Print out as well as Sending mail of invoice

I have a requirement   in invoice like, i need print out as well as I need to send mail to the user.
In T-code VF03 ,  My user will be giving only one  transaction medium as External send.
But  he needs the print out of the invoice also. how can we arrive at the solution for this..
Kindly send me reply .

Hello Uma,
Yes, it is possible.
As you are aware, the medium will be selected as per the input:
1     Print output
2     Fax
4     Telex
5     External send
6     EDI
7     Simple Mail
8     Special function
9     Events (SAP Business Workflow)
A     Distribution (ALE)
If the user is selecting the Print output and he wants the same to be mailed, then add the logic to send the mail in the Z program.
You can get the value for medium in the program with the NAST-NACHA structure.
Please let me know if any more details are required.
Selva K

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    Hi guru's
    my client need print out for miro and incoming excise invoice.Plz help me in configuring them.
    with regards

    Do check the NACE transaction...
    Message schema is nothing but a program which will come into action whenever there will any need of output...
    So, check your message schema...Define the output type as per your requirement...
    Condition table consist of all those Fields which will be taken into consideration, whenever you trigger the message output...and those fields will be taken into consideration for the req. output...
    Access seq. will provide you the scequence in which the fields are be read and perform an output...
    At last printer determination is main, by which you'll print output...
    hope it helps..

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    Dear Friends,
    We have a requirement of sending invoice data in excel, which has to be sent via invoice output, soon as we save the invoice. (like we fire print output or IDOC).
    We have written an ABAP program which generates such an excel file. Addtionally we have tried multiple options using Transmission medium like "Simple Mail" & "External Send", but in vain.
    It seems the standard functionality support sending the data in PDF format which we are able to do. But our requirement is it should be sent as an attachment in excel.
    Please help.

    Hi Dhanajya, Given by MANSI ASNANI.

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      I am working on Sender Mail Adapter. I have done the total configuration but unable to sucess the scenarios. In the CC monitoring, it is saying that "Not Intialised" Even though i send and receive the messages from My Lotus Notes Inbox. I activated all the objects.
    I have done the following examples:
    Transport Protocal: POP3
    Message Protocal: XIALL
    Given the URL and UserId and PWD also
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    Please help to me solve this problem. I already raised the one more thread today but didn't get solutions.
    <b>Note: Do i need to do any setting from the Lotus notes(Mail Server) to diver my messages.</b>
    Thanks in Advance,
    <b>I found the problem with SMTP Address. Can i use the SMTP Url for POP3 or IMP4 protocal. Is there any thing else because if i use the Same SMTP Address, it is giving exception</b>
    Best Regards,
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            Gangisetty Vijaya Bhaskarudu
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            Gangisetty Vijaya Bhaskarudu

    Hi Gangisetty,
        SMTP is the out going server(for sending mails out) while POP3 is the in coming(receiving mails) server. So for a sender channel, you need to use the POP server details not SMTP.

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    i can do this by making changes in the instanceConfig.xml and NQSconfig.xml and can create ibots which will shoot mail to my manger list.This is also working fine.
    Problem is if i make change in above file my oracle BI will point to second rpd and mails from first rpd will not work.
    Can i make changes so that both the mails should work.of employees and manager too.
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    think of merging of repositories..
    so that, all subject areas presents in single repository..
    this is common to merge different rpds, for every project. So that you need not to change each time you change the rpd...
    and all reports works fine... with single rpd..

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    I've just started to receive emails again.
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    Dear All ,
                        I  had  made four excise invoices  in J1IS , & posted through J1IV , when i had  given  print out of these four
    invoives only two print out have come these two print out were of those invoice in which two line items are displaying , while other invoice invoice in which there were only one line item each is not printing , so i had cancelled all these four excise invoices , then again  can u tell me how can i get the print out of these cancelled invoice in which single line item is displaying , pl help user want these cancelled invoice for his record .

    Whenever you create an Invoice, an Outbound Delivery will be created with which you can take print-outs. When you cancell an Invoice, an Outbound del (Reversal) will be created. If you take print out of this document, you will get same print out of the document, but no Excise Invoice Number will be printed on it. i.e no excise invoice number will be generated for the cancellation.
    Nagaraja Achar.

  • Sends mail to vendor as well as generates spool

    Hi All,
    1)I am triggering PO for output type ZNEU for external send option(transmission medium is 5).it sends mail to vendor as well as generates spool.
    I want to stop spool generation.
    2) Also i can debug the driver program while i click on print preview buttion in ME22n but i can't debug the driver program while i trigger the output type although i use /h and update debugging
    Could you please help me out.

    I need to send a mail to inbox of an user and external mail id of the same user.
    Can I achieve this through a single send mail step?,
    First Check as Mentioned by Arghadip Kar , if not working follow the below method.
    1) Through the FM "SO_NEW_DOCUMENT_ATT_SEND_API1" you can send.
    2) You have to write a Program and Using the above FM you have send the mail.
    3) Refer this [Link|]

  • I work in psd, i want to send mail to pdf,  with out pixel, how do i do ?

    i work in psd, i want to send mail to pdf,  with out pixel, how do i do ?

    Well it is difficult to understand your question so little information, and with an apparent language problem, but you can can Save As to the pdf format.  If you have any text layers, do _not_ flatten before exporting.  Use a High Quality Print preset in the PDF dialog box, unless file size is critical.
    If I have misunderstood your question, please give a lot more information, including what version of Photoshop.  You can use your own language if that is easier, and we'll use the forum Translate feature, but the more information you put in your post, the better chance of it being understood.

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    Error message reads "The SMTP server "xxxxx" rejected the password for user "xxx" Please re-enter your password or cancel.
    When mail does work again. Should I click the remember this password in keychain or am I just asking for more trouble?
    I'm writing this using my IMac computer in a different room. The error also occurs on my powerbook running my new MacBook Pro 12 inch.
    Fed up Mac user.

    I"m no expert but this used to happen to me all the time (stop downloading, asking for my password, nothing downloading, walking away- 24 hours or more later, all is fine, only to later start all over again)
    Well, i gave up for a long time and stopped using that account with mac mail and only accessed it online..recently went and changed the pop3 to only pop and now it works beautifully and seamlessly. Don't ask me why or how, but it does so thought I'd share.

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    i have changed the port from 587 to 465 but still cannot send e-mail, it keep sending and sending for 5 minutes and respond is time out?

    Can you post your Troubleshooting Information?
    Help (Alt-H) - Troubleshooting Information

  • Printing Long text in Send Mail Task

    Hi All,
    My requirement is to print the long text of particular error message in the send mail task, which will be sent to outlook.
    for this i have an activity beforr the mail task, where i have filled the multiline parameter called 'TEXT' and this is exported to workflow also.
    In my send mail task, in the body of the message, using insert expression i have inserted the multiline container 'TEXT' with the option of line break, so it came &TEXT##&.
    But once the WF is executed , i checked the WF log and found that the mail is sent and i have checked the container 'TEXT' in my previous activity where the TEXT container has 10 lines.
    But when i checked the mail in SOST the contents of TEXT is not getting printed.
    What will be the issue?
    Thanks and Regards,

    How is TEXT defined in the container? Is it passed in via the binding?
    I think if at all you want to use the container element in the mail then binding is not necessary from workflow to task.
    @Swaminathan PJ 
    the multiline container 'TEXT' with the option of line break, so it came &TEXT##&.
    Try to print the entire text continuosly with out line breaks then it works.

  • If I print an email after it's sent, it prints out Subj, from,date,to and text info. I want to print all this info before I send, not just the text. How?

    If I address and compose an email and try to print it before I send it, it only prints the text, not the "Subject," "From, Date," and "To" lines in the email. After I send it, if I go into the sent register and print the same e-mail it prints out all these lines along with the text.
    I want to print the email before I send it and have the print-out contain all these lines along with the text. How do I set Thunderbird to do this all the time?

    You will get the details you want if you print from the draft folder.

  • MY HPOfficeje​t Pro 8600 plus does not print out any e mails. I have added the printer in e-print, an

    I am using an HP Officejet 8600 pro plus, I am running Windows 7 64 bit.  I get no error messages when I send the e mail, It just never arrives.  My email program (Century Link Mail ) indicates that the message was sent correctly.  This is a new printer, and I think It is set up right.  It does print out my email address correctly and I have added it in e print,but still nothing. Have I missed a step somewhere?
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    View Solution.

    Hello dnulgoks,
    If the email you are sending does not print, there should be a message somewhere that gives us a clue why it is not working. Normally you receive an email reply to your personal email address where the email was sent from telling you whether the ePrint job was received.
    If you are getting this email and it is still not printing, the next place to check would be in your ePrintCenter account. You will need to login to this account on and check the "Recent Print Jobs" to see if there is a message regarding your print job. This normally looks like "Printed", "Cancelled", "Rejected", or "Pending".
    You may also try power cycling the printer. You can do this by:
    While the printer is still on, unplug the power cord from the printer, leave it unplugged for 30 seconds, then reconnect the power cord to the printer. Once plugged back in the printer should power on automatically.
    Let me know if you still have questions and I will try to assist you further.
    If I have solved your issue, please feel free to provide kudos and make sure you mark this thread as solution provided!
    Although I work for HP, my posts and replies are my own opinion and not those of HP.

  • "This message cannot be sent at this time."  I have been getting this pop-up for 3 days when trying to send out mail.  I don't know what to do!  I cannot send mail from this account on any ISP. Please help!

    "This message cannot be sent at this time."  I have been getting this pop-up for 3 days when trying to send out mail.  I don't know what to do!  I cannot send mail from this account on any ISP. Please help!

    lots of people seem to be havgin a problem sending email from iCloud webmail.
    does your email address have uppercase characters in it?
    if so, try creating an alias in lowercase (go to preferences in iCloud webmail and select 'accounts') and see if email sends okay from that

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