Print Button of SSRS report is not display report in IE11

Hello All,
We are running on SSRS, .net framework 4.5, SQL server 2012. 
Everything is working fine in IE9, IE10, now our client has updated their browser to IE11. In IE11 the print button in SSRS report is not showing. We have tried browser file,
it will show print button in IE11 but it is not functional. we  have also tried to change browser mode to IE 10 or IE 9 (using <meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=8" />) but it didn't work in IE 11.
Some forum suggested to change framework to 4.5.1 but i
cant change framework now. so please suggest some alternatives to achieves the functionality.  

Hello Pinakin,
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  • Print button on Web report.

    Hi gurus,
    We were trying to add a print button on Web report for printing the result area on the Web report.
    We followed the steps which has given in the How-to-guide How To Web Printing with Microsoft
    Excel document.
    In the document it has mentioned that
    1. Support package should be above 19 for BW 3.5 version
    2. Add HTML code in the WAD Template
    3. Import Transport file into the System.
    4. Apply OSS notes 736568 and 737082 to BW
    We upgraded the support package to 22, added the html code in the WAD template, imported the transport file into the BW system and applied the OSS notes as per the mentioned in the document.
    The transport file contains the Package u201CZPK_WEB_PRINTING_WITH_EXCELu201D and ABAP Classes u201CZCL_RSR_XLS_GRIDu201D,
    After import the transport file into BW, some of the objects in the ABAP Classes were not activated. I was trying to activate manually but those were not activating.
    Please guide me how to resolve the above issue or is there any way to get the printing the web report?
    Thanks in advance.

    If you want to print the web page directly then you can define a button using Java script and you can do it.
    Define java script code to print the page
    for ex define a button and call function for print.
    i cannot attach the code. but you can solve with java script
    Edited by: M.A on Jul 24, 2008 4:22 PM

  • While Printing using Print Button on Crysal Report Loses focus.

    Hi all,
    I am using CR XI along with VS2003 for developing my application.
    My application uses a Treeview to list all the available reports, once user select one of the report. I am using another dll, which contain all the rpt files as Embedded Resource, for showing the report in Crystal report viewer.
    Once report get loaded, I am using Print Button from Crystal report viewer to print the report.
    report get printed properly..
    However a strange behavior occurring, Form with Crystal report viewer control placed loses focus and immediate below window coming into focus (some other opened window get activated and bring to front and hiding my application).
    Any suggestion would be appreciated.
    Thank you
    Riju K K

    Hi Brian,
    Thanks for you are reply.
    I think I am not creating a separate process,
    From my application, I am creating an instance of form (which is in another DLL) which is hosting Crystal report viewer.
    If click "Print" button on the Crystal report viewer, I am getting a Printer selection form.
    If I cancel from there ,my Crystal report viewer form get focus back.
    If select a printer and click "OK". my Crystal report viewer form lost focus and some of the other window opened (word, ie, etc) before get focus.
    My assumption is Crystal Report viewer's "Print" button may be using a separate thread for Printing.
    that may creating this focus issue.
    what you think?

  • Add a Print button to a Report Page

    I'm trying to add a Print button to a report page to render the page in printer-friendly mode and then give the user the option to send to a printer. I started with just trying to add a print button. I added a button to the region and added to the button request value javascript:window.print();. When I click on the print button, nothing happens. So I tried to add some html code:
    <input type="BUTTON" value="Print" onClick="window.print()">
    as a condition in Expression 1 when I selected "Current page is NOT in Printer Friendly mode". Nothing happens when I click on the print button. Can anyone offer some steps to create this functionality or point me to documentation on how to do this? I have tried the help documentation within APEX and isn't clear to me.

    The documentation wasn't very clear to me. I did try one suggestion to create a region on the report page and call it Print. The suggestion is then to add the following code to the Source Region section:
    <input type='BUTTON' value="Print this page" onClick="window.print()">
    The example however leaves out some significant information however. What is the region created as e.g. HTML, Report, Form, URL, etc?

  • While printing google map from FF4 its not displaying the map in the print out paper?

    FF4 displaying the google map in my website. But while printing google map from FF4 its not displaying the map in the print out paper.
    I chekced this FF 3.6 and there is no problem with this and other versions. FF4 having this problem.
    What should I do for this? Please let me know.

    What printer models is this intended for?  I assume it is aimed at the lower end inkjets, with the suggestion of loading 10-25 sheets of paper.
    Bob Headrick,  HP Expert
    I am not an employee of HP, I am a volunteer posting here on my own time.
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  • Adding print button to interactive report

    For now I have the downloaded to PDF option checked so the user can print an interactive report via the widget.
    I would like to have a print button on the report also.
    Has anyone got any of the java script stuff working off of a button?

    Hi willjamu ,
    All you should have to do is call the 'PDF' request to download the same report the drop down will create.
    I hope I was able to answer your question let me know.

  • A print button in a Report

    I have a displayed version and a printing version of a report. I want the end-user to print the "printing version". Therefore, I cannot use print window and also because the entire report does not show in the window. I want to create a button or hyperlink in the report that enables the end-user to execute the run link for the printing version of the report in a different window and print it using the browser's print function. What objects do I need to create to achieve this?

    I managed to do this in the following way:
    1. Create two reports - Your_report and Your_printable_report
    2. Put this in the additional PL/SQL section of "Your_report".
    htp.p('<a target="_blank" href="<URL of>">View printable version</a>');
    3. In the additional PL/SQL section of "Your_printable_report"
    htp.p('<form><input type="button" value="Print" onClick="window.print()"></form>');
    This creates the first report with a hyperlink to the printable version, which has a button to print it.
    Hope this helps,

  • Can we add custom print button to crystal report launched using jsp

    I need to add a print icon in crystal report. My requirement states that I should not use the print button given in the taskbar of crystal report. Can this be done?

    Are you using Crystal Reports for Eclipse?  If so, there is a new version out that suports Excel exporting:

  • Help on print button for interactive report

    I have created an interactive report and have also added a print button on the button of the report (unfortunately forgot how I did it). Say my column on the reports was Col_No, Col_First_name, Col_Last_name and a print button when I pressed a would get to choose open or save a pdf file, if I opened or saved it, I would had the same info on my pdf report as above.
    Since I have changed the column order meaning I have Col_No, Col_Last_name, Col_Start_Date, Col_First_name and that is working fine but when I click on the print button I will get the pervious columns.
    I noticed I have created a branches to print the report, basically after processing, when button was pressed an action with f?p=&APP_ID.:0:&SESSION.:PRINT_REPORT=6259824360775969936:&DEBUG.::: is present.
    I need help to fix this and I do very much appreciate any help or suggestions

    Found the answer, thanks.

  • Why is the left hand window and bar with the buttons for TOC/Search/Glossary not displaying in one client location?

    Greetings all:
    I have more years of experience with RoboHelp than I want to admit, but I have never run into this before. I have a published RoboHelp 9 project for an overseas client that displays exactly as it should when the published version is viewed by myself or another RoboHelp developer (not located where I am). However; the users at 1 of 2 two client sites do not see the left hand TOC window or the bar above the project with the buttons (the other site does see it). The users at both sites are using Internet Explorer 9, and I have been told there is no difference in their security set-up. I suspect that at the site where it is not displaying there is a security setting that is throwing it off, but I am not sure what to have them look for. Anyone have any ideas?
    W. Keith

    Do they not simply see the bar or is it empty? In the first situation, it seems they are opening the topic directly instead of via the start file.
    What is the URL the users are using on both the locations? And do the users have a hyperlink 'Show' at the top of the topics?
    Kind regards,

  • Can the Timeline be printed on an SSRS Report

    Can you print / reformulate the Project Timeline view in an SSRS report?
    Andrew Payze

    Please find this
    excellent article by Prasanna about timeline in SSRS report.
    Another one
    Hope this helps,
    Guillaume Rouyre, MBA, MCP, MCTS |

  • Print issue in SSRS report

    Hi ,
    I have a report in production server. The client took a print out of the report which is accessible from report server URL. The issue pertaining for this report is, some of the letters in the report such as 'ti' and 'le' are missing when the client is taking
    a copy of that report. I went through my report design and had downloaded in pdf and other format, i havent seen or observed any kind of issue from my side. I could observe the data is fine, but, I wonder and i couldn't able to trace what went wrong and how
    the letters are missing when the print out of the report is being taken. I am thankful for your answers and valuable suggestions.
    Thanks & Best Regards,

    Hi Ram17,
    According to your description, your report missed some letters when printing. Right?
    In this scenario, you find no issue if your download the pdf format report. It supposed be to no issue on Reporting Services side because the pdf rendering is the same rendering behavior as the print view. So please check the printer and the system
    environment. It has reported some similar issues in Windows XP. Please refer to a KB article below:
    Print jobs initiated in a Windows Server 2008 and Windows XP point and print environment may have missing characters
    Letters missing when printing
    If you have any question, please feel free to ask.
    Best Regards,
    Simon Hou 

  • Print Preview of Sample Program LP01 not displaying form

    I have successfully configured ADS in NW2004s ABAP stack.
    I ran the FP_PDF_TEST_OO program which checks the ABAP Adobe configuration and displays the version number of Adobe document.
    The problem however is when I implement the sample " Part I: Adobe Print Forms" given on the site
    When I run the program and do a Print Preview of the form, with the default printer LP01, I do not see a PDF as mentioned in the sample. The control returns to the start page. Also, the download button on the screen results in a PDF that has 0 bites.
    During the debugging, data from the database gets retrieved properly, and the correct function name gets retrieved. Would you guys know what I might be missing.
    Thank you for the help.
    I did the interface, form, and building the context several times and that seems fine.
    Attached is the code:
    parameter: i_empid type ZTSA_employee-employeeid obligatory.
    type-pools: abap.
    data: ie_outputparams type sfpoutputparams.
    call function 'FP_JOB_OPEN'
    ie_outputparams = ie_outputparams.
       data: i_name type fpname,
       i_funcname type funcname.
       i_name = 'ZTSA_EMPLOYEE_FORM'.
       call function 'FP_FUNCTION_MODULE_NAME'
         i_name = i_name
         e_funcname = i_funcname.
         catch cx_fp_api_repository.
         catch cx_fp_api_usage.
         catch cx_fp_api_internal.
    data: isemployee type ZTSA_EMPLOYEE_STRUCT.
    select *
    into corresponding fields of isemployee
    where employeeid = i_empid.
    data: fp_docparams type sfpdocparams.
    data: fp_formoutput type fpformoutput.
    call function i_funcname
    /1bcdwb/docparams = fp_docparams
    employee = isemployee
    /1bcdwb/formoutput = fp_formoutput
    usage_error = 1
    system_error = 2
    internal_error = 3.
    call function 'FP_JOB_CLOSE'
    usage_error = 1
    system_error = 2
    internal_error = 3
    others = 4.

    May be this link this be helpful...
    <i><b>Raja Sekhar</b></i>

  • Submit Button at Top Right Corber Not Displaying

    I created a PDF fillable form.  This is a form that will be sent out from our HR department to a variety of people.  We would like the end-user to submit the form via email.  We want the default "Submit" button at the top right corner to display rather than create a custom button.  In other words the submit button that shows up next to "Highlight Fields."
    So after I created the form, I clicked on "distribute" and chose the following:
    1.  Manually collect responses in my email box
    2.  Save a local copy and manually send it later
    Our HR person is using Acrobat Reader.  She can see the submit button.  BUT, when she sends the form to someone else (to fill out and email back to her), they cannot see the submit button.  Any ideas why?
    Lastly, is going through "Distribute" the only way to get the submit button to display at the top right? 
    Thanks for any help!

    I think that I may have found my answer from another posting on here.
    The submit button in the purple bar will only appear if yo put the form throught the Distribute Form process in Acrobat, and you only need to do this if you want the forms to be submitted to or one of the other options. SInce you don't want to do this, all you need to do is Reader-enable the form so it can be saved with Reader. To do this, start with a copy of the form as it was before you Distribited it and select one of the following depending in which version of Acrobat you have:
    Acrobat 9: Advanced > Extend Features in Adobe Reader
    Acrobat 10: File > Save As > Reader Extended PDF > Enable Additional Features
    Acrobat 11: File > Save as Other > Reader Extended PDF > Enable More Tools (includes form fill-in & save)
    Note that if you only want the form to be printed, you may not need the form to be enabled, which allows Reader to save a filled-in form. You may want this if it is a long form that the user may want to save after partially completing it so they can reopen it later and complete it. You should also advise your users to use Adobe Reader to fill-in the form.

  • After upgrading to  on windows XP SP3 , itunes does not display any summary info or buttons/options. The buttons work but it does not display the text on the button or the options available.

    I recently upgraded the iTunes software to on my Windows XP laptop. Since then, iTunes stopped displaying the Summary info
    , the text on the buttons, the various drop down options. The buttons seem to be working but I can't tell what that button is supposed to do
    or the option I am selecting. This is preventing me from syncing my photos to the laptop.
    this was not a problem with the previous version of iTunes.
    Actions taken :
    - I tried downloading iTunes again and repairing the install. That did not fix it.
    - Don't want to uninstall it as I am worried that I would lose all the songs and the purchases etc.
    1. Has anyone encountered this ?
    2. Is there a solution for this ?
    Many thanks in advance for your time and help

    bmalones44 wrote:
    b noir, my Windows 7 machine is having the exact same issue as nsadal, and I have already confirmed that all six of the Segoe UI fonts are installed on my computer.  Are any other Windows users having this problem with the iTunes release?
    Yeah it does, although the problem predates version It's been around since earlier-on in the version 10s (at least).
    It's usually Segoe UI font trouble on the Windows 7 systems too. Unfortunately, the Vortical troubleshooting technique only works on XP and Vista systems, so dealing with the issue on a Windows 7 system is trickier. (There's a bunch of different possible issues relating to the fonts that could be in play, and so the treatment tends to depend on which issue in particular you've got with the Segoe_UI fonts.)
    For discussions of various Windows 7 variations of the "Missing text" thing, and possible treatments, see the following (unfortunately, rather long) topic:
    iTunes 10.1 Missing Text

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