren't hindered whatsoever other than the time
    you have to use it before you are expected to buy a license.
    I think your use of the term "valid end product" is a bit
    subjective here. Here's why I say that. Anything you create with
    the trial version isn't really a "valid end product". It should
    function without issue, but it should not be distributed and used.
    I believe there is a time limit where even if you never purchased
    the license, you wouldn't be able to view the output as the date
    would be expired.
    But other than that it should be functional.
    Cheers... Rick

  • Premier pro trial version download

    I had downloaded the premier pro trial version 10 days back, and unfortunately deleted it from apps while cleaning my laptop. The creative cloud is not letting me install it again, is there anyway I could sort this issue and download the premier pro again as I have not yet completed the 30 day trial period.
    Thank you very much in advance!

    This is primarily a user to user help forum (space provided by Adobe) so you may need to contact Adobe
    Adobe contact information -
    Help for Download & Install & Setup & Activation
    Next link has a "Chat Now" button near the bottom

  • IMovie7.1.4 trial version download not working, Why?

    I thought I could download trial before I buy. As I download this trial version and it launched, it gives me this alert "An eligible iMovie application was not found in the location/applications". I have iMovie 3.0.3 already in my application folder that came with OS. Since I want to try before I buy. Why is it doing this and how do I bypass this?

    there's no 'Trial' of iLife or iM at
    I assume you have downloaded the free download of iMHD6.0.4 .. which indeed works only if iLife08 is installed.
    sorry, no free lunch..

  • Adobe CQ5.5 Trial version download....where?

    I have not the CQ daycare login id/pw.
    How do i download the Adobe CQ5.5 trial version.

    There is no trial download available for CQ. You will need to engage with an Adobe Sales Rep to get a demo and try out the software.

  • Acrobat Trial Version Download Assistant Certificate Error

    Can not download the Trial version of Acrobat Pro.  When trying to open the Download Assistant, the following error message:
    Sorry, an error has occurred.
    The application cannot be installed due to a certificate problem.
    The certificate does not match the installed application certificate, does not support application upgrades, or is invalid. 
    Please contact the application author.

    Ec.argos this an Adobe AIR error message.  You will want to remove the current installation of the Adobe Download Assistant and reinstall.

  • Trial version download of Captivate 7

    I am trying to download the trial version of Adobe Captivate 7. When I click on Install Now nothing happens.Does anybody know why this might be?

    Sreekanth I totally disagree with you: why shouldn't you be able to install a 32-bit verion on a 64-bit system? The contrary is not possible, but if you system is not that performant it could even be wiser to install the 32-bit version. When testing in a virtual machine, even with 64-bit installed but with limitation in RAM (4GB or less) I tend to install the 32-bit version always. And if you check your system (Win anyway) you'll find multiple programs installed in the ProgramFiles(x86), which are all 32-bit applications.

  • I have trial version downloaded now paying for cloud version

    Please can you advise if I need to re-download the products, I have the trial version downloded. I have since paid for and began the creative cloud subscription. I wanted to know if I still need to re-download the  products  or does the new subscription with my ID automatically kick-in and I can continue to use the original trial software

    does the new subscription with my ID automatically kick-in and I can continue to use the original trial software
    That's the right way, Step by step instruction :-
    Launch one of the problem Creative Cloud applications.
    On the Creative Cloud application trial screen, click License This Software.
    Sign In with your Adobe ID associated with your Creative Cloud membership.

  • Failed cc illustrator trial version download

    whenever i try to install cc trial version of illustrator i get the following error message  "adobe application manager failed to install".  any ideas of why this is happening?

    NKerner then you may want to look at your wireless access point settings.  Some devices allow you to increase the signal strength or adjust the quality of service levels.
    You may also want to look at a temporary wired connection using a long Ethernet cable to see if it does resolve your download difficulties.

  • Photoshop CS5 trial version download in Spanish

    Where can I find CS5 photoshop trial version in Spanish to download?

    Direct Download Links for Adobe Software

  • App manager failing in trial version download

    I get a message that my Adobe app manager is corrupt and must be reinstalled while attempting to download a trial version of InDesign CS6. If I delete the app manager and attempt the download again, will it then install the proper version?

    You may want to cancel out the download and start the process again.  Where did you choose to download the install files too?
    Alternately you can follow the steps listed at to initiate a direct download.

  • Trial Version Download Issue

    I've been trying to download the Trial Version of PhotoShop CS4 Extended Edition on my MAC and PC.
    On MAC the download doesn't run at all and on the PC the file almost completes the download but then stalls right at the end. Has anyone else experienced these issues?

    Negative. I completed the download, fired it up and when checking the version, in the Help menu, only regular Ph. So. I went back to the Adobe site, Opened Products menu. Opened Photoshop, selected cs6 extended, selected “Try It”, selected a destination on my drive and said OK. The download started and it was cs6 regular, again.
    As it is a trial version, I have no serial number.

  • CS6 trial version download link

    Hi , is there a Dreamweaver CS6 trial version available for download? Dreamweaver CC logs me out each time I login on windows 7

    Here is another link.
    Please scroll down the page to see what you want to download.

  • UPK Trial Version download

    Hi Guys,
    I would like to play around with the UPK elearning app.
    Is there anybody that could talk me through the UPK trial verion download?

    Wrong forum. (You have to scroll down a bit to find it though.)
    See category:

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