Print issue in SSRS report

Hi ,
I have a report in production server. The client took a print out of the report which is accessible from report server URL. The issue pertaining for this report is, some of the letters in the report such as 'ti' and 'le' are missing when the client is taking
a copy of that report. I went through my report design and had downloaded in pdf and other format, i havent seen or observed any kind of issue from my side. I could observe the data is fine, but, I wonder and i couldn't able to trace what went wrong and how
the letters are missing when the print out of the report is being taken. I am thankful for your answers and valuable suggestions.
Thanks & Best Regards,

Hi Ram17,
According to your description, your report missed some letters when printing. Right?
In this scenario, you find no issue if your download the pdf format report. It supposed be to no issue on Reporting Services side because the pdf rendering is the same rendering behavior as the print view. So please check the printer and the system
environment. It has reported some similar issues in Windows XP. Please refer to a KB article below:
Print jobs initiated in a Windows Server 2008 and Windows XP point and print environment may have missing characters
Letters missing when printing
If you have any question, please feel free to ask.
Best Regards,
Simon Hou 

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    Issue in SSRS report
    I have a table format report, in SSRS when i try to export i should get 10 rows per sheet.
    I try to change the page limit and break option but the result doesn’t get splitted
    Can you please any one helps

    This can be done at the reporting level. Below link will help you solve this.
    When you have multiple pages, your header may disappear. So below link will help you to have the header repeating in each page.
    Let me know how it goes.
    [email protected]
    Dr.Subramani Paramasivam

  • Print Button of SSRS report is not display report in IE11

    Hello All,
    We are running on SSRS, .net framework 4.5, SQL server 2012. 
    Everything is working fine in IE9, IE10, now our client has updated their browser to IE11. In IE11 the print button in SSRS report is not showing. We have tried browser file,
    it will show print button in IE11 but it is not functional. we  have also tried to change browser mode to IE 10 or IE 9 (using <meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=8" />) but it didn't work in IE 11.
    Some forum suggested to change framework to 4.5.1 but i
    cant change framework now. so please suggest some alternatives to achieves the functionality.  

    Hello Pinakin,
    I recommend that you post your question in SSRS or IE related forums.
    We are trying to better understand customer views on social support experience, so your participation in this interview project would be greatly appreciated if you have time. Thanks for helping make community forums a great place.
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  • Can the Timeline be printed on an SSRS Report

    Can you print / reformulate the Project Timeline view in an SSRS report?
    Andrew Payze

    Please find this
    excellent article by Prasanna about timeline in SSRS report.
    Another one
    Hope this helps,
    Guillaume Rouyre, MBA, MCP, MCTS |

  • Issue with SSRS Report Exporting to Excel and word

    When report is exporting in word and Excel getting format issue, but same report export with pdf there is  no issue.

    You need to be always careful when export format is Word and specially Excel. Sometimes report result looks good in Report Viewer and PDF too, but it may not in MS Word and MS Excel.
    You need to understand Word and Excel limitations and align all the data regions (Tablix, Rectangles, Texboxes) in correct way.
    Also, you may post the actual formatting issue that you get. (With screenshot if possible)
    Please read Limitation section in below:
    Exporting to Microsoft Word
    Exporting to Microsoft Excel
    Ten Common SQL Server Reporting Services Challenges and Solutions
    -Vaibhav Chaudhari

  • Unable to take the printer files and printing issues in 10g reports

    Hi all
    recently i have migrated reports and forms to 10g. able to view reports thru browser properly when i am printing , alignment is getting disturbed. we have printer files , copied in forms directory as well as in reports directory.
    how to print the report output from browser to printer .
    all reports are character mode reports.
    plz help me to sort out the issue.

    Good Morning venu,
    We generate to File as PDF and we could print after saving in local or network folders.
    It works for us.
    If you have any more questions, please post it.
    Mark Helpful or Correct accordingly
    Edited by: New Yorker on Nov 18, 2010 10:03 AM

  • Direct Print Issue IN Crystal reports IN IE(8,9,10)

    Hi All,
           I am an software developer using Dot Net and I am facing an issue in direct print in crystal report viewer in IE and i tried many setting.

    Dell is absolutely correct. However there is an issue with the CAB file for 'Crystal Reports Basic for Visual Studio 2008' (v. 10.5). The issue is documented in KBA: 2000455 - Unable to download the CR 10.5 PrintControl cab file. The KBA has not been yet replicated to SCN, so here is a copy of the content:
    Using Crystal Reports Basic for Visual Studio 2008 (V. 10.5.x)
    When attempting to download the file the following errors are displayed:
    A communication error occurred: "Operation timed out"
    The Web Server man be down, too busy or experiencing other problems preventing it from responding to requests.
    Internet Explorer cannot display the page
    Crystal Reports Basic for Visual Studio 2008 (v. 10.5.x)
    Visual Studio 2008
    The published URL ( is now incorrect
    Use the following URL:
    An alternative may be to use the Print PDF mode, though if memory serves right that was a cumbersome solution and is much better with CR 2008 (v. 12.x) and later.
    - Ludek
    Senior Support Engineer AGS Product Support, Global Support Center Canada
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  • Reg : Print Issue in ALV Report

    Hi Experts,
                     I have created an ALV Report for USER Requirement and it is working fine. While taking printout the SORTED Field is not working, it gets repeated in the Print... How to rectify..?

    did u use SORT-UP equal to 'X'?
    wa_sort-up = c_x.

  • Label Printing issues on Crystal Reports Server

    I built a label that prints off beautifully on my local machine with Crystal XI installed. However, when I post the label to the reports server, and a user tries to print it off, it prints off two blank labels behind each good label. I have racked my brain on this for days. The printer settings are identical to my local machine. Any idea what might be causing this?

    I think the following information might help you
    A label report was viewed over the web using the Web Component Server, and printed on a label maker printer DYMO 330. The labels were being resized to 8 1/2 x 11 instead of printing the size of the label. Even after selecting the correct size, the labels print one per page, followed by 3 blank labels.
    When printing was done through a distributed report or the report designer, the labels printed to the correct size and only printed one label with no blank labels.
    What is causing the label report to print incorrectly when printed from the web viewer?
    Steps to Resolve
    1. Open the report in the Crystal Reports 8 designer on the web server.
    2. Click on 'File' then click 'Printer Setup'. If a printer is already selected then set it to 'No Printer', click 'OK', then save the report.
    3. Click on 'File' then click 'Printer Setup' again. Select the default printer and clear the 'Default Properties' checkbox.
    4. Click 'OK' and save the report.
    5. Click on Start > Settings > Control Panel > Services and double click 'Seagate Page Server' service. Set this service to run under an 'Administrator' account.
    6. Stop and restart the service, and close down all browsers.
    The label reports now will print successfully over the web.
    Incorrect printing from a web viewer can have several causes, including:
    · The report is designed with a designated printer, but the encapsulated page format (EPF) files are being created in 'No Printer' mode.
    · The server does not have access to the printer.
    · A valid printer is not saved with the report on the server.
    · The printer driver is not installed on the server.

  • Oracle Reports Printing issue

    I have multiple printing issues with Oracle Reports developed in 10g. Please help me to resolve the issue.
    1. Even though i set ORIENTATION to landscape, it is printing Portrait .
    I have tried the below options
    1. I SET ORIENTATION AS landscape Under Data Model, System Parameters
    2. I have tried to pass ORIENTATION=landscape from the Keymap File
    3. I have tried to set ORIENTATION=landscape Under Paper layout Main,Header and Trailer Sections.
    2. Always the report is trying to fit in a single page (Width wise) which is annoying the user. I want to set Scaling instead of fit to a single page. How will i achieve this?
    i was trying to display the reports in SPREADSHEET Format.
    Thanks for all your Help.

    Hello Chris90909,
    switch width an height properties as Inol mentioned.
    If you have any question about the issue, let us know.
    Don't forget to mark Correct or Helpful accordingly.

  • Urgent : SSRS reports zoom in option is not working in IE9 compatability view

    We have SSRS reports which when viewed in IE 9 compatability view, zoom in option is not working properly.
    SSRS report have 4 charts inside a rectangle. when zoom in from 100% to 50% only rectangle shrinkes not the charts.
    Please let me know why it is happening and solutions if any?
    Rakesh Jayaram

    Hi Wendy Fu,
    Thanks for your support. Below are the steps and screenshots as per your requirement.
    /*******************Below are the steps to replicate ************************/
    This document explain IE9 compatibility issue with SSRS report (SSRS 2008 R2 and IE9)
    Tools and software used:
    Reports are rendered on Share Point 2010 server which uses SSRS 2008 R2.
    Reports are accessed using web browser IE9, IE10 ….
    Problem statement:
    To work OTHER reports compatibility mode in IE should be ON
    To work SSRS reports (mainly zoom) compatibility mode in IE should be OFF
    OTHER report is being used by customer and they will start using SSRS reports as well. While using both OTHER reports and SSRS reports customer do not prefer to keep switching between compatibility modes.
    “Browser Mode: IE9”
    Steps to reproduce Zoom issue for SSRS report with Compatibility mode is given below:
    Step-1: Select Tools menu -> Compatibility View Settings
    Below setting is suggested for OTHER users so tick as shown below,
    Step-2: On decision center select link and Open the report home page and click the link to open the report.
    Step-3: On SSRS reports Change Zoom level from 100% to say 50%. Here all charts are not moved with container frame.
    If “Browser Mode: IE8” is set with following steps then this issue does not happen.
    Press F12 and from and select IE8 as shown below.
         Press F12 again so this will set the mode and then try Zoom option it works fine. However this setting temporary and will remain for the session only.
    If compatibility mode is OFF then also this does not happen. Please see image below.
    Rakesh Jayaram

  • SSRS report throwing error :- system.web.aspnethostingpermission failed

    I am facing an issue with SSRS report after implementing HTTPHandler in its web.config file of Report manager.
    My reports were working fine. I deployed a dll in report manager BIN folder and added below tag in the web.config
    <add verb="*" path="*.aspx" type="ISHandler.SyncHandler, ISHandler" />
    ISHandler is the assembly/namespace and SyncHandler is the class name.
    I am getting error when I try to access the report
    error :- system.web.aspnethostingpermission failed.
    Currently web.config contains below settings.
          <trustLevel name="RosettaMgr" policyFile="rsmgrpolicy.config" />
      <trust level="RosettaMgr" originUrl="" />
    Can you please help where the security permission is missing ?

    I am unable to see that. Please check.

  • SSRS report Excel Export file size is huge

    Hello everyone,
    I am facing an issue with SSRS report exporting  to Excel.
    Issue : Exported file size is too big.
    I have a matrix report ( parametrized report ) it fetches data from multiple table.
    initially when
    1) I select all parameters all values
    2) load the report after that
    3) exporting to excel
    so exported file size was about 10 Mb to 12MB
    Now, suddenly from this month exported file size is too big around 62 MB for same data,
    I checked on different forums and tried the solutions but it didn't worked,
    can anyone please suggest me on this.
    My environment is
    Visual studio (BIDS) 2008
    SQL Server 2008 R2
    Excel 2007

    Hi UdayKGR,
    According to your description, when you export a report into an excel file, the exported file size is too huge. Now you want to reduce the file size. Right?
    In this scenario, do you export the report into excel 2003 file? When reports are first exported and saved to Excel 2003, they do not benefit from the file optimization that Excel automatically applies to its *.xls workbook files. The larger file size can
    cause problems for e-mail subscriptions and attachments. To reduce the size of the *.xls files for exported reports, open the *.xls files and then resave the workbooks. Resaving the workbooks typically reduces their file sizes by 40 to 50 percent. Also please
    try to install the Reporting Services 2008 R2 Service Pack 2 and reduce the merged columns in exported excel file. For more information, please see the links below:
    Exporting to Microsoft Excel (Report Builder and SSRS)
    regarding the size of exported report from reporting services to excel format
    SSRS Export to Excel - Performance
    If you have any question, please feel free to ask.
    Best Regards,
    Simon Hou

  • International SSRS report printing for both A4 and Letter

    I've been reading a few articles on the net about making reports either A4 or Letter and I am aware of how to change the layout of the page to be specific for either
    The problem we have is that we have some users that use A4 paper, and other users that use Letter size paper.
    We would ideally like the user to press the print button from the browser window (note not exported to PDF) and for the report to be printed off on their favourite printer
    We have modified the layout to be the lowerst common denominator size (210mm x 279mm).  When we print to our printer which uses A4 paper, it errors because the paper size is odd and needs confirmation to use A4 instead.  I am making the assumption
    that using a printer with Letter size has the same problem.
    We do not want our users to have to deal with errors on their printer every time they try to print a report, it doesn't look good.  We don't want to write 2 versions of each of our reports as that will be time consuming and a maintenance nightmare
    Has anyone managed to make SSRS reports printer agnostic or at least be able to print out on either A4 or Letter without additional intervention on the printer?

    Hi Tony,
    What version of SSRS are you using? Are you seeing this from the Report Viewer control or Report Manager?
    In my Report Manager, when I try to print a report (SSRS 2008 R2), the Layout defaults to Letter. When I look at the report (RDL) property in BIDS, the PageSize property is set to 8.5in (Width), 11in (Height), which refers to PageWidth and PageHeight respectively.
    The following blog explains these properties:
    In SSRS 2005, for the Report Viewer control, due to a VS 2005 issue, we had a situation where it would not allow custom paper size. By modifying the report page size to the exact Letter size (279.4mm = 11 inches), for example, we would be able to see the
    Letter size in that situation. This should be fixed on and after SSRS 2005 SP2.
    In general, after rendering a report, Reporting Services sends the height and width information to the printer driver when we try to print a report, which selects the appropriate paper type based on the report size.
    In my test, when I tried to print, it chose Letter with Portrait Orientation. I was able to change it to A5 from the Print Dialog and was able to print in both ways (A5/Letter) without any error message.
    Cathy Miller
    Microsoft Online Community Support

  • SSRS reports are not printing probably

    when I preview my reports they look great but when I print them I get some blank pages

    Hi Developer life,
    According to your description, after printing the report, blank pages display in the report.
    In Reporting Service, layout of items in the body should meet this requirement: Maximum Body Width=Page Width – (Left Margin + Right Margin). So please check the report page size within the print paper size.
    Besides, if we add duplicated page break, for example, select both “Add a page break before” and “Add a page break after” options when we design a report, blank page could appears between pages. So please check if your page break options setting is set correctly.
    In SSRS 2008 or higher, there is a Report Property ConsumeContainerWhitespace which controls whether white space in containers should be consumed when contents grow instead of preserving the minimum white space between the contents and the container. The
    value is set to False by default. So in your scenario, if you are sure there is no extra blank space in your report, please set value of ConsumeContainerWhightspace to True.
    Blank Page Issues – SSRS Reports
    The Case of the Extra Page: Rendering Reporting Services as PDF
    If you have any question, please feel free to ask.
    Best regards,
    Qiuyun Yu

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