Print job

I keep gettng the same print job sent to my printer every 7 days- how do I stop it from doing that?

Is this a print from a Web App? If so, there are settings in there about time and frequency of printouts.
I was a support engineer for HP.
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  • HP Laserjet utility starts and fails to go away after print job

    I have an HP Laserjet 1300 hooked to an Airport base station. After the Leopard install (a default, Upgrade install from 10.4.10), I had to re-ADD that printer in the Print & FAX Preferences panel -- it wasn't simply remembered. That went fine, and printing works as expected.
    EXCEPT: The HP Laserjet 1300 "utility" application (for managing the print queue) now activates with each print job -- not just when there is a problem such as "out of paper" as before. No problems are actually reported during or after the print job. And when the print job finishes, it doesn't go away. I have to manually Quit it.
    I can't find any option to have the "utility" activate only when it has some problem to report (i.e., the way it worked under Tiger), or to make it go away automatically when all print jobs are finished. Any suggestions?
    NOTE: When ADDing the printer in the Print & FAX utility, it did go looking for "new drivers", but didn't announce it found or installed anything new.

    Thank you. That's what I was looking for:
    Right click on the printer utility icon in the dock when you see it still sitting in there. Select "Auto Quit" from the pop up menu. Click on the utility to select it and open its queue window. Manually quit the utility.
    After those steps it appears the utility now activates in the dock and then goes away after each print job that finishes normally.

  • How to Capture print jobs and Data with WIN32 API?

    My organization has about 5 network printers and copiers to which a computer can print. What I'd like to do is build, if possible, a simple JAVA program to intercept what the users are printing (from any application) and capture certain information about the print jobs before it gets sent off to the specified printer.
    For example, when a user selects print from the menu in MS Word, and after the Ok button is pressed on the printers dialog window, have my program then pop up asking the user to fill in specific information (who they want to charge for the print job...this is typically an internal billing code, etc.).
    The program would have to capture the name/driver of the printer users are printing to, the document they printed, number of pages, number of copies, date/time, etc.
    Is/are there Windows API's to help in my programming of this application? I've been, unsuccessfully, searching MSDN, web sites, etc. on how to intercept/detect a print job. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
    Thanks ahead of time...

    Printing is nothing to do with database transaction. SP will not apply here. You may only try SDK.

  • Filter print job - remove form feed

    I've configured an iPrint printer to accept LPR print jobs. One of our old
    programs always starts each print job with a page eject (form feed).
    Is there a simple way to intercept the print stream and if it starts with a
    page eject, remove or null it that byte?

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  • HP ePrint Home&Biz app not working. Print job failure:busy message appears on tablet

    I have an HP Laserjet P1102W and am trying to print from a Viewsonic tablet (android OS) using the HP ePrint Home&Biz app.  I can send an email to the printer via the tablet and it prints the document with no problems.
    I apologize in advance for the long message... 
    If I try and hit the PRINT key on the lower bar (which says 'HP Laserjet Professional P1102W ( name), all that happens is blue & green LED's come on, green, blue flashes, green, blue flashes, green, blue flashes, then green and blue stay on steady.  Just before the blue and green come on steady at the end, the "print job failure:busy" message flashes on my tablet.
    I assume the sequence of LED flashes is the HP printer receiving a print command 3 times and can not perform the task because the printer thinks it is busy.
    After searching for this problem on the net, it would appear I am not the only person with this issue.  And yes, I have tried powering down my modem, printer, PC, and tablet and restarting all the above.  Not that the PC has anything to do with it, but I am desperate. 
    Does anyone have a viable working solution to this problem???

    Thanks for the post.  With this one, there is a firmware update available for the printer, and I've included a link below that with some excellent steps to check regarding this issue.  Good Luck!
    I worked for HP but my posts and replies are my own....Thank you!
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  • HP Envy 4500 All in One - Printer Error - not finishing print job / non-specific error code

    Help - my new HP ENVY 4500 AIO (less 3 months old) has never completed a print job if it is over 1 page. I'm connected wirelessly, and not sure if there is an interruption in the wireless connection or if this is defect in the  printer. I receive a message "Printer Error - HP ENVY cancelling print job" and that's it. It will usually happen when it's on the last page of a small print job or half way thru a large (10+ page) of a print job.  Any suggestions? I've downloaded HP Print/Scan Dr - it didn't find any issues.

    I had the same issue. Got in contact with HP customer service and the first person that helped had no idea how to fix it.  Got in contact with someone else and they found the issue right away. I had it connected through the wrong port.
    First find out what the IP address of your printer is. You can do this by pressing the small wifi button on the front of your printer and it will show the IP address. 
    Then what you'll have to do is go to the start menu of your computer and search for "Devices and Printers".
    Click that and a screen will open. Look for your printer an right click.
    Click "Printer Properties" and a new screen will open.
    Along the top you will see a few tabs. Click the one that says "Ports"
    Click "Add Port"
    Highlight "Standard TCP/IP Port" by clicking on it, then click "New Port"
    A new screen will open.
    Click "Next"
    Type in the IP Address of your printer and click "Next"
    After that your computer should find your printer.
    Click finish and you should be all set.
    Hope this helps.

  • CS4 : unable to print / stops printer / halts print job on Fuji Xerox c2255

    This discussion posting may or may not have some relevance to my previous posting, CS4 : memory leak errors (?) in Os X console log
    I am working on a clients workstation and they are having a few problems. Specific hardware and software details are at the bottom of this posting.
    The problem is that I can not seem to print from CS4. The problem seems to be specifically Adobe CS4 related as I will explain below.
    From the end user perspective, the CS4 suite appears to function normally with one exception - CS4 will not print. In the below example, I am referring to mainly Adobe Acrobat CS4 and InDesign CS4 as these are the programs that they use the most. The artist can still work with all the CS4 applications - opening new or existing indesign/acrobat documents, adding text, import, export, create pdfs, saving to same name or new name, etc... but they can't print out to a printer (Fuji Xerox c2255). For example, using InDesign, the artist can open an existing Indesign document and make changes to the Indesign document. She can save the document using the same name or a new name, but when she attempts to print the Indesign document, the document will not printed. If she saves the file as a pdf and using Acrobat to open the pdf and attempts to print the document, it will not print. BUT, if she uses preview to open the document and attempts to print, then it WILL print.
    When attempting to print, the following happens,
    - in acrobat CS4 or Indesign CS4, choose 'Print'
    - choose A4 or A3 format
    - click print
    The job processes and is set to the printer spool as per normal. About a couple of second later, after the processing is done, the Printer Queue starts jumping up and down in the dock. Open up the printer queue, shows the following message 'Printer has stopped'. The job is present in the printer queue list. Restart the Printer, and restart the job, and then about 5 seconds later, the message appears again, 'Printer has stopped'. This continues ad nauseum until the job is manually deleted from the queue. No print outs.
    I have installed and uninstalled the printer driver half a dozen times. I have source the driver from different locations (US, Asia and Australia). In all three cases,the Fuji Xerox printer drivers look identical (I've opened them up in text edit). Every other application, on the Mac, appears to access the printer without any problems -Office 2008 ( Word, Excel), Preview, Text Edit, Text Wrangler, Mail, etc can all address the printer and print to the printer without any problems. Using any of these programmes, I can access all the functionality of the printer (A4 in Tray 1, A3 in Tray 2, Levels of the inks, etc) via the driver. When I installed the generic printer drive, I have no access to any of the Fuji Xerox Printer functionality. This leads me to think that the Fuji Xerox printer driver is not the problem.
    Interestingly, using Apple's Preview, I can print any existing Acrobat documents without any problems - in either A4 or A3. However, if I attempt to print the SAME Acrobat document from Acrobat CS4, it will not print.
    USE 'PRINTER DRIVER' option rather then choosing paper size.
    I read in another posting, in the Adobe forum, of a similar problem with Duplex printing - if the the paper size is manually set (A3/A4) in the 'print document options', printers do not print duplex. The answer seemed to be instead of manually choosing the paper size (A4/A3), allow CS4 to determine the paper size. So, in the 'print document' dialog option, one should choose 'use printer driver' instead of specifying A3 or A4. An explanation suggested that the print engine refers to the printer driver to find out what options are availible and then CS4 chooses what size it wants to send the print job to. Forcing CS4 seems to stop duplex printing from working.
    I will look at this suggestion next week when I return to the site.
    The fuji Xerox c2255 is a network printer. Both Mac Pro and printer have a fixed IPs. I have eliminated the network as a problem, by running a network cable directly from Mac Pro ethernet port to Fuji Xerox ethernet port. I can ping the printer directly from the Mac Pro; I can see the printer from the Mac. I can print directly to the printer from the Mac, using Text edit or any other application EXCEPT CS4. CS4 will not print.
    I have since been informed that a staff member had (recently) updated all the documents to CS4 via INX. I wonder if this anything to do with the problems ? Unfortunately, I don't have any 'old' documents to test with. I wonder if the conversion process had 'modified' the pdf wrapper in some way ? I have tested this in the following manner - I opened a 'updated' CS4 document in Indesign CS4. If I try to print straight out of CS4, then the above problem occurs (i.e. the document will not print as descibed above). BUT, if I copy all the contents - from the updated CS4 document - and paste the contents directly into a NEWLY created document, then it WILL print.
    Yes, this has been done three times so far with no further improvement. Each time, the steps that I have taken are as follows,
    - repaired disk permissions.
    - fsck in single user mode to confirm directory structure is fine
    - uninstalled CS4 using the uninstaller.
    - manually searched and remove any file, folder, cache that has the word 'adobe' in it from both User account, System Library and Library.
    - used Onyx manual and automatic functions to clear all logs, font caches, spotlight databases, kernal caches, etc, etc
    - ZapRAM Cmmd-Option-P-R (wait for start up chime 3 times)
    - fsck again
    - start Mac in Safe mode
    - reinstalled CS4 from media (see version above)
    - Following reinstallation, restarted mac as per normal.
    - run Disk Utility to repair permissions
    I have tried printing an existing CS4 document file with a freshly installed CS4 suite - directly from the media file (will not print). And I have attempted to print a CS4 document file after applying all updates (will not print) Neither approach improves the situation.
    USE CS3
    This has been considered but as the client(s) have already done the conversion of all their documents to the CS4 format using INX, then they are really committed to working with CS4. What I am attempting to do at this time is to find out WHY CS4 is doing what it is doing, and if there is a fix to this problem. If there is no fix, then I know I should use a different approach.
    I am posting this message in the hope that someone may have already come across this problem or perhaps may be able to spot something that I have overlooked. This problem has really got me stumped - I have had experience with Adobes products since Photoshop 1.0 (1990s / Pre-CS1) but never had a problem as annoying or time consuming as this one - this is a dousy.  I have lodged a case number with Adobe Technical Support.
    Thank you for taking the time to read this longish posting. I would be most grateful for any feedback solutions, or suggestions.
    Have a wonderful weekend.
    Thank you,
    Workstation specs are as follows,
    MACINTOSH MODEL (Intel) 8 core - new model Mac Pro; just 1 month old.
    Model Name: Mac Pro
      Model Identifier: MacPro4,1
      Processor Name: Quad-Core Intel Xeon
      Processor Speed: 2.26 GHz
      Number Of Processors: 2
      Total Number Of Cores: 8
      L2 Cache (per core): 256 KB
      L3 Cache (per processor): 8 MB
      Memory: 6 GB
      SMC Version (system): 1.39f5
      SMC Version (processor tray): 1.39f5
      System Version: Mac OS X 10.5.7 (9J61)
    ADOBE CS4 VERSION - Installed from media.  No updates applied (but have already done with with an earlier installation)
    Adobe Acrobat Pro 9.0 v9.0.0, Adobe Bridge CS4 v3.0.0.464, Dreamweaver CS4 v10.0.0.4117, Adobe Flash CS4 v10.0.0.544, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Media Encoder CS4 v4.0, Adobe Media Player v.11, Adobe Photoshop CS4 v11.0 (11.0x20080919 [20080919.r.488 2008/09/19:02:00:00 cutoff; r branch]), Adobe Updater

    Try resetting the printer subsystem.

  • Printer installed but not responding to print jobs

    I'm not quite sure how to intelligently ask this question so let me describe what happened.
    I have a friend who asked for help in troubleshooting a problem with his printer.  His printer is a brand new HP Officejet 6600 sitting near his computer and is on his wifi network.  He can not print to it wirelessly from his iMac running Lion, but his wife can print wirelessly to it from another room on her iMac.  He can print using USB, though, but he prefers wireless because of the wiring situation in this room.  Plus, he bought for wireless printing.
    When I got there I checked his System Preferences:Print & Fax and confirmed that his printer was installed and had the green idle light showing ready for a print job.  I tried to print and everything looked normal and showed that the job was sent to the printer and was 100% completed but the printer never responded.  I tried it from his wife's computer and confirmed that she was able to print a page with no problem.  I brought my MBP and joined his wifi network and added his printer and was also able to print.
    So, I tried some basic troubleshooting steps trying to print after each one, and nothing worked.  I deleted and re-installed his printer, repaired permissions, restarted in Safe Boot, tried printing in a second user account, Reset printing system..., deleted all preferences,  installed Onyx and ran the System Cleaning routines,  powered down/up the router/computer/printer, reset the wifi on the printer and rejoined his network, and probably a few other things I can't remember right now.
    After doing all of this and throwing up my hands I tried to print again from my MBP to prove that I still could, and this time was not able to print.  It kept trying to send the job but the printer never responded.  His wife's iMac was still able to print, however.  This got me frustrated and I decided to ask this forum for help.
    Oh, and here's some more information.  His wife has a printer next to her computer, an HP Officejet something (I forget, not 6600, though).  His iMac is able to print over wifi to this printer with no problem.  What the...?
    What other things can I try? Does this point to something in the printer such as a bad wifi card, or something?  Any suggestions or ideas will be much appreciated.

    LilyLC, hold on to your chair you will not believe what happened today.  Bear with me while I give you all the details but you will want to read the entire story.
    First, to answer your question in the first paragraph of that last post, his wife's printer is connected to his wifi and is using the driver installed by Apple and has been updated on the same date as his computer that I gave earlier.  She can print to her printer and so can he.  After the troubleshooting steps I have taken and took today I agree with your assessment about an intermittent issue with the printer, too, but let me tell you what I did today.
    Before going to his house I decided to set up a second wifi LAN at his house using my router to check if his Airport Extreme (I incorrectly thought initially it was an Airport Express) router was the problem.  The thinking being that I have checked his printer and computer and nothing I have tried is making a difference, so the only thing left is his router.  So, I set up my router and joined his computer, printer, and my MBP, to the wifi and tried to print from both computers.  The printer still was NOT working!  That was a big disappointment since I just knew that was going to work.  I guess that eliminates the router.  I reconfigured his computer back to his wifi and proceeded to the next step.
    I hadn't installed the drivers from the website you gave me earlier since I saw in Software Updates that he had updated to that same driver set already.  Now I got to thinking that maybe those files were corrupted somehow so I downloaded the drivers from the website you gave me and installed.  Deleted drivers from Print & Scan pane and installed the newly downloaded driver, tried to print, and that failed, too.
    Next I tried your suggestion of using the LPD protocol instead of the HP JetDirect and that setup failed for some reason.  I reconfigured using the HP JetDirect, and that worked for printing, as before, but the scan function was not available, as before.
    I was getting a little pressed for time today and had time to try one more thing, so I decided to forgo the new Location setup until tomorrow and instead chose to plug his printer directly into the Airport Extreme via USB and see what happened.  I deleted the IP driver and clicked the + to add the installed driver and was presented with an HP Officejet 6600 on the top line and lower down under "Nearby Printers" found an HP Officejet 6600 series [XXXXXX] and under that HP Officejet 6600 Fax.
    I chose the first driver and installed and tried to print and was successful.  However, the scan function was not available.  So I deleted that driver and chose the second one.  I noticed immediately that the scan function was available.  Thinking I might have something I tried to print and was unsuccessful.  Mmm...printing works with the first driver but not the second and scan works for the second but not the first.  What's with THAT? 
    This was really getting frustrating by this time and after much discussion with him I told him I thought the printer was the device at fault.  For some reason his printer just did not like his network.  I tried printing to his wife's computer and that worked great.  No problem there.  But for some reason his printer did not like his network and refused to work by setting up manually.
    I recommended that he bring the printer back and exchange it for another printer.  He agreed and immediately boxed it up and left for the store.  I returned home to more friendlier surroundings.
    Here's where it gets interesting, and it helps to know that my friend is in his mid-eighties.  About an hour later he calls and tells me he's sitting in the parking lot of Office Depot.  He tells me that when he was in the store discussing with Customer Service about an exchange it dawned on him out of the blue that he DIDN'T NEED TWO PRINTERS!!  He said that if he could print to his wife's computer today then he could print to it from now on.  I was speechless!!!  I told him I asked him at the beginning of all this why he had to have two printers, and at that time he said "trust me, we need two printers".  Ok.  He tells me he has no idea why he didn't realize that wifi worked differently than cable.  He thinks that maybe since his older two printers were each connected to his and his wife's computer these newer computers operated the same way too.  But he admits to me that he was the one who set the printers up on his wifi network, so why he didn't realize that only one printer was necessary with wifi he didn't know.  He was embarrassed.  He admitted to me that technology is very difficult for him to understand.  No kidding!!!
    I didn't need to remind him how much time had been spent on this problem because he was quick to apologize and was very sorry for taking up so much of my time, and he really appreciated the effort.  I told him I didn't mind.
    And I really didn't, because I learned so much from this experience by following your suggestions, LilyLC.  I never knew how to set up a printer using its IP address, and the protocols to use, and I never knew how to add new Locations in the Network pane and why it might be useful.  You also got me to considering other troubleshooting ideas I wouldn't have thought of otherwise.  So maybe my friend and I aren't that different after all.
    I really appreciate all the suggestions, links, and ideas you offered during this effort, LilyLC.  I wish I could have determined the cause of the problem but, not knowing the inner workings of these devices, I can only assume that it had to have been the printer.
    I bet I get a call from my friend a week from now saying that he just bought a second printer for his room because his knees can't take the walking from his room to his wife's room to get all of his printouts.  All I can say is THAT printer better work.
    Thanks again, LilyLC, for all your time and help.  It was really appreciated!

  • Is there a way to save print job for later?

    Is there a way to have print jobs saved for a later date/time? The only solution I can think of is to save the document/web page/file to a folder (e.g., "print later"). However, I'd rather just be able to hit print and in the print dialogue "send" the job to a print queue that I can open later.
    For the curious, there are two often reoccuring situations where I want to save a print job for later: 1) I work late at night when my family is asleep and my house is not large enough to avoid disturbing their sleep by printing; and 2) I need to print out a 50+ page work document and I don't want to use my home computer to do it.
    I'll appreciate whatever tips, recommendations, thoughts I get.

    the method mentioned by benwiggy will certainly work.  If you want to an option that would give you more options, you could use a PDF Service.  You could then put a specific job on hold while still allowing others to use the printer.
    You can do this by opening AppleScript Editor (/Applications/Utilities).  You can copy and paste the following into an editor window --
    on open printJobs
    tell application "Finder"
    set trapFile to quoted form of POSIX path of (printJobs as string)
    end tell
    set defaultPrinter to do shell script "lpstat -d | awk -F: '{print $2}'"
    do shell script "lpr -P" & defaultPrinter & " -q " & trapFile
    end open
    Save the file as an Application.  You can name it something like Hold Print Job.  Then just put it in the PDF Services directory in the Library directory of your Home folder <yourname>/Library/PDF Services.  You may need to make the PDF Services directory as it may not already be there.
    Once the file is in place, you can use it by using the PDF drop down menu at the bottom left of a print window.  That will send the file to the printer and put it on hold.  Others can still use the printer.  You can then print your file whenever you want.  Just open the print queue as mentioned by benwiggy.  Highlight the job that is Paused.  You will see a little curly icon at the very right (looks like a reload icon in a web browser).  Just click that icon and the job will start printing.

  • How do you split the print job across multiple printers to shorten the prin

    Can any one you provide some information on below questions.
    Check printing by XML template (XML Publisher).
    1. When printing checks, how do you print the checks from one printer tray and the overflow remittance pages from another printer tray?
    2. When printing a large batch of checks using XML and PDF output, how do you split the print job across multiple printers to shorten the print time?
    I appreciate if you could give some information on above 2 questions.

    Probably sould just do them individually.
    How to get all the iWork apps, iPhoto, and iMovie for free on an eligible iPhone or iPad ne-or-ipad
    About Free Apple Apps for iOS 7 compatible devices
     Cheers, Tom

  • Print Job Stopped on HP1300 using APEX

    I noticed several user have problems with their printer connected via Airport. Mine used to work fine, until I changed my internet provider two weeks ago and had to input the new details, and re started the APEX. Internet is working very well, so does ITunes wireless, just when I send a print job, it just stops. It is recognised via Bonjour, but does not responds. Printing works fine via USB. Are there any settings I overlooked?
    I have an IBook bought May 2005 with Tiger from Apple Store Germany together with printer HP1300 and several Airport Express Stations.
    I appreciate any help!

    Hello Henry,
    all Airport Stations are recognised. I just connected the printer to the station in the living room, listen to music from ITunes right now, printer is recognised connected to this Airport Station, but the print job still stops.
    It is frustrating, and a hassle to connect the printer via USB each time you need to print......BUT....nothing compared to the hassle I had with "other" operation system LOL!
    Thank you for your reply

  • Officejet 4620 prints from HP Printer Assistant but shows as offline for normal print jobs

    I just purchased an Officejet 4620 to use wirelessly on our home network -- we have two Thinkpads running  Windows 7 64-bit.  I followed the installation instructions and successfully printed out test pages using both the Printer Properties page in Windows and the HP Printer Assistant (which, by the way, shows that the printer is online and ready).  However, when I try to print from any other program (Word, Chrome, etc.), after a moment or two I get an error message saying the printer is offline and asking if I want to cancel the print job.  Yet when I check the online status, it again shows that it is online and I can, again, successfully print a test page.  
    What could possibly be causing this?  It makes no sense to me.
    Thanks in advance for your assistance.

    Hi oyfpro,
    The Xfinity router may need some tweaking.
    Login to your router using the provided instructions by Xfinity and navigate to the wireless settings.
    Change the channel to 11 or something less crowded.
    Change the network encryption to WPA2 as it is the most secure and most reliable.
    Last but not least, update the firmware on the Xfinity router to make sure it's fully up to date with everything.

  • How to schedule a print job in Lion.

    I had snow leopard and when I upgraded to lion I can't figure out how to schedule print jobs. I use to be able to do work at night. Then print in the morning so I wouldnt disturb anyones sleep. How do I do it with Lion?

    I have to agree that it's lame not having the Scheduled Printing as an option. I will reiterate that I too enjoyed "completing" a task to print in the morning in order to not disturb others while sleeping.
    I've already sent Apple some Feedback. Hope it works and we can bring back this efficient option.
    Here's the link to the Mac OS X Feedback page:

  • Initial Print jobs 'communication error with device'. Pause and restart job

    So, I have an odd variant of the Leopard print problem; on 3 separate systems.
    When I print to an HP Photosmart C7180, which setup fine, which I can scan to fine, the print job throws an error :error communicating with device, switch on and off' and so forth. It does that from any app, and consistently. I am printing via bonjour, the printer is networked, but on a static IP.
    To fix this EVERY-TIME I PAUSE printer, then start printer again. It immediately starts working, consistently until I sleep, log out, or don't print for a while.
    This seems to be some timeout issue or such. I tried IP printing, but no difference.
    Resetting the print system also did not help.
    It's not catastrophic but sooo annoying. Any input appreciated!

    Hello SunnygirlQ. Welcome to the Apple Discussions!
    Unfortunately, not all USB printers are compatible with AirPort base stations. In addition, the AirPort's USB port does not support the "advanced" printer functions, like scanning, copying or faxing, of multi-function printers.
    To see if your printer is compatible, take a look at this iFelix Unofficial AirPort Printer Compatibility link.
    If your printer isn't listed, it doesn't necessarily mean it won't work, but simply that it has not been verified. iFelix also provides the following workaround for printers not on the list that would certainly be worth a try.
    Also you can try this Apple Tech Support article to see if it will help:
    o Printer troubleshooting for AirPort Extreme and AirPort Express
    I assume that this printer works just fine when it is connected directly to your Mac ... correct? If so, has it worked when connected to the AX in the past ... or has it always had this problem? If it did work correctly before, did you do any updates, especially to the AX, recently?

  • Deleting all print jobs on a computer with network accounts

    In a school environment, we are using a network server with individual student accounts. Is there a way to delete all print jobs for all users on a given computer? I can reset print system and it only clears the print jobs for that single user.

    System Preferences > Printers & Scanners > Print
    Click: Open Print Queue
    You should be able to delete print jobs from there.

  • How to clear completed print jobs in Leopard?

    It is possible to clear completed print jobs in Tiger but I couldn't find it in Leopard now. I have a DELL 5100.

    Andre Marion wrote:
    I have the same problem here. Sure you can use the "hide completed jobs" but that's not the point. The Delete job menu selection should do what it says it will but it doesn't.
    Everyone has this problem. The workarounds given above are exactly that, workarounds.
    This is a bug. If you say delete something and nothing happens (not even a warning telling you that you can't delete this item) then it's a bug.
    OK, it's a bug. No one disputes that the Delete button not working is a bug.
    As for going into the CUPS admin interface, that is way over what a general user should have to do. I know how to do that, but the point of using a Mac is that I shouldn't have to do such things.
    This is debatable, but what's wrong with learning something new and having another workaround until Apple gets around to fixing this?
    This needs to be fixed.
    Submit feedback to Apple about this issue, but they are probably already aware of it since it has come up before.

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